tues, july 27, 2010

2nd recommended piece of equipment over time - Schwinn AirDyne bike (@ OPT its called Satans tricycle)...this one will be a bit tricky but invade any seniors complex and you'll find it sitting there with dust...I'll ask others on here to comment about where they got theirs. We have been through 2, both were $100-150 CAN - through e-bay and kijiji in Canada, craigslist??...not sure in US and abroad. This piece of metal is POTENT, ask anyone. Try to get 300 cals in 10 minutes on this one, I dare ya.

10 min HSPU practice (alone, rings, E-ROM..)
5 sets @ full effort:
25 unbroken wall balls - 20#/12# to 10 ft
20 hang power clean - 105#/80#
15 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
Rest 2:30 b/t sets EXACTLY

post total working time ONLY to comments


Stephen Flamm said...

We picked up ours on craigslist, and there are always several available without much demand. Most people in the US should be able to pick one up for under $250.

jay rhodes said...

James, and any other dawgs willing to help.

My back is still all fired up from the max DL attempt last Wednesday. Its that feeling where its all tightened up and a little unstable in the lumbar/sacral area. Short little pains on random every movements.

Any recommendations?

Adam Rogers said...

Just placed a bid for one on ebay, pick up is about 2 hours away in Indianapolis but am the only bidder at $99 dollars so far...until someone on here outbids me.

Big brother just moved back into town and brought a big tire with him, looking forward to throwing it around.

Stephen, good to see you back posting again buddy, saw those new stats after your lifting cycle. Beastly!

Brian said...

July 20th wod (completed on Monday the 26th)

10 min - muscle up skill work
5 sets @ high effort:
15 burpees
20 unbroken chin ups
25 GHD Sit ups
rest 2 min - add 30 sec to rest time b/t sets/set


Approx 15 muscle ups completed.(5 sets of 3 UB)
Practiced holding false grip while turning rings out at bottom for full extension. My weakness is there.
Metcon times: (In brutal heat)

1. 2:21
2. 3:00
3. 2:54
4. 3:01
5. 3:09

Notes: Pullups and burpees all UB, GHD's took forever, all rounds broken.

bso said...

Love my AirDyne... don't know about calories cuz the computer doesn't work, but working at perceived efforts for time can suck pretty bad. Found it in the backroom of a big fitness club. Might be worth calling around to some of the universities and other facilities which have been around for awhile... lots of AirDynes were replaced by ellipticals I suspect...

Rob Sifton said...

I put an add in the used sites in Calgary looking for one. I never heard anything about it for about 3 months, then someone just got in touch asking if I was still looking for one.
It was in Mint condition, and 18 years old. Computer is a bit old, but does the trick.

300 if I remember.

OPT said...

jay, time off heals all

Poly said...

Paul Klein:
Justin says "Fuck You"
But me and the guys from my shift thank you a ton, we got a tour of the Penske setup, it was the highlight of our weekend. I ended up working their pit, and it was pretty exciting when Helio took the lead, and crossed first, I got good video of him storming at the officials over the black flag. I'll put it up and send you a link. Hope to be able to repay you someday. Thanks.

Tommy Hackenbruck said...

OPT, I have 2 airdynes @ my gym. Love them, train on them quite often, especially when I do IWT's a la Pat O'Shea. That's a fine recommendation for your athletes, nothing sucks the life out of you quicker. BTW, I've done the "300FY" one time and will hopefully never repeat it. Spent a lot of time in a very dark place in my mind through the middle of it.

kat. said...

If there's anyone knowing how to get the Airdyne within the EU, please share it. I have just found our importer is not doing the business anymore, and have no other links.

Eric S said...

2:32 + 2:49 + 3:29 + 3:14 + 3:48 = 15:52 total work time.

Ouch. HPC were far and away the worst.

DAVE X said...

Yes! Tommy is the man! I was pulling hard for you at the games brother!

I found three airdynes in my area all for $100 and less, now it's time to find the pick of the litter.

Total: 18:13

Grip was dead during the final two sets.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Structural balance wod then 10 min rest and did 30 tire flips with jumping in and out per flip
time= 3:19
i love those kind of wods...

looking for an airdyne right now...i may just wait till Dave X buys his then steal it from him...

going to check out big ass tires at a local farm in a few hours...ill let u know what i find...

DAVE X said...

Gee... I appreciate that, Josh!

Chris Dunkin said...


Meldrum said...

HSPU felt really good today, was able to do sets of 5, which was good for me. Noticed the shoulder strength increasing.

Met con:

4:59, 5:26, 6:07 = 18:32.

Had to shut it down after 3 rounds as i had a exam this morning, but overall it felt very good.

Stahl said...

Total working time = 14:11.

Very, very tough. Grip was smoked.

Brandon said...


Paul Klein said...

I sent an email to the address in your profile.

I'm glad that you were able to meet up with the guys. The end of the race certainly did get exciting!

I used to get Justin so upset with the Wolf Mother vs. Led Zepplin comments that there were times I thought he was going to try to kill me! Classic stuff.

Jen Osborn said...

finally got the kip on the HSPU!


all wall ball's were unbroken :)

Lars said...

Quick question, is doing this plus a CF endurance WOD everyday too much??

HSPU's felt good today. Worked off of 35lb plates and keeping myself close to the wall. Did sets of 5.

Total working time 13:33.

Fastest round was 2:15, couldn't keep that pace up though. Good workout!

Bear said...

Had to sub wallballs (knee injury) and 2 pood (only have 1.5 pood). Totally cramped up and called it quits after 3 rounds. Not unexpected, haven´t been doing high reps for a while, but I kinda hoped I could go 100% straight away. Probably need to keep volume down this week.

10 PP, 50 kg
20 HPC, 50 kg
20 KBS, 24 kg

1 - 1:48 min, unbroken
2 - 2:25 min, broken
3 - 3:32 min, very broken

Alex said...

AirDyne Bike... Wow. Now THAT is a blast from the past!

HSPU Practice: since I can't do a full HSPU, I worked on ROM toes on a plyo box , pike position, hands on 2 yoga blocks, going down slowly pausing before head touched the floor...had to get onto knees to push back up at times.

1) 3:36
2) 3:40
3) 4:09
4) 3:46
5) 3:43

UB WBs for all 5 sets, the only problem is that at the gym the heaviest med bal is 10 lbs, so I shot it higher than 10'.
Heaviest KB is 20kg... used that one.

Alex said...

OopS: forgot: total working time 17:14.

Martin Altemark said...

Top 5 worst metcons this year...

HSPU training: E-ROM focus - 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm (PR-ish), 32cm (PR), 36cm (PR)

Metcon: 14:26 total

Crash after first two rounds, never recovered. Ankle better. That's nice.

Sean Cummings said...

Workout was very tough, it is tough to even type right now. 2 pood KB swings felt like 8 poods.

Rd 1- 2:30
Rd 2- 3:32
Rd 3- 4:06
Rd 4- 5:50
Rd 5- 4:52

Joel B. said...

hspu: a few normal working on not going down so slow. then 3.5 extra ROM...these felt good so the rest of the time did 5.5" extra ROM and worked on keeping the feet touching to a minimum. this is the most extra rom I've done to this point.

metcon: 17:23

this was a real weenie shrinker. was it in response to OBD Brent's comment the other day!? something about wishing coach would be harder on us!? haha, good one!

first time with my new dynamax med balls. ghd should be here any day. picked up a big ol tire this morning. checked cl for airdynes but the cheapest in the area is 250 right now. I'll do it, but want to find a better deal if possible.

Chad Walding said...


1) 2:03
2) 2:58
3) 3:48
4) 4:44
5) 5:49

Total train wreck! Wheels completly fell off. I think the heat affected me quite a bit. I've got to get better in later rounds, this happens a lot and is pretty telling of what kind of animal I am.

Cocopuffs said...

HSPU did negatives on E-rom then slow 2-3 seconds to go up. Did 4 sets none to failure just till i felt a little trouble. 4-6 each round



Subbed 2x 20# DB thrusters for WB. Sets 4and 5 Thrusters broken at 20. HPC unbroken first 2 sets, last three broken as 12 - 8. KBS were hell after 3rd set mostly broken 8-4-3 on the last 3 sets i believe.

Filly said...

Wallball unbroken
HPC - 20, 10/5/5, 8/6/4/3, 5/5/5/5 x2
KBS - 15, 10/5, 8/7, 8/7, 5/5/5

2:25, 2:51, 3:32, 3:46, 3:48 = 16:22

Extremely tough on the grip. My arms are still fatigued from max pull ups two days ago. But i've been aggressively attacking my trouble areas around my scapula and I'm feeling relief in my shoulders already.

Eric Montgomery said...

HSPU work:
Did a set every minute on the minute for 10 mins.
10 on floor, then 2 on parallettes for each of 7 sets, then 6 on floor and 6 on floor to finish.

Had to cut it at 3 rounds. 2:43, 3:21, 4:08.

Got real hard in a hurry after that first round and grip was shot. WBs all unb; HPC broken 11-9, 11-9, 8-6-6; KBS unb, 8-7, 9-6.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Practiced some hspu on rings, couldn't get any, got to the upside down vertical bench press thing going on. Practiced some on 8 inch parallettes, got some couples.

Metcon 5 rounds. Subbed 16#wb / 95# hpc / 1.5pood kbs
fastest round 2:34
slowest round 4:25

Total Time 17:31

Greg said...


Missed yesterday due to some eye issues. Still trying two days behind, made a tactical decision to do the metcon from the 24th instead of the jerk/chin WOD since my conditioning needs more work than overhead imo.

10 Min MU practice - transition and false grip maintenance mostly.

5 sets modified to:
for time:
10 burpees
row 400m (some shin pain currently)
rest 1 min
2:00/2:19/2:35/2:39/2:33 - gee, the old guy is soooooo sloooooooow
rest 10min
2x(4x5 TTB) - 1/2 TTB, 1/2 KTE - these ate me up too. May have been better doing 4 sets of 2x5. Live and learn. More next time.

May try to get jerk/chin in tomorrow.

Marshall said...

Playing catch up today, work has been crazy lately.

Sunday's WOD
Split Jerk-225 I stopped with this, I tweaked my achilles yesterday so not feeling ready to go higher.
AMRAP CU's- 35,30,30,30,25

Today's WOD- Did regular handstand practice in between HSPU's.

Metcon sets went 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:35, 3:45= 17:05 Total working time.
No wall ball or kettlebells so I subbed 30# dumbell thrusters and 60# dumbell swings (all I can get my carni hands around to simulate KBS) I didn't expect the 105# HPC's to suck so bad!

PTS said...

Split jerk #235 PR
Chin ups 52 PR

Todays working time 15:29

DAVE X said...

Hey Coach, when are we going to need to use the Airdyne? Couple days? Couple weeks?

Andy said...

HSPU practice, worked on narrow grip. This is what cost me in my sectionals. I also worked off of my pirouettes, I couldnt get one, full range of motion. This is a definite weakness.


2 poods were owning me.

Brent Maier said...

Hey dawgs, Tony Robbins special called Breakthrough starts this evening. He is one of the greatest motivators on this earth. I'm sure he's going to have something that relates to all of us in some way. http://www.tonyrobbins.com/breakthrough/

DAVE X said...

Yes, Brent, but what is his Fran time?

Alex Duncan said...

Awesome workout!

Only had a 12lb wallball so I did them on an inverted Bosu ball. Killer balance problem for the legs.

Total working time: 16:36


Happy with the consistency. Times went down as I got comfortable with the wobbly platform.

Jay said...

total working time 20:20
felt great til rds 4 and 5

Anonymous said...

I'm just starting out and have a couple questions.

1. If you cannot complete the reps w/ the prescribed weight, is it better to drop the number of reps or the poundage? For example, today I was able to get 20 HPC w/ #95 but not all 20 with #105.

2. Chin-ups.... I have always defined a chin-up as hands facing me and a pull-up as hands facing away from me. From some of the past WOD I think OPT might have a different definition. What's up?

Thanks for the great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm just starting out and have a couple questions.

1. If you cannot complete the reps w/ the prescribed weight, is it better to drop the number of reps or the poundage? For example, for today I was able to get 20 HPC w/ #95 but not all 20 with #105.

2. Chin-ups.... I have always defined a chin-up as hands facing me and a pull-up as hands facing away from me. From some of the past WOD I think OPT might have a different definition. What's up?

Thanks for the great job!

Mike McNaughton said...

HSPU work: Got first ring hspu. Also mixed in some handstand walking to wall, dock, and do 5 or so hspu.

Metcon: 14:53

Steve Howell said...

HSPU; worked on the rings. 4 sets of 2-3 those are hard as hell!
Times: 1:58/2:06/2:09/2:12/2:11
Total working time = 10:36

* All sets of wall ball were unbroken, only really felt the last couple reps on sets 5.
* Broke sets 1,3,4 on HPC went 15/5.
* All sets of KBS unbroken, sets 4 and 5 were hard to hang on to.

irongirl said...


that was tough....total working time 18:40

Arjuna Smith said...

first day back from a 10 week Oly cycle. Equalls bad news

10 min hspu work. 3 reps on the min every min from 10lb plate, 15lb plate, than parallettes. pause at the bottom.

Only did 3 sets: gonna cut volume down a tad for the next week or 2
3.4 something

absolutely horrible. My endurance is crap right now.
Can't wait for tommorrow.

Eric Montgomery said...


1. The HPCs didn't have to be unbroken and I'd imagine very few people were able to do them without putting the bar down. If you could do 20 at 95lbs you could definitely do 20 at 105lbs, obviously it would take you a little longer. What was the sticking point for you?
2. The FAQ doesn't specify on these, but your definitions are the ones I've always used too. AFAIK you can do pullups/chinups with whatever grip you want unless OPT specifies pronated/supinated/mixed grip. From what I can tell he uses pullup/chinup pretty much interchangeably. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

ETC said...

Ahh! Found 3 tractor tires and I'm picking them up tomorrow. Also found and AirDyne for $100 - sold!

Did 10 minutes of free standing HSPU practice. I can do 1 rep but it takes a ton of energy and needs practice.
Only had 55# KB - which was plenty for me. Shut it down at 4 rounds- spent. All WB unbroken, cleans and KB broken 1/2 and 1/3's as went on.

Total time(4 sets):

Stephen B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Klein said...

Total working time: 14:42

I got my big eff'n tire. I warmed up flipping it around the yard. I am now officially the weird guy in the neighborhood.

Brent, thanks for the heads up on the Tony Robbins show. I forgot it was on until you said something.

Adam Rogers said...

Total time 15:15

Wallballs unbroken, never an issue. HPC and Kbs very hard to hang on to, started breaking both in 2nd round.

Mack Lar said...

Paul Klein, What size tire did you end up going with. I'll need to get the info on where you got yours so I can pick one up. Not stateside right now, but as soon as I am I'll be in the market for a big F'n tire.

Stephen B. said...

HSPU practice: practiced just holds and reps. I'll hit up those rings next time.

Total working time: 17:40

All wb ub...first 2 rounds ub...HPC and KBS combo was a grip smasher...awesome WOD! Love UB wallballs!

Pfeifdog said...

HSPU went well, used a abmat as a dept this time rep'ing out set of 6-7. next time going to go to the ground.

Rd 1- 2:45
Rd 2- 2:50
Rd 3- 3:30 tore callus open again on my hand
Rd 4- 3:15
Rd 5- 4:30
Total: 16:50

My hips/legs where smoked by round the end of round 4. Tough Workout!

Jason Ackerman said...

We bought an aerodyne! Can't wait to put this to use!

unit said...

3 rounds 4 time:
10 185lb power clean
10 burpees

15 ring hspu
scaled up 2 135lb hpc, 80lb db swing
2:07/ 2:23/ 2:40/ 2:48/ 2:36
all exercises unbroken all sets... took quite a few breaths bw hpc and dbs on the later sets...

10min rest

50, 40, 30, 20, 10
~10:45 (forearms smoked from the main WOD)

I think having a 'satan's tricycle' at home next 2 my 'devil's dingy' sounds like a grand idea worth pursuing...

Paul... rockin job on the hellaceous jerk pr!...

4 those with sore lower backs... rest and recover... a lingering low lumbar will last a long time...

Anonymous said...

This may have been the worst thing I have ever encountered. It is with hesitation and embarrassment that post this. Scaled to 3 rounds...


Anonymous said...

And my wallballs were quite broken... Ugh

Bin said...

total working time 16:55

I have an airdyne at my gym and have been a big fan of them since I was introduced by Mark Twight. The "300FY" workout is brutal, but should be done by everyone at least once...

r Gaines said...

HSPU: needs work

Metcon: 16:48

-wallball unb
- hpc: unb 1&2. Hands are killing me but my mind made me drop. Will work on this.
-kbs: unb on 1 ,2 and 5

dh said...

Been gone for a little bit celebrating the newest addition to the big dawg family (technically she's a newborn pup). Took some time off as my wife had our first child last Wednesday. Thought I would post some pics - I'm definitely a proud poppa.

Kinley Grace:

Getting back in it felt good (although lacking a little in the sleep department):
Total working time: 11:59

By the way, I've been posting a couple of weeks and really appreciate this community. Paul Klein hooked me on the programming and community aspect. I owe you buddy. Thank you James for all you do. I still can't believe this is free information. Let me officially introduce myself.

David Hood from Charlotte, NC

Brent Maier said...


Ring HSPU: 15 total - Humbling. Wow!
1) 2:04
2) 2:06
3) 2:42
4) 3:11
5) 3;56
Total: 14:05

We should call this one "wrecked".

Craig said...

I don't know if it's the heat ( 80* here in Sitka, ak) or just getting back into the routine but this was a tough one.
first two rounds unbroken. had to break it up after that.

don't really know if I can get and AirDyne. It would cost me an arm and a leg to ship it to Ak. We'll see...

Craig said...

Nice job Chris Dunkin.

Unit you're insane. You running on JP-5?

PRM said...


HSPU: Did singles with hands elevated 1", 2" and then 3" off the floor. Went better than expected.

Metcon as rx'd
3:52, 5:00, 5:12, 5:24, 6:24

Sam said...

Only three rounds

2:20, 3:35, 4:55

Conditioning suuuuuuucks

Kevin said...

One make-up post plus today's:

Sunday, 7.25.10--performed 7.26.10

SJ--265-pr--got it clean; 275-pr--would've counted at the cf comps I've been to and seen but not oly legit bc of press out

pullups--42-pr-, 31, 25, 21, 20,

Score--307 or 317

pretty pumped about 2 PRs. Previous sj from spring was 255, but got 260 the other day at the end of sets of 3. Previous pullup pr was 40. Hoped to get more, but screwed up w butterfly at the beginning.


total work time: 12:28

big ups to fellow dawg Jason Ackerman at Albany CrossFit for hosting me the last couple of days while in town for the NY bar exam. Really helped to blow off some steam and meet some normal non-lawyer folks.

Brandon said...

Catching up on a couple from last week.

Sun 7/25 (Split Jerk/Max Pull)
A. 265 (PR)
B. 37 (PR)
total: 302


Brian Maier said...

Unit...your effen insane bro!

Well Big Dawgs. Going in for surgery tomorrow AM so tonight was my final WOD for awhile. Going in for a long overdue hernia operation. It wasn't restricting my performance but I definitely had some discomfort and it seems to be getting worse. Better to get it taken care of now before it gets out of hand and ruins my chances of competing next year.

Training: Worked on ring HSPU's...that was humbling. The most I could string together was 2. Grinded out singles for 10min.

1) 1:55
2) 1:51
3) 2:12
4) 2:37
5) 2:31
Total working time: 11:06

All unbroken until last 2 rounds of KBS(8,7 and 8,7)

Noah said...

G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit!!! Holy Cow...

Did OHSx3 instead of HSPU work today...
New PR - 91kgx3

Total Working Time - 19:43 Rx'd.

Noah said...

Good Luck tomorrow Brian, looking forward to having you back posting on the blog in no time.

Dustin said...

Did Ring HSPU - Finally got the technique down. Probably did around 20 or so. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to get up. They are very challenging thats for sure.

1) 2:13
2) 2:31

I was wrecked after this. I have noticed that my grip is somewhat of a weakness.

Kyle F said...

1) 2:25
2) 2:25
3) 2:35
4) 2:45
5) 2:30

Total = 12:40

Ben Priestley said...

21:50 total time, rxd

Anonymous said...

2:37, 3:02, 3:34, 3:26, 3:31

Total working time 16:10

Benny Ahlstedt said...

No time for the hspu's

subbed the HPC with power cleans @ 50kg

total: 17,30

Heavy Evy said...

1st off Chris Dunkin you are a beast.
Now since it is late at night and I'm likely the last post, here comes my rambles.

HSPU: Went back and forth between wall and rings set about 6" off ground. Did 20 against wall,and 7 on rings. had touble getting up on rings and at one point fell over and punched my self in the face!

Metcon with 110#HPC and 75#DBS: 1:52ub, 2:12ub, DNF at DBS
Lower back seized up and I couldn't move, then had to limp to my ball game where I felt like the slowest shortstop on the planet, with dead arms, and wripped up hands......does anyone have any cheese to go with my wine? Can't wait to go to the gym tommorow though!

unit said...

Brian- gd luck tomorrow... glad ur finally getting it fixed... do u know what they r using 4 the repair?... ventralex mesh ?... take er ez after surgery bro... ur gonna need a gd 6 wks of no more than 5-10lbs...

thanx 4 the shout out Craig... what is jp-5?... and can I get some?!...

heavy... if the slowest short stop with dead arms is gonna b on the field, he prob should b the first baseman!...


Anonymous said...

Completed yesterday but couldn't post until this morning.

10 min HSPU
-Worked off of 12" boxes to get way below parallel. Did 30 HSPU's in small sets to work extension.

2:20,2:40,2:55,3:20,3:15 = 14:30

All wall balls were unbroken and felt really good. Finally started to use my hips more instead of all leg and arms. Best wall balls I have done since I started X-fit.

Hang cleans and KB sings got heavy. The 2 pood felt heavy from the beginning.

Good workout coach

Anonymous said...


I’ve been following your program (with modifications) in the background for quite some time (I’m loving it!!!) and I’m finally willing to invest in equipment. I have the opportunity to purchase either a rower or an airdyne bike. Which would you recommend? I can’t buy both unfortunately 



Dom said...

Did ring HSPU's. They felt great, but my forehead is rug burnt.


Greg said...


What is a good weight to use when subbing a weighted good morning for the GHRs? Thanks.

Dillon said...

My forearms felt like they were going to explode. This one brought me to that dark place.

3:46, 4:28, 4:53, 4:36, 4:27

Geoff said...

Did do this Tuesday 7/27 at Y

HSPU practice felt strong, but had a little trouble going upside down for long

Wall balls with 18# ball, unbroken
hang PC with 85#: ub, ub, 12+8, 8+6+6, 10+6+4
KBS with 65# DB: ub, ub, 10+5, 9+6, 6+5+4
time working: 20:36

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

WOD was a disaster! Should have "masters scaled" to 80%

Round 1: 5:20 RX'd
Round 2: 7:29 RX'd
Round 3: 9:01 sub 85 lbs, 1.5 pood

Stopped after round 3. Was completely crushed. Had I scaled from the beginning, this would have been doable. Bad planning!

Anonymous said...

where can i get one of these bikes outside of USA? more specifically in brazil?