sat, july 24, 2010

10 min - muscle up practice
(work on portion you need most work at)
5 sets:
On a 2 minute countdown timer perform 10 burpees 1st and run 400 m 2nd within the 2 minutes
Rest 10 min
4x [4 sets of 5 toes to bar/set]; rest b/t sets of 5 minimally and EXACTLY 45 sec b/t sets
(80 toes to bar total)

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Poly said...

Playing catch up from my week away. This weekend is no better as I have the privilege of working the pits for the Edmonton Indy, but they are long days.
Ran Thursday's workout @5:30 this morning on an empty stomach. Came in @ 12:24. Really frustrated, did all the snatches and pullups unbroken, but could not power through on HSPU's, cost me a ton of time.

Got home and felt good and have been really excited to try my 1rm C&J. Turns out I was wrong. Couldn't clean 275, 40lbs under my PR, let alone jerk it. Probably wasn't a good idea to try it tonight.

Also, I have to share this:
It's my son at the airport last week, he's 17 months. Incredible how they mimic isn't it? And that's actually a camera, not a phone, but he doesn't care.

Brian Maier said...

Did Thursday's WOD today.



New PR - 162 Unbroken D/U's

Garage Crossfitter said...

Snatch WOD

Finished last set of HSPU at 7:55, last 15 snatches slow. hspu off 25lb bumpers

My wife and I are purchasing a whole house water filtration system and air purifier, any recommendations?

Alex Duncan said...

Garage Crossfitter,

Here is what I have in my house (air only):

I've had no issues with it and is easy to maintain and clean. May only be available in Canada, not sure.

Martin Altemark said...

Acute phase of the sprained ankle seems to be over, now we will see how bad it is the next few days. Usually heal these things ok, but it was a hard hit this time (mistimed 3m jump down at obstacle course). But happy to see that I could actually do some of the WOD today, with some subbing of course!

MU training: weighted strict MUs: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg(f)
then 2 strict MUs every 30 sec for 5 mins (miscounted and did 22 in 5:15).

Serious subbing for metcon: on every second minute I did 400row (without full flexion and extension of hips/legs), 10 air squats and 10 pushups. At most I had 10secs of rest, and last two rounds no rest at all. Not sure I could have completed this with runs if uninjured...

toes-to-bar, did them but slow and careful not to hit with foot/ankle.

Jefff said...

Are we resting 10 mins after each set of bups and run? Or is this supposed to be continuous every 2 mins?

Marshall said...

MU's felt stronger and more fluid than last time.

The way I read the burpee/400m was that the only rest was what you had left on the end of the two minutes. However, when my 2 minute timer was going off 15' short of the finish line I decided to take 2 minutes rest between each set. (Ran outside on a decent slope, uphill one set, downhill the next)

Haven't done toes to bar in a while, I was feeling this one.

Paul Klein said...

I know a bunch of guys on Team Penske. If you have time, go to Helio Castroneves's pit and ask for Justin Horning. Then tell him Paul Klein said that the band Wolf Mother sounds like Led Zepplin (he hates when I say that). Let them know you know me and they should show you around if they have time.

Eric S said...

MU practice felt good.
Had between 15 and 17 secs left on each of the burpee/400 rounds.
T2B were a challenge.

Cocopuffs said...

Done at the football field near my house ran 4 lengths back and forth. Burpees on soft surface like grass went really quickly.
running is a major weakness it would appear failed on all sets:


will do part 2 this afternoon

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Comparing this to the notation used for other WOD's, I read this as having a 10 minute rest after each run.

r Gaines said...

10 min MU: worked on keeping my grip coming out of the MU.

Metcon: made it 2:30 not 2mins b/c of the heat. Got back with abt 5-10 sec per rnd

T2B: felt great.

Thad said...

MU practice felt good

Did burpee runs resting only with time left in the 2 min, only completed 3 rnds 50m short of 4th rnd rested 2min and did 5th.

I believe I did this wrong should have rested 10 min b/t sets.

Toes to Bar felt good

Pfeifdog said...

Muscle up work went well, worked on stringing together multiples. Next time I want to work on a strict MU.

Burpee-runs didn't go well, still a little fuzzy on what exactly to do. Wasn't done with the 400 @ 2 min. Rested 1 and a half to 2 minutes between sets.

TTB went ok, had to chalk up between each 5, it's too humid here today.

Martin Altemark said...

vid of strict-ish weighted MUs. Tendency to pull knees a bit upwards to get balance over rings. Want them stricter than that (they look far better when with bodyweight only).

r Gaines said...

So I can't read... Did not rest 10mins b/t Rnds on the metcon.

Wish I had that rest.

DAVE X said...

Gotta hit this later tonight just got back from a 2 hour hike and getting the house ready for my daughter's third birthday party.

During my hike I was thinking about setting up a fantasy football league consisting of members of the Big Dawg blog. I haven't played in a couple years but I'd be interested in coming out of retirement to set something up if there's enough interest.

I was also considering a buy in with a portion of the entry fee going into the Big Dawg's dish.

I'll post daily with reminders and update as the league forms.

Email me at

Kyle F said...

Thursdays WOD 7/22/2010

12:50 as Rx'd

I'd like another shot at this one. I know I can go faster. Second set of HSPU and Snatches were SLOOOOOW.

Sam said...

MU's: with kip, triples with kip, strict, triples with strict, weighted for a few, and a few sets of strict mu+10-12 dips at the top

Rx'd on run and burpees, conditioning is def not my thing though (but excited for it to become my thing as well as other things that are my things)

Rx'd t2b. Hard though. Still feeling the ghd's from earlier in the week.

Cocopuffs said...

Part 2:


That last set was ridiculous my grip was failing like mad and my shoulders felt like they were being ripped out. Need to lose 20 lbs.

Kevin said...

Yeah, like a lot of others I assumed the rest was only between the run/burpee part and the t2b part. And I only made the first round under 2 mins, so it was basically 12.5 minutes or so continuous.

Run/burpee was done in the parking lot of the fancy golf clubhouse near my in-laws' place. Decent incline on the way out and decline on the way back, but I'm not sure about the distance.
1:57, 2:22, 2:26, 2:37, 2:27. Brutal.

No rings at this place, and no bar I could kip on, so I did some strict pull-up work trying to get as high as possible and some dip work as low as possible. T2B were pretty brutal with no kip. Grip was done.

OPT said...

10 min MU practice
rest a little - get your timer set up
every 2 min you perform the burpees, then run, whatever time you have left is your rest - do this 5 times...goal is to do the burpees, then run at a nice pace such that you can do all sets in 2 min....
THEN rest 10 min
THEN the toes to bar work

Paul Klein said...

Muscle up practice the transition for strict attempts. Did lots of negatives as slow as possible.

I read it wrong and rested 10 minutes between sets. Which was good for me cause my 400m route is not flat and it was 105 degrees in the garage and 100 outside. With the rest I was able to go balls out each round and finished each with about 5 seconds to spare.

T2b went well. I really liked that pacing, I was able to stay moving the whole time.

Steve Howell said...

Muscle Up work: Worked on holding the flase grip and linking reps of 5 - 10, did about 3 sets.
Times: 1:47/1:44/1:42/1:42/1:42
Toes to Bar - Did reps of 5 with quick short rest between sets about 60-70 seconds a set.

*right clave was cramping pretty good as soon as I started running.

Mike McNaughton said...

MU work. Worked on stringing 2-3 together each attempt.

Burpee/Run. Misread. Rested the 10 b/t attempts. I would have ended up resting after the first round anyway...


T2B were fine.

PRM said...

MU practice: Worked on stringing multiples together
Burpee run:1:42, 1:40, 1:44, 1:45, 1:45
Toes to bar: First 40 as Rx'd, then scaled to 4 per set (Total 72 reps).

Greg said...
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Alex said...

Oy. Tough one.

10 minute MU practice yielded only 2 consecutive MUs... stringing them together is my biggest weakness. Tried to kip a bit differently... needs oodles of work.

5 sets/ 10 burpees +400m run on 2min running clock was horrid: could not get past 350m within the 2 min cap, but completed all 5 sets.

part 3 most successful. respected all guidelines and completed all.

Sean Cummings said...

Muscle-Up practice worked on stringing 5 together quick as well as strict muscle-ups.

1:39, 1:41, 1:43, 1:45, 1:39

Toes to Bar:
Did not time it completed as RX'd

Erik Luber said...

MU practice - worked stringing together, didn't do the dip portion. Felt good.
1:37/ 1:35/ 1:40/ 1:41/ 1:45
(Unfortunately didn't do this properly. Took the 10 min rest in between. Definitely wouldn't have made all 5 rounds under 2 min if done properly)
0:51/ 1:06/ 1:10/ 1:22
Abs toast by the last set of round 4. No kip left.

Joel B. said...
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Joel B. said...

worked on stringing multiple mu's together, which i can do at 2-3 at a time, but need to make myself do it more often, so I did today.

read the wod wrong thought 10 min rest between sets. I didn't have time for that (at work) so I rested 5... burpees took about 23 secs and ran on treadmill at 10 mph for 1.5 mins.

t2b grip killer.

Brian Maier said...

M/U training:

worked on stringing multiples together. Did 10 sets of 3.

Burpees/400m run:
Rested 10min b/t sets so was fully recovered which enabled me to go all out each round.

burpees were all 18-20s and 400m run times ranged 1:08-1:14.

RXd but very tough. 5 breaths b/t sets of 5 on first 3 rounds. 10 breaths b/t sets of 5 last round.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ahhhh, I'm guessing the 10 minutes rest with the plus sign after it confused folks. 10 min rest + 5 sounded extreme but I assumed it was like a max effort.

Stahl said...

MU: worked on transition into multiples and keeping false grip through transition. Did a few sets of 2-3.

Burpee/Run: did it as Coach Rx'd.
Very tough but very pleased I kept all the rounds under the 2 min interval. Rounds 4 and 5 were really brutal - started to lose POSE form.
Rounds ranged from 1:40-1:50.

T2B: tougher than I thought. All sets of 5 unbroken until last cycle. Hip flexors and grip were smoked.

ETC said...

Did my affiliate wod today - "Grannie" Grace + Annie
Time: 11:48

My goal was to beat my old Grace time and I crushed it at 4:08 from 5:37 4 months ago.I'm happy w that.
I wanted to do OPT but decided to add some energy to my group class. I am one of the owner's, another trainer covered class, and I thought it was time to demonstrate that I do this stuff too and love it..not just teach it. Many of them are newer and I think they need to see that it can be done fast and heavy.
Do any of you guys/ gals do the same thing from time to time? For the same/ different reasons?
As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt I spar with my students every class- to help push them physically and mentally, but it also helps me raise the bar to new levels everyday. I feel as an owner/ athlete I have to infuse the energy and passion to help others excel to their fullest.
How about everyone else?

Lars said...

Garage Crossfitter - I have a reverse osmosis water filtration system in my house and the water is great. Water is super pure and nice to drink, filters will cost $100-200/year.

MU practice went well. Practiced stringing multiples together and did 6 sets of 5, which all felt strong...could probably max out 10-12 or so in a row.

Like many others I screwed up the burpee/run part and rested 10min b/t sets. Generally had 4-6 sec left at the end of each effort, so no real time to rest if I'd done it the other way.

T2B felt good and quick 6:15 to complete and that's with rest time included.

Got a bit of a cold the other day so wasn't going 100% today, but happy with results.

unit said...

part 2 as rx on 2min
1:42/ 1:43/ 1:44/ 1:46/ 1:43

felt relaxed but out of cv/running shape... haven't run much lately and it's time 2 step it up!... felt gd... fatigued, but gd...


Chad Walding said...

MU's went well. Did about 35 or so, taking my time, felt good.

Didn't keep track of time on burpee 400m run WOD but I completed it. Most times around 1:45. Became quite a breather. 10-20 sec was short rest.

Did not time the T2B WOD but kept with mimimal rest and keeping good pace.

Overall a good day!

Yelvi said...

Im back and now operating out of New Orleans. I finally got situated and found a powerlifting club one block from my house. SWEET. I can drop all the weights and use all the chalk i want. They have pretty much everything i need, including a reverse hyper machine.

First workout in about a month so it was rough. I did the runs with 10 min between each set and on a treadmill. The heat is going to take some getting use to. MU practice went well. Was able to do a MU with 15 pounds attached. That was a first. Looking forward to getting back into it. I missed this place.

Brent Maier said...


MU's: 30 total in sets of 2 and 3's
Burps&Runs: I think I did this wrong with the 10 minutes rest between sets. I'm a little bummed about that. Seemed like a lot at first but I gave 100% effort on each one so it was probably still effective in other ways. All burpees were blazing.
1) 1:34
2) 1:34
3) 1:31
4) 1:34
5) 1:31
Toes2Bar: All sets felt good except last 3 sets of 5. Did these on 1.25" bars so grip completely failed on last rep or two on the final sets.

MU practice was to string them together unbroken. Analyzed Spealers technique from the games and noticed this: no false grip and it was Kip, press, drop with kip setup at bottom as full extension was reached. He eliminates the eccentric dip motion and automatically sets up for kip. Blam, got it down and feel really good about it. Well see how it holds up down the road while fatigued.

Stahl said...

Brent - nice analysis. I started playing around with that after seeing the Games too.

I found the transition back into full extension less taxing, but without the false grip, I can't kip as high into the dip position. Seems like it's a little more taxing on the upper body to catch that low. False grip, the negative is more taxing but I get much higher after the pull.

Did you find the same thing?

Like you - wondering how that will hold up when really tired. I'm going to keep playing with it though and have false grip as the stand-by.

Mike Molloy said...

Muscle Ups:

Just worked on linking as many as possible and keeping the false grip through the downward transition. Lots of rest between sets.


1:37 1:45 1:54 1:55 1:50

That kinda sucked.

TTB went well. Tried to relax as demonstrated in the recent Again, Faster video. Pretty cool doing both knees to elbows and ttb at the same time.

Stephen B. said...

MU practice:
Practiced mostly true grip MUs. Transitions are improving.

Burpee/runs: made the same mistake as some of the others. Took 10 mins rest in between the sets and went full out each round. Burpees were quick and runs all felt strong. Rounds were between 1:31 and 1:49.

T2B: First set of 20 strict, last 3 sets of 20 were kipped. All sets of 5 UB

Krazy said...

Just kind of a general question for everyone:

Why use a false grip?? I find it unbelievably easier to use just a regular "monkey grip" when doing MUs. Am I missing something or is there a point to the false grip?

Ben Priestley said...

MU: practiced strict variant, 3 successes.

burpee/run: read this as 10min rest betw. sets, sorry coach. Times:

T2B: lost kip as sets proceeded.

Julian Cruz said...


Bur/Run:something i need to work on. felt good though

T2B: Felt really good no problem with grip

need work on conditioning

Eric Montgomery said...

Wrists were still a little tore up from last week's MUs so did 5 strict CTBs every minute for 10 minutes. The pull is my weakest part on strict MUs so this worked out ok. Took an extra minute rest after set 5 so did 45 total.

Burpees made the 400s even worse than I thought they'd be. Had to cut to 3 rounds with an extra 2 mins of rest before the third. Burpees took 22, 28, and 22 seconds and total times were 1:45, 2:04 (ouch), and 1:55.

Abs were still feeling last week's GHDs and L pullups so cut T2Bs to 2 rounds for 40 total reps. Rested 5-8 seconds after each set of 5. Still struggling on rhythm with these.

Geoff said...

Muscle-up practice - transition 10-15 min.

Did rest of WOD 4 hours later - after hitting some golf balls with my son

Did burpee-run on a 3:00 clock:
Burpees actually felt good, but runs were rough
After 10:00 min. rest
Toes to bar time: 13:30
Struggled with these, but did all 80 reps

53 yom/220#/5'11"
I'm not a true big dog, yet

Dustin said...

My wife did this WOD with me, it was a lot of fun - I modified it a little bit because I couldn't do it at a track. I did the WOD on an outdoor obstacle course that had rings and pull up bars. Knees to elbows were rough due to my abs still being sore from the GHD's and L- pull ups. Didn't time anything today - just went hard.

derb said...


7/21 WOD

PC: 155/160/175
subbed DU for row:29/32/33

A1: 275/295/310/335
A2: 55/65/70/75/75(ring dips)
B: 95/115/125/135

7/22 WOD

I did full squat snatches at 115 for first set and then 105 for second sets. I missed the first 4 attempts at 115 so I lowered the weight. This is a big weakness so I'm still happy with this.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Abs are still hurting from Tuesday! Affected my muscle-ups and skipped toes to bar altogether. I guess I over-reached on the ghd sit-ups.

10 minutes worked on pistols instead.

Only had 5 sec left to spare on first 3 rounds. Went over time on 4th and 5th rounds but still completed.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...


Set timer on 50 second intervals.
11x2 + 1+ 1 = 22
Good turnout and full extension at the bottom

Set timer at 2:15. Around 30 seconds for burbees + 1:45 hard run. Estimate distance was 400 meters or more for each run.

Set timer on 30 seconds.
Sets of 5 with 45 second rests after each 20.

brian cilento said...

Well I dcked this one up too... Rested long enough for beathing to normalize (around 2 mins). Time left for each round: 15, 15,14,12,12

Lisa M said...

I am discouraged looking at the site lateley and finding NO women!!! I know that I have taken a break to focus on my oly lifting but fully intended to come back to the Dawg pound but with no women to push against it will make it very hard for me to keep improving as i work out by myself at home...hmmm conundrum any suggestions OPT??

Filly said...

MU Practice: worked on lowering myself efficiently into my next kip. so i worked my kipping transitions only and no press outs in the dips. I found that by throwing my knees forward as I start to descend into the next kip allowed for perfect timing of my legs swinging back when i reached lock/turn out

1:37, 1:45, 1:58, 2:05, 2:25 - 400m runs mentally crush me... physically they are no picnic either

T2B: completed as rx'd in 6:30 including rest

Anonymous said...

Training- Muscles ups

was able to get 15 muscle ups in allotted time. Tore the crap out of my hands but muscles up feel a bit better.

Burpee run-

rested 30 secs in between sets. All were completed within 2 mins. Running has been a struggle of late. Might need to look at upping my carbs because my muscles tend to fatigue pretty fast but my cardio is still good to go.

All Toes to bar were completed

Scott Hoadley said...

MU: worked on multiples and not losing the false grip. felt pretty good today.

Read it the same as a lot of people here and took 10 mins rest in between sets. Times between 1:31 and 1:49.

TTB: all 5 sets UB

Craig said...

worked on dead hang multiples.

I had no remaining rest in each set, so I just kept going. Ran on treadmill due to duty limitations.

toes to bar - 3 breaths between 5's. really started to burn in sets 3 & 4.

Dillon said...

MU felt good.


Felt like my forearms were going to explode on the T2B. Love it.

Coach, can you get Progenex in Canada? If not can you recommend a good recovery drink?

Brian said...

July 17 wod

Row 1k


Notes: Done in AM after shift on 3 wonderful hours of sleep!
Seemed like if I pulled harder I did not really get much more work done. I need help with my form I'm sure.

NorCal Chris said...

Muscle up practice. I got my first muscle up in months after shoulder problems. Very happy with this as the pain was too much for a really long time.

Burpee/running: r u kidding me? I sucked at this and went thru the first 2 rounds rx'd getting only 5 seconds rest then dropped to 5 bur pees to get thru the rest.

T2B felt good and was starting to string multiples together quickly.

Brian said...

Forgot to record average watts and not time.
I'll blame it on the lack of sleep that night.
I'll redo soon.

Chris Dunkin said...

did this wrong as well. was in the gym at 5am.

5 sets of 3mu unbroken.

runs with 10min break b/t. longest rest was 17sec.

10-15sec rest b/t sets of 5, on toes to bar

Jon G. said...