fri, nov 5, 2010

One night of sleep deprivation decreases treadmill endurance performance
( European Journal of Applied Physiology 2009; 107: 155-161)

Pickett and Morris (1) reported that time to exhaustion (TTE) was unaltered following 30 h of sleep deprivation, whereas Martin (2) reported only a marginally (P = 0.05) significant decrease in TTE following 36 h of sleep deprivation. In addition, the effect of sleep deprivation on pacing is unknown as previous investigations used time to exhaustion rather than fixed end point tests to determine performance. The nature of these tests require that athletes exercise until exhausted, which is unlike most athletic events. For this reason, the authors of this investigation used a distance-based timed test to examine the effect of sleep deprivation on endurance performance.

This study examined the effect of one night of sleep deprivation on pre-loaded, 30 minute, self-paced endurance performance. In addition, the authors investigated how sleep deprivation effects pacing, cardiorespiratory, thermoregulatory, and perceived exertion. It was hypothesized that endurance performance would decrease following 30 hours of sleep deprivation.

In this investigation, 30 hours of sleep deprivation was shown to have a negative impact on pre-loaded endurance performance. Even though the subjects completed a shorter distance after sleep deprivation, their perception of effort (RPE) was the same in both trials. This indicates that the subjects felt like they were working just as hard in the sleep deprivation trial as they had under control conditions. Therefore, it is possible that sleep deprivation affects performance through alterations in perceived exertion.

In addition to endurance performance, the authors examined cardiorespiratory, and thermoregulatory responses to exercise. The results indicated that sleep deprivation has a limited effect on cardiorespiratory and thermoregulatory responses to exercise.

Peaking Strength:
1. Start @ 70/45 kg on the barbell and on the minute for as many minutes perform 1 squat clean; add 5kg to barbell per minute.
rest 5 min
2. Using the weight you finished with Dead Lift it on the minute for 2 reps every minute; add 10kg to barbell per minute.
rest 5 min
3. for time:
50 HSPU on parallettes

post loads and times to comments like this:
1. 130kg
2. 220 kg
3. 10:28 (include height of parallettes)


Sean LeFloch said...


What depth are we going to on the parallettes?


Joel B. said...

Interesting on the sleep deprivation thing. I almost commented on this subject on Monday. I had about 2 45 min naps over the previous 35 hrs when I did that training, and then didn't get to bed for another 10 hrs. When this has come up over the last few months, I have noticed I generally do better than I think I will (on that day). Sometimes PR's are set. The only think I think I can pinpoint getting worse is the wattage on short row sprints seems to "suffer". I feel ok, or normal or whatever is expected, but the wattage turns up lower regardless of my effort (or maybe perceived effort?). Anyway, just my observation.

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Performed on Thursday, 11/04:

A. Bench press, 5-3-1 (+); finished with 244 for 8 reps


Three rounds for time of:
35 double-unders
25 push-ups
15 CTB pull-ups


Struggled with, well, everything. Also, I was cleared to begin loading squats on Monday, and started a basic linear progression with 3 x 5 @ 45 lbs., plans to increase 10 lbs. twice/week.

Soren said...

1: 95kg
2: 160kg
3: 9.45 to Ab Mat, no paralettes

Not surprising with the sleep deprivation, but good to have the confirmation.


PTS said...

1. 107 kg
2. 184 kg
3. 8:10 not Rx'd did 30 strict.

Rory Hanlin said...

1. 145
2. 225
3. 15:34

Had more in me on the deads but ran out of room on the bar.
2009 games standard on HSPU

Geoff Aucoin said...

Man that's a fun WOD.

Gord said...

A. 88kg (went up by 10# each min)
B. 152kg (went up by 20# each min)
C. 32 in 11:30 (ran out of time)used 5" parallettes-too ambious

Drew said...

A- 98kg, dumped 102 at bottom
B- 157kg, 166kg back felt tight so shut it down.
C- 11:10, done on 12" boxes head below hands and all strict

OPT said...

sean, choose a ROM that will get you into singles pretty quickly

Chris Dunkin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Dunkin said...

1. 125kg
2. 220kg
3. 28:00 (5.5in)

brian cilento said...

been following a few days behind, we just jumped to real time...
a. 107kg
b. 156kg
c. 5:28 on plates and then head to floor

Brian Gregory said...

10-30 Tester Wod

Task 1 completed in 7:15 (21.5# ball)

20min break

Task 2 completed in 1:54 (170#)

No time for part 3 today may do tomorrow

DU's broke at 18 on rd 2, otherwise UB (felt pretty easy...)
Pt.2 easy also, but hard to squeeze in situps on time.

NW said...

1: 80kg, felt easy but couldn't hit 85kg
2: 170kg, hit 175 once
3: 6:38* Not Rxd. head to plates, about 4" shy of full ROM. PR in number of reps, happy with that.

Deadlifts got heavy quickly towards the end, caught me by surprise.


David said...

1. 105kg
2. 175kg
3. 14:46 on 10kg bumpers, 2"

Got into the bottom with 110kg and sat there for about 5 seconds but tilted forward and dumped.

calebg said...

1. 107
2. 170
3. 9:36 with each hand on 12' box

Hit a wall quick on both 1 and 2 today. Part 1 pulls felt really strong, the catch not so much. Did too much snatch practice yesterday. Should've rested

Stahl said...

1. 115 (pr#1 kg.)
2. 160
3. 11:48 (regular, not elevated)

Notes: happy with PR on cleans, felt good. DL felt really heavy quickly after that.

HSPU - still a weakness, so did regular to get as many strict as possible. Kipped about 12-15 of the 50. Need lots of practice.

Joel B. said...

1. 93kg
2. 130kg
3. not rx'd...15 on parellette 12" high, head down between but not to ground, +10 regular for a total of 25 in 9:26 and ran out of time and had to head to work.

at work 25 hspu on db's not for time.

Brian Maier said...

1) 114kg
2) 193kg
3) 12:53 - not RX'd - no parallettes

Haven't gone real heavy on DL in a while so mentally shut it down.

Spider said...

Squat Clean: 80 kg (landed it cleanly but couldn't get out of the hole)

DL: 138kg

HSPU: 14:31. 12 inch parallettes to abmat = 9 inches below hands

Brandon said...

Back after being sick for a couple of days....

Split Jerk from Wednesday:
225/235/245/255(f) - working on new rack position, felt good

No metcon..maybe tomorrow

Todays - used 10/20# jumps (no kg plates)
A. 102kg (225#), 111kg (f)
B. 193kg (425#), 202kg (f)
C. On paralletes from CrossFit Journal, head below hands - 14:39

Went to singles and clusters after the first 7 reps.

Anonymous said...

1: 106kg
2: 156kg
3: 11:32

Height-35# dbs for parallettes set on 45# bumpers. Top of head to floor.

Rich J said...

Part 1 - 285lbs

Part 2 - 455lbs

Part 3 - (did not do due to AC sprain)

ryandrew11 said...

1. 81.6 kg PR (increased only 2.27 kg each minute)
2. 136 kg PR
3. 4:29 (subbed HSPU progressions)

Angelo Fosco said...

1. 111kg (245#)

2. 175kg

3. 18:21 off of 18' boxes, ears past hands

Notes: disappointed in deads. Just got a 1rm pr of 20# at 425# last sat, but couldn't move 405# today.

Steve Howell said...

Won't be hitting this today. Off to victoria for the taranis winter challenge this weekend.

Lauren said...

1. 77 kg
2. 117 kg
3. 30 HSPU from the ground, time constraints today - 8:00min.

Jon Sinclair said...

1. 100 (failed on 105)
2. 150 (one rep at 160)
3. 12:16 (hands on 2' thick plates, maybe 10 reps where ROM was a little short)

Forgot to post last wod, did it yesterday

Split jerk - 80, 90, 100, 105, 110

6:11 forgot whether I was suppose to rest between sets, so just did straight through

matt shannon said...

1st of all...Rory you're friggin killin me man! Nice work bro!

A. 245#
B. 425#
C. 10:39

Notes: hspu on 10"parallettes and all strict.
Thought I'd be able to get more than 425 but happy to be able to hit 2 reps @ that weight after all those reps.

Great work today Dawgs!

Arjuna @CFN said...

A. 116kg
B. 198kg
C. 4:38 *did regular hspu, no parallettes* shlder has been a little tweaked lately.

unit said...

A- 121 [25lb pr on squat clean]
B- 200
C- 23:56 [10" strict]


Sean LeFloch said...

a. 235# (had 245#, bounced twice in hole, couldn't get out)
b. 355# (375# for 1 on next set)
c. 9:57 (on parallettes, depth past ear)

Anthony Skvarka said...

1. 245 lbs, but sloppy
2. 275 but 1 rep
3. 17.55 depth below ear, guess I should not have been workin on my ring HSPU's yesterday.

Anthony Skvarka said...

Correction on the Deadlift

1. 245 lbs, but sloppy
2. 375 but 1 rep
3. 17.55 depth below ear, guess I should not have been workin on my ring HSPU's yesterday.

Stephen B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen B. said...

3.26:53...used what I think were (about) 14" parallelettes...chin below hands every rep...very tough ROM, but I like a good challenge...first 4 UB...then singles...all strict

Steve Smith said...

A. 285

B. 435

C. 8:06 (25 ring HSPU, shoulders to rings)

- Got under 295, sloppy catch
- Called it at 435 for the sake of the back
- No paralletts, so I used rings

Steve Smith said...

PS. Rory "I ran out of room on the bar" Hanlin, you're ridiculous.

Steve Smith said...

PPS. Numbers are in pounds.

dontpanic356 said...

1. 125
2. 184
3. 8:55 no parallettes. used a couple 2 inch risers I found at the gym. Kipped the last 8 reps, all other reps were strict.

Jonathan Thom said...

1. 102.3 kg (225 pounds)
2. 147.7 kg (325 pounds)
3. 35 reps in 25:10 (5" deficit) - first 20 strict, next 15 kip.

Progressed in 10lb jumps for cleans and 20lb jumps for deadlifts Stopped after 325 on the deads because they were getting ugly...probably going to be sore tomorrow. My speed strength > my slow strength. Ran out of time to finish the hspu's. 5 inch deficit (from top of parallettes to where head touched), p-lettes were the same distance apart as from my elbow to my fingertips. Some serious quad cramping going on during some of the more difficult reps.

Even though I didn't get to finish, and it was slow as hell, I am stoked to be able to do hspu's that deep, and strict. A full rom strict hspu on the p-lettes is big goal for me, and I think I'm getting close.

Becky said...

sorry i don't do things in kg. but, lbs. don't mean to be difficult.
squat clean 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, missed 155.
dl 155, 185, 205, 225, 245, 265x1 failed #2

had to be assisted on hspu, on p. bars about 8" off ground. over ten minutes.

Anonymous said...

1. 100kg PR
2. 152kg
3. 14:35 off of bumper plates 4.5" to Ab mat

Danny Davis said...

Part 1
Squat Clean 245#

Part 2
Deadlift 390#

Part 3
14:55 Games Standard.

Kevin said...


a. 110kg (failed 3x at 115 getting out of the hole; rested a minute and got it)
b. 165kg (175kg x1--nothing left)
c. 50 regular strict with no added depth--14:40

Kyle F said...

1. 120 kg
2. 165 kg
3. 18 min (3 inches)

jerf said...

A. 107kg (pr)
B. 193kg
C. 9:20 (NOT Rx'd!! Hands on floor, head to mat-- I'm awful at these)

Anonymous said...

A: 100kg
B: 160kg
C: DNF. Tweaked shoulder. Scaled to strict off the floor.

Benny Ahlstedt said...

1. 95kg
2. 170kg
3. 16,50

I really suck st HSPU.

Anonymous said...


1. Accidentally did back squats 150
2. 165
3. Used plates with 1.75" depth 17:41 said...


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