tues, july 20, 2010

10 min - muscle up skill work
5 sets @ high effort:
15 burpees
20 unbroken chin ups
25 GHD Sit ups
rest 2 min - add 30 sec to rest time b/t sets/set

post notes to comments and post what your main weakness is in the muscle up that needs improvement? - transition, extension, multiples, etc...?


Krazy said...

I'm looking forward to joining the pack! I saw that three (four including you and correct me if there was more) of the gamers follow this program so they must be doing something right on the big dawg wods.

My main weakness on MUs is the turnover transition from kip to dip. My hands seem to come too wide making it a much more strenuous movement then necessary.

Eric S said...

2:44, 2:37, 3:01, 3:26, 3:55
thought my heart exploded on the last set of burpees.

Biggest difficulty with MUs is doing multiples without leaving the rings. Still can only get singles.

DAVE X said...

Great job this weekend guys and have safe trips home! I was able to watch via the stream for most of the weekend and was blown away by the intensity everyone demnstrated.

What's on tap next coach? It may be a bit premature, but what does the start of the 2011 training season look like? Big Dawg Challenges in the fall?

Just a thought... How about new ideas for a 2011 shirt and some of the proceeds go to the dish?

Anonymous said...

Hello, can you suggest an alternative to GHD situps? The YMCA I do the workouts in is limited in equipment. Thanks!

DAVE X said...

@anon check the FAQ.

jay rhodes said...

Took me a while of trying to get a muscle up (got it in Feb), but once I finally got it I could string together singles pretty quickly. Right after getting my first one I did 10 for time in 1:36

I have no problem doing single after single in high numbers. Biggest difficulty is definitely stringing together multiples. Will work on that today, and probably do 30 MU for time (PR is 3:46 I believe)

Meldrum said...

Great job at the games this week Dawgs! you all have been a true inspiration!

Muscle up practice went well, need to work on the transition from the hang to catching yourself in the dip position.

Metcon: 3:28, 4:34, 5:11, 5:41, 5:30

could not get chin up unbroken.
10/7/3, 9/7/4, 9/6/5, 9/6/5, 5/5/5/5.

Felt good to finally have gotten over this bronchitis and get back to it.

Anonymous said...

It was so exciting watching the pack kick some butt this weekend. I am proud to say that I follow OPT programming. Great job to all competitors this weekend!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Just checking in and update the dawgs with my structural balance program...

todays wod
A1 Incline DB bench press 8 reps 4 sets @ 4010- 53,63(7),63(8),63(6) rest 75

A2 Chinup supinated 8 reps 4 sets @ 4010- 5,15,20,25(6) rest 75

A3 Seated DB EXT Rot 8 reps 3 sets @ 4010, 1 set at 6 reps @ 8000- 20,25(6),25(4),25(4)
rest 75

B1 Flat DB chest press 8x3 @ 4010 63,68(4),68(8)

B2 Kneeling DB row-no torso rotation, 8x3 @ 4010 40,40,45

B3 Bent over trap 3 raise 8x3 @ 4010 15,15,15

Tabata situps 16,16,16,16,14,14,14,14

CF game dawgs- great job this weekend!

Paul Klein said...


There are a handful of us here from North Carolina as well. A few guys from the east and a few from the Charlotte area. Welcome to the blog, strap in and enjoy the ride.

Marshall said...

MU practice went fairly well, I'm able to string several together (up to 10) kept it at 4-5 this morning and tried to work on smoothing out my transition and keeping some momentum at the bottom.

Metcon felt horrible, easily winded today and my legs feel heavy. After the first two sets I scaled it back a little, kept the intensity high though. No GHD here so I attempted to do my sit ups on a horrible box/steel bar combo that was no fun.
3:00, 2:55, (3,4 and 5 scaled to 10/15/15) 1:30, 1:40, 1:35.

OPT said...

Dave X, super idea on the shirt..will do ASAP...as for the year...there is a lot planned (lots learned and it will evolve), will lay that out once the sunburn wears off after i get back...thx to everyone who supported the dawgs, we heard you near and far

Stahl said...

MU practice - felt solid. Played around doing reps with false grip and normal grip.

Toughest part of MU - the transition during the negative from the dip back into the hang. Taxing and hard to keep the false grip. Also tough not to shorten the pull when I'm fatigued.


** modified to 15 GHDs - still working back from ab surgery. Everything else as Rx'd.

1:45, 1:49, 1:50, 1:52, 1:49

That was much, much tougher than I thought it would be. I really tried to sprint every round and it wore me out.

As the other said, great job this weekend. Inspiring performances, and I'm excited to hear what the competitors learned from the weekend.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Watching the first WOD of the Games, I couldn't help but notice how critical the skill of pacing is with muscle-ups.

While I recognize that over pacing leads to less than optimal performance, I also think that on some exercises under pacing can be an even worse mistake.

Watching athletes try too quickly for another rep, fail, and then make the same mistake over and over was painful to watch. In many instances, each subsequent attempt resulted in a worse failure than one before.

I was certain that many athletes who tried, say, every 30 seconds, and failed four times in the final two minutes, might have succeeded two or three times, had they simply waited longer between reps and/or not done so many unbroken reps at the start.

I admit that I am ambivalent about this analysis, because I recognize the power of "unbroken," especially for a recovering over pacer like me.

Roch said...

Good Job to all Big Big Dawgs that represent at the Games.

I tought it was quite interesting to notice the element of danger under fatigue (rope climb), mental acuity under pressure and fatigue (3-2-1 go very fast between last event parts)specially displayed in the last event. Any comment on that.

Rory Hanlin said...

James, Joey, DJ, Mike, Lauren,

Good work at LA. You represented well and made us proud.

Enjoy the break

Rooney said...


Tried to ease back in a little bit after a few days of active rest for my tweaked back.

MU practice - felt really good. Still can't string more than three together, but I definitely learned by watching this weekend and from some tips from Stahl. Was able to get a much better kip/pull so that I caught myself a lot higher at the top.

Toughest part of MU - Same as Stahl. Transitioning on multiples without completely wasting my grip and killing my momentum.

*sidenote: MUs were what kept me from finishing WOD #3 at SW Regionals. Got to 22/25 and failed for about three minutes trying to get the last three. At the time it was the most I'd ever done in a WOD. That won't happen again.


** modified as follows: all sets were 25 Abmat sit-ups instead of GHD b/c of back. On sets 3-5 I subbed 15 push-ups (2010 Games std) and 15 squats for burpees because the transition was killing my back.**

2:02, 2:10, 2:20, 2:19, 2:14

Pretty wiped out after, but happy that I got all pull-ups UB.

Echo what other people have said about the Dawgs' performances this weekend. You guys were awesome and further convinced me that I have to be on this programming just to give myself a shot.

Poly said...

Still in Kelowna for a couple more days, just running, swimming, and crushing local fruit. Can't wait to get back to it on Thursday.

As for muscle ups, my weakness is an efficient transition. I can do a massive kip and catch myself halfway up the dip, but it requires so much energy that I wear myself out. There is a definite weakness and lack of shoulder mobility. Strict MU are out of the question. When I try to do it with a more moderate kip, I struggle keeping the rings in tight, and I get a lot of shoulder pain. MU's are on my board for focuses this year, and I'm sure I just need more practice.

Brandon said...

MU Practice:
Felt really smooth today. Moved the rings up 6" from where I normally hang them and was able to kip better. Weak part is not losing grip on multiples, especially with a full turnout. Got doubles several times, but only got one triple.


All burpees and pullups unbroken. Had to break last three sets of GHDs which usually doesn't happen, so I am assuming that I was going hard enough to make those very difficult.

James, enjoy the rest and whatever vacation you have! We look forward to seeing what is in store next after you get some downtime in.

DaveX, great idea!

ken c said...

amazing weekend at the games. big dawgs represented well. big congrats to joey. 13th in the world is a huge accomplishment. dj with a unbelievable 325 overhead after a torturous helen! james' performance on the deadlift/pistol/du was just awesome to watch.

thanks for letting me and ava hang out in the canadian sky box. great seeing all you guys again. rob, sorry we couldn't make it over to the cookout after. had to hang with my brother's family that night.

may be messing around with some other workouts for a little while but i'll be back in a couple of months.

Allison B said...

Awesome job this weekend to OPT and all of the athletes that follow along! It was amazing experience to be a part of the 2010 Games, and I look forward to many more!

For me, the biggest challenge of the MU is definitely multiples. I can get 3-4 and then I'm DONE! Any ideas?!

OPT said...

poly, email me again, lets hook up for a wed in kelowna

Martin Altemark said...

James, me and some other dawgs (Jenny, bear etc) have a competition in Copenhagen, Denmark the 25th of September. It's gonna be the biggest CF comp so far i Europe, and if it fits with your plans of big dawgs challenge (it did last year, right?) it might fit in with this program? Thoughts?

Started with 15x5m rop ascents with my kids. Different techniques, no rush, just practice.

then MU practice and finished with 3x strict muscle ups (start and finish in bottom) on the minute for 5 minutes. Felt very easy today. Did this earlier this spring and did 30x strict MUs in 11-something (this video: http://vimeo.com/10632636) and felt like I coud have done it lots faster today.

My problem with MUs is pacing because I tend to have more and more problem with the dip portion, and if I go to hard I really gets stuck there.

Metcon: 5 rounds of 15 burpees, 20 unb pullups, 25 situps (abmat), 2 min+30 sec per round rest: 2:02, 2:18, 2:34, 2:41, 2:51. All unbroken PUs and got da pump in forearms!

Mike Molloy said...

My biggest issue is losing the false grip when linking multiple reps. I can do it, but I have to go really slowly on the transition from rings in arm pits to below the rings. It takes a ton of effort and wears me out quickly.


2:30, 2:40, 2:43, 2:58, 2:54

PTS said...

I look forward to seeing where we go from here. Great job to the dawgs that represented so well. You guys are all very inspiring to us.

2:15, 2:41, 2:53, 3:23, 3:19

My biggest weakness with muscle-ups is string together consecutives. I lose the false grip and if I do keep it it tears my wrists up.

With that in mind my MU practice consisted of string together many doubles and triples.

Chad Walding said...



tough workout for me!
hardest part of muscle up is the pull and string multiples together. I was only able to two together today.

marcus filly said...

Many dreams came true for me this weekend in Carson. I've been dreaming of going to the crossfit games for 4 years now and it finally came true. James, meeting you in whole foods on Thursday before the competition was a major highlight. Thanks for approaching me and my gang from TJ's Gym and saying hello. We train your programming pretty hard and it paid off this weekend. I'll look forward to seeing you again in San Diego at the Program Design seminar.

Muscle Up Practice: first muscle ups in over a month due to a shoulder injury. Worked on my descending more gracefully into the next kip.

1:53, 2:03, 2:31, 2:38, 2:48
GHD unbroken on rounds 1&2, very slow the rest of the way.

NorCal Chris said...

Great job this weekend to all the opt crew. Inspiring.

MU practice: I have had a bad shoulder for 3 months so I practiced the fist pull. Troubles with th turnout at the bottom, maintaining the false grip, and tearing hands/wrists.

Metcon: 2:29, 2:48, 3:28, 3:48, DNF
CU: UB, UB, 12/3/5, 15/5
GH: UB, UB, 5s, 5s

I've been off for 5 weeks travelling in Indonesia. GH situps are going to leave a mark!

Dom said...

Couldn't do more than 4 MU's unbroken. Biggest problem is keeping a rhythm for the kip when turning my wrists out at bottom.

Only did 4 rounds. Got a terrible migraine from ghd's and stopped.

Jon G. said...

I just did 2 muscle ups on the minute for ten minutes. The most I've ever done in a row was 5, but overall I say the biggest thing I struggle with is maintaining the false grip.

Metcon done as Rx'd
2:45, 2:58, 3:11, 3:21, 3:30

GHD sit ups make me super dizzy!

Andy said...

Muscle Ups
4 in a row

My weaknesses with these are grip, which usually comes off around 3-4. I have a difficult time turning out at the bottom. I still cannot do a strict MU.

5 sets

My break before pullups got longer and longer each set.

After watching the games I have great respect for all of the athletes who competed.

Chris Fodera said...

biggest problem with MuscleUps is doing them without kipping. While I can string together 10+ kipping, I can't get a single one strict.

Good seeing/meeting a bunch of BigDawgs this weekend at the games...quality group of people.

I will be on and off the blog for a bit while I try to fix some flexibility issues and improve my Olympic Lifting technique. Also going to try and put on a fairly lean 15#...

Greg said...

Clean and Jerk 1RM

185# (PR+30#)

I'm getting much better at this, but tweaked my wrist slightly on the clean at 185 and almost missed the jerk so I stopped there. I have to work on technique as I tend to lose the grip on the clean and have a tough time getting it back for the jerk. Pretty happy though, since I felt I could have hit 200 probably. Next time!

Alex Duncan said...

Muscle Up Practice: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then 2 slow and strict

Felt strong. My biggest problem is inserting a turn out (Games standard). I can do 10 UB without a turnout. The turn out throws off my rhythm and zaps my strength.

WOD: With Ring Pullups and abmat situps
2:30, 2:27, 2:33, 3:11, 2:33

Burpees felt strong and very fast. Ring pullups quickly slowed down.

Amazing job to all the Big Dawgs over the weekend and of course to our coach. I was checking the scores on the blackberry all weekend even while at my sisters wedding...

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Congrats to all the Big Dawgs this past weekend!

I was able to string together 2 muscle-ups in a row max. Singles and doubles all the way through. Hardest part for me is probably multiples.

3:28 rx
4:08* only 20 ghd sit-ups
5:39* only 20 ghd sit-ups, broken chin-ups
5:14* only 5 ghd sit-ups, broken chin-ups
4:00* none ghd, broken chin-ups

GHD sit-ups, had to break into 10s and 5s all the way through. Most I've ever done in one session before was 30. Did 70 today, need to work on capacity.

Looking forward to see what 2011 training would be like

Paul Klein said...

Great job over the weekend Coach, Joey, Mike, DJ and Lauren.

DJ, I actually jumped out of my seat when you hit that 325#, incredible.

I would love to hear all of your opinions from the weekend.

Muscle up weakness: I can't do a strict muscle up. I have a real sticking point in the transition. I'm not sure if it is a strength or skill problem. Also, like lots of others, I lose the false grip when doing multiple reps.

Metcon: It was so hot and humid in the garage that I must have lost five pounds from sweat. Chin ups felt good, all above horizontal plane this time. Burpees were slow as usual.

Craig said...

M/u work.
most trouble is with reps and dead hang


first day back after some time away. feels good but it's always tough to get back into it.
congrats to those who gave it their "all" in LA!

PTS said...

+1 for hearing the opinions of all the dawgs that competed this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I need improvement on stringing mu together. Today, I got two consecutive! Yay!

Rounds were slow. Pull-ups were AMRAP. Prepare yourselves…
20/3:32-15/4:53-17/6:28 (stopped for possible puke)-12/6:07-13/6:02

Julian Cruz said...

Great job to all big dawgs who competed this weekend. It was badass to watch.

MU:have trouble with the turnout and strict.


GHD really killed my times. Burpee and chins were all fast and UB

joey warren said...

thanks for all the support guys, it was an incredible and grueling weekend, im enjoying some time off right now in santa barbara when i get back i will go into more details about how the weekend went. it was good meeting everyone and i brought what i learned from this great community all year to the games and it def paid off

Mike McNaughton said...

My issue with MUs is stringing multiples together while keeping the false grip, usually because of sweat. Worked with less of a false grip today and more of a kip.



Had to scale to 15 GHDs on last two rounds. Pullups broken last three rounds due to sweaty hands.

Its definitely humbling to see some of these times posted by the Big Dawgs compared to my posts...but that's what drives me. It would be way too easy to come on here and simply post "great wod" or "that was tough!!!"

Thank you, OPT. I look forward to getting better every day.

Lars said...

10 Min muscle up practice felt really good and solid. Did 3 reps consecutive on the minute every minute. No real weakness other then remembering to pull and kip, not just one or the other.


1. 3:25
2. 3:35
3. 4:05
4. 4:00
5. 4:00

All sets of burpees and pull ups were UB. GHD sit ups were mostly 10+9+6. Rest was well needed.

Paul Smith said...

I felt pretty strong with these, but like others have said, keeping my false grip is my limiting factor when doing multiples.

Met Con:

2:54, 3:29, 3:17, 3:23, 3:25

Burpees and chin ups were fast but GHD sit ups are one of my biggest weaknesses and are very slow.

Lisa M said...


Thought many of you might be interested in this article after the games

Still working on oly lifts, still frustrated at times but have to keep at it...

Also did AMRAP in 30 minutes of
10 pullups
10 ring dips
25 squats
1 min rest

8 rounds + 10 pullups + 2 ring dips

Felt good to do some other work and pullups felt great did all unbroken and all squats UNB.

jay rhodes said...

Work to 1RM Power Clean
240 f
240 PR
245 f x 2

Getting loads of height on the bar. Have to work on catching in a squat clean at heavy weights.

Muscle up skill work, work on a weakness.
My weakness is hitting multiples. I've never really done them.

4 unbroken, just to get the feel
9 unbroken PR

30 Muscle ups for time:
3:20 PR
all singles, no failures. No wrist flick

5 sets @ high effort:
15 burpees
20 unbroken pullups
25 GHD Sit ups
rest 2 min - add 30 sec to rest time between sets each set


None of the pullups were unbroken. Wasn't getting much power on them from all the muscle ups. Hit 18 unbroken for the high, 10 unbroken for the low. Average was about 15 unbroken each set.

First 2 sets were high incline situps, felt like my quads were getting charlie horsed, very painful. Switched to anchored situps.

Pfeifdog said...

Congrads James, Joey, DJ, Mike, and Lauren.


First Muscle up ever today!!! Reps out 10 singles after the first one. Could keep the false grip to go for multiple.

Metcon went OK today ranged between 4:19 to start and last set was at 5:21. all sets of chin-up were broken today.

Scott Hoadley said...

My weakness with muscle ups is definitely stringing them together. I received some good tips from Stephen B to help me. The most I have put together is 5. I keep losing my false grip. Strength isn't the issue technique is. Just another area to work on.

Met Con:

Felt great! I was nervous going into it but set myself a goal of all exercises UB. I wasn't concerned with the times. So here it is.

2:04 UB
2:21 UB
2:49 UB
3:16 UB
3:15 UB

I had to take little breathers between each exercise so that I knew I wouldn't break them.

Awesome WOD now that it is done.

sheacraig said...

Wow-Krazy, I just started doing the OPT and I just moved to North Carolina-Raleigh to be exact.

We had a wicked thunderstorm which started right when I got home, so I thought I wasn't going to get it in. Even so, I'm still very equipment-deficient-nowhere to hang rings for muscle ups yet (this weekend I'm hanging a bar between trees).

Don't know about individual rounds, but the entire thing, with rests, was 25 minutes exactly.

My muscle up difficulty comes in two areas:
1.) Holding a false grip in the fully turned out position. I just can't do it-yet. I can do muscle-ups fine with hands starting facing each other, but not the thumbs forward, fully turned out, start.
2.) When doing multiple muscle ups I have a hard time maintaining the false grip to keep going. I think my max is 5 consecutive?

Erik Luber said...

MU work felt good. Did set of 6s and 7s. And one set of 3 strict. Biggest issue is probably turning out the wrist at the bottom...I tend to lose my false grip faster, and it hurts my tempo a bit.

Did all PU unbroken, but had to take a bit of brake before starting them. Sounds stupid, but I finally learned to pull more with my lats on the butterfly kip after round 3. No hanging on the bar and slowly getting the reps off, all reps at the same speed. Could really feel my lunch on this one. Ouch.

mhamilton said...


Agreed. Amazing performances from everyone who competed at the games. Some serious demonstrations of heart and ability to push throw pain. You guys were amazing to watch.

MUs felt pretty good. Was stringing 5s and 3s together. Major weak point is wrist positioning and extension at the bottom. Couldn't string with proper extension and false grip today though. Maybe a wrist strength issue?


Packed in after 4 as I was spent. Pushed hard throughout. First 2 were fairly unbroken and then the wheels came off.

Eric Montgomery said...

Main MU weakness is maintaining false grip so I can get a turn-out and link multiple strict ones together, though I made a bunch of progress on individual strict MUs today.

Workout: 2:07, 2:02, 2:13, 2:26

Notes: Cut it to 4 rounds and GHDs down to 15 per round since I'm still building up volume on GHDs. Still felt a little spent from 1RM C&Js yesterday. From first to fourth round burpees got a few seconds slower, had to take a few more breaths before getting on pullup bar, and GHDs got much slower.

Adam Rogers said...

Muscle up work - weakest part is trying to get to full arm extension and turnout at the bottom while maintaining false grip. Getting better but still can only do with taped rings.

Met con - 2:06, 3:01, 4:31, 1:37, 2:39

Dropped the reps for rounds 4 and 5 to try to keep speed high.

unit said...

coach, mke, dj, Joey...
way 2 represent the big dawgs... wish I could have been there 2 cheer y'all on in person... enjoy the much needed and well deserved break!...

2days wod
1- 2:24
3- 2:24
4- 2:15
5- 2:33

4hrs of sleep in the past 4 days... feeling a little run down...

Dave- love the shirt idea!...
Joey- can't wait 2 hear the details!...


Pete S. said...

Mucle-up weakness for me is maintaining the false grip at the bottom when going to full and complete extension. I don't think its so much the grip itself that is the issue more but more so my left shoulder (shoulder blade)instability while maintaing the false grip in the bottom. I think its either due to weak rhomboids and/or external rotators or just a lack of flexibility in my lats and pecs. I have the same issue when doing l-pull-ups so I've been working hard to try and address it.

Looking forward to joining the pack again. Rubber flooring came in today. Its really cool to see the garage gym coming to life.


Michelle said...

Big Congrats to all the Big Dawgs who competed this past weekend (James, DJ, Michael, Joey, Lauren, Shelly, Team OPT, BK's team...sorry, I forget the name...and sorry if i missed anyone) at the games. It was exciting to catch some of your incredible performances via the live stream!!!

Steve Howell said...

Missed saturdays and sundays WOD from watching the games and cheering on OPT,DJ,Mike,Joey and Lauren. So I did all three today.

C&J: 225

10 minutes rest

Muscle up work: Worked on linking reps of 3-5 x 5 sets.
Times: 1:29/1:31/1:34/1:29/1:35

10 minutes rest

1k row: 3:26 (forgot it was for watts)

Steve Howell said...

* all pull ups were unbroken.

* I find the hardest part of a muscle up is holding the false grip and linking high reps together.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Inspiring performances last weekend from all the Dawgs. I wish I was there this time, but I was watching every minute and cheering from afar. Thanks to OPT and crew for all you do for this community...I am grateful to be a part of it.

For those that didn't know, Big Dawg Marie Rochat was a member of Crossfit Ft Vancouver that took the affiliate cup by storm.

Rest well, all!

Dustin said...

Muscle Ups - 5 sets of 5 Unbroken each time. My Muscle up feels really good. I worked on some different kipping techniques. The strongest part of my Muscle Up is definitely the ring dip. I guess sometimes the transition pocking my head through becomes tough when I get tired.



**I was pretty upset about my performance - this WOD put me down. Did everything Unbroken except for the GHD's (did first round of GHD's Unbroken). The last 4 rounds of GHD's were very tough - was only getting like 5 reps at a time. GHD's are definitely a weakness**

Sean Cummings said...

10 min of muscle up practice:

Did 2-3 muscle ups per min every min, did 15 ring dips after final muscle up on last 3 sets.

Had to sub un-anchored sit-ups because I don't have a GHD yet.
1:30, 1:39, 1:56, 2:22, 2:33

Heavy Evy said...

Fatness....fatness is my weakness on MU'! That and inexperience. I lose false grip after about 5 reps with turnout.

UB except ghds were torture, havent did them for a while, set 4 lower back started cramping bad but I finished, set 5 back was really pinching, so I shut it down on rep 10 of the ghds.

Ben Priestley said...

For MU work, I gave my first attempt at 30 MU for time. Time was 8:51. I'm so excited to get a time under 10 minutes. Started with 6 unbroken MU, which is a PR by 1.

My main weakness in the MU is the strict, kipless variant. I got one today in warmups, but I'm limited in the number I can do.

Metcon - pullups clicked into a groove on round 3 when I finally relaxed on the bar and stopped rushing my kip. It was a challenge to grab that bar while I was winded, such is the pressure of going Unbroken. For kicks, here are my splits: 2:53, 3:41, 3:32, 3:29, 3:17.

Anonymous said...

Completed my first muscle up on rings today. I was able to string 3 together consistently. My best round was 4 in a row.

My weakness is the transition from pulling to extending (turnover transition). I tend to use power from my left arm to extend more than my right. Its a left to right motion. I am also unable to kip due to the only place to hang my rings is a squat rack pull-up bar that does not allow full body extension; only full arm.

1:45, 1:39, 1:48, 1:42, 1:44

All rounds unbroken

Joel B. said...

Warmed up and did MU practice. Biggest weakness is maintaining false grip and stringing multiples together. As someone else mentioned, I can do it if I go really slow, but it wears me out quickly. I did a couple multiples today, and they were tough. If I just re-set, I can do them with a pretty quick turnaround.

Started metcon (at work) and had to run to a call mid-way through round 1. May try to make up tomorrow and post there.

r Gaines said...

MU- Could not get more then one mu at a time. The last 3 mins my pull got very weak and needed extra time to recover. deadhangs on the min for the 10 mins. My biggest issue is losing the false grip when linking multiple reps.

Metcon( All times are about right. Real time are at the gym):
2:1? 2:5? 3:4? 3:5? 3:5?
Rnd 1 pullups unb

That was a fun metcon.

Stephen B. said...


did "nasty girls" yesterday (8:01 PR) and then got only 2 hours of sleep=serious beating on the met-con today...first set felt strong and fast, the rest didn't

lost paper with times but can't say I'm terribly disappointed...remember first 2 set times though

biggest diffculty with MUs is multiples when using a "true grip"...as for false-grip MUs, transitions become tough (keeping elbows in) after high reps, but pressing out is usually not a problem once I get up there

Mack Lar said...

Bench Press 5,4,3,2,1
Metcon 2:16/2:44/2:51/2:53/2:51
First metcon I've done in a while. Felt fast but the GHD's continue to slow me down.

Biggest MU weakness is definitely keeping false grip through full extension.

Bear said...

Had to skip this one, did not feel well.

When doing strict MUs my problems are grip and pull-part of the movement. When doing kipping MUs it´s the grip that is causing the problems, but if I´m tired (MUs in metcon) there could be a problem with not kipping hard enough.

Bear said...

...and not kipping hard enough cause a problem in the transition.

Soren said...

2:45, 2:51, 2:55, 2:59, 3:01

Several issues with the MU:

1. My hands rip badly, so I tape them which makes the grip shit and i can not lock out

2. Never really got the kip going, was taught strict hang MU from Tucker and never really got the hang of the kipping part but should be easy with practise

3. and sometimes I just jinx myself and cant get anywhere!!


Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Tried doing doubles. Biggest problem is turning out at the bottom. Reminds me of my struggles to get below parallel when squatting. I seem to recognize the same fear that if I go any further (down or turning out) that I wont be able to get back up, so things get rushed at the critical moment.

6x2, 1, 3x2 = 19


3:22 (3x5, UB, 15+10)
4:27 (3x5, 2x10, 10/8/7)
4:53 (3x5, 2x10, 8/7/5/5)
5:42 (3x5, 8/7/5, 5x5)
5:35 (3x5, 4x5, 7/6/6/6)

irongirl said...

My biggest difficulty on the MU is definately the transition.

Just wasn't feeling great for this WOD. Everything except for the burpees felt tough.

1. 3:30
2. 3:27
3. 3:31
4. 3:35
5. 3:30

Burpees all unbroken, Chin-ups and GHDs broken

Brian said...

July 13 wod for 2011

Hill Runs:
30 sec sprint - steep incline
Walk down 3 min recovery
repeat 8 times
(rest 8 min b/t sets 4 and 5 and perform a tabata push up low score in that time)


@ work with no steep hills

SUB'd - Drag heavy tire (forward)for 30 secs

First 2 rds 30 secs then 20 secs for remainder of rds. (very tough)

Tabata - 10 all rds and 9 on last 2 rds (could not maintain goal of 10)

Alex said...

Being a delinquant poter yet again!
My timer malfuntioned for 2 of the 5 sets so I wrote "NT" for no time

1:57- NT- 2:05-2:07-NT

Muscle ups: my problem is stringing them together, and doing multiples. I have not problems doing them but I can;t string more than 2 together.

Alex said...

Apparently I also have a problem spelling when I'm tired...