thurs, july 22, 2010

Itunes Big Dawg Mix - CAN version

for time:
15 snatch - 135#/95#
15 HSPU - hands elevated 2" off ground
15 L Pull ups
15 HSPU - hands elevated 2" off ground
15 snatch - 135#/95#

post time to comments
ensure full ext of arms and shoulders and legs straight out for L pull ups
do not use kip at bottom as you're pulling legs up as momentum


Craig said...

personal preference on the snatch? i.e. muscle, power, squat.

Stahl said...

Are there any dawgs training in Northern California that have some space for one more?

The affiliate where I belong now is falling apart. There's no regular schedule and it's making it impossible to train and follow this programming. I don't have the space to train at home, so I need some alternative location.

I live in Menlo Park, CA (peninsula in NorCal) and would love to train with anyone else out there, especially if it's in the morning.

E-mail me at if you know of someone or have capacity. Thanks in advance.

PTS said...


Yikes. The weight was heavy and HSPU are a weakness but this was still much slower than expected. Since the HSPU were going to be grinding anyways I should have just sprinted the snatches.

Anonymous said...


Meldrum said...

Snatch is a very big weakness of mine and had to scale it back to 100#


Everything about today sucked. Could not get any type of momentum going. My breathing was all over the place and could not control it. Not really pleased with my accomplishments today.

Chris Dunkin said...


very happy with this. first time completing that many hspu's (of any kind) in a wod under 20min. Mostly singles, a couple of doubles, and last three in a row. Trap 3 work is paying off.
Snatches felt fast and efficient.

Marshall said...


My legs and butt are toast after yesterday's WOD. Snatches felt really heavy today. I really had to concentrate on putting that extra effort into the pull and being fast under the bar or it wasn't happening. 135 is a good weight for me where I can't rely on strength alone and forces me to concentrate on my technique.

Chase said...

I'm back after a short hiatus to SoCal for work and CF games. I have to say nice job to all the athletes, that looked like a grueling weekend for you guys, and you all represented yourselves and the OPT programming very well.

I'm going to try my best to stick to this programming but sometimes it's difficult with work, we'll see how it goes.

Today's WOD: 14:19

I am terrible at snatches, I had a few reps that felt great, but I always followed them with poor reps. HSPU the second set got very hard, mostly sets of 2-3.

Greg said...

MU & burpee/chin/GHD:

MU: my set-up sucks (working off my rack) so I can't kip really and overhead is an issue. Need to work on transition as well.

scaled as follows:
1&2: 15/20(broken)/10GHD - 2:51/3:38
3: 15/10B/10 - 3:02
4&5: 10/10/20 abmat - 2:39/2:46

lots of work to do.

Greg said...

Question: Is a 3-1 (on-Off) rotation a good assumption for the time being? Thanks.

Thad said...


Scaled first 15 snatches to 115#
Scaled second 15 snatches to 125#
HSPU hands elevated to about 4" above ground

Eric Montgomery said...


Notes: Scaled to 115lb on snatches. HSPUs with hands on 15kg plates. Squat snatches on first 15, power snatches for second 15. ~3:45 for first 15 snatches, ~6:50 coming off first HSPUs, ~8:55 coming off L-pullups, and ~13:30 coming off second HSPUs. Broke HSPUs 6-3-2-1-1-1-1 and 3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Broke L-pullups 7-4-4.

Paul Smith said...


Snatch and HSPU were very strong and fast, but L-pull ups not so much. These felt slow and very difficult not to dip my legs at the bottom of movement and Kip.

OPT said...

greg, we'll be on a tues-thurs, sat/sun split for July, then we'll change some things for August

Heavy Evy said...

Chris D,
What is Trap 3 work?

Joel B. said...

Make up post.
3 sets: 145 power cleans
rows about 110m per 20 sec

A1: 245X3, 265X3, 285X2, 300X2, 315X1
A2: 45, 50, 53, 58, 60.5
B: 95, 100, 105, 115X8

then went right into trying to make up the day before when didn't get to the metcon. I was pretty spent so modified to:
10 burpees, 12 chins, 15 ghd su w/2min rest on all sets X5.

Don't know that I will be able to get to today's today as I am feeling yesterday's double and on shift.

Sean Cummings said...


Scaled weight on snatch to 95#, my shoulders and hamstrings were a bit fried from the last couple of days. Handstand pu's were 1-2 reps at a time, L pull-ups were quick.

Chad Walding said...

22:47 as RX'd

So I know it's not a sexy time by any means but I'm actually pretty proud of myself since I did this RX'd. I've never done more than about 5 135# snatches and I almost always scale HSPU's. This was HUGE for me! If I did this WOD 3 months ago I don't even know if I would have the buy in. I think this is a direct result of an awesome phase one program. Thanks James! Shoulder's are stronger, snatches are more efficient and I'm getting better with body weight/explosion. Good stuff!

Martin Altemark said...

Had the chance to tag along with a friend to an obstacle course, and took it.

Result: sprained ankle during first lap.

Will probably be out for awhile. And I was so happy to be back. Well, well.

Bear said...

A bit under the weather, so I have to take some extra rest. Starting over on tuesday, some maintenance until then.

Btw, It was great watching all the dawgs competing this weekend. CF Games is OUR olympics if you now what I mean.

Cocopuffs said...

11:10 as RX'd. L-pulls where done on my crappy doorframe chinup bar that only has supinated grip. HSPU was the hardest part.

Brian said...

July 15th wod (still following 1 week behind)

A1. Back Squat @ 30X0; 5,4,3,2,1; rest 3 min
A2. Medium Grip Pronated CTB Chin Ups @ 31X0; 2-3 x 5; rest 3 min
5 sets:
20 unbroken CTB chin ups
40 squats
rest 3 min


A1. 225,250,275,295,310
A2. all BW 3 reps

1. 68s
2. 70s
3. 70s
4. 76s
5. 80s

Notes: Squats difficult with tempo; First set could have done more ; Pullups UB on first 3 rds; then 17/3, 15/4/1. Grip / forearm was issue. BW squats UB.

Filly said...

9:50 - moved slowly on the snatches today. my shoulders are pretty wrecked from last weekend. Heavy Thrusters in the affiliate cup WOD#1 lefted a mark on me. Heavy thrusters always do this.

Power snatched the workout today. HSPU (10/3/2), (5/3/2/1/1/1/1/1)
L-pullup (5/3/2/2/1/1/1)

Stahl said...


All power snatches. Kipped 10 HSPU in the first set, the rest were strict.

Was nervous about completing this WOD b/c 1RM on snatch is 160, and regular HSPU are a huge goat.

So, overall pleased that I could complete 30 snatches at 135 and and 30 depth HSPU.

Still a long way to go on these movements.

Kevin said...


13:45, as rx'd.

Back felt pretty good, though I was cautious on the way down in the snatch.

Blazed through the first two sets and thought I was going to give Paul a run for his money (yeah, right), but doing L-pull-ups all the way legit really slowed me down. Took a minute or two to realize I needed to do them supinated or they weren't going to happen.

Didn't kip at all on the HSPUs, which might make this the most I've ever done strict in a WOD. Definitely getting a lot stronger in my shoulders. Thanks for the programming, James.

DAVE X said...

Is that ad for reals?? WTF?!?

DAVE X said...

That exhibit came to Rochester a few years ago and it was very intriging, but I don't remember the health clubs taking a lot of interest in it.

Sam said...

14:52 rx'd
Snatches by singles, HSPU by 5's, l-pulls by singles and doubles. Felt pretty good. Just came off some strength cycles so conditioning not great, but felt manageable today.

Thanks James.

Anthony said...

Congrats to DJ, Lauren, Joey and James on great showings at the games last weekend. It was a pleasure to watch you all. Great to meet you too Brett, Grant, Chris and all the other Big Dawgs.

Myself and 13 others from my box are competing this weekend in 4 WOD competition in Miami, Florida called "The Swamp Monster". I thought I would share the WODs with you.

WOD 1: 10 minutes
750 meter row
20 meter belly crawl in mud
O-course with 60# sandbag
20 meter belly crawl in mud

WOD 2: using the remainder of the 10 minutes from WOD 1, AMRAP clean and jerk with 185#.

WOD 3: 6 minutes AMRAP
10 Muscle Up buy in then...
3 Squat Snatch @ 115#
1 15' Rope ascent

WOD 4: 5 Bar Muscle Ups
15 95# Thrusters
20 KB Snatches 1.5pood
25 95# Push Press
30 C2B pull ups
35 24" Box Jumps
40 KBS 1.5 pood
45 Dbl. Unders
500 meter run

After I heal up, I'll be back to regular posts here.

Lars said...

Today's WOD

time 10:10

No bumper plates and no flat surface for the HSPU's made this a little tricky. Made up most of my time on the snatches, did Power Snatches.

Also, just a comment my butt and abs are messed up from the past 2 days.

Paul Klein said...

Nice work Paul Smith!


First 15 were all squat snatch. I probably had about 5-6 missed reps. I realized that pushing back up into the bar on my way into the squat helps a lot. HSPU's were a major grind, after first five they were all singles and doubles.

Good workout, two of my major weaknesses, O-lifts and HSPUs.

Craig said...

13:35 as rx'd

everything was broken, but felt good.

Alex Duncan said...


Snatches were all power and felt strong. First 15 in 3mins
HSPUs a huge weakness. All singles. I'm 6'3" and mostly arms, so these kill me on the ROM
L Pullups fast and easy 5/5/5
Second set of HSPUs brutal

I'm glad to hear other folks are feeling some very sore glutes as well after the last couple of days!

Steve Howell said...

8:54 rx'd

*did snatch and felt good.used 10kg plates
*hspu's felt strong broken but only one failed rep.
*L pull ups were good no problems there.

Paul Klein said...

Have you looked into linking your recommended reads to They have that affiliate program that pays 15% for purchases made after following the link. I have purchased a few of the books from your list, and I'm sure many others have as well. It might be another way to fund the big dawg dish.

Mike Molloy said...

13:23 as rx'd.

second set of snatches was pretty brutal.

PRM said...

Snatches were 95# Power snatch + OHS
HSPU were full range but hands on floor
L-pull as rx'd

derb said...


July 20 WOD

I have to work keeping the false grip when doing unbroken muscle ups.


Krazy said...


All Snatches were full Squat Snatches with 115#
-Snatches are one of my weakest lifts and I really had to focus on form in order to catch it in a full squat

HSPU were done strict
-these killed me and my time because it got to where I could only get 1 or 2 in a row

First time doing L-Pull Ups and really enjoyed them quite a bit

Any Dawgs gonna be at the CrossFit Charlotte Level 1 Cert this weekend???

unit said...

as rx... hspu on 25lb plates


hspu def were the bottleneck...


Alex said...

Used 75# for the snatches.
Did partial HSPU...not very good at those
L-Pull Ups..ugh...needed to kip to L position kept it there for the up down part of the pull up.


OPT said...

paul klein, great idea, looking into it as we speak...thx a tonne

Brent Maier said...


Time: 8:45 as RX'd

Just got off the plane from LA and headed out to get the workout done. Ate like shit this week (tough not to with kids) but can't afford to take another rest day. Saw the athlete ages in the 2009 games program guide they gave out this year and was in awe of how young every one is. The last 2 years I thought Burke was 3 years older than I while slowly gaining ground. This year I'm going to try and find a few Olympic athletes that want to give the team competition a go for next year with me. I can always fall back on individual. I will get to the games ONCE or die trying! For those big dawgs on the fence about training because of age, size, or pains, get over it... Turn up the music... 3,2,1 go and have some fun. Enjoy the ride into 2011 with the rest of us.

OPT, please continue to do your best to keep us ahead of the game and our competition! We love you and everything you do. Ouu!

Sorry for the rant. I feel better now!

Julian Cruz said...

34:03 squat snatch

Finished last rep of HSPU at 13:03. The last set of snatches were brutal. I was explosive enough to get under the bar but it kept falling forward.Started pulling to early from the ground which made the bar swing away from my body. Didn't figure that out until my 11th rep. Still happy that I finished bc the snatch and hspu are huge weaknesses which I couldn't do a few months ago.

Stephen B. said...


Fantastic WOD and great learning experience! Did squat snatches as I wanted to practice getting into the bottom position. Hspu were all strict and off of 25# bumpers. Not ecstatic about my time, to say the least, but happy about my increase in strength. I must have had nearly 15 misses total with the majority being in the second set of snatches. The weight wasn't the problem, I simply wasn't pulling under the bar quickly enough. I'd always get under it but wouldn't always be locked out or have the bar positioned correctly overhead. When I focused on the third pull, the lift was strong and fast. HSPU felt good and the same with the L pull ups, which I got through quickly (legs straight and above parallel...6/4/5).

Nice work sub-10ers.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


Scaled to 95#
Scaled L pull ups to knee tuck pull ups cuz abs still killing me from ghd sit-ups two days ago
Hands elevated. check.

Andy said...


HSPUs were the limiting factor. The snatches felt better than they have in past wods with this weight, ie isabel.
L pulls were tough since abs were smoked from ghds the other day.

NorCal Chris said...

Scaled 13:08

Snatches @ 90#
HSPU w/ bands

Abs sore as he'll and glutes too but shouldernhas been holding up amazingly well.

Stahl, I would love to point you in the right direction for a gym in norcal, but I am in Marin which is a long way from menlo. Good luck.

Stahl said...

NorCal Chris,

Thanks. If you hear of any dogs down on the peninsula, let me know. I need to find a solution fast.

Dustin said...


I accidentally did 2 rounds of the L-Pullups instead of one so - oh well. Snatches felt great - last 15 were fairly slow but my form held up. HSPU, did 13ub+2 first round and on the second did 7ub+3+3+2.

Chris Dunkin said...

type in "trap 3" in the GO FETCH box at the bottom of the blog. Think it's the second link down.
from a post on 8/30/09. OPT posted a video of it and the external rotation and powell raise.

Anonymous said...



All squat snatches
HSPU's done on 45lb plates

That was a great wod and really feel like my power is improving everyday.

Cameron Currie said...


Everything was as RX'ed, but I had to quit after 5 snatches in the end. My left shoulder was having issues. The snatch remains to be one of the most challenging moves for me. I can't seem to get my body parts to work in tandem to accomplish a decent looking sntach. Much needed practice though.

Ben Priestley said...

7/21 Programming:
PC: 135#, 145, 150
Row: 109m, 103, 108
A1. 255#, 265, 275, 285, 295 (1 extra DL attempt: 300# 1RM PR by 15#!)
A2. 27.5#, 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5
B. 75#, 95, 105, 115

Notes: Surprised how easy the touch and go cleans felt. May need to test my Grace time soon. DL was a huge PR; the highest previous session was 285# for a 1x3 on 2/10/10. So ya, this was a dusty PR, been awhile since I've tested myself. Feels great to get 300!!! I think there's more in my tank, but I was happy to leave it there tonight. BB lunges was new to me, I went a little too easy tonight, even 115# was easy.

ETC said...


HSPU 8-4-3 / 5-5-3-2
PU 8-3-3-2
Hadn't done snatches in some time but my squat strength has improved so they were actually easier. Last 15 snatched tough with fatigued shoulders so I really had to tighten up the landing position and not rely on shoulders to make corrections.
Although not Rx I'm happy with my strength improvements. I would not have been able to do these snatches @ 115# in a wod 6 months ago.

Rainer Hartmann said...

Scaled snatch to 115#, power snatch. HSPU to 25# bumpers

CF Hampton Roads said...

Jeremy: 21:18 Rx
Nicole: Off the clock, but complete using 90lbs.

J - Snatches felt good. HSPU broken more than i wanted (6,4,2,2,1 then 3, 2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1,1)

N - 95 is old snatch 1RM, so challenging at 90lbs, but complete. Felt strong on HSPUs (pretty much all sets of 2-3)

DAVE X said...


Thanks for bringing that topic up. It was something that I was thinking a lot about over the weekend. At 34 years of age, I've been CrossFitting for just about 3 years and while I have never been more fit or in better shape, it's clear to me that the Games are indeed getting more difficult as will the sectionals/regionals, etc., and I struggle with the fact that I may always be behind the curve, so to speak.

I've done personal cost-benefit analyses and I question how rewarding it'll be by finishing 60th after 6 or 7 months of intense training if the trends continues. Does the strict dieting and the social awkwardness of eating strict Paleo really payoff when in one weekend the efforts are moot.

What I pretty much determined is YES! It is worth all the sacrifice and hardwork. Like you said just crank up the music and go for it. Balls to the wall.

I figure that training for 2011 begins in earnest in September and I plan on approching training very differently. I'm going to compete in more local events and visit the area boxes more as well.

I'm the type of person that can't do anything half-assed. Knowing where I fell short during teh sectionals just made me more eager for next year!

Sorry for the rambling, but this was on my mind.


Old Dawg (Hari) said...

15:42 (Sub 95 lbs, normal ROM HSPU's)

Heavy Evy said...

Brent and DaveX,
I just turned 32 last Saturday, and all I could think that weekend was how I've found this sport too late as well, but you guys have it right, why not give it a go. I mean finishing dead last in a competition isn't going to take any years off my life.......though sometimes I think this training is! God my guts are sore from those ghds!

I also wanted to ask you Brent if you are keeping up with the yoga/streching, and how you fit it in with this volume of training. I really need to keep an eye on my flexability.

Jon G. said...

This was a rough one...

I started out my snatches with 125# and did 6 reps, then scaled to 115# for the rest of it.

HSPU on 25# plates and were all kipping and broken into sets of 2 and 3.

L Pull ups were in sets of 3.


jnel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jnel said...


as rx: 10:45

done with squat snatches

Greg said...

7/23 - PC/row, DL/Dip/Lunge

PC/row: 135#/110m, 155#/109m, 160#/106m

A1: 253/273/293/313/335 (tacked the extra 2# for a 5# PR since I was feeling really good here)
A2: 35/45/53/53/53 (need a dip belt - tow strap works, but is a pain)

B: 65(14)/75(14)/85(12 - lost tempo)/85(12 - lost tempo at 10th rep) - these were pretty awkward as I have some balance issues.

ETC said...

I've been having the same age conversation lately as well. I just turned 35 and I'm a small guy @ 150#. I would like to be a strong member of an affiliate team next year or be competitive in the Sectionals of 2011.

I have been competitive in Submission Grappling for years but I'm looking for a new challenge.
With 2 years of CF under my wing and some OPT Dig Dawgs help maybe I can do it.? I don't know- but I'll turn the music on and let it rip this year!!

DAVE X said...

@Brent, Heavy, ETC, et al.;

I've come to realize that even in our advanced years that the training we've been doing with CrossFit and here with James has provided us more than with just the opportunity to exercise and become fitter, but it's allowing us to really test the limits of what this type of work can do in terms of battling back the effects of the aging process. We are maximizing our human potential. Honestly I never feel like I'm 34. I have friends of the same age and younger who bitch about every little ache and pain and are amazed at me for wanting to push myself the way I do.

I've said that If i could put my brain in my 18 year old body my life would be so much different. Then I remember my life is pretty f---ing sweet as it is. Why wish to change. When I was 18 I didn't have the means nor the desire to do anything like Crossfit. Plus it wasn't even invented yet! Now I have all the tools to introduce this to my friends and family and help them change their lives as it's changed mine. If I continue to compete or not, that's one thing, but for the future I know I will always strive to fit and that really the goal.


Angelo Fosco said...

First 15 snatches full snatches, last set of 15 just power snatches (sprained knee bothering me). Otherwise as rx'd.


Brent Maier said...

@HeavyEvy: Volume of training, I'm not having any issues with it at all. In fact I wish he was a little tougher on us consistently, but that may be counter productive which is why I put my faith in James's programming and just give it 100% every day. With work and family, just fitting in the doubles and triples is more difficult than dealing with the pain & recovery of the actual workouts themselves. I've seen major strength increases just since my regionals in July in relation to previous cycles. As long as I continue to see major progress, overtraining/underrecovering is not in my vocabulary.

I posted this a while back but I am convinced Yoga and intenstive stretching in general had a large part in healing my back injury that happened somewhere between sectionals and regionals. I also strongly believe it also had a positive impact on my strength improvements since then. You quickly realize how breathing stops when you hold a difficult position. That simple realization has massive impacts during a crossfit metcon. I consider myself very flexible anyway but I gained additional 5" on my hamstring flexibility after that month of stretching. Since then, I continue to perform the same yoga stretches with my warmup each and every day which is also helping my jerk flexibility.

@Dave: Thanks for sharing! With this level of determination, there is no reason why we all can't reach our goals before we have to start worrying about swallowing our dentures during a fran or determining what pair of "depends" will best hold up through a competition!

Anonymous said...


I have been dying to do a muscle-up wod since i got my first one...


Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
135/95 pound Squat snatch

Scaled to 3-2-1 at 75#

Heavy Evy said...

Thanks Brent,

Fell a day behind, played catch up here are my results.

Wed July 21 post done on 22nd

PC 177,197,197
Rows, 107m,112,114

A1. 315,365(2),365,365,385f **
A2. 50#,100,115,115,125(1)
B. 133,153x3 all 8rep/leg

** Done at globo,Really shitty bar, and no chaulk, hands were slipping, and couldn't hold on to the bar.

July 22 post done on 23,

Time: 10:34 did power snatchs, really wanted sub 10, sound the fog horn.

Eric S said...

A little off. Had to take a little break due to a physical fitness test.

Wednesday's WOD:

PC: 135, 155, 165
Rows: Sub'd with 80lb SDHP

A1. 275, 295, 315, 325, 345
A2. 70lbs each time
B. 100lbs x 8 (limited weight due to crappy gym)

Joel B. said...

Done on friday 7.23...was not able to train yesterday.


Really happy I was able to do this as rx'd. Well, I screwed up and did 2nd set of sn before the hspu, so not to the letter I guess. Sn took by far the longest, but doing that many at that weight was a great thing for me. Mix of power and squat sn. hspu weren't that bad and neither were the l-pu which demonstrates great strides on those as well.

noahrothman said...

21:42 Rx'd - Power Snatch, in 1s
HSPU in 3s
L Pull Ups in 5s

Too heavy for me, should've used lighter weight but only had one failed rep.

Stahl said...

A wise coach once said, “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” That probably sums up best why I enjoy competing and why I “enjoy” all this brutal training.

The training and competition (in anything, not just CF) are worth it because they provide me with the best medium for self-discovery. Essentially, this training helps me get comfortable with putting myself into those uncomfortable situations where I don’t know the outcome and there’s a real risk of failure. Through that risk comes a self-awareness that’s tough to find in other places. My physical effort and mental reactions provide a brutally honest testament of where I am. I experience it, I learn, and I try to get better.

To take it out of abstract clichés, I’ll give you a personal example. I got more out of barely finishing the floater WOD in the SW Regionals than finishing 7th in my Sectionals.

I weigh 170. The WOD was: 7 minutes to complete 20 shoulder to overhead with 185# and 40 burpees over a hurdle. My 1RM push-press at the time was 185. I was scared shitless. I really thought I could just go ahead and write DNF by my name. Ultimately, I gave myself a huge pep and said, “F-it. What do I have to lose? If I DNF, I DNF, but I’m going to try.” I finished in 6:58.25. I think it was one of the gutsiest performances I have ever had in any athletic competition. That bar was pounding me into the ground like nail. I didn’t win – far from it. I got 53rd out of 63 guys, but I was probably most proud of that WOD during the whole weekend given how I felt going into it.

I think whatever medium people can find to get that self-discovery – go for it. Some people on this blog have found Oly lifting is better than CF for them. Perfect. For me, it’s the blood, sweat and tears of the training itself and the risk of competition that are so enriching. Sorry to be crude, but there is something exhilarating about throwing your nuts out there and going for it, regardless of the activity.

r Gaines said...

New snatch pr- 135# (think I had more in me but not today)

Did the wod with 125.
Time38 mins.. Both the snatch and hspu

I need to work on my snatch. 1st and 2nd pull "feel" great. At the bottom of the 3rd is were I fail.

Still can't do a full ROM HSPU.

mhamilton said...


29:45 (scaled to #115 for first 5 then quickly to #95 for rest)

Eesh. Did not have a lot going into this one and snatches are not a strength. Could have gone heavier with power snatches but wanted to practice full. Was doing a much better job quickly getting under the bar towards the end. HSPUs were also very tough. Not a great one today but happy I pushed through it. Off on a canoe trip for 7 days.

Geoff said...

Did this workout Friday (7/23)
Scaled weight to 105# for snatches
50# DBs for hspu - limited time
Legs weren't straight, but were up on pull-ups
Even with the scaling, sets were broken especially second time around.

Time: 16:48

Dillon said...

Scaled the snatch to 105


Soren said...

Did the snatches as full squat snatch at 50kg, did the first 5 at 60 kg