wed, july 14, 2010

A1. Dead Lift Cluster @ 11X1; x 5; rest 3 min
A2. Close Grip Bench Press @ 30X0; 3-5 x 5; rest 3 min
3 sets:
15 unbroken power clean - you choose
10 sec rest
20 clap push ups
3 min rest

30 min tech work:
- Squat Snatch touch and go
- muscle ups unbroken
- high box jumps unbroken
- HSPU - speed, not reps
- wall balls/DU's
(keep speed and intensity high, volume low)

end of the road for 2010 crew, thx for hanging in there
only one workout posted for a while so we can all hang together again
2011 - single on Thursday, singles on weekend - some tests


Brandon said...

James -
Thanks so much for all of your work planning different cycles for everyone (sectionals, regionals, games). That was extra and far beyond what anyone would expect you to do. I know that many would agree that we are incredibly thankful and grateful for you. Best of luck to you specifically, and to Joey, DJ, Mike and all the affiliate people competing this weekend. We will be cheering everyone on whether we are there in person or are far away.

kat. said...

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

DAVE X said...

A1. 295/315/335/345/--
---> Took a 10 sec breather between pulls. Din;t do last set as I was trying to conserve time with my daughter waking up.
A2. 165x5/185x5/205x5/225x3/--

Power Cleans @115#
Total: 4:49

Tear it up this weekend Dawgs.

Roch said...

James, Mike, DJ and all the other dawgs that will go to The Games this weekend.

Enjoy what you like to do the most glorious friends!!
Have a Blast down ther.
Good job on the journey!

Soren said...

Enjoy the weekend to everyone

A1: 120,140,145,150,150kg the first time i have deadlifted anything above 110 in 9 months, so impressed with that!

A2: 70,80,80,85,85kg

3 x 60kg
3 x 10+5+5 Clapping ´push up


LuLu said...

Yeay Big Dawgs!!!!
Give it everything you've got down there and have FUN.
we will be watching you all on the Big Screen at the garage and screaming loud.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Meldrum said...
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Meldrum said...


Dealifts: 185,205,225,245,255
Bench press: 165, 185,195,205,200

power cleans @ 115: UB,10/5,10/5
Clap push ups: 10/5/5,7/7/6,9/6/5

Good Luck to all the Dawgs competing this weekend!!! Have a great time.

PTS said...

A1. 295,325,345,365,375

A2. 175,185, 200(4), 200(3), 200(3)

1st set: 115lbs 1:06
2nd set: 135lbs 1:10
3rd set: 135lbs 1:55 had to break pushups in this set.

I'm looking forward to the tests this weekend.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1. 405, 410x4, 410, 415x3, 415x2
A2. 245, 255, 260, 265, 275x2
B1. 205(F), 185x3
B2. 20, 17/3, 12/4/2/2

Long warm-up. Purposely started heavier than I normally would and tried to hold on.

Anonymous said...

Hey what is a deadlift cluster?


Spider said...


Took it as an extra rest day. Thanks for everything Coach and crew. See you in Carson!

brian cilento said...

get some dawgs...

a1. 225, 245, 265, 275, 295
a2. 185, 205, 215x3, 215x3, 215x2 (no spot or would of went for 3)

135, 135, 135 (broke @ 10)
20 ub, 15/5, 10/5/5

last night did cfe wod, forgot shoes so ran barefoot on treadmill, was actually pretty good

sheacraig said...

Hey everyone. Just started doing the OPT workouts after moving away from my affiliate (Ute Crossfit in SLC). Just one question so far: does James program in rest days like the mainsite, or do you just do those on your own? Also, if so, is he shooting for a 3 on, 1 off or something else?


Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...

45 min after today's wod:
trap 3: 20/handx10, 22x9, 25x7

Eat 'em up big dogs. we'll be watching and cheering you on.

Chelsea said...

Wanted to say good luck to all of the Dawgs this weekend. Lauren, Shelley, DJ, Mike and James go kick some ass in the individual competitions!!! Good luck in the Affiliate Competitions Team OPT and Team CFC, we are all proud of you.

Brandon said...

A1. 365/385/395(f-4)/395(f-4)/365
A2. 275/285/285/295(f-2)/275


First deadlift day after hurting back. Focused on perfect movement.

B-Rad said...

2010 Tech morning

SO STOKED for the affiliate cup I can't even think straight but I would be missing something if I didn't say a quick thanks to OPT.

I am relatively new to this and am sporadic at best when it comes to posting but I have been following closely and feel stonger, healthier and just flat out better than I ever have in my life. You have helped me and helped our team be as ready as we can be for the games and your efforts are appreciated more than you know.

Sincerely, THANK YOU!


Marshall said...

Good luck James, DJ and everyone else competing this weekend. Kick it in the ass!

A1. 225,275,295,295,295
A2. 225 for all reps went 5,5,5,4,3

135 for the PC's felt light for the first 5-10 reps then my legs were thrashed. PU's felt better on rounds 2 and 3.

mhamilton said...

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! Kick some ass.

Brandon, I totally agree with you. Huge respect and thanks to OPT for taking the time on this site. Great program.

Eric C said...

Have a blast and kick some butt! Big thanks for all the programming work you do here - it's awesome. Look forward to learning more from you in September seminar.

A1: 225,245,255,285,290
- 5 sec rest between reps
A2: 115,125,135,140(3),140(3)

PC @ 95# (wanted to move fast!)
PU - 10+10,10+5+5,10+5+5
1: 1:22 PU - 10+10
2: 1:30 10+5+5
3: 1:28 10+5+5

Brandon said...

@sheacraig -
Rest days are planned. This week we are on T/W/Th with rest days M/F. James is good about posting a schedule for the next few days, so just stay with what is posted. Some people follow a day or two behind, but post their results on the current day. Hope this helps.

@anon -
A deadlift cluster is 1 rep, rest 10s, 1 rep, rest 10s, etc. for the prescribed number. Today you do 1, rest 10s, 1, rest 10s, 1 rest 10s, 1, rest 10s and 1 - all at the same weight - and then rest for 3 mins before doing CGBP. Change the weight as needed for each 5 rep cluster.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, most appreciated.

Rainer Hartmann said...

A1: 225/245/275/295/305
A2: 115/125/135x5, 140x4, 145x3

Power Cleans: 115x15UBK
Clap Ps-ups: 15/5, 13/7, 10/5/5
1:38, 1:50, 1:54, total: 5:22

Poly said...

did 2 sets of dl 365 & 375, wasn't feeling it.
Did yesterdays sprints, kept some in tank because of football tonight, assuming the captain let's me play while on duty.
Off to kelowna tomorrow for a week. Active recovery, jog sprint, swim, etc.

Big Dawgs, cut a wide swath this weekend. Let's take the whole damn podium. Let the world know who we are.

Mike Molloy said...

Give 'em hell Big Dawgs!

A1: 315-335-355-375-395
A2: 185x3x5

Power clean/clap push ups:

125 for 3 sets.
Push Ups went- UB-(15-3-2)-(10-3-3-1...)

Alex said...

Good luck to all competing this weeked! Woot!

I must say I am exhausted, I have been up at 430am every morning for the past 3 weeks training clients, teaching classes, squeezing in my training at every opportunity, and getting organised; that I think I need to relax a bit. Was unable to complete the workout due to time contraints an general feeling of being tired and achy.
Going away for a long weekend buy the sea...should do wonders!


A1 185-185-180-180-DNF
A2 5@95- 5@95- 5@95- 5@100- DNF

B1 65 UB- DNF (no time!)
B2 20 Clapping Push ups BK

--> Had to riun and teach a spinning class so add 1 hour of that. :-S


Melissa said...

Thank you Coach!!!

Your programming and the Big Dawg community are amazing.

The Crossfit Performance team is eager to get to Cali and represent the Big Dawgs in the Affiliate contest.

Best of luck to all the Dawgs competing this weekend. See you in Cali!


Andy said...

A1. 315/315/325/325/315
A2. 185/205(4)/195/195(4)/185(4)

I haven't done Dead lifts in a while so started moderately heavy and that was the ceiling for 5 reps.

1 set 2 set 3 set
135# UB 11/4 11/4
10/4/2/2/2 8/4/3/3/2 7/3/3/3/2/2
1.57 2.43 2.40

I felt like a dying fish during the clapping push ups.

jay rhodes said...

A1. Dead Lift Cluster @ 11X1; x 5; rest 3 min
Cluster = 5 x 1 rep with short rest

275 - 295 - 315 - 325 - 335

A2. Close Grip Bench Press @ 30X0; 3-5 x 5; rest 3 min
9" between index fingers

185 x 5
195 x 5
205 x 5
215 x 3
220 x 2,f + 1 extra negative

3 sets:
15 unbroken power clean <-- Read Hang Power Cleans
10 sec rest
20 clap push ups
3 min rest <-- I READ THIS AS 20 sec REST= PURE HELL!!

PC 135 x 15 UB - 20 UB
PC 135 x 15 UB - 10-5-5
PC 135 x 13-2 - 5-5-5-3-2

Wow I screwed up on reading the second part.
3 min rest would have been nice....20 sec SUCKED!!
Got video to document the pain :)

Michael said...

First of all Good Luck to you this weekend! you are a great inspiration to the community.

I followed your program and it got me too regionals so thanks a ton for that.

I've been following a squat program since then to work on some specifics and I want to pick back up with your training this weekend.

Question for OPT or anyone else..
Should I start with July 3rds wod's when you started this cycle or just pick up this weekend with the testing?

Thanks in advance

Lisa M said...

Sheacraig - welcome and yes coach programs rest days usually Mon and Friday are rest days but the schedule has been very wonky for the past several months due to everybody competing at different times.

God Damn it I am soooo excited for this weekend and so jealous of everyone that is going - Leave it all out there Dawgs you know you James has prepared you better than anyone out there so go give em hell - oooooooouuuuuuuuu.

I for one cannot wait for there to be ONE training post!!!!

Lars said...


A1. 315 x 5 sets - back felt off today
A2. 225x4,235x4,245x4,255x3,265x3

3 rds with 135lb power cleans

Rd 1 1:38
Rd 2 1:48
Rd 3 1:56

Deadlifts felt better with each set, but took it easy to be safe. Bench press felt pretty strong. I liked the 3 rds of Power cleans and push ups, grip was getting weak by the end.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Snatch - 89(5), 111(5), 121(4), 131(3)
MU's - 7 unbroken
BJ's to 30" - 10 x 3 set
HSPU - 10 x 2
WB/DU's - 10/20 x 2

Feel good today

Alex Duncan said...

A1. 320,325,330,305,300
Started too heavy

A2. 170,175,180,185,185(3) No spotter so had to go light unfortunately, definitely felt the tabata from yesterday

Couplet all with #115
1. PC and PUs all UB
2. Same
3. Pushups 10/5/5

Joel B. said...


A1: 235, 245, 265, 285, 300
A2: 145, 155, 165X5, 180X3X2

3 sets:
95 --too easy

105 --better
10, 6, 4

115 --pretty darn hard, so just right
10, 6, 4

A year ago today I started doing Big Dawgs training. My 1rm DL was around 300, which I finished today's cluster at. When you consider I wasn't able to follow from Jan-through mid May or even lift weights period during that time, I am very happy. Thanks James for the awesome programming. Also, thanks to all the Dawgs for the inspiration and setting the bar high...something for me to aim high at!

I got my Nutrition series today. Very quick delivery! Heading to the cabin tomorrow through Sunday, so not sure what training I'll be doing.

Tear up the Games, Dawgs! WOOF!

ROBO said...

A1: 360 for all
A2: 225 for all

met con picked 135 for weight could have gone much much heavier.

Julian Cruz said...


Good luck to all big dawgs competing this weekend!

Paul Klein said...

Best of luck to everyone this weekend. You did all the homework, now it's time to turn it in.


A1. 315 / 320 / 320 / 320 / 320
A2. 205 / 215 / 220x4 / 220x4 / 220x4
I think I had 5 reps in me but no spotter so I didn't want to find out.

Part 2:
155 / 140 / 135

Chad Walding said...

First of luck to all who are competing this weekend. It's been an honor to do these workouts with you and you've given me something to strive for. You've worked so hard and you will do it up! What a wonderful opportunity you have coming!

James, your programming is absolute genious. I can't thank you enough! I love these freaking workouts and I've never felt better!

and then....



A1. 315/325/325/325/325
A2. 185/195/205(3)/205(3)/205(2)
PC: 135x3 all UB
PU's: all broken b/t 10-15

-I got horrible sleep last night and probably should not have worked out. Tried to keep things light and just move.

-A warning to the married not let your spouse bring up serious issues once the lights are out....damn...messed up my wensdy all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday July 13th 2010

Hill Sprints as Rx'd
Tabata low scores were both 8. I started in the 20's both times and then died hard. I wanted to gas out though rather than pace myself. Back on board after some time away. Good luck this weekend to all of the Big dawgs.

Eric Montgomery said...

A1. 365, 375, 385, 395. Cut to 4 rds because 395 smoked me. 10s rests aside from reps 4 and 5 at 395, had to take about 15s there.
A2. 215x5, 225x5, 235x5, 245x4. Felt good, probably could've gotten 5 reps on last set but didn't have a spotter.
Part 2: 135lbs for all 3 sets. First two took about 1:26 including 10s rest. Third set was not unb, grip completely gave out and took about 2:08. All pushups unb.

Eric S said...


A1. 315, 315, 315, 325, 325
A2. 135, 145, 155, 165, 170 x5

1:38 (115), 1:27 (115), 1:44 (135)

Good luck to all the Dawgs that are competing this weekend!

Adam Rogers said...

A1 - 255,285,305,325,345
A2 - 185,205,215,220,225(4)

Subbed KBS for Power Cleans as we ran out of weight plates in the garage gym.

15swingsx3 unbroken
Clap pushups - 20,10/5/5,10/5/5

Trevor Salmon said...

Good luck to all the dawgs out there competing this weekend!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Everyone competing this weekend, crush them dawgs, we will be thinking of you.

NorCal Chris said...

Good luck to all you guys headed the games!


A1. 225,235,245,255,255
A2. 135,145,145,156,166

Metcon 95 UB + knee clapping PUs to protect shoulder

dh said...

To all the dawgs going to the games - best of luck. I was looking on crossfit pori and saw the big dawg mantra posted on there - keep it real. We're cheering from afar.


A1. 385 / 405 / 405 / 415 / 425
A2. 195x5 / 205x5 / 215x5 / 225x4 / 235x2

close grip is getting stronger compared to last time we did it

Part 2:
175 then 12/5/3
185 then 10/6/4
185 then 10/6/4

mhamilton said...


A1. 255,275,295,315x2+295x3,295x3
A2. 135,165,175,185,185
20x3 BK

Misjudged the DL weight and had to drop back. Everything felt pretty good. Although the clapping PUs were quite broken up after the first set. Was grunting and banging the weights around in the middle of a yoga class tonight which was interesting.

Mike McNaughton said...

Good luck to all the Dawgs this weekend!

A1. 275,295,315,335,345
A2. 185,195,195,205(3),205(3)

PC: 155,155,155
PU: 10-4-3-3,5s,5s

Scott Hoadley said...

A1. 235/255/275/285/285


Power Cleans @ 95#
1:05 UB
0:56 UB
1:14 15+3+2

Should have gone heavier. But felt good. Great WODS.
Good luck to everyone going to the games.

b-mac said...

....wanna give a huge thanks to OPT for the brilliant programming, to Tania and all the CrossFit Winnipeg peeps, and all the BIg Dawgs on here...this has been awesome!
...super stoked to be in the Affiliate Cup this weekend, and to watch the individuals kill it. Good luck to all the Dawgs who'll be in cali, say hi if ya see me, I'm usually all Skins n' scarfs, but I reckon it'll be too hot for that this weekend.

Let's kill it, yo!

Sean Cummings said...


A1. 275, 295, 315, 335, 345
A2. 185, 195, 205, 215, 225x4

Part 2

Power Clean: All sets at 135 and unbroken

Clap PU's: 20, 15, 15

Brent Maier said...


A1 DL Clust: 315/345/365/395/425#
A2 CGBench: 165/185/215/235/255# (1)

Power Cleans: 135/145/155# - All unb. Last round was brutal.
CPushups: Very broken and difficult in the last round.


This workout wasn't one of my favorites. Packing tonight and we're off to LA tomorrow. See everyone there. I'll probably get the morning workout in before we go.

Steve Howell said...


A1: 315/325/335/359/369
A2: 176/186/199/209/214
PC: Used 140# all sets unbroken.
Claping push ups: all sets unbroken

15 minutes rest

Yesterdays sprints

Runs with #20 vest: Distance was about 150-190m
Tababta push ups: 22/18/13/12/11/10/9/9 = low score 9

* Off to edmonton tomorrow and flying out friday morning to LA can't wait to be there to cheer on all the DAWGS!!!!

joey warren said...

Sq snatch- 95x8/115x5/135x2
MUs- 8UB, 10 sec rest, 4 UB
BJs- 24"x15/30"x10
HSPU- 8 fast/4/4/ practiced on rings
DUS/wall ball- 20/10x3

Ready to go!

Mizar said...

Lauren, Shelley, DJ, Mike and James; good luck this weekend!

... remember, no regrets...

Stephen B. said...

Yeaaahhhh Dawgs...this is it! Good luck and have a blast competing this weekend!



10-15 min rest

PC:135/145/135...all UB
CPU: 10/10, 10/5/5, 10/2/3

**from the get-go, sets felt much heavier than expected

Kyle F said...

Good luck to everybody. I know that the dawgs will be some of the best prepared athletes there... thanks to OPT.

Anonymous said...

hello, i visited~~感謝大大分享..!..................................................................

Erik Luber said...

A1. 80 kg, 90, 100, 110, 130
A2. 50 kg, 55, 60, 65(3), 65(3)
@ 40 kg

Started Big Dawgs almost a year ago, deadlift PR was 130 kg back then. Finished cluster with 130 today, so fell pretty good about that. Cleans were really challenging. Had to break up the PUs a lot and take sufficient rest, form would break down too badly otherwise.

k. jones said...


A1. 345/355/360/365/370.

A2. 225(5)/235(5)/245(5)/250(4)/255(3)

B. 135 for the weight on the clean should have gone heavier. RD1. 1:24 RD2 1:08 RD3 1:05. Paced myself first round to get cleans all unbroken. Realized I should have gone heavier and faster. GOODLUCK TO EVERYONE THIS WEEKEND

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


A1) 225, 245, 255, 265, 275
A2) 155x5, 165x5, 175x5, 185x3, 185x3

B)1:06, 1:13, 1:17

Dustin said...

A1. 315, 315, 335, 335, 315. This was very hard for me. I had back surgery and my dead lift doesn't ever seem to get any better - might be a confidence thing.
A2. 225 -5, 225-5, 225-5, 225-4, 225-5.
3 sets:
135lbs 2 sets UB. 3rd set 11+4.
Clapping PU -1 set 20 UB. Sets 2&3 Broken.

r Gaines said...


A1. 95 135, 185, 225, 275*
A2. 135, 155, 175, 185(4), 186(4)
1.135 unb
2.155* unb
3. 175* (9-6)
1,2&3.Push ups very broken

*first pulls from the ground (over 135#) with no pain in 5weeks.

Brian said...

Completed July 7 Wod for 2011

No monitor on rower ---

Rowed 3:40 at 95%

4 sets with 5 min rest btwn

Pretty tough, worked on trying to keep rate down and stronger pull.

BK said...

snatches 3x3 @75
Wall ball 2x10,1x15
DU 3x20
In Long Beach now after solid flIght.
The foundation for the weekend ahead has been laid through 7 months of intense conditioning building to a crescendo.... we know we have done the work, we are ready.
All the very best to the the Dawgs this weekend, cheering for ya....

Heavy Evy said...

Steve H. if you need some Edmontonian hospitality and want to get tommorows training in, send me an email

A1. 328,328,333,353,373
A2. 176,186,191,191pr,207(4)no spot crap.

Felt gooood!


PC: 153#
PU: ub,ub,bababroken!
Times with 10s: 1:01,1:05,2:20

Tough 3rd set.

Can't wait to watch all the dawgs this weekend! Good luck everyone.

Heavy Evy said...

Whoops wrong email.

Thad said...


Good luck to all Dawgs competing this weekend!

A1.315, 3/315, 295, 295, 300
started too heavy
A2. 145, 155, 165, 4/170, 3/170

Power cleans 125, 130, 130
Clap push ups UB, 12/6/2, 8/really broken

Mack Lar said...

A1. 315/325/335/335x4/335x1,315x4 I know dropping weight was not ideal but the only way the last cluster was going to happen.
A2. Subbed bench press 5,4,3,2,1 195/210/225/240/245

Couplet subbed front squats for PC's
FS 155 for all sets
Clapping pushups UB/UB/8-4-8

Michelle said...

James, Michael, DJ, Joey, Lauren, and Shelly, Team OPT, and Team of luck to all of you and all other Big Dawgs competing this weekend!!!!!!

Dom said...

A1. 315,315,335,355,375
A2. 225x5
B1. 135x3

Dom said...

A1. 315,315,335,355,375
A2. 225x5
B1. 135x3

Jason Noel Crossfit Optimum Performance said...

GOOD LUCK JAMES, DJ, MICHAEL and JOEY and all other big dawgs competing this weekend!

This is gonna be epic!

rodeo said...

GOOD LUCK ALL YOU BID DAWG"S this weekend. Stay focused and remember to "breath".....

Thanks Coach for your daily effort, your appreciation for the details and your ability to help us get better through your programing. I'm getting ready for the games in '11. see you all there! Rodeo

Melisa C said...


A1. 205/215/225/235/240* felt SO heavy, while my 1RM is 280. WTF??
A2. 85/90/95/105/110 *didn't realize I was using a 35#, meant to start at 100#.

Part 2

100# HPC UB(no bumpers where I was)
Clap Pushups all sets of 5, took about 10-15sec rest btwn each set.

Geoff said...

Did this yesterday (2011):
A1 with 10 seconds between reps: 255, 255, 260, 260, 260 - disappointing, heavy
A2: 150x5, 160x5, 165x5, 170x5, 175x4 - fight to prevent elbows from swinging out on heavier weights

Unbroken PC: 105, 105, 110
Push-ups: 20, 20, 15+5 - tried to press fast in place of clapping

Angelo Fosco said...

Decided to try deadlifts even tho sprains not completely healed.

A1. 225, 275, 325, 325, 225
Felt better than expected!
A2. 205(5), 225(5), 235(3), 235(3), 235(2)

Cleans @ 135, 140, 145
Push ups: UB, 15/5, 15/5

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

A1: 225, 235, 245, 255, 265
A2: 145, 150, 155, 160, 3x165

1: 95 lbs, 2:13
2: 95 lbs, 2:05
3: 95 lbs, 2:55

Greg said...
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