thurs, july 29, 2010

4th piece for right now, chains - we'll use them for bench and squat - prefer 50-80# total per side when hung from bar height in squat rack; when on squat bar they should float and touch ground when bar is in rack, and should sit well on floor for bench; there are many ways of making the weight get there, play with it.

3 rounds for time:
Dead Lift x 21 - 185#/135#
50 double unders

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Greg said...


For yesterday's GHRs: What is a good weight to use when subbing a weighted good morning for the GHRs? I was thinking 50% BW. Thanks.

DAVE X said...


A little pissed about this time, frankly. I know I can doi this in sub 6 minutes.

All 63 deads were unbroken, but the double unders screwed me. Not because I was tripping over the rope, but the rope kept smacking into either the lights, the chalk bucket, whatever was nearby. I smartened up and ran into the driveway during the last set and belted 45 unbroken.

I assumed we were going to use chains for some reason. Pretty cool. BTW, using Craigslist to procure this equipment has made me realize that there are REALLY a lot of freaks out there using the internet. This lady I'm negotiating with now is a nutjob. I ask her for pics everyday and she keeps emailing me back sayingthat someone else is interested, how serious am I? I respond serious enough to keep asking to see that damn thing! Kooks!

Michael McCabe said...

Hey Dawgs,

Programming on here is looking amazing as always, I am looking forward to jumping back in very soon! I've taken some time after regionals to deal with some overtraining and do a strength phase working on some of my own weaknesses.

Are there any dawgs out in Victoria? I'll be relocating there from Toronto in mid-August. I'm gonna be driving out so when I stop in Calgary I'm hoping to make a pilgrimage to OPT if at all possible....

Krazy said...

Hey Coach quick question:

Would rubber bands work as an ideal substitute for chains??

Soren said...


Not good skipping day!


Bear said...

Greg, I use 50% bw, but I´m curious about another sub for GHR.

Like a few others mentioned the DUs sucked today. TOTALLY sucked!

Metcon: 10.05 min

Not very good at DUs but today was just ridiculous, tangled up like 10 times each round. Tried to do the 8 breaths-voodoo and it kinda workedd. Anyway, unbroken DLs.

brian cilento said...

6:02... found myself trying to plan my rest, figured we were doing the 8 breath rest for a reason, think i rested too much, and my shoe laces came undone... enough with excuses.

Martin Altemark said...

Dave, bear you jinxed my DUs too! Damn you!

6:18 and my gym was rainy.

Still love to train outside. 90% of my sessions are done here:

took it easy at first bc of ankle, but it felt ok so I tried to pick up pace, but I was a wreck today.

OPT: I miss the treeview of months on the right side of the blog.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ooh, I second that Martin. Not being able to navigate the archives is a major bummer.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Structural balance wod then
10 min rest
30 Muscle ups for time
4:53 pr

already have the chains, whooof

PTS said...


ETC said...



DBU's getting better.

OPT said...

greg and others, GM's are not as similar to sub for GH as nordic raises might be and might be easier to set up, its the knee flexion i'm looking for, not just hip extension as in GM's
michael, you're welcome here anytime
krazy, yes, different but a good sub
marin and geoff, i'll try to get the tree back

Stahl said...

Time = 4:15

DL - all UB. A couple pauses in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, but they felt really strong.

DUs: Rhythm felt off. 4 misses total, but hard to get in the groove after those DLs.

Chad Hall said...


Felt ok considering legs are sore.

Finally I'm back. Didn't want to post for a while because of knee injury, now it's 85% better and can do everything, but some things will still need to be scaled.

Joel B. said...


1st set dl's unbroken, rest all broken.

Marshall said...


Finally being able to do DU's reasonably well made this a lot easier than it would have been 6 months ago. Had a break in the DL's on the 3rd set.

derb said...


I have been following the blog two days behind so i don't have to workout on sunday. Should I post my results on the day the workout was posted or the day that I do the workout. I also would like to thank you for the work you do here. I'm amazed in my results and how i feel from following these workouts.

OPT said...

derb, post on the current day, thx!

Lars said...

Norcal Chris, Brian, Brandon, and Nathan thanks for your input on the CFE matter I posted yesterday. I'll play around with things a bit and see how it goes, I appreciate the thought time and effort.


Anthony said...

Low volume Strength work; 3,2,1 Deadlift 305, 315, 325


First round of DL and Dbl Und unbroken

2nd and 3rd rounds broken but took no more than 8 breaths rest at any point.

First workout back since last Saturday's competition. I feel OK, a little sluggish though. I'll be taking it easy a few more days. August 1st will be my official go hard day.

Chad Walding said...


Everything unbroken but I took my sweet ass time with this one. I slept horribly last night, like 3 hours. I notice this happens about once a month and it all has to do with my job and the high stress that comes with it. Lot of driving around to patients homes, on the go, go, go all the time. When this happens I notice my engine won't shut off when I'm trying to fall asleep. I'm still working on ways to better manage the stress with breathing/meditating exercises but until then I'll just keep these days at 70%. I wish life was slower.... for all of us.

Rainer Hartmann said...

DL's: Round 1 UBK, 2+3 12/9
Most DU's I've done in a long time since injuring knee/achilles tendon.

Jay said...
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Benny Ahlstedt said...

1:st round ub, 2 & 3 dl broken into 5,5,5,6 & du 25+25

Jay said...

28YO Male
WT 173


rd1 deadlifts unbroken
all double unders unbroken
grip is a little smashed from the last 2 days

Andy said...


Felt crappy after eating horrible last night. A swift reminder of how nutrition is paramount in performance.

Alex said...

Holy Smokes, hammies sore from yesterday's GH raises..

1) UB
2) 8/10/3
3) 10/11


DU ok, found myself tripping up more than usual... by the thirs set it was getting better...42 UB before I stumbled.

Q: Where are all the women at?? I have no one to compare my scores to...

Mark G said...

First time posting but have been following since 2011 training started.

NorCal Chris said...

Day behind

Warmed up with new AirDyne.... This is going to hurt when James starts programming this thing. 3 min = 70 cal and I was WARM

A1. 135,145,150,155,155
A2. 9,10,9,9,10

Dips w band and GH raises felt good

100 GHD sit-ups: 4:27 (2:02 @ 50)

irongirl said...

Makeup for yesterday

A1. 65,85,90,95,100
A2. 8,10,12,10,12

ghd's all unbroken
ring dips all broken but not assisted!

100ghd sit ups..7minutes...have done them in under 5 before, not sure what happened there

Happy to get 100 overhead...lost alot of strength when I was off injured but its coming back fast...really happy with this today.

Cocopuffs said...

As rx'd 9:36

All Deadlifts unbroken
First time doing double unders ever; were all broken up in singles and doubles. Should have added some weight to the deadlift to compensate for the long rests between sets. My toes are in so much pain from getting whipped with the ropes.

Anyone got any tips on a training regimen for double unders?

Marcus Filly said...


rx 3:31 - unbroken on all sets

Picked up an Airdyne with Norcal Chris yesterday. Looks like he already got on there to give it a spin today. Nervous to go and break it in myself. But excited to be bringing new toys into the training room.

DAVE X said...


Do them daily during warmups or afterwards.

Mike McNaughton said...


A little too slow and deliberate on the DLs. DUs were better but still need improvement. Glad I've still got about 8 months to get better...

Cocopuffs said...

Thanks Dave! I spent less than 2 minutes doing the deadlifts today and about 8 minutes whipping my toes with the rope.. That's pretty much the answer I was expecting but hoping it would be some kind of magic fix program like "10 days to better double unders". But I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't willing to work my ass off so here we go, I'll keep you guys updated on my progress.

Brian said...

July 22 WOD:

for time:
15 snatch - 135#/95#
15 HSPU - hands elevated 2" off ground
15 L Pull ups
15 HSPU - hands elevated 2" off ground
15 snatch - 135#/95#



Notes: @ 135#, HSPU with hands on 25# bumpers. About half of snatches were power and the rest full. HSPU were limiting factor. ABS still sore and made strict L pullups a little tough.

Sean Cummings said...


DL: Unbroken through 2 rds, then 16-5 on 3rd.

DU's: Broken 3 or 4 times in first two rds, 2 times on 3rd rd

Arjuna Smith said...

Out of shape, DUs sucked

Sam said...

4:13 (187#)

All unbroken, except second set of double unders, which broke at 25.

Felt mentally sluggish on the double unders

Thanks James!

Greg said...

Missed the WOD today due to work - was supposed to be WB/HPC/KBS. Since I will miss one of the triplet, which would you recommend skipping? Thx

time to google nordic raise.... ;)

Brent Maier said...


Time: 3:57

Few step ups but got to 47 on the last round. Brain was saying stop around 25. No warmup today, boy has baseball game.

Paul Klein said...

Time = 4:49

Check out this tutorial from again faster

Adam Rogers said...


One miss on the first set of double unders, other than that all unbroken.

Feet are very sore, must have been getting pulled forward on my toes on the deads, or maybe just the combination of the two movements.

Alex Duncan said...


Very happy with this today. I screwed up double unders during Regionals and got a ton of redemption today despite being bagged from the deadlifts. 2nd two sets were unbroken.

Every day seeing results thanks to Coach and his programming despite my constantly changing military life.


Collin R. West said...

First post here, training out of CFDC down in Texas:

I just figured out how to string triple unders together yesterday so I tried this with-
3 rounds of 21 DL and 34 TUs.

It was a bit messy but I made it through in 14:04.
Mostly sets of 5-8 triple unders. Very time consuming.


BK said...

DL ub
DU 1st round ub, 2nd misses- 3 and 9
3rd missed - 16

Noah said...


Rd 1 - unbroken
Rd 2 - 14,7 / 45,5
Rd 3 - 7,7,7 / just get it done

Have to say that this first week of following the big dawg blog has me as sore as my first week of crossfit...and I love it.

Thanks James.

Cocopuffs said...

Thanks for the Vid it's much appreciated! I just did the Main site's WOD and pr'd hard. I gotta thank the programming here it's really working!

Check it out, if you guys could gimme some tips/comments/etc.. on my form that would be really appreciated.. I muscled through most of them it looks like...

Thad said...

July 28 workout this morning
A1. 135, 145, 155, 155, 155
A2. 15,12,10,10,8
Ring dips
Subbed Harop Curls
100GHD situps 5:05

Kept weights on A1 fairly light shoulder was a little sore

PM workout

21 Deadlift
50 DU's 5:06

matt said...

6:42 very disapointing
1st round was slightly over a minute felt great and then grip and forearms were shot.
DL: UB, 11/10, 7,7,7
DBL und were all broken. Need to focus more on DBL unders especially when fatigued.

PRM said...

5:42 as rx'd
First round unbroken

k.jones said...

7/28/2010 wod

A1. 185/195/205/215/220(f)2pp/1pj

A2. 17/16/15/13/14

dips/gh raises with 20 lbs. vest.

100 ghsu 4:01

Pfeifdog said...

Time: 6:29

DL: 21,14/7,14/7

DU: broken,broken,unbroken

Felt good today after i warmed up, kept on catching the rope on stuff in the garage for set 1 and 2 on the DU.

Eric Montgomery said...

Notes: Rope broke after 18 DUs on the third round so had to sub max bounding vertical jumps for the last 32, which means time isn't too accurate. First set of DLs was unbroken, then went 13-8 on second and third rounds. Had trouble stringing more than about 15 DUs together.

derb said...


7/27 WOD

HSPU on dumbbells and sets of three

Metcon: 2:42/3:21/4:17/4:31/4:28(this really crushed me)

Steve Howell said...

3:04 rx'd

* all dead lifts unbroken felt light and fast.
* double unders unbroken in 1 and 3 second rnd went 5/45.
* my calves have been on fire since the burpee/ run W.O.D looking forward to tomorrows rest.

Lars said...

MetCon: 3:38 - All UB

Felt quick today, deads were easy and smooth, and DU's were good to. Took a few breaths b/t movements and kept moving.

Lisa M said...


I hear you I have no idea what has happened to all the women??? I am on "leave" doing some specific oly lifting training as it is a severe weakness of mine but i will be back in September and will hit the odd WOD here and there from now until then. Although it makes it really hard if there aren't other women to compare to so not sure what will happen come September...

Anywhoo hit todays WOD as i woke up with a tweaked shoulder and definitely cannot do any overhead movements - so no oly lifting today


gassed a little on the DLs as i haven't been doing much metcon work all DUs UB which was good since i haven't touched my rope since regionals!!!

Lisa M said...

oh yeah did 50 GHD's UB then pulled pin as my low back was screaming and I don't want my abs to be killing me for three days - trying to be smart for a change


Mike Molloy said...

Back at it after my first illness since sectionals.

As Rx'd: 5:15

Craig said...

A1. 165/175/185/195/195
A2. 10/9/9/8/8/8
100 ghd's for time
4:39. Pr.

dh said...

Time: 8:04

Double unders really hurt the score. All deadlifts were unbroken. Definitely need to do more in the warmups to improve.

Alex said...

@Lisa and Irongirl

Despite your injuries I have lots of catching up to do LOL! ;D

I'm 35/ 137lbs 5'7 and started CrossFit about 10 months ago..before then I was a competitive paddler (so many imbalances and shoulder injuries), cardio junkie, triathlete, and had never really done a heavy squat= upper body very strong lower body...uhh not so much.
anyhow I'll be looking for your posts :)

Krazy said...


DL- UB; 11-10; 11-5-5

DU- 2; UB; 100000

Was on pace for sub four but the last set of 50 took me a little over a minute. It was one of those situations where I missed once or twice and got a little pissed and missed again and got more pissed then it just went down hill from there. Definitely need to learn how to step back and regroup better.

Then 10 minutes of pistol work
-got much better the more I practiced
Then 10 minutes of HS Walks
-still working on getting >5ft
Then 10 ab work
-skin the cat
20 min foam roll session (PAIN!!)

Man I was hating DUs today.

Stephen B. said...

Spent the entire packing a uhaul for my move out east, so I'll have to hit this wod up tomorrow before I start drivin...looks awesome!

Adam Rogers said...

Steve Howell, holy hell, that is an amazing time!

Nice stuff man.

├╝ber Bania said...

Metcon: 6:25
Was definitely dragging this morning, should get to bed earlier and get up earlier to get some food in me before I work out.

Did 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of a barbell complex, box jumps, and HSPU afterwards to fill in the time, mostly just form work, nice and slow (like a half hour slow).

Most painful part of today was getting delayed 4 1/2 hours in Charlotte trying to fly to Milwaukee :(

Julian Cruz said...

Yesterdays workout:

100 sit ups- 4:46

Going to be doing an olift program for awhile to get my numbers up because they are a huge weakness . Ill still be trying to hit most of the met-cons.

Kyle F said...

As Rx'd 5:04

unbroken until last set of DU's. Missed twice.

Great job everybody. Some really impressive times out there.

Anonymous said...


25*4 incline pushups
14*4 (7 each leg) pistols

Wod- 5:06

Best d.u's I have ever performed. 1st set of d.l's unbroken and 1st set of double unders broken once. Third set of d.u's I couldn't get a good rhythm. Weak mind also played a role today.

For other athletes out there, what is a good speed rope to buy? I have a cheap 5$ one from the local sporting goods store.

I have been looking at the speed rope from Rogue or Buddy Lee?

Ben Priestley said...


Hooray for a short wod today!

Broke up DL, Rd 1 and 3 unbroken DU.

Brandon said...

Dang...just when I thought I'm getting better at DUs!

7:22 - first and third rounds were fine. Second missed at least 4 times.

Heavy Evy said...

4:50 by the time i got back to the stopwatch. Happy with the dl's, that last set of du's took me forever to get the first one. Dl's UB till the last set, was broke twice. All Du's were terrible broken due to being an uncordinated DB(DB doesn't stand for dumbell)

Went head to head with the base's favorite MP Conner, have to bust his chops for not posting.

Mack Lar said...

3:57 1 trip on 3rd rd of DU's
First true metcon in several months. I missed that feeling of impending doom right before starting the stopwatch.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

subbed 155#.


Geoff said...

Did this workout yesterday afternoon - subbed tuck jumps for DUs to keep workout going.

Time: 9:31

worked on DUs afterwards

Siu said...

Hi ladies! (and Gents)

I've been following OPT since January '10 in prep for Sectionals and Regionals under the watchful eye of Stephen Flamm at Crossfit Nasti. I read Alex and Lisa's comment and thought, where have all the ladies gone? Then I thought, hmmm...maybe they're OPTing and not posting like me. I post on the CFN site religiously but have always just been a stalker of the OPT site.

Well, time to change that. This wasn't my greatest showing but here we go.


Ali Loach said...

Hey Lisa... and all the other ladies,
Just thought I would post to let you know I'll be returning to the blog in September. After the games I decided to kick it old school and have some fun just doing classes at Crossfit Calgary again.....the way it all started :o)
I'll probably do the odd WOD from the blog between now and then so I'll make sure I post my numbers. better be back in September :o)

OPT said...

cocopuffs, see you in 2012 at the games, you have a raw engine that perfecting form/speed and technique will make you get what you want...
iron weights, no dropping, muscle/power snatch 135# in that time is more impressive than it looks, well done!
cody b, buy a really good fast rope and a slow shitty one, don't game the DU's, get better at them with everything, the timing is what is impt!
welcome Siu

DAVE X said...

Thanks the reminder Coach. I was gonna comment on cocopuffs clip yesterday.

First I thought that this dude has a HUGE engine. Honestly I was waiting to watch him drop those iron weights through that nice shiny hardwood floor.

Second I realized that Cocopuff is a totally inappropriate nickname for this dude. What about Coco Power or Power Puff? This guy was in straight beast mode.

Meldrum said...


Cardio is getting better, but still not where it was before i had that battle with bronchitis.

Jen Osborn said...


DL unbroken, DU messed me up...upset with time, know i can do it under 5 but im sure my busy week with family in town and lack of sleep had a lot to do with it! getting to bed EARLY 2night!

Cocopuffs said...

Just to be acknowledged by athlete's of you guys' caliber is an honor. I know that I've got a LOT of work to do on my diet, Double Unders, HSPUs and chinups (just to name a few) before I can even dream of competing with guys like you. I'll keep posting my vids to get some input from you guys if you don't mind, I work my ass off every workout I get (even if I dont have most of the equipment) and it's great to have a forum to discuss with people who do likewise. Thanks for this amazing programming!

Yelvi said...


Dillon said...