wed, july 28, 2010

3rd piece recommended, it can be home made or bought - non bounce are best - like 3-5kg, no heavier, no lighter; smaller the better fro gripping; the reason is for throwing; we use them in the OPT assessment for data and have found them for backward throws on field highly effective for another method for hip power development

A1. Push Press/Push Jerk - 2.2 x 5; rest 3 min
A2. Horizontal Ring Rows @ 2020; amrap x 5; rest 3 min
(feet elevated to height of rings)
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 rep rounds:
GH Raises
(take exactly 8 breaths b/t movements)
100 GHD Sit Ups for time - 2 hands overhead

post loads and notes to comments
there'll be a few more tools, we won't use them for a few weeks for sure; thanks for trying to make it happen


Anonymous said...


unit said...

fully agree with adding throwing 2 the mix... feel it's an element of primal fitness and practical strength missing in the crossfit world 4 the most part...
been doing backward tosses with 16lb shot put 2 work on hip opening explosion... this summer, been enjoying throwing various things in a variety of ways... sure is fun!... can't wait 2 c what's rx 2 come!...

Crispy said...

What does 2.2 x 5 mean?

A1. Push Press/Push Jerk - 2.2 x 5; rest 3 min

Martin Altemark said...

Me too has been thinking alot of most CF programming leaving out throwing and rotational movements. I'd love if that would be more widely used.

Satanbikes have never been sold in Europe (I really tried to find them, even getting in touch with Scwinn about it, the last time they were up on the blog), and I think postage here would be too expensive to get an used one from your side of the pond. Have to do without that part. But a big ass tire should be doable. No idea where to keep it though... Have no garage...

brian cilento said...

Crispy.. 2.2 x 5 means you do 2 pp then 2 pj with same bar no rack for 5 sets

DAVE X said...

It's like Christmas around here the last few days. I'm so excited to wake up and see what puke-making tools we need to get! keep them coming.

DAVE X said...

A1. 135/155/165/170/175
A2. 12/11/10/9/7

Dips/GH raises: Deliberately focused on the 8 breaths between movements. Surprised how challenging it was to fight the urge to charge through it.

100 GH Situps: 6:45
At the 2:15 mark at 50 reps.

The worst part of the wod today was when I was fighting the urge to barf with my head in the toilet afterwards and my 3 year old daughter was asking for breakfast the entire time.

sheacraig said...

YES! At Ute Crossfit we had two of those bikes. One of them had a WAY slower computer, and was nicknamed 'Pegasus'. 50 calories for time on Pegasus should have been punishment for something. I was at about 60 seconds of all out sprint to get to 50 calories, but Tommy Hackenbruck did it in 38 I think.

I never felt more ill or rubbery than post-Pegasus.

sheacraig said...

Oh yeah-the thing that is so awful about the airdyne is that

A.) It's fixed gear, so you are along for the ride if you start slowing down

B.) The crank rotation is non-circular and seems to have really short arms, or at least it's more awkward because of the strange orbit.

C.) The giant comfort seat is an insult to your ass.

D.) Pumping furiously back and forth with your arms seems like it's more for show than anything else.

These all combine into a very wicked beatdown, very quickly.

I'm surprised they're so expensive-everyone at our gym would come in and be like, "Wow-My grandma has one of those in her basement".

I love it!

DAVE X said...

"Insult to your ass"


Sounds like a WOD name in the making...

brian cilento said...

agree with dave x, the 8 breathes seemed like it took for ever. i found that part of the work out pretty easy.

a1. 155-175-185-185 (failed on 1 pp)-185
a2. 22,20,20,19,19

dip/gh.. took 7:50

have to do GHD and endurance work out this afternoon. right after i pick up my tractor tire!

Martin Altemark said...

A1. (ankle not jerk-able so did PP on both parts): 80kg, 82.5kg, 85kg, 87.5kg, 90kg (only 2.1)
A2. 13, 10, 8, 7, 6

Me too had to fight the urge to charge through dips-GHR

100 unanchored abmat situps, no timer but as fast as I could

Feelgood session! Felt refreshing and throughly worked afterwards! Amazed at how strong I felt i PP, these are at the level of my PR weights (without damaged ankle).

GHD ordered, but was backordered and will be delivered in August. Still - I'm finally gonna get me one!

Meldrum said...

155, 175, 185(Fail), 180

8, 7, 7, 7

Stopped after the 4th set as i have had this sharp pain shooting through my left arm since the hang power cleans yesterday.

Dave x, I agree with you. It was very hard to not blast the dips/Gh raises, but did focus hard on the 8breaths.

100 GHD situps

Stomach is not burning :-)

Eric Montgomery said...

I've always stuff like 2.2 as meaning that you do 2 reps, rack the bar for 10 seconds, then do the second 2 reps. Have I been doing it wrong, or is that only how you do it if it's a single movement like front squat 2.2.2?

Eric Montgomery said...

^^ meant to say "I've always read stuff..."

Curt M said...

A1. 185/205/215/225/235
A2. 20/16/15/15/10

Dips and GHR 10-5 (time constraint)

100 GHDSU- 3:58

Anonymous said...

Had a quick question for Coach or anyone who can answer.

I am looking at taking the Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Cert in the coming months. Is it requirement or more beneficial to go through the Level 1 cert prior to taking the o-lift cert? I am not looking at becoming an instructor. I just want to take the class to learn the lifts properly. Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance

PTS said...

A1 #125, 145, 165,185,195
A2 10,9,9,9,10

100 regular situps 1:58

OPT said...

Cody, l1 is not needed prior to oly well as coach B, get yourself into Everett's course as well...the package of the 2 is needed for any athlete...if you are looking to improve the movements for you and not just for coaching, EVERYONE needs to do some private oly coaching...otherwise you'll be left behind

Steve Howell said...

Curt M,

Good to see you back posting bro.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 185,205,210
A2. 13,12,11

Trap 3: 25x8, 26x7, 28x6 (done yesterday post wod)

Poor sleep, good long warm up, drive and intensity left early so skipped sets 4 and 5 of A's. Focused on breathing for rest of wod.

NorCal Chris said...

Dave X i also am really enjoying waking to a new Christmas toy each morning! Good analogy.

I found the motherlode of used truck and tractor tires (free) here in northern california if anybody needs them.

One day behind schedule:
HSPU - got my first strict one!!

Metcon: 12:11 (85# HPC, 53# KB)

Lars said...

Question I asked the other day, didn't get a response from it too much to do this programming PLUS CF endurance (just the run part)?

A1. 185, 205, 215, 215, 215
A2. 10, 8, 8, 9, 10

Dips/GH raises - 7:12 all UB

Did 20 GHD sit ups, but my lower back is bugging me lately so I subbed with 100 Ab Mat sit ups 2:46

Push press/jerk felt okay, but wrist is still holding me back from getting really heavy.

Dips were on rings, and GH's both felt smooth and steady.

Abs felt fired up after sit ups.

ETC said...

A1: 115,135,145,150,155
A2: 6,6,5,5,5
10-5 Dips/ GH - time constraint
100 Toes to Bar(no GHD)- minimal kip

NorCal Chris said...


The answer to your question is based on what your goals are, which is a priority, and when the key events take place.

Prior to falling in love with CF, I was a competitive cyclist. My coach also coached Kristin Armstrong (gold medal time trial winner and world champion).

We trained in a VERY different time domain but in road racing (less so in time trials) you needed to develop raw bursty speed and power. Therefore, most of the riders would take a 1-3 month period off the bike entirely or very minimal riding.

I believe the Austrailian Institute of Sport did some work showing that weight training did not pair well with long distance aerobic training and that the strength gains were greatly blunted. Soooo if your focus is a big road race (10k to marathon), then get strong 5 months out then focus on the running while maintaining the strength. If the focus is GPP, the running will likely wear you down and you will not maximize results in either domain.

I realize the protocol for CF Endurance is likely less volume than I am referring, but the principals still hold. I will see if I can find the articles and if so, will post.

Brandon said...

A1. 185/195/205/215/225 (f-PJ)
A2. 12/10/9/8/8

Dips/GHRaise - easy, prob should've weighted a bit

100 GHD: 4:59

Marshall said...


Dip/GH raise ladder-9:05

No GHD so did unanchored situps-3:40

Jen Osborn said...

in a rush in town so i cut down the 1st part to 3 reps.

A1. 95,95,95 (upper body is just shot)
A2. 8,8,8

RD and GHR got through ..had to add small band for dips b/c of my short of time. still hurt like crazy, hammys feel like rocks!

100 GHD sit ups = 5:58

Anonymous said...

29 yom 180lbs

A1 155/165/175/180/185
A2 13/12/10/10/9

100 GHDs - 4:37

I find GHD raises super hard. Is it better to swing violently out of the bottom in order to have enough momentum to finish the movement or to rise out more controlled with a small push with the arms + slight bend at the hips??

Bear said...

A1 80/85, 70/75, 75/75, 80/80(2nd fail), 75/75 kg
A2 15-12-11-10
Dip+GM, 30 kg
100 TTB: 9:34 min

Suck at PJ, PP feels better, still some shoulder issues. Ring rows felt good but I needed to sub GHR with GM because of my knee. 100 TTB because I have no GHD and because I didn´t finish yesterdays wod ;)

Anonymous said...

@NorCal Chris-
Congrats on your HSPU achievement!

Jim said...

I've been following OPT for about 2-3 months (in stealth mode - hope that's ok). I think it is the best programming out there. I'm still working up to RX'd as I had knee surgery in January. Almost there but either way I love it.

I'm compelled to write today because I see OPT is recommending 3-5kg medicine balls and I happen to sell these through my business. To OPT's community and the larger CF community, I'm happy to sell them to you at wholesale cost. If anyone is interested, please let me know. You can see pics 6lb, 8lb, 10lb here:

James, thank you for the awesome programming. I hope you do not mind my offering these med balls here. If so, my apologies.


- Jim McDade

Jim said...

I've been following OPT for about 2-3 months (in stealth mode - hope that's ok). I think it is the best programming out there. I'm still working up to RX'd as I had knee surgery in January. Almost there but either way I love it.

I'm compelled to write today because I see OPT is recommending 3-5kg medicine balls and I happen to sell these through my business. To OPT's community and the larger CF community, I'm happy to sell them to you at wholesale cost. If anyone is interested, please let me know. You can see pics 6lb, 8lb, 10lb here:

James, thank you for the awesome programming. I hope you do not mind my offering these med balls here. If so, my apologies.


- Jim McDade

Eric Montgomery said...

A1. 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 94kg (slight pressout on second PJ at 94kg)
A2. 10, 10, 10, 8
Cut to 4 rounds due to time, but 94kg was enough of a struggle I probably wouldn't have gotten any more

Dips/GHRs: 8:56, all unb, 8 fairly deep breaths at each transition. Did bar dips since it didn't specify ring dips, hope that was a good assumption.

GHD situps: 70 in 2:59. Took 5 deep breaths at 40 and 56. Still building volume on these.

Joel B. said...


A1: 145, 155, 165, 170, 175
no re-rack in between pp/pf...usually if a "cluster" is rx'd, it is spelled out? that was my take anyway

A2: 10, 10, 9, 9, 9
oddly, this was my first time doing these...tempo tough and had to concentrate a bit on keeping mid-line from sagging

10-1 ladder unbroken and even measured 8 breaths between. GHR's on roman chair against wall and braced. GHD can't get here soon enough.

100 ghd situps (done on roman chair): 5:01

Who can stand finishing on an :00 or an :01?

Cocopuffs said...

A1) 185, 205, 215, 225, 235
A2) 9, 9, 8, 10, 8

on the set of 235 the second push press was a bit of a struggle had to dip my knees slightly to get it to full ext.

P2 as rx'd. was taking really deep and long breaths at the start took quicker ones after a while cuz was tired of waiting...

100GHDs in 5:45. First set 24. then to 40, then to 55, 65, 75, than in increments of 5 after that.

in part one don't have rings so i took a towel and hung it from my bar with my feet on a bench.. grip failed me the quickest.

BK said...

Yesterdays wod;
1.59 ub
2.11 ub
stopped after 4.Done!

3 mins -60 ghd.
Eased into today after a rude awakening yesterday

Great to be back in action after a solid weeks rest after Team CrossFit Performance's 12th place at the Games.
The highlight for me watching- DJ's horizontal MU's in the first WOD. insane.I have implemented your style mate,thanx.
Last WOD watching Joey persevere through immense pain getting doubles and triples when athletes were dropping the bar was inspiring.

James, thankyou for your personal guidance through the CCP certification and helping guide my team and facility this past year, I feel truly blessed to have met you and to be part of this awesome community.
The year ahead holds so much promise for insane growth at CFP and I am already itching for a podium finish next year.If you care to watch the downlow I posted on the CFP blog about our experience at the Games.Toooo much to write.

Anonymous said...


I’ve been following your program (with modifications) in the background for quite some time (I’m loving it!!!) and I’m finally willing to invest in equipment. I have the opportunity to purchase either a rower or an airdyne bike. Which would you recommend? I can’t buy both unfortunately 



Lindsey said...

A1. 75/85/95/105/115
A2. 10/10/9/10/9

Dip/GHDR- unbroken

8:26- just recently been able to do these to full ROM w 2 hand touch... have room for improvent

Kevin said...

28.m.6'4". 225


back was really tight and there's still a little pain after tweaking squatting a few weeks ago (and "sleeping" in a dirt cheap Albany motel for two nights), so I subbed for both gh exercises.

Dip/unweighted good mornings--probably could have weighted the dips, but not the gm. The bar was fine but 95lbs felt terrible.

Subbed 100 unbroken abmat sit-ups--2:43.

Filly said...

A1. 175/185/195/205/215
A2. 17/14/13/12/14

GH Raise - setting #11
Ring Dips

200 Anchored Abmat Situps (back is a little tweeky so I didn't want to go into hyperextension) - 6:47

Realizing that my midline likes to break into extension in my overhead lifts. Spent the weekend with Kelly Starrett at his Chasing Performance Seminar. Key topic was about midline stability and identifying not only flexion mistakes but extension mistakes. In an effort to avoid the dreaded flexion mistakes I have patterned the opposite in my barbell movements.

K Starr suggested going back to basic back squats to a box to work on fixing that pattern. What day during our week would be best to program a box squat day?

Kevin said...

James, I also wanted to clarify for data collection purposes that I was signing in under my last name, Rooney, but now when I go through my gmail account it just puts my first. Sorry for any confusion.

Nathan H. said...


Norcal Chris has some very good input.

I would tell you that James has previously mentioned that this programming is designed to be done alone -- but that individual requirements must be accommodated for as well. The big dawg programming is a protocol designed to elicit broad adaptation. If you have specific goals/weaknesses that would require focus work, do it, but carefully monitor your levels of recovery. If you start feeling extended, don't hesitate to take a day off. The importance of objectivity in your training is paramount... don't trick yourself into working out just to work out. Make it productive.

Personally I've been able to get stronger and faster simultaneously... but that's because I'm still at an intermediate level (and closer to novice in running) in both areas when the sports are viewed individually. When I was following James' programming strict, I found it hard to add extra work and would recommend concentrating your efforts on it alone until you find yourself recovering well enough to warrant more volume.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Ha another tool i found today where my wife and I are building our new house...
a thick 10 foot straight log....i stood at the end of it and i deadlifted it, powercleaned it and got it overhead and walked up the log (got heavier as i went along) and flipped it over end....that lit me up bigtime...

also found a nice 5 1/2 foot tall tire , 20 inch tread width...its a beast.

brian cilento said...

lars... i am doing the CFE running work outs 3x a week. mon full rest, tues opt am, wed opt am/cfe pm, thurs opt, fri cfe, sat opt, sun opt am/cfe pm... i am running a marathon in oct, not sure how this is all going to work out, but that is what i am going with...

just did:
Run: 10x 30sec Hill Sprints, All out Efforts.Treadmill use 7-10% grade, 2min recover between sprints

Brandon said...

Wanted to do the snatch/hspu/l-pull workout from last week which I skipped because of vacation, so I made it a double today.

7/22 workout, done 7/28
14:24 - scaled to hands on floor rather than 2". Snatches done mainly as singles or clusters of 3-4.

Brandon said...

Lars -
As someone who tried both OPT and CFE together for awhile last year, I personally found the volume too much to complete. On days that we had doubles on OPT, it was brutal trying to figure it all out.

If I had been smarter, I would have reduced the volume of CFE, while keeping OPT on as prescribed. Additionally, the CFE workouts were really good as warm-up work, if I scaled them back. I have used this method to add in some dedicated Oly work with decent success so far.

Hope this helps,

Greg said...


A: 95/135/165/185(prev PR)/195/200(fx2)
B: 22(pr+4)/16/13/12/12

Convinced the Jerk fail was in my noodle - I had plenty of thrust on the 200, just couldn't mentally force myself under the bar

Ben Priestley said...

As a kid, I played on a Schwinn Airdyne every time I went to visit my grandparents house (6 hours away). I called them up to see if they still have it.

They said "Yep, still got, still use it, can't have it!!"

They've had it for 23 years and it's still going strong. They are in their 80s, and it's one of their primary exercise tools. I'm the proudest grandson ever!

Sean Cummings said...

A1. 165, 175, 185, 185, 185 (failed on 2nd PJ on 3rd and 4th set but got it on 5th)
A2. 15, 14, 12, 12, 14

Dips/GHR: Easy

100 GHD's- 5:16 (First 50 unbroken at 1:45, then ???)

DAVE X said...

Funny story Ben. Hopefully I can turn my daughter down when she asks for my C2.

ArjunaSmith said...

A1. 135,145,155,165,175 *all easy taken it slow*
A2. 8 on all sets
Forgot to time the DIp/GH Raise segment
50ghsu (2hand touch)for time 2:01

Trevor Salmon said...

Eric, you are correct in your last post.
if it is one movement ie Front Squat then it is a cluster as you have done in the past. Most clusters that OPT has posted so far have been in 5's
Today since it was the two movements Brian was bang on.

Mimi, I would say that the Rower would be your first choice over the Airdyne as you will see that much more frequently.

Paul Klein said...

A1. 185 / 200 / 200 / 200 / 200
A2. 12 / 10 / 8 / 8 / 8

GH raises / Ring Dip Ladder
All unbroken and felt good

100 GHD sit ups = 5:52

I struggled with the push press today, 2 reps felt like a max effort. The jerks were fine.

Mack Lar,
My tire is about 52" diameter x 15" wide. If I had to guess, I'd say it weighs about 300lbs. I just called the local tire recycling place and they were more than happy to let me take it. When you get back you should check with some military contacts (mechanics?) about what they do with the heavy equipment tires. Drop me a line and I would be glad to help you help.

k.jones said...

2011 WOD 7/27/10

HSPU Practice: worked on e-rom. Started at 3 1/2" worked up to 6 1/2" 5 reps on every inch. Then worked on the kip the rest of the time.


Started to cut out dairy, grains,rice from diet. Its been a week now starting to feel better. Was a little tired at first just wondering if thats normal?

Anonymous said...

thanks Trevor


Mike McNaughton said...

A1. 155/175/185/195/210
A2. 8/7/7/7/8

Dips/GH Raises: 10:45. All moves unbroken. Kept breathing pace throughout. Was able to fight the urge to go faster. (After yesterday I didn't mind.)

GHSU - Cut to 50 (low back): 3:20. Felt better than it has but still nagging.

Stahl said...


Dips/GH - Dips were strict on rings

GHDs: 7:45. Still working on these several weeks out from ab surgery. Focused on full ROM and getting all reps more than speed.

A1. - 180 felt better than 175. Need to make sure I get my head through.

** Coach - same as Rooney, for your data collection purposes I was posting just as Michael, but switched to Stahl since several Michaels pop up.

Adam Rogers said...

A1 - 155,175,185,195,205
A2 - 13,10,9,10,9

1RM push press is 210, so pleasant surprise at 205.

All dips and raises unbroken, never raised my heart rate.

GHD situps - 4:52.

goal was under 5 so happy with this. First 40 unbroken then 20 10's and 5's the rest of the way home

DAVE X said...

Hey Coach, I had a question about the functions we will use on the airdyne. I found a couple in my area but they both have disabled monitors. Is there a specific function we'll need to use like the watts for the c2 or will I be able to get away with using my stop watch?

Alex Duncan said...

Really happy with this today.

A1. 145, 155, 165, 175, 185 (185 was a huge surprise!)

A2. 10, 10, 9, 8, 7

Dips/GH Raises: Felt strong, 8 breathes seemed like a lot of recovery

100 GHDs: 5:44 PR from last time by 40 seconds!

Went for a 30 minute swim afterwards which helped shake out the tight hip flexors and groin.

Chad Walding said...

A1. 185/185/185/185/185
A2. 12/13/11/11/11
not timed but easy, felt good
5:02 on GHSU

Notes: 185 is pretty much my 2 rep max on PP. I tried 195 but failed, definitely could have jerked more. Today was a nice active rest day...sort of.

Julian Cruz said...

trained with Nathan Holiday today. Worked on oly lifts,good stuff.

Jay said...

Male 29YO
WT 173

A1 135/155/170/180/185
A2 13/13/12/12/12

DIP/GH 8:02


Pfeifdog said...

A1. 185,185,185,185,185
A2. 9,10,10,10,10

Raises and dips were ok no problems

100 GHD Sit-ups: 10:40

Overall body felt shot from yesterday.

Sit-up: around 30 my hip flexors were fatigued.

Anonymous said...

A1. 75-85-90-95-100
A2. 5-4-5-4-6

I need to improve dips. Subbed reverse hyper.

6:13 Slower than last time, but I'll take it.

Sam said...

A1. 60-70-80-90-95(missed second pp)-90
A2. 15-12-10-11-13 (2020)
8:31 rough time with ring dips
50 ghd su's @ 3:44 (tight hip flexors before the get go)

Brent Maier said...


A1 PP/PJ: 90/95/97.5/100/102.5kg (226#) - Thought I was going to fail my last attempt but made them all.
A2 14/11/10/10/10 - Should have skipped, biceps are wrecked.

GHD/Ringdips: Didn't time but my ring dips felt super human tonight. Very strong on these short sets.

x100 GHDSU: 4:23

Notes: Biceps and hands are wrecked from the max pullups 3 days ago. Arm's have been permanently bent at a 15 degree angle unless they are under load. Heh, that can't be good!

Alex said...


A1- 95/ 95/ 100/ 100/100
A2- 10/ 10/10/8/8

Dips (used a thin elastic..I suck at dips..better at ring dips!)
GH Raises
17:32 BRUTAL...

100 GHD Sit ups: 6:39

...and then I had to teach a spinning class.

NO MORE G or Hs!

I think GHD stands for
"God! How Disabling!"

Steve Howell said...

Dip/GH time = 5:36
GHD Sit ups = 2:56 (subbed for sit ups on swiss ball, hands to the ground)

OPT said...

dave x, you can go without a monitor, the ass will still suffer

PRM said...


First off, I realized prior starting today's WOD that I had scaled UP yesterday's WOD (by mistake) to 115# HPC. I did NOT need the extra challenge.

A1. 135, 135, 140, 140, 140
A2. 15, 14, 14, 12, 11

Dips/GHD raise: Has to break a few set of dips (rounds 7 to 4)

100 GHD raise with 1 arm OH: 7:17

Kyle F said...

Skipped overhead stuff and ring rows. Wrist is pretty sore.

Dips and GHD Raises as rx'd. Dips done with 40 lb DB.

100 GHD Sit ups = 6:45

My abs are SHREDDED!

Dustin said...

A1. 155, 185, 185, 195, 195.
**shoulders were smoked from Yesterdays Heavy kB Swings and ring HSPU**
A2. 17, 15, 15, 12, 11.

7:58 time on GH Raises and RIng Dips.
**8breaths in between really helped me to focus on my breathing**
100 GHD Sit Ups for time - 5:10 PR. **Last time I did this I think I did it just over 7 minutes, so I'm getting better**

Noah said...

A1. 60kg/70kg/80kg/85kg/85kg (failed on jerk)
Push jerk needs some work
A2. 12/12/10/9/8

GH raises/Dips - felt great, loved the forced rest, all unbroken

100 GHDs - 6:15

Andy said...

a1. 175/185/185/185/190
a2. 13/12/12/11/10

tough to keep at breathing pattern after sets of 5, wanted to go faster.

only did 60 ghd in 3:41
took it easy after smoked abs from last week.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 135, 145, 155, 160, 165 (failed on 2nd jerk)

A2) 22, 19, 20, 18, 19

B) 7:39 rx'd

C) Did a couple, STILL felt soreness in abs from last week's GHD Sit-ups at full stretch, can you believe it? Must've been near rhabdo. So I stopped at 2.

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 153,163,177,187,202(fail on last PJ)
Strict ring dips/hand behind head GH raises: UB
100 GHDS: 4:40 think thats a pr, by about 30s. Happy my back held in there think I was a bit dehydrated yesterday, so I drank a piss load of water today.

Anonymous said...



GH Raises and Dips

-Not timed but completed as stated

100 GHD Situps- 5:45

A1 notes: 175 is my 1rm, felt good today and was able to get the adrenaline going to get that 2nd rep up. Can't wait for my new Nike Romaleos so I can ditch the running shoes and get some drive and balance from the floor.

Had a lot of soreness coming from my forearm on dips after I completed the press/jerks

Do not have GHD machine so placed knees on floor and feet under bench for sub.

First time ever doing that many ghd situps. Used lat pull down machine with flat bench. Felt good and ready to go at it again to beat my time.

Thanks coach, will be looking into a lot of seminars in the coming months.

Ben Priestley said...

A1. 135#, 140, 145, 150(pp:1-f,pj:2), 150
A2. 8, 10, 9, 10, 9

completed dips/GHR (on static dip bars, no kip)

100GHDs: 7:11

Notes: Struggled today, clavicles were bruised from yesterday's work. Mentally down. My fiancée made hot cocoa for me when I got home, which brought me back up. :)

Stephen B. said...

A1.185/195/205/215/225(f on pp)


Dips/GHR problem on either...8:15


100 GHDs: 5:09(pr)

Geoff said...

Did workout Wednesday at Y

A1: 140, 140, 140, 145, 145
A2: 15 (wrong tempo), 9, 10, 11, 10

Dips/GH Raises: 9:45

100 GHD Sit-Ups: 4:55


Mack Lar said...

Bench Press 5,4,3,2,1
PP/PJ 155/175/185/195/205f1ppf1pj
HRR's 12/12/12/12/12

Lars said...

Norcal Chris, Brian, Brandon, and Nathan thanks for your input on the CFE matter. I'll play around with things a bit and see how it goes, I appreciate the thought time and effort.


Brian said...

July 21st WOD:

3 sets:
Power Clean - 5 touch and go reps
rest 10 sec
Row 20 sec @ 95% effort
rest 3 min
A1. Dead Lift @ 12X1; 3,3,2,2,1; rest 3 min
A2. Dips @ 30X0; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 3 min
B. BB Alternating Forward Lunges @ 20X0; 6-8/leg x 4; rest 90 sec

Pwr Clns @ 185, 190, 190
Sub'd 20 secs on Airdyne
A1. 300, 340, 365, 365(1), 385(1)
A2. 33, 33, 43, 53, 53
B. 135, 145, 155, 155 (all 6 reps per leg)

Notes: ABS are so sore from GHD's and may have affected DL #'s. Lost focus on set of 365 and lost tightness in core. 385 not too bad, but shut it down after that.
Dips on rings, with focus on 3 sec down portion.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

A1: 135, 140, 145, 150, 155
A2: 12, 12, 12, 12, 11

Metcon: 14:43

100 GHD Situps: 6:52

Jon G.. said...

A1. 145#,155#,160#,165#,170#
A2. 7,7,7,8,7

B. 16min.

C. 7:18