thurs, aug 12, 2010

For times:
Run 1K
rest 4 min
Run 1K

post times to comments


Kyle F said...

Tuesday August 10

A1: 155/165/170/175/185/195/205
A2: 90 X7
A3: 30/21/14/15/13/12/12

unit said...

Paul Klein...
my prayers 2 u and ur family...

PTS said...

3:35 and 4:01

These times aren't acceptable to me. In May 09 I ran a 1k in 3:21, which is more in line of what I expected today. Maybe those box jumps took a bigger toll on me than I realized.

Mandy (mrspts) 5:01 and 4:45.

Jakob said...


brian cilento said...

4:14 and 4:10, had more in the tank

soren said...

run 1 : 3.15
run 2: 3.12

Feeling good

Chris Dunkin said...

3:29, 3:34

Anthony said...

After nearly 14 years of law enforcement, working midnights and sleep deprivation I am moving to day shift. I'm hoping to normalize my sleep and see an uptick in my performance. Just thought I'd share.

Arjuna Smith said...

3:13 and 3:30

Felt o.k. first time running in months. I was hopeing for under 3 on the first one.

Andy said...

3:34 and 3:44

My hamstrings and calves were tight from yesterday which made the runs tougher today.

Greg said...

8/10 WOD today:

Scaled to 5 Rds (to keep time down due to guests)
A1. PC: 135/140/145/135/135
A2. KBS(2pd): UB/UB/UB/10-5/10-5
A3. BP: 12/11/8/8/6

For some reason, I grossly overestimated my ability on the PC today. My PC was really sore, and more so now from the WB day before yesterday. KBS were ok, although I would have preferred all UB - think this was mental due to the PC break. BP was ok, but disappointing since my 5RM is 190. Hmmph.

Pete @ CFN said...

2:59, 3:27

On the track

Brandon said...

4:15, 4:04

distances approximate - using app on my phone...if anything I went a little long.

Jon Sinclair said...

Yesterday's wod:


Haven't done pistols in a while. Having a slight fear of dropping to the bottom ever since one of my knees started making a weird compression noise. Don't know if anyone might have a suggestion on how to help this or even just a way to fight through it and stop being so worried?

Lars said...


Felt pretty good, a little slow, but not too bad. Hot out again today, but didn't seem to be a factor. Slightly uphill for the first half, and slightly downhill for the second half.

Doing a 10k run on Saturday, first time running over 5 in awhile, we'll see how it goes.

Bear said...

Run 1K: 3:36 min
rest 4 min
Run 1K: 3:26 min

Hard to pace, long time since running and the boxjumps from yesterday made my legs go numb pretty fast. 15 sec off from what I hoped for on the first 1k, then I tried to push harder and I was happy with the time, but recovered a bit to fast to really be 100%. This was also a test for my sore knee and I feel just fine! :)

Dustin said...



**Not sure on how accurate my distance was. My legs felt very tired and week**

Chase said...

3:40 and 3:46

Kevin said...



**Took the word of one the trainers at our box that a loop around the block plus the out-and-back we usually use for 400s would equal 1k. Was probably more like 900-925m. Frustrated that the times aren't accurate, but it felt good to push it.

Rested 8 mins

1k Row: 3:12.9.

This was brutal. Legs filled up fast and the last 600m or so were rough. Only 1.9 secs slower than my PR from January, though. Hoping to be right around 3:00-3:05 the next time we test. Missed the last test with injury.

Anonymous said...

Completed on 400m track

1. 3:45

rest 4 mins

2: 4:02 (fail, wanted both below 4)

I have never ran an 800m on a 400m track in below 3mins. My first 800 i ran in 2:45 and gassed the last 200m. Calves were extremely tight throughout both runs as expected from yesterdays box jumps.

Anthony- Good luck going back to days. I am an LEO working evenings 1430-2230. Anyway I might be able to shoot you an email sometime in regards to your affiliate, training, and how it fits in with work?

Slater Coe said...

Split Jerk from rack - 1,1,1,1,1,1,1; rest 4 min (225, 245, 265, 275(f), 285(f), 285, 300(f)

(after last set for the jerk, immediately perform as many burpees as you can in 3min; jump to touch an object 12" above max reach at top) - 46 burpees

Paul Smith said...


Don't have access to a track at lunch so I did .62 miles on a treadmill. I'm not sure I could have kept the same pace if I was outside in the elements.

Angelo Fosco said...

Tuesdays WOD. Started too heavy on cleans, only able to complete 6 of 7 sets.

A1. 190, 195, 200, 205, 210, 210
A2. 70lb DB all sets
A3. 21, 15, 13, 10, 10, 10

Grip was smoked.


Geoff Long said...

5:23 and 5:22

Slower than I'd like, but a runner I'm not.


Benny Ahlstedt said...

3,58 & 3,53

brian cilento said...

brandon... i used the nike+ on my ipod to tell me what was 1k. anyone using nike+ notice these distances being off?

Chad Walding said...



On track. It's boiling in this ATX heat! 102F!!
Legs felt very heavy, not near my best. Bow down to all you sub 3's.

Chris Castillo said...


Couldn't get my quads to loosen up. Felt tight. They feel great now though. I've been pretty sore from the wall balls the other day. Didn't feel that good yesterday on my pistols so I knew I'd feel tight for the run. But I'm loose now.

Lucas said...

3:10 and 3:32.

Anthony, after 8 years of shift work, evenings and overnights I switched to days and noticed a big increase in recovery and performance.

joey warren said...

at track:
warm up lap
the UNIT warm-up

2x1k run

cool down lap

mike mcnaughton@CFN said...


Dear baby Jesus, in your golden-fleece diapers...

Delaware said...

A1: 135/145/155/165/175/185/185(4)
A2: 55# db
A3: 20/12/10/10/9/8/10

Could've gone quite a bit heavier on the KBS. They felt lighter as the PCs got heavier, but ran out of gas by round 4. The last 3 rds were a gut check.

Lisa M said...

Little break from Oly lifting training this week due to scheduling so trying to get a few BD wods in

1km - 4:37
1km - 4:35
Slow as molasses but trying to work on pose running and not so much speed at this point

rest and rolled for 15 minutes
then did yesterdays WOD

56+40*+5:38 I love love love jumping!!! did to 32"

(did C2Bs as amrap in 5 minutes trying to as many UB as I could - haven't done pullups in a long time and didn't want to tear hands as i have my golf club championships this weekend)

It has been a long time since i have got a serious sweat on and it feels soooooooo good.

Jonathan Thom said...

3:30, 3:55

Not my best day of running, oh well! Hamstrings are absolutely fried from this cycle...I will gladly take the rest day tomorrow.

I'm not sure that I've ever run a 1k before, only 800s. It's an interesting distance. Can't sprint it, but that "light at the end of the tunnel" is close enough from the start that its hard to justify much pacing...

PTS said...

Anthony: you defintely will see an uptick in performance when switching to day shifts.

So I went to the doctor today about the plantat fasciitis I am having. I received a cortisone shot ( which I was bit weary of) and will be custom fitted for orthotics next week. Hopefully this will help alliviate some pain and hopfeully this was the reason for my poor performance today as running is typically a strong area for me.

Anonymous said...

Run1. 3:44
Run2. 3:44

Ran on 400m track felt a little slow today

Brian Maier said...

UNIT...waiting for your post today. Want to see your sub 3.

Marcus Filly said...

Run is bad for ankle. Norcal Chris and I "broke in" our new airdyne instead.

3:20 effort - 91cal
4:00 rest
3:20 effort - 72cal
Total - 163

Chris said it best, "there is nowhere to hide on that thing"

Krazy said...


My entire lower half is shattered from those 75 40" (It's all I had) box jumps yesterday. Not happy with these times because I know I'm capable of much more but with the current state of my lower half I'm fairly pleased.

Cocopuffs said...

1) 4:49
2) 4:54

Anonymous said...

raining, ended up rowing instead


unit said...

yesterdays WOD
40 + 10 + 5:47 (fatigued... couldn't string bj's 2gether)

50min rest

2days wod- at the track
(first run didn't feel 2 bad, but couldn't recover... feel very out of track shape)


Joel B. said...

Unable to train at work yesterday so did a double today. 3.5 hrs rest between sessions.

Yesterday's training done A.M. todeay:

can't do pistols...sad to say. I did them touching a squat rack for balance and did 48 total.

Today's training done P.M. today:
3:21, 3:22

same neighborhood routes as usual...which is to say not 100% sure on accuracy of distance, but as close as I can get it without a wheel distance counter.

Joel B. said...

Welcome back Surrey! Glad to see you on here again. I started back on this training in mid-May after a 16 week fire academy. I am doing better (now)strength numbers than when I left. There is hope...keep it up, man!

Paul Klein said...

2x 1k run

3:19 / 3:36

Thank you! My family and I appreciate the prayers.

Steve Howell said...

Raining pretty good today so subbed running for rowing.


Julian Cruz said...

3:22 and 3:22

Did an oly workout before

Carrie McG said...

Hip bothering me today so no running, tried rowing but that was iffy. So I settled on doing 50 cals on the airdyne (blugh) each set.
3:50 and 3:45
I hate that contraption.

Siu said...

4:51, 4:58

Since running is one of the serious "dents in my armor" (see above), two more 400m runs with 5 min rest between:

1:38, 1:35

Pfeifdog said...

Ran a 2 race, time @ 17:20 ish.

Time was ok for me, heat index of 105

Jay said...


Alex Duncan said...


Could have gone faster on the first one. Glutes feeling sore from the pistols yesterday.

Did this on a brand new (and empty) olympic track with Chris Martin.

k.jones said...

3:12/3:14 FElt pretty good for it being 100 degrees outside

markus willard said...

3:41, 3:48

first time running in awhile, a good start, lots of room for improvement

PRM said...


r Gaines said...


Chris Martin said...

3:32 and 3:42
Feeling very bulky and slow. Its time is reel my diet back in. One month of a crazy work schedule sidelined my progress I was making.

Chad Hall said...

Rowed only once instead. Planned on twice, but my knee didn't hold up.


Happy tomorrow is off, hopefully my knee will recover shortly.

NorCal Chris said...

The AirDyne is definitely related to the devil!

3:20 max cals: 97
Rest 4:00
3:20 max cals: 67

Marcus and I both suffered on that thing. Very much looking for more to come. Big Dawg hell!

John@CFWC said...

Tuesday's fun:
A1. 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185
A2. 2 pood, all unbroken
A3. 20, 15, 15, 15, 14, 14, 13
Barely made last rep at 185. Resetting the hook grip at the top was challenging. KBS were a mental grind and beat up the hands pretty good. Bench press was a pleasant surprise.

Stephen B. said...

1st run: 2:50

2nd run: 3:03

Run at a high school track...held pace thoughout first run...lost pace after 400m on second run. Fought to keep it in low 3s.

Brent Maier said...


3:39 - .62 miles ran on streets with gps watch.

Gave about 90-95% on this although it was unpleasant at the end. I'm not sure what to think about my time on this run. Ran only one in preparation for saturdays events.

Eric G. said...

8/10 WOD Today:

A1: 135/140/145/150/155/160/165 (All Unbroken)
A2: 2 Pood for all (All Unbroken)
A3: 20/13/11/10/10/10/6 (80 total reps)

Thought I might be underscaling the cleans a little, but by the last round I knew I was spot on. Unbroken Cleans + KB Swings destroyed my forearms and made my grip on the bar for bench press very shaky. It's clear by my quick decline on bench that I don't do that lift very often, nor is it a strong point.

Surrey Sterling 40/176/5'10" said...

Eh Joel thanks for the welcome back. Feels great to back following the legends workouts once again. Good times man!

Ran on slight grade but happy with my times

Rest 4 minutes

irongirl said...

It can only get better. Feeling tired today

Heavy Evy said...

3:57 and 3:52

Measured with the odometer of my truck, pretty close. Will try and get to the track next time.

Joey or Unit,
What's the "Unit Warmup", I feel like I'm not warming up properly. Lately there seems to always be one area I don't prep enough, and it kills my results.

Yelvi said...


Done on treadmill at 1.5 incline. Had a little left after each of these. Recovered just fine.

Eric Montgomery said...

3:19 and 3:36

Ran 1K out, rested, and 1K back. The slight tailwind on the first one became a slight headwind on the second one. But mainly I got slower because I'm fat right now coming off a week of vacation where I didn't do much training.

irvine said...


Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Yesterday's WOD:

24 + 5 + 8:55

Tabata Pistols: practiced lowering to to a 20 inch box

Box Jumps: "Masters Scaled"
(80 - age) = 28 inches

Curt M said...

Did wed WOD.


BJ 24", all I had

Felt really good with pistols and BJ's not so much on the pullups, still pretty stiff from previous WODs

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


Ben Priestley said...

3:28, and then 3:32

Done on streets, mapped using mapmyrun dot com. I avoided street lights and any stopping of momentum to double back.

Hello Friday, rest day!!

Grant said...

@ Eau Claire Heli Pad @ 5PM Thurs
Rainy & windy. 5th WOD since rest
Very slow @ 4:05 (both)

Ben Priestley said...

Just got my set of chains in order. Total cost: ~$100 ($170 if I keep bolt cutters). Here's what it took:

*Search on craigslist for heavy chain - eventually stumbled on a guy selling 60' of 3/8" used anchor chain for $60. Chain weighed about 110# and was covered in grease and a little paint.

*Threw chain in a 5gallon bucket and added 1 gallon Simple Green, 1 gallon water. Let sit for 3 hours.

*Scrubbed chain with a stiff copper wire brush. Almost all of the grease and a good amount of paint came off. I was satisfied with it, felt I could handle it without tarring up my hands. Rinsed with water and left out to dry in sun.

*Bought 36" bolt cutters. Cut the chain into 8 equal segments of about 7'5" (some of the original length lost as links were cut). The bolt cutters were easy to operate. Crossing fingers I can return bolt cutters to store.

*Bought carabiners and 2x 5' of 1/8" chain. I took a length of big chain and threaded the carabiner through the middle link. I took the smaller 1/8" chain and threaded it through the carabiner. I made a loop out of the 1/8" chain, connecting the loop with another carabiner. The idea is that the small chain loop will hang off the barbell.

*Up to 4 lengths of big chain can hang off of each loop of small chain. The small chain loop can be adjusted using its connecting carabiner, making the loop bigger or smaller. This will allow for adjustments based on athlete's height, so that the big chain will not drag on the floor.

I'll take a photo of the setup once I get it into the gym, and will post a link.

BK said...

3.50 and 3.44 running around box. Seeing as best 800 is 2.35 a coupla weeks before games , I need not say a word more!

Anonymous said...


unit said...


sprint drills for warm up:


mhamilton said...



Felt like I was running through porridge. Calves and shins shot from box jumps and couldn't find much in the tank to push past it.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Run 4:00 Hard
Walk 4:00
Run 2:00 Hard
Walk 2:00
Run 2:00 Hard

Didn't have accurate gauge of distance. Went too fast on first run. Had to split up second run

Angelo Fosco said...

Weds wod:

63 + 6 + 6:14

Left ankle still a bit swollen and definitely still painful. Made pistols and box jumps tough

John@CFWC said...

Made up the Tabata pistols, AMSetsAP of unbroken 10 C2B pullups in 5:00, and 75 box jumps for time.
Generally disappointed in this one. Pistols were about what I expected, but pullups are a big strength of mine. I think the PCs and KBS from yesterday (Thursday) just taxed my grip too much to get 7-8 sets as I'd hoped. Box jumps were consistently paced, didn't stop, just really slow. Eh.

Heavy Evy said...

thanks unit

Robin Lyons said...

rest 4min

Not fun for me...wasn't "gased" at the end...but hard to hold a fast pace.

Brian Gregory said...

Yesterday's WOD (on vacation)

for reps:
Tabata Pistols
(alernate per set - 4 sets/leg)
rest 10 sec
for sets:
As many sets of 10 unbroken CTB chin ups in 5 min
rest 10 sec
for time:
75 reps - 36"/30" box jump

11, 9, 11, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Sub 5 strict pullups on ceiling joist on boat dock - 8 sets + 3

5:12 - Jumped from dock to hanging pontoon boat deck - 36" exactly - Focused on not falling in the water! Could have been faster on land.