wed, july 21, 2010

3 sets:
Power Clean - 5 touch and go reps
rest 10 sec
Row 20 sec @ 95% effort
rest 3 min
A1. Dead Lift @ 12X1; 3,3,2,2,1; rest 3 min
A2. Dips @ 30X0; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 3 min
B. BB Alternating Forward Lunges @ 20X0; 6-8/leg x 4; rest 90 sec

post loads and notes to comments


Bin said...

I'm assuming the BB position is in a front rack?

DeeJay said...

Bin, BB is on your back.

Krazy said...

Are the dips ring dips?

DAVE X said...

Frustrating morning.

This past weekend between watching the webcast of the games and getting ready for a family reunion, I decided to workout to kill some time. Unfortuantley I was at my in-laws house and the only equipment they had was a pair of 25# dumbbells. I made up my own WOD of burpees, double unders, thrusters, box jumps (to their deck) and a run. Unfortunately during the last set of box jumps I jumped from the grass to their deck (30") and slipped putting a nice big gouge in my shin. A few days later it still hurts like a mo-fo and to put pressure on it, let alone drag a bar across it bring tears to my eyes.

To add insult to injury, everyone that saw my leg asked me what happened. When I explained I did it during my wod, they all said something along the lines of "that'll teach you from working out/doing CrossFit," all awhile sucking down nitrate filled hotdogs and Mountain Dew.

I tried the first part of the wod this morning @ 115# but form and technique were horrible to avoid contact with the open sore and the throbbing absolutely sucked ass.

I'm going to take off until Saturday to allow this thing to heal up and recover.

PTS said...

PC weight = 185

DL: 325,385,405,420,435

dips: 50,65,80,90, 100

didn't have time for the BB lunges. Bball game tonight.

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

James, hope you saw my comment on european comp from yesterday. Enjoy your rest, you deserve it!

Realize my spelling & grammars been horrible the last couple of posts. But I don't think your Swedish is that good either :-)

PC+row: 75kg+114m, 80kg+115m, 82.5kg+114m

DL: 3x130kg, 3x150kg, 2x160kg, 2x165kg, 1x175kg
Dips (on rings - shaky): 24kg, 4x32kg

BB lunges: 8x50kg, 8x60kg, 6x70kg, 6x70kg

Meldrum said...

Power cleans and row:
95lb+134m, 115+133m, 145+127

Deadlift 185,205,225,255,265
dips: 15,35,45,50,55

The lunges I used the barbell in a front rack position

Lars said...


1. 185x5, 102m
2. 205x5, 101m
3. 225x5, 102m

A1. 365x3,365x3,385x2,405x2,425x1
A2. 100x2,100x2,110x2,110x2,110x3
B. 135x8,155x6,155x6,155x6

PC's felt good, row was weak.

Lower back was tight and sore from the GHD's yesterday, but felt better with each set of Deadlifts and ring dips, could have went heavier on the deadlifts.

Lunges felt strong, but hamstrings were cramping up and had to spend the entire rest time stretching them out.

Marshall said...

PC- 155,175,185

A1. 275,275,295,315,335,345(PR)
A2. 60,60,70,70,70

95 for lunges, 8/leg

Felt much better than yesterday, DL felt strong so I did another set for a PR.

Bear said...

PC: 70-80-90, 4 reps
Row: 105-106-113 m

DL: 140-155-155-155
Dips: 3x30,3x35,2x45,2x45,2x45

Did not feel well yesterday, a bit better today, feeling it out. Cleans felt good, rowing easier for each round (maybe just poor wu). DLs felt horrible, a bit thicker BB than usual so I almost lost the grip. Choose to skip higher weights and lunges due to a knee injury 2 weeks back, but maybe I was just weak today. A new day tomorrow!

Bear said...

Sorry, weights in kilograms.

Brandon said...


A1. 315/365/385/405/425
A2. 70/80/90/100/105
B. 135/155/175/195 x 6/leg

Still a little hesitant on the deads. PCs felt good - grip limiting factor.

Off to vacation!

DeeJay said...

Krazy, dips are bar dips.

Kevin said...


I was encouraged after yesterday, but low back pain from squatting last week was still there today. Had to hold myself back, especially on DLs. Very frustrating. I'd appreciate any advice on how to speed recovery so I can get back to going heavy again.

PC--155,165,185--felt pretty good, back didn't hurt much

A1. 185, 205x4 sets (did 225 in the warm-up and it did not feel right)
A2. Didn't see DJ's post until after--did ring dips: 15, 22, 53, 53, 66.5
B. 95(8-8), 95(8-8), 115 (8-8), 125(8-8)

Should've started heavier on dips, but wasn't really sure how much the vests we have weighed. Lunges didn't tax the back too much, but tempo got hard at last few reps of 125.

Andy said...

PC 175/180/190
20 sdhp 45#

A1. 300/310/330/350/360
A2. 70/90/100/115/125x1
B. 45#x8/legx4

Today felt better. I have been doing paleo for over 2 weeks and am starting to see the benefits.

Some of my first weighted lunges in a few months, still being cautious from stress fracture I had in my big toe.

Stahl said...

PC - 155,165,175
Row - 1:28-1:29 splits

A2.BW + 16.7,41,53,63,63 (all on rings, strict)
B. 95,105,115,125 (all 8s)

Power cleans felt solid. Started to lose form and speed at 165 so made smaller jump.

DL - started cautiously b/c of back pain from GHDs. They felt great though. Best 365 has felt in a while. Will go heavier next time.

Lunges - will try 135 next time and start higher. Focusing on tempo and explosion up limited the loading.

irongirl said...


PC 85,95,105
row for m 92m,99m,101m


BBlunge 8 reps each

Really happy to deadlift 185, the most since my back injury...still a long way to go but happy!

Chris Dunkin said...

PC: 205,225,235
Row: 136,136,137

A1. 365,405,435,455,475f
A2. (on rings) 98,108,118,134x1,134x1
B. 185,205,215,220

will be getting parallel bars next month, so will have a place to do bar dips.
Want to taught the benefits of Poloquin's "Java Stim". I don't use it often, but when I do I feel like I can run through a brick wall. Great for wod's like this.

ETC said...

1. 135#/115m
2. 135#/119m
3. 135#/119m

PC's are getting faster and I can string them together easier without using everything I got.

A1: 255,275,285,295,300
A2: Only have rings- 30,35,40,40,40

B: 95(8)115(6)115(6)shut it down cause left knee was starting to ache.

Craig said...

PC- 175
ROWS- 106/103/103

A1. 275/295/305/315/325
A2. 65/65/70/70/75 ( ring dips)

Tough getting the CNS back up and running. really felt the posterior tighten up on the BB Lunges.
foam rolling after to keep it loose.

Stephen B. said...

Power cleans:175/185/190
rows: 101/100/105

A2. (on rings) 85/95/105/110/120
B. (walking BB lunges) 135(7/7)/140(7/7)/150(8/8)/170(6/6)

Jon G. said...



A1. 295#,315#,325#,325#,335#
A2. 35#,45#,55#,60#,65#
B. 95#-8,105#-6,115#-6,125#-6

Had to do dips on rings, there is no bar to do dips at my affiliate, so I probably could have done much more weight (not to mention the DB was smashing my man-parts).

Dead lifts felt extremely heavy today and I think its because my abs are so rocked from all the GHD sit ups yesterday! The last rep was 30# less then my PR...

jay rhodes said...


175lbs - 113m
175lbs - 114m
175lbs - 113m

feeling a bit tired from yesterday, working to 1RM. Didn't have the same pop. Could probably manage 205 for 5 touch and go.

295 x 3
315 x 3
365 x 2
385 x 1 (did not attempt second)
445 f

Had 445 about 12" off the ground, but couldn't lock it out. Felt my back give out and had to drop it. Was pissed initially, but then remember that all my previous max attempts were sumo style. I've never attempted 400+ with feet inside shoulders. Probably should have gone for 425, but still happy to get it off the ground.

80lbs - 90lbs - 100lbs - 100lbs - 110lbs
ROM - thumbs to armpits.

B. BB Alternating Forward Lunges @ 20X0; 6-8/leg x 4; rest 90 sec

Decided to pass on these, back was tightening up from the max attempt.

Paul Klein said...

Rd1. 170lbs Rows 585watts/118Meters
Rd2. 185lbs 576watts/118M
Rd3. 200lbs 568W/117M

A1. 315/320/335/340/350(PR!)
Deads felt good today, getting hammies under tension has come along way.

A2. on rings with vest and dip belt

B. 115 / 135 / 140x7 per leg / 140

My ass checks were on fire after these. Buns of steel baby!

Paul Smith said...

PC: 165, 185, 205
Row: computer on rower was froze so I have no stats

DL: 405, 415, 425, 435, 460
Dips: 80, 100, 110, 120, 120

didn't have time to do B

Alex Duncan said...

PC: 155, 165, 175 Felt fast, could have gone a bit higher
Row: 112, 112, 114m

A1. 275, 295, 315, 330, 345 Took it easy on my back
A2. 65lbs, 90, 90, 92, 92 Did on bars

B. Started to feel tears in my glutes went light, 135, 115, 95
Definitely need to practice these!

Adam Rogers said...


A1: 315x3,335x3,355x2,375x2,385x1
A2: 25,45,60,70,90 all x 2 at tempo

B: 115lbs x 8/leg x 4

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1
155lbs/110m, 175lbs/109m, 185lbs/110m

A1. 365x3, 375x3, 385x2, 395x2, 410x1
A2. 53x2, 63x2, 73x2, 88x2, 103x2
B. 135x8 per leg, 155x6 per leg, 155x6 per leg. Cut it to three sets since I can't remember the last time I did heavy lunges.

Chad Walding said...


Part 1:
PC: 185/185/195
Row: 120m/119m/122m
A1. 315/335/355/365/375
A2. 1.5pd/2pdx3/2pdx3/2pdx3/2pdx3
B. 95/115/135/155

-Deads felt heavier than normal, definitely got a little fatigued from PC and row.
-Dips feel good
-I was happy with 195 PC x 5 UB
-lunges weren't bad, got hard with 155, should have started heavier.

Rainer Hartmann said...

95/97/97 meters
A1: 315/335/355/365/375
A2: Dips w/out weight, rotator cuff tear: 6/7/7/7/6
B: 65/75/85x8

mhamilton said...


1. 135x5, ?m (forgot to look)
2. 145x5, 108m
3. 155x5, 107m

A1. 255,275,295,315,335
A2. 35,55,55,65,80
B. 95x8,105x8,115x6,125x4

Cleans felt really solid. DLs were also pretty good. Really focused on a good tight back. Dips were on rings and also good. Should have gone heavier sooner. All in all felt really strong today.

Erik Luber said...

PC: 40 kg, 50, 60 (No rower today)
A1. 90 kg, 110, 120, 130, 150 (PR)
A2. 10 kg, 25, 40(1), 35(2), 35(1)
B. 40 kg, 50, 55(6), 55(6)

Felt a little out of it today, but by the time I got to the last set of Deadlifts felt pretty good. Probably shouldn't have gone for a PR, but I have been feeling so strong lately. 5 kg until I am at 2.5 times BWT deadlift...think I can do it soon. The 40 kg dip was heavier than I thought it would be. Glutes smoked after the BB lunges.

Julian Cruz said...


DL:300,305,315,325,340 PR by 10


Sean Cummings said...

Power Clean: 155, 165, 175
Subbed SDHP at 65# for :20

DL: 315, 365, 385, 405, 425(PR)
Dips: 70, 80, 90, 100, 100#

Gym didn't have db's higher than 100#, was hoping to go up to 110# or 120#

Going to do BB lunges as part of tomorrows workout.

Mike Molloy said...

PC: 185-195-200(f5)

A1: 355-365-385-400-430
A2: 55-60-65-70-75 (had to do on rings)

B:95-105-115-125-135x6 per leg. OUCH.

Krazy said...

PC: 155 185 205
Should've gone way way heavier on these but I wasn't sure so I shot low and worked up

Row: 138m-130m-130m

DL: 335-355-375-385-405
My back rounded a tad on 405 which was odd because it didn't feel heavy at all.

Dips: 45-55-65-75-100
all on rings
ROM full extend down to biceps
should've gone heavier sooner but i've never done weighted on rings

BB Lunges: 95-115-135-155
all for sets of 8
should've started heavier

Practiced ring HSPU for 15 min after WOD. Surprisingly difficult to string anymore than 2 together. Not sure if it a true measure of fitness though.

Is there a point where it just goes overboard and loses any real benefit (excluding bragging rights that you can do them)?

PRM said...


1. 145x5, 111m
2. 145x5, 114m
3. 145x5, 115m

A1. 285,315,335,340,355(f)
A2.(on rings) 35,45,50,50,50x1+(f)
B. 135x7, 155x6, then failed and awkwardly dumped the bar and called it a day.

Scott Hoadley said...



Didn't keep track of the row.



I couldn't lift as heavy as I wanted. I ripped my hand yesterday on the pullups and it hurt doing the DL's



BB Lunges:


Then a 20 km Bike and a 12 km run plus and hour of yoga in the morning. Good day.

Pfeifdog said...

PC: 185,205,225
Row: 119m,119m,120m

A1: 405,425,445,455,475
A2: 53,53,63,63,70 (had to do on rings)

B: @135 8,8,6,6

A1 lower back felt tight from the weekend still but still 50 short of my PR.
B 135 felt heavy, maybe should have started lighter because form started looking sloppy at the end.

Steve Howell said...

PC: 175/185/195 (last 2 reps were ugly)
Row: 106m/107m/107m
B:135x 4 sets

r Gaines said...

PC: 155, 185, 205(4)
Row: 117, 112, 114m

A1: 275, 315, 335, 295*, 295*
A2: 55, 55, 70, 95, 95( all on rings and kips on the last 2 sets)

B: 95, 115, 135, 145 all 8/leg

*my SI started to hurt so I went back below300#. Lots of ice tonight.

Soren said...

PC + Row:
1: 70+117
2: 80+119
3: 85+124

A1: 140,150,155,160,165kg
A2: 20,20,25,35,35

B: 40 only did one set, ran out of time.


Dillon said...

PC 155, 165, 175
A1 225, 265, 300, 325, 345
A2 25, 35, 55, 75, 80
B 75, 85, 95, 105, 115

Does anyone know a Canadian supplier of Progenex Recovery? If not can you recommend a good recovery drink.

Dillon said...

PC 155, 165, 175
A1 225, 265, 300, 325, 345
A2 25, 35, 55, 75, 80
B 75, 85, 95, 105, 115

Does anyone know a Canadian supplier of Progenex Recovery? If not can you recommend a good recovery drink.

Sam said...


A1. 140, 140, 160, 160, 170 (kg's)
A2. 10, 20, 30, 40, 40
No time for B. Had to coach. Felt weak all workout (it's 110 in my gym with about 90% humidity).

Filly said...

PC+row: 185 + 138m, 195 + 142m, 195 + 138m

DL: 3x315, 3x335, 2x355, 1x365, 1x375(fail)
Dips (on rings - max reps at tempo) - 10, 10, 8, 9, 8

BB lunges: 115, 135, 150, 160

Brian Maier said...

PC: 185,205,215
Rows: 113,110,111

A1: 315,345,385,405,425
A2: 70,90,100,115,120
B: 135 X 4

Congrats to James, Joey, Michael, DJ, Lauren and Shelly. It was awesome watching everyone compete in LA.

NorCal Chris said...

PC 115,120,125
Row 100,113,113

DL 225,245,255,265,275,285
Ring dips: BW only for shoulder

Lunges: 105,105,105,105

Shoulder press4x5 @ 105

Dustin said...


Power Clean - 165,185, 195, 195, 195.
**loss of Grip - need to use hook grip**

A1. Dead Lift- 275,315,335,365,395PR.
A2. Ring Dips - 88,88,88,88,88

B. BB lunges - 115x8, 135x8, 155x6, 155x6.

unit said...

Part 1
205 // 130m
225 // 131m
235 // 134m

Part 2
Isabel- 2:05 [10sec pr, first 15 unbroken]


Chris Dunkin said...

Trap 3: 20x10, 25x8, 28x8

Anonymous said...

P.C. Weight (175,175,185(4))
Row 105m,104m,100m

A1: 300,305,325,335,340p.r
A2: 70,70,75,85,87.5
B: 85,105,115,115

All in all a successful day. Deadlift is slowly getting better. Two weeks ago I could only do 335 once. I was running short on time with lunges and did not go as heavy as I could. Dips were completed on rings. Power clean is becoming fun again for me since I am beginning to trust my back and creep over the mental block from past injury.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

PC: 135/145/155
Row: 98m/101m/100m
A2:40 x 5
B:95 x 4 sets

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

sub 21x105 unbroken PC's
103, 103, 103 rows

A1: sub 21x205 unbroken
A2: 35, 40, 45, 48, 50

B: Skipped

Anonymous said...


85#/97m – 85#/98m – 85#/98

A1. 135-155-165-165-170
A2. Subbed depth push-ups, 15# plate
B. 45#/R8/L8 – 55#/R8/L8 – 60#/R7/L7 – 60#/R6/L6

Kyle F said...

PC: 135/155/175/185/195
Row: Btw 100-105 m

(I see now that I was only supposed to do 3 sets. oops)

A1: 295/315/335/355/385(pr)
A2: 80/90/100/100/110
B: 135/155/175/185

Happy with DL. Still need to go up though. Lunges KILLED me.

Brian said...

July 14 wod for 2011

A1. Dead Lift Cluster @ 11X1; x 5; rest 3 min
A2. Close Grip Bench Press @ 30X0; 3-5 x 5; rest 3 min
3 sets:
15 unbroken power clean - you choose
10 sec rest
20 clap push ups
3 min rest


A1. 315,325,315,320,320
A2. 165/5,175/5,185/5,195/5,210(F)@3

METCON @ 135# all PC UB
1. 1:32
2. 1:47
3. 2:02

Clap pushups were limiting factor. Times include 10s rest

Mike McNaughton said...

A1. 315,335,355,365,385
A2. On rings: 53,53,70,70,70
B. 135(8/L),155(8),185(6)

Alex said...

95# Row 94m
100# Row 92m
105# Row 93m

DL 12@105
3@ 155, 3@165, 2@175, 2@185, 1@195

Ring Dips 2@5#, 3@5#, 2@ 7.5, 2@7.5, 1 @10#

Lunges: pathetically sore.. all 4 sets 6@65

CF Hampton Roads said...

PC - 105,110, 115
Row - Averaged 1:49/500m pace
DL - 205, 215, 220, 225, 230, 235

PC - 185, 190, 195
Row - Averaged 1:31/500m pace
DL - 275, 315, 365, 400, 415 (f)

Ran out of time couldn't get lunges in.
Both struggled near 1RM with DL. Both 20lbs short on DL 1RM.

Angelo Fosco said...

Cleans - 195, 205, 215(4 reps)
Rows: 127m or so for each.

A1. 335, 355, 385, 390, 400
A2. 90, 115, 125, 130, 145
B. 135 for all 3.

Noah said...


A2. 40kg for all dips
B1. 40kgx8/50kgx7/50kgx7/50kgx6