fri, july 30, 2010

a small collection of the fine ladies we have within the community....there's more, lets keep building it...a shout out to the gals


DAVE X said...

Awesome! Crossfitting ladies are the hottest. The more the better as far as I'm concerned!

Paul Klein said...

Very classy Coach.

The women here are not only impressive but inspiring. Just take a look through the big dawg list that Eric Luber made. Look at the percentage of the women that advanced from sectionals to regionals. I think it was like 80%!

Keep it up ladies.

Lisa M said...

THanks for putting that out there James. There are so many amazing ladies that belong to this community and I really feel like this is my "extended" family. I am hoping that maybe those ladies that are "lurking" and not posting will start posting and that maybe there are some ladies out there like me that are on "leave" trying to take care of some personal weaknesses that will be back to posting. I can't imagine not being a part of this community - so I guess worse comes to worse I will just have to chase down all the MEN!!!

Anonymous said...

We are here! We have three ladies at CrossFit Nasti that are following OPT programming. We all love it. James, thank you for showing off some females.

@DAVE X- CrossFit ladies are hot!

DAVE X said...

The notion of lurking CrossFit ladies is even hotter.

Bin said...

I, too, love the ladies...

My schedule requires that I switch Sundays with Mondays and Thurdays with Fridays, so:

- Hardest part was regaining and maintaining composure after the deadlifts to keep the DUs strung together.
- Did some work afterwards and found a new "gear" on my DUs, somewhere around two reps a second, maybe higher. Very pleased to work on it, although again the difficulty is in keeping composure (my rear delts and back repeatedly lit up around rep 20).

Anonymous said...

Initially, it was intimidating to post here. I mean, there are some serious bad asses on here. But, seeing other ladies posting helps makes us work harder. If there are ladies lurking, post it!

Adam Rogers said...

In the immortal words of Jay-z - "Ladies is pimps too, go on brush your shoulders off."

These are some serious fire breathers. A big thanks to all these women, not least among them my bad-ass crossfitting wife Becky, for having the courage and drive to redefine what it means to be a strong woman. You give us all a much needed dose of reality after days full of over-exposure to the Lindsay Lohan's of the world.

Nathan H. said...

What I love is how the ladies here redefine what's physically possible. It's amazing. AND HOT!

irongirl said...

Thanks James for the posting and thanks for the encouragement from the community. At..hmmm...almost 48and a female I was a little reluctant to include myself among the big dawgs posts. I have been a crossfitter now for two years and a bit and love it. After my injury this winter I needed a way to get strong again and in a way on "my own time". Your programming has been an awesome way for me to get back on the road to being strong thankyou for that! I'd love to compete at the masters and if they drop the age requirement just a tiny bit I hope to be there!



tania said...

nice. I love that.

I won't be posting for a while (I'm trying to design my own program to address certain weaknesses) but I'm still "lurking" as Lisa calls it...

Brent Maier said...

Thats awesome! That is fit at its finest!

Siu said...

James and Gents, thank you for encouraging the ladies!

I train with Babs and I too have been kind of intimidated to post because the women on here are definitely beast-status! It's always such an inspiration to see what you ladies do!

Carrie McG said...

Yes! I love this post. All the women on here are fantastic! I have been off the blog for about 3 weeks due to a strained hip flexor (sprinting injury) - suuper annoying. So I've been creeping in the background and scaling and substituting a ton.
But I'm almost 100% so I'll be back tomorrow.. and I'm excited to start up again! :)

BK said...

I have seen amazing growth of the ladies at CFP following OPT over 6 months, in every aspect of their lives.

unit said...

I <3 CFing and OPTing GURLS!!!...

Brandon said...

today's post is one of the main reasons I will remain a member of the Big Dawgs as long as I can.

True story from earlier this week...I'm watching a vid of training at Catalyst Athletics and my little girl (2.5 yo) asks me what the people were doing. I told her it was girls lifting weights and getting really strong. She says to me, "I don't want to be strong like you daddy. I want to be strong like them when I am bigger."

I am so grateful that she will have role models and I am grateful that you continue to build a positive, encouraging and inclusive community James!

Alex said...

Woot! Inspiration!

Thanks Coach!

Alex :D

BTW: Hanstrings in Sooooo much pain. Gh raises> Biking? A combo? Whatever it is result = can;t walk sqaut, go up or down stairs...not sure I can train tomorrow!

unit said...

yesterdays WOD...


was shooting 4 sub 3... 1:59 after 2 rounds... slower transitions and movements in the third round...


DAVE X said...

Picked up my Airdyne today for $65. Ready to rock Coach.

k.jones said...

wod 7/29/2010

fell apart right out the gate on the double unders. It's like i never done them before. Deadlifts were no problem 35 sec was longest round. Time was terrible. 12:32 worst wod I've had since I've started this program.

Ran 1.75 miles home in 12:17

Lisa M said...

Love all the comments. And last August when I started the Big Dawgs I too was intimidated but I started posting and haven't looked back. The only way to improve is to put yourself out there. This community is incredible and welcomes everyone who is willing to work hard and support the pack!! And yes there are lots if beasts on here but I think that is what makes us better. The programming us incredible and keeps evolving. I am glad to see there are lots of women out there - just start posting- for me this is selfish as I workout at home so need this community to help me push myself but also James looks at what everyone is doing and programs accordingly so the input is important. Let go get em this year ladies I hope to see all of you at the games next year!!

unit said...

catching up...
WOD from 2 days ago 7/28/10

A1- 155/ 175/ 200/ 205(f)/ 205
A2- 15/ 14/ 13/ 12/ 12

ghd/dip- 6:51

100 ghdsu- 4:45


Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...

Yesterdays WOD:


All sets UB...had to ignore lungs on last deads and DUs, so I had a great time.

ALWAYS impressed with the ladies on this blog!

derb said...


7/28 WOD

A1: 145/155/165/170f/165
A2: 8/8/8/7/6

100 GHD situps: 7:09

Dustin said...

Yesterdays WOD

5:14. All double Unders were unbroken except for last set where I stopped for some unknown reason at 42. First 2 rounds of DL were unbroken - my last one was broken 15+6. I felt like I could have pushed myself harder - my mind slowed me down.

Melissa said...

I teach the Crossfit Performance women's only "GRLs class" (Get Real; get Lean). These women are coming out of their shells and throwing heavy weight around with technical proficiency and a desire to grow, both as athletes and individuals.

Thanks for the shout out. A lot of Big Dawgs are fierce chicks!

Poly said...


Playing catchup from the last couple of days.
Deadlift/DU wod: 5:35
A1. 185, 205, 225, 225, 225
A2. 18, 16, 15, 16, 16
B. Skipped the GH raises, dips done on rings, focused on rom
C. Slow, 6 and change

Picked up old tractor tire today, filled an old basketball with sand for the ball. Gonna have to skip airdyne, no room, looking for chains.

Chris Fodera said...

Who is that guy trying to sneak into Shelly's picture?

Brian said...

July 24th wod (Done a day early due to plans tomorrow)

10 min - muscle up practice
(work on portion you need most work at)
5 sets:
On a 2 minute countdown timer perform 10 burpees 1st and run 400 m 2nd within the 2 minutes
Rest 10 min
4x [4 sets of 5 toes to bar/set]; rest b/t sets of 5 minimally and EXACTLY 45 sec b/t sets
(80 toes to bar total)

Did 3 sets of 5 UB with full turn out with false grip, then a few false grip pullups.
First 3 rds of run and burps: 1:32, 1:41, 1:50, then 20 burps to start 4th with no run, Tend to the 2 yr old son, 10 burps and approx 1.5 min on airdyne to finish.
T2B as Rx'd: little over a minute each set. Need to learn to kip these.

Notes: Heat and hill in subdivision made metcon SUCK!