Big Dawg Playlist # 2 and some comments....

1] Bodies- Drowning Pool
2] Burn it to the Ground- Nickelback
3] Giving In- Adema
4] Around the World- Red Hot Chili Peppers
5] Till I Collapse- Eminem
6] You're Going Down- Sick Puppies
7] Sabotage- Beastie Boys
8] Blue Monday- Orgy
9] Guilty- Gravity Kills
10] Indestructible- Disturbed
11[ Hey Little World- The Hives
12] Step Into the World- KRS-One
13] Ladies and Gentlemen- Saliva
14] Enter Sandman- Metallica
15] Bulls on Parade- Rage Against the Machine
16] The Last Fight- Bullet for My Valentine
17] Monster- Skillet
18] Step Up [I'm on it]- Maylene & The Sons of Disaster
19] Ratamahatta- Sepultura
20] Goodbye- P.O.S.

thx to everyone for the input
special thx to Unit for helping to gather it all
next we'll get it onto a playlist and get it up for downloading somewhere

comment from a 1/2 IM athlete after we had an interesting conversation about life and 90% effort and where it gets you vs. 100% effort; then i threw it back at him about nutrition and the same idea...this is where we got:

"Well I was 100% on the no bread, pasta & rice. As for sugar, I'm not so sure because days after I ate it I realized maybe I got it through my organic yogurt and/or sauce I had added while BBQg my vegetables. I definitely didn't eat any sugar on purpose, not a lick or sample of anything.

I didn't realize the chasm between 90% & 100% until I did it. I'm a much better person for it; not so much because of where I am today but going forward. It's like when I have quit anything, the 1st two weeks are hardest but I then eventually begin to lose the craving and so too again this time for bread, pasta & rice. I won't forever be 100% but I forever will be greater than 90%. For example, instead wrapping meat & vegetables with a pita or pasta wrap. I'll just wrap with a lettuce leaf.

Also I found the process of 100% made me question everything. At 90%, I didn't think about my intake as much because I knew I was eating well enough "relatively speaking" and therefore any given item wasn't questioned as closely. At 100% I had to think about every thing I was about to eat whether it was acceptable. This world if full of shhIt. Working out is easy, eating healthy is the real work especially when travelling. I have invested so much more time into planning how I'm going to manage to eat healthy and even harder, where to find it but I digress.

Going 100% did leave me wondering; can one:
* Eat too much meat
* Eat to much vegetables
* Eat too much fruit
* Eat too much yogurt
* Eat too many nuts
* Are potatoes acceptable

I ask the first three because for the first two weeks I was hungry all day. I drank water but nibbled non-stop on meat, nuts, vegetables, fruit & yogurt. I didn't gain any weight so I assumed it might be reasonably okay e.g. Other than yogurt I assumed they are not calorie dense.

Now, I don't have as much hunger during the & more importantly don't crave bread, pasta & rice --- thus forever better. Thanks for making me do it.

Training went well except I didn't get any swims in (I accept the consequences of what that will mean race day) and I had to miss one workout (a Z1 workout so hopefully not to influential to a race).

I must confess, I miss my OPT workouts and look forward to getting back into a routine of OPT.



Dave X said...

Hey how'd my songs miss the cut?!?

Jenna said...

I wish I had been 100% paleo when I did my ironmans. I want to do another one someday, just for that reason!

IT sure does make a big difference.

Can't wait to download this playlist.

Heavy Evy said...

Does anyone have a list of the songs from the first playlist? Tried a link that was posted awhile ago and it didn't work for me.

Are potatoes okay? Don't eat them very often, but being part Irish I had them at every meal growing up.......maybe thats how I got the nickname Heavy?

Michael said...


Did you try this link?


This one worked for me.

As for 100%, I couldn't agree more. When I cut out "cheat" days leading up to Regionals, I came out the other side without cravings for those cheat meals.

I would, however, like some clarification on what 100% means for paleo, so I know I'm not eating something I think is legit when it's actually not.

In fact, I think defining the boundaries of 100% is really important and one of the toughest things to do. For example, with training volume, I (and it seems from previous posts that many are in a similar situation) could theoretically train more, but I have a job, family, etc. that are important. So, I don't always hit every big dawg WOD because of those other aspects of my life. So, I try to outline the universe of my training capabilities, and give 100% within that. The value comes in giving 100% within that universe, once it's been defined. With that total commitment, there's the vulnerability Coach posted about earlier b/c there are no built-in excuses when the results aren't what I hoped. It's scary but way more rewarding. 90% leaves the mind too many "outs".

Pfeifdog said...

I loaded it into Grooveshark @

Pfeifdog said...
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Poly said...

Just found out I have another Lil' Dawg on the way!!!
The last time I was at or near %100 was during my wife's pregnancy. The focus I gained last time when I first found out I was going to become a father was greater than at any point in my life. I got in the best shape of my life because as the cook in my house I was so concerned about what my wife was eating.

Had to push yesterdays workout to today. I had the opportunity to play football vs Edmonton cops yesterday at halftime during the Eskimos game, and wanted to be fresh when playing in front of 20000+.

A1. 230, 240, 250 x3 (failed on last squat clean)
A2. Unweighted, shoulders giving me problems, just focused on ROM and it felt better towards the end.
10reps per set
B1. 135, 145, 155, 175, 185 x4
B2. Scaled to 16, all sets UB

Brian Maier said...

Michael...I couldn't agree with you more. Well said!!!

DAVE X said...

Congrats Poly! I too hope to have a couple more added to the litter soon.

Drover said...

This playlist is fantastic, a lot of great tunes.

Fitzy, Happy Belated Birthday and best of luck at the Games.

Poly congrats on the new addition, best of luck in the future.

I am fairly new to posting on the big dawgs programming and one day I hope to call myself a big dawg as well.

To all big dawgs at the games this weekend, best of luck.

Lars said...

Congrats Poly!!

Lisa M said...


Congratulations!!!! That is awesome, my children are the joy of my life and they are one of the main reasons I keep crossfitting as I want to set a good example for them and teach them what true health and fitness are. I believe the only way to do that is by leading by example plus as a side bonus who doesn't want to be a MILF!!!

unit said...

@ Lisa M

i'd prefer to not be a MILF... perhaps DILF?...


Heavy Evy said...

Congrats Poly, thats awesome.

Thanks Michael, and well written.

Michael said...

Congrats Poly!!

Ben Priestley said...

2011 - 7/11/10 programming
A1. 155#/165/170/175/180(f,1.1.f,f)
A2. 5#/10/15/20/25
* Ran out of time for part B1/2
11 hours later...
did my affiliate wod for today:
15 HSPU (scaled toes on box, hands on paralletes), 3rds: 50DU + 25 OH lunges 45#, 15 HSPU subs.

Notes: was taking 30 sec between clean progressions as the weights got heavier. First time doing weighted dips, 25# was close to the end of my limit for 4 reps at tempo.

Jmarty said...

Rise Against - Savior