thurs, aug 19, 2010

Schedule for coming weeks:
Wed/Sun off; 1 tester session on Saturday per week
week 1 - doubles on Tues/Fri
week 2 - doubles on Tues/Thurs/Fri
week 3 - doubles on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri
week 4 - doubles on Mon/Thurs
comp on Sep 25th

Reminder to register online for competition HERE
$5 is cost - all proceeds go to Big Dawg Dish

For time:
15 chin ups
Row 250 m
10 burpees
Row 250 m
15 chin ups
Row 250 m
10 burpees

post time to comments

PWO fuelling:
25-35g P
10-15g C
Meal 60 min later:
PFC meal


Yelvi said...

Coach, I sent you and email with a question if you could take a look. Thanks!

BK said...

4.31 on an empty stomach...glad I did.
no pump on the rower today. Erectors are nicely cooked from yesterday:)

Bear said...

5:38 min

No "oomph" today. Set the damper on 8. Felt ok the first 250 then totally died.

CrossFit said...
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Peps (Pete Seguin) said...

Any other Big Dawgs in the Ottawa area?

Drew said...

3:58 subbed 200m run for row

Marcus Filly said...

How many Calories on the Airdyne would be a good substitution for 250row? I want to give my back a break after rowing 3k the other day and Deads yesterday. Thanks.

Johan R said...

Subbed 25 SDHP 20 kg for row

Yesterday´s deadlift: 1401,5 kg

Chris Dunkin said...


Damper at 8. Stayed out of the straps.

OPT said...

marcus, 25 cals on airdyne

Chase said...


I thought sub 5 was easily do-able going into it. Felt descent about workout today, tried to row between 1:45-1:50 pace all three rounds, then did pullups and burpees unbroken. Pullups felt slow but burpees were quick. I would say transitions must have been slow for me.

I've been reading what Joey W. has to say about going out hard and getting comfortable with uncomfortable. I tried this method before regionals and I think it helps a ton. You take yourself to a deep dark place right out of the gate, then fight through the pain the rest of the workout. I found that after the initial pain at about 5 minutes, the rest of your workout gets easier. Try it on a longer 20-25 minute WOD.

Andy said...

Subbed 45# sdhp.


Chad Walding said...



Notes: Thought I would do much better than this. It hurt more than I thought it would. Had to breakup 2nd round of pullups, just didn't have it there. Frustrated!

Chad Hall said...


Wanted sub 4:30. Everything UB, but could have been faster on the first round of burpees. Rows were decent, rowed about about 85-90% (~1:35/500M), didn't think it was worth going 100%, looking back I should have, upset about that.

Felt tired during the whole thing, not gassed, but just tired, like there wasn't enough fuel in me.

Besser said...


Hit a wall on the second set of 15 chin ups

Kevin said...



Not sure how much faster I could have gone. Rhythm was off on first set of pull-ups, but I don't think that cost me a lot of time. Like Chad said, I guess I could have gone a little bit closer to 100% on the row, but I don't know how much time that would have gotten me in a 250 and I think it would have cost me on the other movements.

tj.hall said...

5:42.02, happy with this(for now). Not very good on the rower yet. 2nd set of PUs were broken. Rowing was my weak link.

Good day for me. Thanks

Stahl said...


Everything unbroken. Last set of pull-ups became tough around rep 8.

Rows averaged around 1:35 split with damper at 5.

Grant said...

4:13 @ OPT @ 7AM
Staying out of straps is a good idea Chris Duncan. Will try next time

Pete in Ottawa
send me an e-mail
Grantmilner at Shaw dot ca

Sweeney said...

Hey Dawgs:

Anyone know how to find the Big Dawgs I-Tune mix?

Brandon said...


Like others, could have gone a bit faster on the rows (4-5s), but not sure what it would have done to the PU and burpees. Set a goal of sub 5 and hit it today...afterwards, things were a bit sketchy for a while.

Coach, are we off this weekend? Just trying to plan workouts while I'm traveling.

A. Maloney said...

Somebody stopped the timer on me, halfway through the workout - It was around 5 and a half, according to the clock. Feeling super strong overall, but especially in the rowing this morning

Have an O-lift seminar on saturday, looking forward to working on, and improving my technique for my lifts!

Pete! Great to see you are back on! - Look forward to visiting Ottawa to train with you two. Please tell the Ang hello for me!

Jonathan Burns said...

1 week back- Thursday Aug 12

2x1k 4' rest

Broken toe still healing did these on C2.

1: 2:59 (1:29.6 avg)
2. 3:10 (1:35.2 avg)

drop between 1 and 2 was way too big. Got the -itis I guess


Slater Coe said...

Run 1k
Rest 4 Min
Run 1k

Actual distance was 1050m... 3:31 & 3:38

Ali Loach said...

Post that linked to I-Tunes mix is here...


Arjuna Smith said...


Didn't use straps on row and I think that was a bad idea. 2nd rnd of pullups were crap.

PTS said...


completed 30 mins after getting out of bed from working night shift last night. did not warm up legs enough. lesson learned.

nice time today C. Dunkin.

Coach as far as the competition goes I have 12 hr work days that Fri, Sat, Sun. Will it be possible to complete the WODS on thursday or monday? If not when will the format be released? i.e., number of wods rest time btw etc.? Any info will be helpful. Thanks.

Dustin@cfn said...

Total 4:10

irvine said...

Does anyone know, for the meal that is 60minutes after the post WOD, are the pFc initials indicating a macro nutrient ratio of something specific like 1P:2F:0.5C as indicated by the size of the font? Or.....?

Jen Osborn @CFN said...


didnt feel 100% but got through it!

Joel B. said...


2 things cost me sub 5. first, I broke 2nd set of cu at 10 for 3-4 secs. 2nd, the transition to the rower I jacked off the monitor to re-set each time...stupid.

really felt yesterday's dl's in the lats not so much elsewhere.

Jonathan Thom said...

4:44 w/ 250m runs

Fun wod!

Chris Dunkin said...

@ irvine-

macro-nutrient. have a meal that includes protein/fat/carbs.

Kevin said...

I'm moving to Brooklyn in two weeks and would love to get together with other NYC area folks to do the first comp wods. I know BK said CF Performance will be hosting the second two, which is awesome. I also know that other boxes will have the same issue as CFP's with the FGB event. If you're in the area and planning on doing the WODs, possibly on that Sunday or Monday, please email me at Thanks!

Matt Mo said...


broke second set of chin ups, 5,4,3,3
i need to row harder!

Chelsea said...


Felt great until the second set of pull-ups. I had to break them 3-4-4-4.

irvine said...

@ Chris Dunkin. Thats what i thought, apparently reading into it a little too much. Thanks

Jon Sinclair said...

- Bad idea to finish yesterday with a 1k row
- No one else with me at the gym, wasted a lot of time reprogramming the rower each time i got on

Marcus Filly said...

4:35 (sub 25cal airdyne for row)
- I dared some of our members at the gym today to push themselves to failure. I told them it was ok if they DNF. So I did the same. The brain is funny. It sure doesn't like that approach. Last 15 calories and burpees were hard to shut of the mind.

Benny Ahlstedt said...


Did this in globo, no rower at home. About 15 sec transition btw rower and pu bar.

BK said...

I am hosting FGB but will be hitting Big Dawg comp 1 at CFP at 7am on the 25th. You and any other athletes in the area are welcome to join . I have been advised that we will have 90 minutes to get it done. PERFECT.
hit me up at
love to have ya here.

Yelvi said...


Everything unbroken. Had to do this in a globo gym, so it was a walk between the pull up bar and the rower. That cost some time. Felt great.

Anthony said...


Finally my butterfly pullups are coming around. I lost the tempo a few times which cost me seconds but I am reasonably happy with them.

Burpees were slow and deliberate but they worried me the most.

The rows seemed tough and I had little leg drive.

Here is the video:

OPT said...

brandon, off this weekend
irvine, the size of the font indicates the size in that meal and importance
PTS, you can do it on Monday

Michael McCabe said...

coach thanks for letting me hit this one today at OPT, i hope to be back sometime when i'm in shape!

5:38 - slowly building back some work capacity after two months of back squats... glad to be running with the big dawgs again!

irongirl said...


second set of pullups were broken. Not sure why they felt so hard

David said...

The second set of pullups caught me up.

DAVE X said...


Could've rowed harder I supposed and second set of chins were broken. Felt like I was pushing as hard as possible. Expected better time.

Worked out in the pm for the first time in a while and last meal prior to WOD was at 3:30. WOD started at 4:50...

Registered today for the Big Dawg comp!

david83 said...

hello everyone

two day back, didnt feel great on the pull-ups I was flying until the second set of pull-ups then I broke twice which blows. I havent beenn doing alot of pull-ups need to get back to it.
thanks good to be back, nice scores everyone.

joey warren said...


all unbroken
pullups were butterfly COHP

Geoff Long said...

Time: 6:55

25 45 lb. Bar SDLHP for 250m row

53 yom/ 220#

Lars said...

4:52 - terrible time. The row smoked me. No real excuses, just didn't feel it today. UB chin ups and burpees, just slow on the row.

Craig said...


2nd day back after two weeks off. feels good to get moving again.

Paul Klein said...


I had 4:30 in me but I was trying so hard to go as fast as possible on the pull ups that it was screwing up my Kip and I would have to come to a dead a hang and get started again.

Pete @ CFN said...

Yesterday's WOD:

10 DL with 90 sec rest between:
365,370,375,380,385,390,395,410(PR), 415F,395

Total = 3465

Felt good, curious what I could pull for a fresh 1 RM. PR preciously this year was 405.

Chris Martin said...

COHP pull-up`s and fully vertical and airborne for burpees.Row was strapped in.

-I am kind of happy with this. Hoping for sub 5 but didn`t work.

trying to gently up my stamina, so i finish with a light 20mins on the stairclimber.

mike mcnaughton@CFN said...


k.jones said...

4:45 hit my chin on pullup bar on second set of pulls. I came off the bar for a second to gather myself. i think my time would have been alot better. Next time

Adam Rogers said...


Happy with unbroken sets, pushed about as hard as I could on the row but would have liked sub 430.

Sean Cummings said...


All unbroken. Probably should have gone a bit quicker on the row, but felt good.

Krazy said...


Got terrible sleep last night for various reasons and I could definitely tell that I wasn't recovered from the deads. Was shooting for low 4's but the body wasn't having it.

Looking forward to my USAW Oly Seminar this weekend at Fort Bragg as well as the upcoming doubles!

Chris Castillo said...


Pfeifdog said...

Time: 6:35

Not happy with this time i felt gassed today.

Anonymous said...


Changed up my breakfast carbs and really noticed a difference. Did not hit a wall with my legs like past few weeks.

NorCal Chris said...


Strict pull ups at cruise ship gym because it is a pu machine that allows no kip. Broken from bad diet and no sleep.

Carrie McG said...

Both rounds of pullups unbroken (yay!) 2nd and 3rd rows atrocious and slow, and burpees always kill me. Short warmup, and a couple clients came in suuuper early so I was a little rushed.

Alex Duncan said...


A little fatigued from a 17km ruck march this morning.

Lots of time wasted getting strapped on the rower.

Everything UB.

mhamilton said...



Actually fairly happy with this time given my energy level this week. PUs are what got me. Pushed through last set of burpees.

PRM said...


Angelo Fosco said...

Hrmm with all these doubles coming up I feel like I may have to take a few weeks off Kickboxing haha.

Anonymous said...


Pull-ups UB, rows were no bueno.

Steve Howell said...


Pullups & Burpees all unbroken

Jay said...


Jeff B. said...

4:39 - Pull-Ups and Burpees UB and fast, Rows could've been faster maybe but not much.

Gillen said...


Brent Maier said...


Time: 4:07

First two rows 1:36ish pace. Last 1:48ish. 2nd set of pu's broke into 3 quick sets of 5. Arms were dead. Ran the last set of burpees to failure. Had nothing left. Good wod.

Stephen B. said...

Glad to be over that cold...

Monday's clean/mu/airdyne wod

5 rounds + 2pc + 2 sqt clean + 2 mu

All MUs done true grip...rings 6" above reach...
subbed rowing for airdyne...first set of MUs UB...power and squat cleans felt real strong which makes me quite happy...fckin great wod!

Brian Maier said...

3 weeks post hernia surgery and finally able to do kipping pullups. Yippee!!

Did 2 WOD's back to back

WOD 1:

3 rounds:
500m row
10 thrusters - 95#
400m run


10min rest

WOD 2:

Had no idea if I was going to have any gas left in the tank but felt pretty good on 2nd WOD. 2nd set of pullups broken and burpees were slow and controlled.

irvine said...


matt said...

315,335,345,355,375,385,395,405,415, 425
Felt very strong.
Extremely sore from c2b. Lats are still killing me 2 days later.

Kyle F said...


rows were slow

Ang said...


First time back at the OPT WODS since the move!

I should have pushed it a lil harder on the rowing and my burpees need work. Pullups felt good and I really enjoyed this workout.

Marie Rochat said...

Wow, that metcon was much more of a shock to my system after taking a month off than the strength stuff was yesterday... I felt gassed!


Old Dawg (Hari) said...


Siu said...


Rough, as expected. The first set of PUs were UB and then the second set were very broken.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


Soren said...

Tough but fun


The row was firing, and in the end just had nothing!
UB chins and burpees


Ben Priestley said...


Was happy with this time!

Erik Luber said...


Holy crap the smoke is thick as fog in edmonton! Put the governor on this workout...could even feel my lungs hurting at the moderate intensity. Breathing hard with heavy smoke in the air can cause some serious lung damage.

Marshall said...


Row was my limiting factor, CU's and burpees were UB.

Peps (Pete Seguin) said...


Went all out from start to finish. Had to break up last set of pull-ups with super quick breaks. Did last set of burpees to failure but they were slow by the end.

First balls out metcon in a long time and it showed. Took a while to recover fully but felt good afterwords.

Lucas said...