sun, july 18, 2010

Clean and Jerk - find your 1RM

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Soren said...


Short of time, got 95 up but didn't get underneath it and wasn't a good lock out!


Martin Altemark said...

Also short on time today + underslept from cheering for you dawgs all night! Fine effort from you all, way to represent. Keep the good spirit going today DJ and Joey!

C&J: 100kg

Lars said...

Should we do a full squat clean, or can we power clean? I'm usually limited by my jerk...

Pete said...

Whats up dawgs,

Haven't posted in a while. Been focusing on heavy lifts and dealing with a new job/relocation. The mental and physical rest has been good but I'm itching to get back.

Just got my concept 2 in the mail and I'm in the process of totally outfitting my new garage. Figured what the hell, and decided to spend the cash so that I'll have everything we need. Its a big purchase but luckily I'm marrying a girl who is as crazy for this stuff as I am so she gets it.

As soon as everything comes in I'll be posting again.

Been watching the Games on-line all weekend. Big Dawgs are making us proud! I can't believe the caliber out there. Its sick.

Can't wait to start running with the pack again!

Pete S.

ETC said...

Clean and Jerk

190# - misses 195# jerk

-PR by 15#'s from 3 months ago-
Working hard on strength and power which has always been a weak area. Getting better for a 150# 35 year old guy!
Awhile back I came to this understanding for myself- I can have as much gas as I want but if I can't move the weight easier I've hit a wall and progress is stifled. CF already promoted this but until I really applied the strength bias most of the time I wasn't progressing.
I'm having fun hangin' w/ the Big Dawgs!!
You guys are kickin' butt!

Marshall said...


My first attempt at 225 was complete but ugly so I wanted to have a solid one before I tried to go up. I couldn't for the life of me get a solid clean at 225 after the first one. My PR is 235 so for some reason I had it in my that I needed to keep trying, I should have stopped an attempt or two sooner.

Lars said...

265lbs - was ugly, but felt pretty easy. Previous PR is 290, but it's been awhile.

Couldn't hit 275 - mental block after a failed clean.

Did all sets with Power Cleans because of wrist injury.

Anonymous said...

85 kg c&j, split clean and split jerk. Failed the jerk on 90. Need more technique practice on the jerk, I tend to go too slow.

Congrats to all the big dawgs that are competing at the games. DJ, that 325 jerk was sick.

brian cilento said...

I was really in my own head today, not sure what was up.. Got 215 cleaned but could not press it. I think I have a little more in me, next time

PTS said...

missed at 230. The clean is going up easy but I'm just nopt committing to getting under the bar to lock it out overhead.

Bear said...

C&J: 95 kg, pb

Great competition, a bit tired today from watching all night from Sweden :)

Erik Luber said...

165 lbs (PR)

Super stoked on this. Finally starting to make some gains overhead...stretching pays! Last year at regionals my 1RM was 145 lbs, so this is a big gain for me.

Pumped to watch the finals. GO JOEY!!

Chris Martin said...

worked up to a easy 195lb, but my hip is still recovering so I didn`t push it. Feeling weak in the hole due to lack squating the last few months.
Did 50 burpees untimed just to get breathing alittle hard , light run later.

Anonymous said...

Squat cleaned & Split Jerked


Frustrating since I switched to paleo+whey my numbers have gone down. Been trying to dial in my diet using athletes zone/paleo. Also have to regain confidence since hurting my lower back. Need a lot of practice and have strength to regain. Excited for the hard work that is ahead.

Good job athletes @ the games this weekend!

Brandon said...

235# - missed 245 2x and then shut it down

Jerk felt really good today. Cleans felt super heavy. Usually the other way around. Missed 235# three days ago, so happy that I got it.

Paul Klein said...

225lbs embarrassing.

My pr is 245. I was in the garage for a solid 30 minutes trying to get 235. I think I failed maybe 6 times. I have developed some kind of mental block with this.

Chris Dunkin said...


Ben Priestley said...

175# C&J, PR by 15#!

Also got a PR on the clean, 185, but couldn't get the jerk today.

Excited by the double PR today.

Stahl said...

205, 225(f), 230(f), 227.5(f). Called it.

PR is 225. All the cleans felt good, and solid - better than they have before at that weight. For all the failures, just barely missed. 205 was easy, so I just went for it. Maybe jumped too quickly.

Need to drop under the weight better. Had the weight elevated, just couldn't lock it out.

Another frustrating day. Wanted a PR, felt like I had it in me, but couldn't quite get it.

Paul Smith said...

Clean and Jerk:
275 lbs

I just didn't have it today, missed my PR by 20 lbs.

10 min rest

1000m Row:
Damper setting 7
Time 3:05 (PR)
Avg Watts 425
Score 425/200 = 2.125

Anonymous said...



Adam Rogers said...

235lbs, 10lb PR

Missed 240 3 times before calling it, close.

Eric S said...


185# (jerk limited). Felt like I could have gone heavier but felt a little twinge in my back at 185, so I backed off.

Aaron said...

185 (PR)
previously 165

took 4 tries at 185 to do it correctly. felt great.

Rainer Hartmann said...

135#, squat cleaned 145, but missed the jerk. Not bad with my bum shoulder, equal to my PR.
Decided to do Randy after, 5:56, PR by over 2 minutes.
Great effort by all the dawgs over the weekend at the Games, way to represent!

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


C&J: 195lbs (new pr by 10#)

irongirl said...

July 16
Row score 1.3

C&J 100

Nice job out at the games Big Dawgs...I was cheering loud for you!

r Gaines said...

C&J: 215 (pr-15#)

Had 225 overhead but could not stand up (2 times). Cleans felt easy today. Still need to work on my jerks.

Stephen B. said...

235# (10# pr)...happy with the lift

Baltoe said...

Masters Competition in absentia -

Dead lift max 330 vs 355 for # 15
5x of 400 m & 15 OHS 20.19 v 18.30 for # 15
Fran - I used 110 #'s = 14.19 vs
8.30 for # 15.

For some reason I had 'heavy fran' in my mind, which is 135 #'s, so I scaled back to 110. I think it is supposed to be 95#s. In any event, I am not totally out of reach, but I definitely need to go to 100% as opposed to 90%!!!

It was fun, mostly because no-one knew what I was doing!

Brent Maier said...

Welcome back Martin! Dunkin, I tried and tried to find a C2 on the beach this weekend but have to settle for the beach towel for now! The extent of my workout so far this week was to do the 95# static pullup challenge at the Jeff Martone booth. Can't wait to get back at it on Friday!

Thad said...

Clean & Jerk 195# 1RM

Greg said...

Monday am, test#1:

row 1k:

time: 3:33.9
BWT: 211
286 Ave Watts

Score: 1.36

NorCal Chris said...

Clean and jerk 165#

Mike Molloy said...


Congrats to all the big dawg competitors this past weekend. Pretty amazing performances to say the least.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Made Up Thursday's WOD:

A1: 215, 220, 220, 220, 220
A2: 35, 40, 2x45, 2x45, 2x45

2:18 (12/8, 40)
2:56 (11/7/2, 40)
3:04 (11/6/3, 40)
2:54 (10/5/4/1, 40)
3:10 (7/5/4/4, 40)

Kyle F said...


Failed twice on 265, couldn't lock out the jerk. Need to be more agressive.

Andy said...


failed to lock out 225 without press

Joel B. said...

Row 1k: 367/165=2.22
C&J 1rm: 205

Did the weekend training today as was at cabin thurs-sun.

new pr on 1k row of 3:16.8
new pr on C&J by 5#. I have jerked more, but never cleaned over 200.

Rooney said...

Took these past two days off to try to get my back right. Killing me that I couldn't test, especially after getting pumped by watching all of the great performances at the Games, but I'm hoping it'll help me get back to 100% faster. Swam yesterday and this morning and that seemed to help.

Scott Hoadley said...

Spent the day yesterday watching the games and never got to the clean and jerks.

Inspired today by the games and decided to throw down a 'Helen'

9:36 UB till the last 2 reps of pullups. Our run is 475 meters.

I can't believe that wod they did at the games!

Julian Cruz said...

225 PR by 20 pounds

Chad Walding said...

2011...wait, nevermind



434watts/198 = 2.19watt/#

3:06.1...PR! Felt good


205, 225PC w/missed jerk x 3

Something mental going on, couldn't get my head right. PR with jerk is 235 so I know I've got it in me.

mhamilton said...



Not at all happy with that. Felt great just had no focus and would not make myself get under the bar. Bad when I'm doing 165 for 3s with less problems.

matt said...

C&J 1 rep max

Very disappointed. Cleans felt great. Hook grip is really paying off. Just don't drop low enough on the split. I have PP 265 before yet can't jerk it? Frustrating. Back to the videos. I will be posting a video soon looking for some tips and techniques

Jon G. said...


10# shy of my PR, but I haven't done much Oly lifting as of late.

Eric Montgomery said...

C&J: 242lbs (PR by 17lbs)

Notes: Went 198lbs, 220lbs, and 231lbs for singles after warmup. 231lbs went up easy and pushed under the jerk pretty well. Failed at 242lbs twice (pinned under squat first time, lost rack second time) before I got it. Jerk was a little ugly because I didn't do a good job getting under it.

Dustin said...

Clean & Jerk - 255 PR

Cleaned - 265 PR

**I'm pretty sure I could have jerked 265 but both of my pinkies came out from under the bar and I didn't feel comfortable jerking that amount of weight without them. I cleaned 265 a second time and the same thing happened. Not sure if it was due to me catching it so low or what. Any suggestions on how to get my pinkies back under?**

Heavy Evy said...

Crammed both weekend tests back to back on monday 19th.

Row: 362W/187=1.94
went out a bit hard 1st 500m. Think 400W is doable if I paced a bit better.

C&J: 243
Power clean, and Split jerk. Then failed the clean at 247 twice, and called it a day. Need to get under the bar better, but I've never cleaned or jerked that much weight before so happy with the progress.

Sean Cummings said...


Brian said...

July 11 wod for 2011

A1. Hang Power Clean/Hang Squat Clean/Squat Clean - 1.1.1 x 5; rest 3 min
A2. Weighted Ring Dips @ 21X0; 3-4 x 5; rest 3 min
B1. Push Press @ 12X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 2 min
B2. CTB Chin Ups - 22 unbroken x 5; rest 2 min


A1. 185,205,205,210,215
A2. 33/4,43/3,53/3,53/3,53/3
B1.155,165,175 allx3, 190x2x2
B2. UB, UB, UB, 10/6/6, 11/9/2

Dom said...

265- Power Clean and Jerk
275- Squat Clean- Failed

Chase said...

245# C&J (PR)
265# Clean (PR)

I think I'm close on the 265 jerk, but I was gased after all those attempts.