tues, july 13, 2010

Hill Runs:
30 sec sprint - steep incline
Walk down 3 min recovery
repeat 8 times
(rest 8 min b/t sets 4 and 5 and perform a tabata push up low score in that time)

A. Dead Lift - 50% 1RM; 6 sets of 3; rest 45 sec
B1. Push Press - 3 sets of a tough 1; rest 3 min
B2. CTB chin ups - 3 x 12; rest 3 min
C. 2 sets; Run 400 m - increase pace every 100 m to 95% in last 100; rest 5 min b/t sets


Scott Hoadley said...

I guess it is time to introduce myself to this community. My name is Scott Hoadley 5'9" 155 lbs. Training out of CF Winnipeg. I have been following the Big Dawgs blog since about Dec. I have never felt the need to post on the blog since I have no aspirations of going to the games and I pretty much just train for life. I do however have my own games that will be taking place next April and is truly the UNKNOWN & UNKNOWABLE. I will be completely prepared for it thanks to the superior programming by Coach OPT, the Support of Tania and coaches from CFW who make the facility available to me when I need and allow me to do the Big Dawg WODs. And a big thanks to Stephen B who is my training partner that pushes me to reach my goals. He and Tania have been telling me that I need to post so I will start now.

Active rest:
9km run 35:38
Tabata air squats:
20/19/19/19/17(missed the start time)20/19

I sub in runs 2 to 3 times a week and ruck marches with 65 to 77lb pack for 6 to 9km.

Soren said...

HI Scott, all the best!

James, since it is winter down here, should my training be different in any way, always in daylight, loading, efforts? Goals are just to excell as much as possible and constantly push the barrier of what is unknown.

8x30 sec hill sprint, around 15% incline.
Tabata Pushup;
Lowest score ever on pushup, got soft I guess!


Eric S said...


There are absolutely no hills in Virginia Beach, so I just did regular old sprints.

Tabata: 12

PTS said...

hill sprints felt great today!. felt like I was flying and was able to hold on til the end on all sets.

tabata score was 10. started out with 16 and by rd 5 was dying. should have started with about 12.

Meldrum said...


Tabata's were 6

Hill sprints: still not 100% from being sick last week, and it showed as i had a visit from pukie.

Although the workout did help me feel better

brian cilento said...

coach few questions...
1) i would love to support the OPT store, but seems that the shipping to the states is NUTS, any way around this?
2) i am running the hartford marathon on oct 9th to raise money for charity set up in my cousin's name jenny searing (http://www.barnettsearingncf.org/). i am going to continue with big dawg and do crossfit endurance 3 days a week. schedule will be mon: full rest, tues: opt am cfe pm, wed opt am, thurs opt, fri cfe, sat opt, sun opt am cfe pm... how does that look? this is on the assumption we are going to stay on the mon/fri off schedule, will adjust if that changes... obv if anyone else has suggestions pls add... thanks

need to find another steep hill, ran out of hill at about 20-25 sec, just kept sprint going on straight away.

tabata pu: 25,20,18,12,10,8,8,10... just went after it, no pacing

Kyle F said...

Michael's Birthday

A1: 185/195/205/225/225
A2: 50 X5
B1: 155/175/195/195/205
B2: UB X5

Last set of C2B were UB but at the end they weren't quite C2B, figured the point was to stay UB though.

brian cilento said...

oh, and congrats poly... i have 4 girls and everyone is different and special... enjoy

Melissa said...

Welcome Scott!

2010 - getting VERY excited!

A. 6 X3 at 125
B1. 105, 115, 125 (PR - still felt like I could go heavier)
B2. UB: 7, 10, 10
C: Felt great. 2nd one was 1:30, unsure of first, I'm sure it was about the same.

PRM said...

hill sprints as rx'd
Tabata: 13/13/13/13/12/10/8/8
Hill sprints felt REALLY good. I think the rowing sprints are helping me a bunch.

Chris Dunkin said...

Hill sprints: ran out of gas pretty quickly. Felt good to work the weakness

Tabata pushups: 13

Last sprint was approx. 70' short of the first. Very steep hill. no rest for the hammies even after each walk down.

DeeJay said...

A. 253 - felt good
B1. 240
B2. felt good
C. completed in the rain :D

Lauren said...

A. 170
B1. 130
B2. unbroken and felt good
C. done on 200m track

Brandon said...

First 4 sprints felt great
Last 4 tough, about 5m shorter than the first 4

Tabata pushup: 10 - lowest in a quite awhile.

Oly work later...

Paul Smith said...


Hill Sprints:
Ran the first one at about 90% for 30 sec to get my distance and then tried to beat the 30sec mark each sprint. First four were under 30 sec but after the push ups my times looked more like 32,35,38,37

Tabata Push ups:

NorCal Chris said...


15% incline with a good showing for the first 4 sets and then a pretty good case of rubber legs on sets 5-8. Never even made it to my "worst" distance on efforts 5-8.

Tabata 7 (10,10,10,10,10,10,7,7)

Marshall said...

Had to do sprints on a treadmill, I was really looking forward to running outside but was overcome by events. Sprints felt good otherwise. Just what I needed today.

Tabata PU 12 accross the board, obviously paced.

Joel B. said...

At work, so treadmill. 13 grade incline, 11.5 mph first 3, then 11.0 mph for rest.

tabata low score of 9

Brian said...

July 6 wod for 2011

A. Front Squat @ 30X0; 2-3 x 7; rest 3 min
B1. Seated Military Press @ 30X1; 4-5 x 4; rest 2 min
B2. KBS heavy - 12-20 reps x 4; rest 2 min


A. 210, 225, 235, 245 x 3each, 250, 250, 255 x 2each
B1. 105, 110, 115, 120 x 5
B2. 15, 15, 20, 20 w/ 73# DB

Notes: Tempo made breathing on FS a battle. Press done on bench with no back rest.

joey warren said...

A. 215
B1. 195/205/215
B2. UB felt quick
C. runs were increasing pace, felt good- 1:13/1:10

Geoff said...


Hill sprints were alright, held distance close on first four, but dropped off fast after push-ups

Tabata push-ups: 4

53 yom/220#/5'11"

MikeEberts said...

Yayyy! I just booked my flight to go to cali and support our big dawgs!!!

Anything you guys need, just lemme know!


MikeEberts said...

Hey Steve Howell, BrOPT said you are going down. Wanna share some accommodation costs? Drop me a line... meberts at shaw dot ca

Julian Cruz said...

First four sprints felt strong last four hurt.

Tabata score:5 (lowest score ever)

really disappointed in push up. I usually try to go all out and this time paced and got a lower score.

Ive been doing the zone diet for about three weeks now and feel great but I notice I lose my power output later on in the workouts. Ive only been taking in 1x the amount of fat. Should I start taking in 2x the fat?

Lars said...


Did 8 x 30 sec on a stepmill today, because I was at work and there are no hills close by. Went at the max speed of the stepmill 162 steps/min.

Tabata push ups 13,13,13,13,13,13,12,8 - Damn!!! Really fell apart on the push ups.

Good luck to all of the Big Dawgs competing at the games, and of course to CF Kitchener's own Nate Malton.

Andy said...

No hills so ran with a little incline. First time to sprint since my foot injury in late March.

Low Score: 8

Started doing 15 per set and quickly realized that was a mistake.

Eric Montgomery said...

@Julian, yes I'd say to increase your fat intake and possibly boost protein blocks if your performance is tanking.

First 4 covered about 135m each with 16m ascent according to best guess on mapmyrun
Then 12x8 on the pushups, could've gone 13 or 14 probably
Then second 4 only covered about 125m each and got real painful.

Lisa M said...

I just wanted to wish all the Big Dawgs heading to Cali a huge good luck - James, Mike, DJ, Lauren, Shelly, Joey and all those on teams go show them who the real Big Dawgs are - ooooooooouuuuuuuuu!! I will be glued to my computer all weekend cheering my ass off.

Still doing oly lifting bias and did rubber band box squats today - now that was wicked FUN.

Scott Hoadley said...


8 x hill sprint last 2 felt rough.

Tabata pushups

Greg said...

2011 (2 days back):

A1: 95/115/135/145/155 (HSC was hardest on last set, odd)
A2: 12kg(4)/25#(4)/30#(3)/30#(3)/30#(3)

B1: (all 3s) 115/135/155/160/170
B2: 8 (bar issue here)/10/8/8/8

Question: for unbroken chins or pull-ups, since I have a weakness here, it seems I might be better off doing the rx'd reps in minimum sets to better work up my numbers? Opinions? Thanks.


Melisa C said...


Hill sprints done on real hill, almost made it to the top, needed about 3 seconds more. Next time.
Tabata pushups - all 8

Alex Duncan said...

Hill sprints on a 300m long steep cross-country ski track.

Each set felt very good today. Legs and lungs felt strong.

A snake almost wrapped around my nalgene bottle and gave me a heart attack...

Tabata Push-ups: 12

Paul Klein said...


I used a 20lb vest to make the hill in my neighborhood long enough.

Tabata = 9

jay rhodes said...


Run 1 - ~200m (benchmark)
Run 2 - 205m
Run 3 - 200m
Run 4 - 195m
Tabata Pushups
18-18-18-18-18-18-18-19 PR
Run 5 - 170m
Run 6 - 165m
Run 7 - 170m
Run 8 - 180m

Tabata Pushups were good. Previous PR was 18-18-18-18-18-15-15-15. Found out very quickly during run 5 that the pushups destroyed my arm drive. Runs 5 and 6 hurt the worst. Starting getting the arm drive back a little near the end but by that point my legs were done.
Tough one!

Michael FitzGerald said...

A. 219 - felt ridiculously fast
B1. 199/199/204
B2. UB
C. Pooring rain. Played with some PJ's and Split J's. Then 40 reps of increasing tempo box jump - 24"

Michael FitzGerald said...

Steve Howell,
Give Mike Eberts a shout. Check his post on the blog.

Mike McNaughton said...

8 x 30 sec sprints

Tabata Pushups low score:5

Had a chat with Pukie right before the 5th sprint. Knew I was in trouble when I collapsed during 7th round of pushups.

This WOD donkey-punched me right in the duodenum.

r Gaines said...


No hills in my area. So I did incline rowing( 3-45#s under the front of a rower) and a 20#vest.

Tabata pushups(b/w sets 4 and 5): low of a 8.

tania said...


A. 115#
B1. 105 - felt too easy but failed at 110 in warm-up so went back down to 105
B2. unbroken - felt amazing
C. drenched in the rain but fun nonetheless

dh said...


No hills in my area either. So I took a 55# kb and two 14' log chains attached to a tow strap, tied the strap to the waist and sprinted up and down the driveway dragging the kb and chains behind me. Averaged approximately 100m each run and don't think that I have breathed that hard in a long, long time.

It killed my tabata score (did pushups on parallettes):


I guess the arm pumping during the sprints totally wore me out. I was surprised...

Congratulations Poly, my wife's due date is actually today (my first: a girl) but according to the doctor she may be a little late. I'm excited to say the least and have been reading everyone's comments on their kids - it's great to see such a family strong community.

Thanks again James for the workouts and good luck to all in the games. I'll be watching and cheering from NC....

Alex said...

Hi Scott... welcome :)


Had to do the hill runs on the dreadmill, only 45 minutes to train and no hills near my workplace.

1. incline 8.5 /speed 7.0 mph
2. 8.5 @ 7.5mph
3. 8.5 @ 7.5mph
4. 8.5 @ 7.5 mph

Tabata push ups final score 6
( so tired from ring dips! yesterday!)

5. 8.5 @ 7.6mph
6. 8.5 @ 7.6mph
7. 9.0 @ 7.7mph
8. 9.0 @ 7.7mph

Thanks y'all!


BK said...

A. 225
B1. 185
B2. 12,10,10
C. fast
Fast on all movements.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Did the sprints up flights of stairs.

4 x 7 flights
8 x 11 pushups
4 x 6-7 flights of stairs

Stephen B. said...


Hills sprints x 8 complete...last couple were good burners, especially chasin down Scott...dude's got some wheels!

Tabata push-ups:

derb said...


Runs felt good. Last about 30-40' by the last sprint.

Push ups: 7

Erik Luber said...

Tabata score: 8 (PR is 9)

Hill sprints wrecked me today. Started sucking wind pretty hard after round 5. On the bright side I am done all of my summer vacation, so I can finally have a consistent training/sleep schedule again.

Good luck to all the dawgs going to the games. I am so amped to watch it this weekend.

mhamilton said...


Couldn't find a hill in downtown TO that would be a 30 sec sprint to the top. Settled for one that was 16-18 on average and did 8 sets with 1 min rest between then tabata PUs then 4 more sets. Nice to get out of the gym.

Tabata did not go so well. 4 as low score.

Kyle F said...


Had to run on a track. I have no hills near me.


went for 15 and I absolutly feel apart on set 7.

Thad said...


Pouring rain today and no hills close by.
30sec Russian KB swings 1.5 pood
30 sec row damper 10
x8 3min rest

Tabata Push ups low score 7 not happy with this, previous was 12

Steve Howell said...

Thanks Mike Fitz I emailed him and we are sorting things out. We will see you friday along with all the other Dawgs!

Brent Maier said...


Sprints with 20# vest
Tabata PU: 9

Busy day, ran this at dusk. Decided to go with 20# vest because it was just one of those kind of days. Felt like the burden of Fran after each sprint with the vest on. Sucked.. I'll thank myself tomorrow morning!

sHELLy said...

A: 135
B1: 120
B2: 12UB x 2 (saving hands)
C: Rowed, cause it was raining hard.

contrary to everyone else, this did not feel good today. :(

OPT said...

scott, welcome!
soren, its more about your day to day energy rhythm and when is best for your lifestyle..if the days are shorter, approx 3 hours post sun rise and 9 hours post sunrise is best for hormonal balance...but there's more to that
brian, contact Trev on my website, he'll answer your ?'s, as for # 2, tough to answer that one...too many variables in mixing them...
julian, only way to know is try...do more and record, then use that info to help your plan
greg, try to do as many as you can each set, you might surprise yourself some times

Heavy Evy said...

Sorry for the subs coach.

Did Max Tabata Squats: 161
Tabata low score push ups(on knuckles): 6
Max Tabata Squats: 154

Had to go on my knuckles as my hands are ripped,and I need to swing a bat this weekend. Maintained 15 then crashed 12,8,8,6..........sound the fog horn!

Dustin said...

2011 Sunday July 11th - Little behind, have had the stomach flu so I had to do a double today.

A1. Hang Power Clean/Hang Squat Clean/Squat Clean - 1.1.1 x 5; rest 3 min
**185, 205, 225, 235, 235**
A2. Weighted Ring Dips @ 21X0; 3-4 x 5; rest 3 min
***35, 53, 70, 88, 88** (Used KB's)
B1. Push Press @ 12X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 2 min
**185x3, 195x3, 205x3, 205x2, 215x1***
B2. CTB Chin Ups - 22 unbroken x 5; rest 2 min
***22UB, 22UB, 22UB, 16+6, 15+7***


8 Hill Sprints
9 Low Score tabata push ups

Pfeifdog said...

Loved this workout, 4-8 on the sprints my leg felt dead about 20 seconds in.

Tabata Pushups 8

irongirl said...


8x hill sprints
last two were brutal...tried to get further up the hill each time but failed in last two

tabata pushups 7

b-mac said...

A. 205 all three, easy-peasy
B1. 160-165-165

C. in the pouring rain