sun, july 25, 2010

There will be some recommendations made for equipment that everyone should try to get as it will be programmed. This is # 1 - a big tire. Base your choice on feel as they all differ, weight DOES NOT determine the challenge. We have 5 different kinds at OPT. I've used 1 main one since 2001 myself, and it still does the trick (flipping it 30 times and jumping in and out to other side in 3 min and change wrecks everyone who does it). More recommendations to come; ask around for help. This is one of an online client of mine - he named it "Rubber".

A. Split Jerk - find your 1RM
B. AMRAP Chin Ups - 5 sets; rest 5 min b/t sets

add total in # of highest jerk to highest # of reps in chin ups as score
(i.e. 265 + 55 = 320 as score)
post score to comments


Anonymous said...


Greg said...


Scaled to 10's, done with PS, HSPU to Abmat, Tuck-sit pull-ups.


Early rest day yesterday, so will do next three in a row. All of this is pretty tough for me, so happy to get it done. Probably should have done 15's in hindsight. My 1RM full SN @115, so this seemed right weight. Tuck-sits went better than expected. HSPU not so much, but got them all done.

Martin Altemark said...

1RM PP: 90kg, 95kg (210lbs), 100kg (f)
Pullups: 35, 30, 20, 20, 20

score: 210+35=245

No jerk because of my ankle, tried push press instead. A bit distracted by fear of doing more harm to foot, but it went ok. Max reps PU has been better.

ETC said...

Did yesterdays metcon today because I did Grace + Annie yesterday.

Only completed Rd 1 in 2:00 so I modified it by adding 1 min rest in between each round. I needed rest because my run needs serious work.

1)2:00 Rest 1:00
2)2:05 Rest 1:00
3)2:09 Rest 1:00
4)2:12 Rest 1:00
5)2:21 Rest 1:00

Skipped toes to bar cause abs are fried from Annie.

Time to get a tire.

Eric S said...


Meldrum said...

skipped yesterdays workout as i went to funbobby Kwasny last bootcamp before he moves to thunder bay. He will definitely be missed.

split jerk 1rm 190

pull ups 13,12,11,10,10

Total = 240

Coach, could you recommend where to get a tire like that in Calgary.


OPT said...

meldrum, asking around to friends and family is best, Brett got mine from a farm in Hanna, Alberta...the others are from a truck shipping business...and another is from a friend who just had one???
we used some from a trucking company in okotoks, they were brand new but they had lots of old ones kicking'll get other stories from those on here as well....

Thad said...

Split Jerk 1 RM 195#
PU's 41,33,26,26,24

195 +41 = 236

Kyle F said...
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Kyle F said...


A good way to get one is to ask any tire shop that services farm equipment or construction equipment. They need to pay a fee to dispose of the tire so they'll usually just give them away. If you'll haul it.

Lars said...

Split Jerk - 275
Max pull ups - 35

Total - 310

Jerk was going up easy, but having trouble stabalizing under it. Had 285 up 3x, but couldn't balance.

Pull ups, just weren't there today. Was hoping for at least 40, previous PR is 43.

Need to do some rotator cuff exercises, shoulders feel off.

Paul Klein said...

Split Jerk = 270 lbs
25lb PR!!!!

Pull Ups
43 (10rep PR!!!) / 26 / 25 / 25 / 20

Score 270+43 = 313

Here is a video of the 270lb jerk, comments are appreciated.

I am still dipping forward with heavy weight. It is hard to see from the angle of the vid, but I have changed my stance to be a bit wider and my feet are "duck toed". This has helped to prevent a forward dip with somewhat heavy weight. But, obviously as the weight gets to 1rm territory it fails. Suggestions?

Now I need to get my clean up 270, I'd be happy with a 270 CnJ.

Chris Dunkin said...


Only 2 rounds of pull-up's. Had to get the boy to his swim meet for warm-up's.

Was able to wod at CF Ape here in Klamath Falls, OR thanks to the generosity of owner Jason Westfall. Turns out he's been following the blog and not posting, so we'll see if calling him out does any good.
Great intensity in the gym. Many hard gainers throwing around heavy iron and rubber.

Cocopuffs said...
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Cocopuffs said...

275# Jerk
12 Pullups

Mike Molloy said...

A: 235
B: 51

Total: 286

Mike McNaughton said...

SJ: 235
PU: 29,23,20,21,15

Score: 264

First time really working on split jerks. Lack of technique caught up with me at higher weight.

Brian said...

July 18 wod

C & J - 1RM

250 #

Notes - BW 170# - warm up weights were as follows: 95x3, 135x3, 165x2, 195x2, 215x1, 230x1
Limited myself to 3 attempts- 240, 250(f)on jerk, 250(ties PR)
Have not done heavy C&J in quite a while.

PRM said...

Split Jerk: 172 (PR by 7)
Pullups: Did a set of 25 and after I just worked on getting rid of a bad habit (not full extending right arm) I've had since dislocation and surgery last Aug.

Sean Cummings said...

Split Jerk = 235# (PR by 40 lbs)

Pull-Ups= 37 (PR by 13)

Total: 235+37= 272

Stahl said...

SJ: 235 (10# PR). Felt great, just had to mvoe on b/c of time.

PU: hands still raw from T2B yesterday. I could barely grip the bar in warm-ups so I switched to AMRAP Muscle Ups.

MUs: 9,7,8,5,7

Grip was the issue, once I lost false grip, I stopped, but I felt like I had more "pull" left.

Ordered some Cornhuskers lotion and hoping that helps with the tearing.

Brian Maier said...

Paul...nice work on crushing your previous PR.

Filly said...

245 split jerk (did 3 singles at this weight). My posterior shoulder gets hit with a jolt of pain when I jerk. I'm very hesitent on my overhead lifts because of it. This is 25lbs below my max split. I stayed lighter today because of the discomfort. Anyone esle experience that? I find when I grip the bar tighter in the front rack position it is worse.

Pull Ups (62, 40, 18/rip, 27, 27)

score = 307

Tire dragging for 20mins outside in the sun. Forwards, backwards, pull between legs.

OPT said...

filly, means your traps are not helping to move the shoulder blade at the right sequence as it should with the other scap some self releases on the lats of that side as well as active shoulder nervous system work before hand to get those guys working in co-ordination...sometimes its as simple as releasing some of the shit in there from all the pulling we do...

Alex Duncan said...


Jerk 225 (PR by 5 pounds, felt great!)

Max Pullups: 53 Did this almost one month ago and it ws 48. 5 rep improvement! Butterfly was fast and unbroken until around rep 49, then normal kip singles.

Was away yesterday, making up the work tomorrow.

Stephen B. said...

right shoulder was acting up today so I shut 'er down after hittin 225# in SJ...I'll re-visit this WOD soon...

Eric Montgomery said...

246lbs jerk + 37 pullups = 283 total

Notes: Went 96kg, 102kg, 108kg, 112F, 112kg, 112kg on jerks. Felt like I pressed out on the two 112kg attempts but video looked ok. Went 36 (regular kip) and 37 (mostly BFK) on pullups. Grip gave out a lot faster than I thought, I was expecting 50+.

DAVE X said...

A. 225#
Shitty. I feel like I should be doing so much more than this. I know i took a week off and my leg is still tender, but I also feel like I regressing in a way. I've also been developing these little bumps and bruises. For instance I whacked my wrist on my GHD during my warm up and had to wrap it tighter than normal during the lifts. Maybe I am getting old...

B. 21
T: 246

I can't wait to start using the tires. I stole one sitting on the side of the road a couple years ago, but I never really had a reason to use it until now. I live out in the country and farmers tend to leave a lot of their beaten up old equipment like these huge tires sitting around, but aren't really willing to part with it. They will litarally sit there for years and never touch them, but will look at you like you have three heads if you ask to take it off their hands. It always pays to get in good with the farmers' daughters in cases like that.

Ben Priestley said...

A. SJ: 193# (PR by 8#)
B. 1 set of pullups: 30
Score = 223

Played a soccer game prior to this. Focused on creativity, had a blast!

Also, a test today. Fight Gone Bad after OPT work (the reason I did only 1 set of pullups).
Score: 330 - a PR by 64 reps, a 24% increase! Coach, I'm super pleased with the result. Thank you for your programming!

Stephen Flamm said...

Just finished my last day of a 10 week Catalyst Athletics cycle in which the following PRs were set:

snatch: 194, up 60
clean & jerk: 229, up 15
clean: 234, up 30
split jerk: 254, up 25
front squat: 249, up 35
back squat: 289, up 25

The last 4 weeks have also included a switch to a predominantly paleo diet, during which my bodyweight has dropped from 200 to 189. So, I'm very pleased to have a bw+ snatch and 1.5x bw back squat (squats have always been a very weak point).

I'm taking this week off for much-needed recovery, and plan to jump back into OPT programming next weekend. Looking forward to it - it's been tough checking in every day and seeing you all kill it...

Garage Crossfitter said...

I found mine in the woods hunting, buried in weeds. I flipped and rolled the f*ing thing for 3 hours to get it home through 2 ravines. Post something on craigslist....u can find most anything on there...

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Split Jerk: 170 (PR)
Pull-Ups: 31, 23, 20, 18, 18
Total = 201

Anonymous said...

Split Jerk

210# (5lb p.r.)

Pull-ups (50,31,35,22,25)


Need a lot of work on my jerks. Feel like I am not getting enough drive from my legs. Also need work on controlling weight overhead. Being at a body weight of 160, I should be doing much more on jerks.

Erik Luber said...
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Brian Maier said...

A: split jerk 1RM - 255...PR (previous PR was 245)

B: AMRAP pullups - 45(PR),22,25,25,25

total: 255 + 45 = 300

stoked today w/ 2 new PR's.

Erik Luber said...

Split jerk: 154
Pull-ups: 50 (PR), 17
Score: 204

Rough day. Weights felt really heavy. I C&J'd 165 last weekend, so I felling pretty frustrated today. Just had no speed, couldn't get under the bar. Although I was pretty happy about the 50 pull-ups. This has been a long term goal of mine (previous PR was 40). Got a really bad rip after the first round, tried the second round, but hand was killing me, so I packed it in,

DAVE X said...

Here's the link to my last failed attempt on the 235#. Feedback appreciated. Grimaced at the end due to my leg pain.

Steve Howell said...

A: 240 (10# pr)
B: 62 (11 rep pr)

score = 302

Geoff said...

Split Jerk: 170
Pull-ups: 15

Score: 185


Stephen Flamm said...

Paul Klein & Dave X -

The biggest issue that I see from both of your videos (aside from the previously mentioned forward dip) is a reluctance to dive though with the head and chest. Both of you are receiving the bar when it's just above the forehead/front of the shoulder rather than directly above the traps. Commit to shoving your torso through, and let your traps do the job of catching the load.

Yelvi said...


Weight felt heavy today and so did I.

Sam said...

SJ: 120kg (264, pr+5.25kg), 4 singles at 100, 110, 120, 123kg(fail)
PU: 40 (pr+5), 30, 20, that's it (hot in the box and ripped up hands)

Total: 304

Feel real good.

James, also want to note, you did some programming for a friend and fellow coach of mine, Noah Rothman (we met you in person at Whole Foods in California at the games) after he tore his biceps tendon not 6 months ago. He laid out for a month after two different surgeries, did your rehab stuff, hopped in on our gym's programming (which is similar to your stuff), and has been following big dawg programming with me for a while. He went from 0 kipping pullups and a shitty jerk to 30 kips and 248 jerk today. Thank you for helping the guy out. It means a lot to me.

r Gaines said...

SJ: 155(3), 185(2), 205(1), 215(f) 215(f)215(1)

Pull ups: 30, 20, 25, 15, 12

215+ 30=245

Pfeifdog said...

245 Split Jerk

Total: 267

feeling beat up today. Hands tore on second set of pull up.

Chad Walding said...

236 jerk(pr)
30 Pull
266 Total

-My hands couldn't handle holding onto the bar, very sore from yesterday.

-Happy with getting a pr but I know I have more in me. Failed at 241x2.
Goal is to jerk 250 in the next 2 months.

Noah said...

Not to clog the big dawg blog with some sappiness but thanks Sam. James, I didn't get a chance to say what I wanted at Whole Foods but thank you very much for what you did for me. It was because of your programming and lifestyle guidance that I got back on track so quickly and I can't thank you enough. Also, thanks to my crew back at CFDC down in Dallas (Sam, Spencer, Dean, Chase, and Tyler) for all of their help and coaching these past 7mths on my road back to full strength.

Jerk - 248
Pull Ups - 30


Also, James, some of us from CFDC and my old box, Windy City CrossFIt (Justin, Dave, and Cal) are looking forward to your program design cert out in San Diego.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Split Jerk: 165, 185, 205(f), 205 (f)

Pull ups: 38, 27, 26, 23, 18

Score: 223

sheacraig said...

Jerk: 100 kilos plus two paint cans... (232 pounds)

My bumper plates are coming tomorrow, so I only have 100 kilos of iron. I had two half-full cans of paint that I slid onto the ends and put some grocery bags over (to prevent any explosions from getting too far if I dumped it). This got me up to 232, which is still a little shy of my previous PR, but I have no more weight! I thought about clamping some 2x4's I had sitting around on or using some compression straps to try to attach some iron bookends I have, but the paint cans were silly enough.

32, 14, 14, 18, 16

Score: 264

Really happy with the pullups, as I did the majority of the reps as butterfly kipping pullups, and didn't whiff any of them and have to stop swinging, reset, and get back into it like in the past.

Brent Maier said...


Split Snatch: 130kg (275#) PR by 20# since regionals. 265# set at regionals. Before regionals, I was stuck at 245# for the longest time.
Pullups: 52/30/20/21/23 - 46 was previous PR. Tore the hell out of my hands today pretty bad. Mentally I shut down at 52, not my grip. 53 was strictly a mental failure.

Score: 275+52=327

Brent Maier said...

Garage, your comment cracked me up! Congrats on all the PR's today too.

brian cilento said...

SJ: 225
PU: 40


Coach what are we looking for here?

Julian Cruz said...



Jen Osborn said...

first day training OPT!

SJ: 160
PU: 19/20/16/16/15

never tried to max out on sj so i was happy with that ...almost got 170 just didnt get a low enough split so ill have to work on that.

pull ups were okay, hands still torn up but whats new!

Eric Montgomery said...

@brian, I'm guessing it's for comparison purposes along with the other 1RMs and max effort 1K rows and whatnot from the last week or so.

Craig said...

Looks like I'll have to make this one up. Spent the day flying SE Ak for a med'vac 100 mi off shore from a 600' tanker headed to Valdez. It's a great feeling being out there helping others.

DAVE X said...

General question to the group:

What do you guys do for general hand care?

I too got a slight rip and I always seem to have some issue with sensitivity in my hands after wods with a great number of pull ups.

I soak my hands and scrape the calluses, but I've also changed the tape a couple couple of times on my bar but nothing seems to work.


Rainer Hartmann said...

Split Jerk 145# (first time done behind neck)
Pull-ups: 26/22/20/18/16
Total = 171

Paul Klein said...

Stephen Flamm, thanks for the input. Watching the video in slow motion, I can see exactly what you mean. I will be working on it from now on.

David X,

I keep a pumice stone in the shower, and every few days I scrub my hands with it to keep the callouses from getting sharp. You want them there just not so big and sharp that they can tear. Also and this is just my opinion, I NEVER use chalk when I do pull ups. Chalk works so well that your skin doesn't stand a chance with all the grip. Think about all the pictures you see of people showing their torn hands...they are always loaded with chalk. Also, Greg Everett posted this a few days back

Hand Care

Spend enough time on a barbell, and you'll develop calluses. This is good in the sense that your hands are adapting to the stress and becoming thicker and stronger where necessary. However, some of you find that those calluses can become the cause of problems significant enough to disrupt your training.

A callus rip is inevitable over the long term, but it should by no means be a regular occurrence - frequent callus tears mean frequent training disruptions. It's tough to make progress when you have to stop doing what you're doing all the time. The solution? Take care of your hands in a way that will minimize if not eliminate tears and allow you to continue training.

First, don't shave off your calluses. They're there for a reason. You want that thick, tough skin. What you don't want are rough or sharp edges that can hang up on the bar and start a tear. Some people get crazy with the callus shavers and take the skin right down to the weak stuff below. Or worse, they shave them down so much that the area formerly armored is now sensitive to the touch.

I prefer fine-grit sandpaper to any other tool out there (200-220 type stuff). Cut some pieces and fold them into little 2x2" or so squares and they'll be a little stiff, but flexible enough to get into the places you need. Smooth out the rough edges before and after workouts and you'll be fine.

To improve on this, start using a liberal dose of Cornhuskers Lotion every day. Don't use your girlfriend's silly body lotion - it won't do the job. Just rub some into your hands every night when you're going to bed and pretty soon you'll have hands like baseball mitts. In fact, you might want to try rubber-banding your hands shut around a barbell-sized chuck of pipe all night to break them in.

DAVE X said...


Thanks for the input. I too use a pumice and have read that post, but I always use chalk. I'll start trying without. I use a ton of it on my pullups and I have a ton of problems. I may have finally to two and two together here, kinda like the time I kept getting shocked when I stuck a knife in the power outlet.

Kyle F said...

Sat July 24 2010

Muscle up practice - worked on multiples. Made some progress

Only had rest on first run (as soon as I finished the run I started burpees):

Knee to elbow as Rx'd rested 3-5 sec between sets of 5

Stahl said...

Hand Care:

I do shave my calluses, but not very much. Just enough so there's still some callus there, but the bar isn't catching them. I'll smooth them out with a pumice stone afterward.

All that has helped, but after this last tear I'm going completely off chalk. Sometimes even when I don't tear on high volume pull-up days, my hands are really tender the next day and it's tough to do more pulling.

Per Everett's recommendation, I've ordered some Cornhusker's lotion to see if that helps. sells a 6-pack for $23. Tough to beat that price.

Paul Klein said...

I found a place that has free tires. 50lbs to 1000lbs.

Coach or anyone,
What weight tire do you recommend. I am limited for space so I can only get one right now. Otherwise I would take a few different ones.

NorCal Chris said...

Jerk: 200# (PR)
Pullups: 41(PR),20,21,21,21
Total: 241

Continue to be pleased with the shoulder holding up.

Anonymous said...

29 yom 180lbs

split jerk - 235
pullups - 45 butterfly kip
total - 280

would've liked a heavier jerk but form today was ugly from 205 upwards.

OPT said...

paul klein, play with a few to see as i flipped some 300# that felt like they were 1000
SAM, sweet photo
Jen, welcome

well done on all the overhead PR's today folks!

Andy said...


strained wrist on 215 could have done more.

Then 3sets of 10 burps run 400m. Did all 3 in less than 2 min, had to rest for 30 seconds in between to get reset.

Saturday did row 500/30 bw bench press/row 1000/ 20 bp/row 2000/10 bp.
32:15 bw 195
Out of town and woding with dad and buddy who just got back from Afghanistan.

Adam Rogers said...

255 SJ + 40PU = 295

PR's for both, +5lbs on jerk and +4pullups.

experimented a little with jerking from back, was awkward for me so switched back when it got heavy. failed several times at 265, felt close.

Chris Fodera said...

James called it on the picture...early submission for 2011 Big Dawgs mix in honor of Sam:

Alex said...


SJ: 145# (PR!)


Score: 172

I'm very happy with this result! 1st two sets were good, 3rd set my hands were slipping, 4th as well. The phone rang and needed to take the call so I may have had an extra 45-60 seconds rest for the last set, but at that point I was surprised to be able to squeeze out so many!
It went really well ...the Split jerk felt pretty good too. tried 150 but time to attempt again.

Heavy Evy said...

Away for a wedding this weekend. Was only able to make up the one wod on Monday.

Split Jerk: 240, 250fx2
Chin Ups: 59 huge PR

Score 299

Really wish I could dump the weight from overhead, thought I could get the 250, jumped abit too quick, and technique was the shitz. Pumped about the pull ups, Butterfly is wicked sweet once you get the rythym down, I think my last amrap attempt was only in the 30's.

Dom said...

SJ 325 (new PR!)

Did "Helen on Steroids" with the class. 24:00 and 295 lbs

Kyle F said...

A: 1 rm = 235
B: got to 20 then hand ripped

Not happy with jerk. That is well below my pr. I felt the rip and shut it down on pull ups. not worth ruining my hands and being out a while.


Jon. G said...



Soren said...

1RM; 90,95,100,102(PR)
Pull up: 25 was highest
224+25= 249

Stopped after 3 times pull up as hands were starting to tear.
Very pleased with the Jerk, there might even have been another lift, but decided not to play with fire!