Tues, Nov 16, 2010


6 sets for largest rest time:
Power Clean x 2
Push Jerk x 2
Squat Clean x 2
Row 350 m
(weight used is 155# for males, 100# for females; your watch is set on a 2 min 30 sec countdown timer for each round; the rest left over after each round is your total score; i.e. start the timer as soon as you start your 1st power clean, whats left after the row is your rest and your score for round 1...repeat; if you fail to make the 2:30 cut off in one round, finish the round, but minus those sec to your total rest time at end)

post your total rest time in seconds to comments
double Wednesday, single Thursday, Friday off, Sat and Sun doubles, Monday single, Tuesday off...


Jon Sinclair said...

How many DU's would be comparable to 350m row? Or any other suggestions for a good sub? (hopefully something without equip as theres none near the lift platform)

OPT said...

jon, DU's don't compare...i'll allow Mr Aucoin to choose your modality...Geoff?

Anonymous said...

So just curious....hw exactly was this last comp scored?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Well I'd go with a run for a sub, and because I'm a far better rower than runner I guess a 400m run would do the job.

I've got a question; how the heck did my name get associated with this WOD? You'd think something named 'gaucoin' would involve wall balls, rowing and then maybe wearing really tight clothes.

The Pastey Russian said...

Hello everyone, I'm a new to the blog. My names Alec Wipperman I am a 20 yr. old attending Florida Gulf Coast University with a Human Performance degree in the process. I met OPT at the Big Dawg Challenge in Naples were I currently live. I heard great things about the OPT blog and the programming that goes with it. Can't wait to start meeting all the people who follow this blog as well. Let the fun begin! :)

Brent Maier said...

This is epic and Aucoin didn't even know it! It's going to be my last grinder before Saturdays local all affiliate Pilgrim Wars challenge.

Bear said...


I´m competing sat 27th. It´s a uphill race 3.5 km with 14% incline all the way. Calfs will probably burn...forever.

I´ve been planning to mimic the 2 weeks before comp 25th sept and 13th nov (7-9 sessions this week and tapering next week) and put in a few hillruns, use little weight and also try and loose some bw (nothing crazy, but stop eating like a horse/bear).

Does anybody have any advice of how to plan the coming 10 days considering food and training?

Anonymous said...

281 secs

PTS said...

215 seconds rest.

I will be modifying training for the next 10 days as I am running a 12 mile tough mudder event on the 21st and will need a bit of tapering leading to and a bit of recovery following.

OPT said...

bear, go back and find a comp later in spring or early fall years ago as there might be some peak running in there...hill running for a bigger guy is calf flexibility and hip flexor endurance...and learning how to use the arms uphill will take some practice...
some workouts from my hill racing years vault...
2 min up high grade @ race pace (just under lactate threshold), run past crest and run down slowly focusing on recovery and breathing x 6-10
2-4 hour constant incline hike/climb @ 75% MHR once per week in the foothills
30 sec sprints uphill with spring and high knees; walk down full recovery x 8-15 (used 20# pack with this a few times improperly actually and suffered from it - i can actually remember the set where i knew i had tipped over into overtraining, the successive race blew)
russian step ups and more russian step ups (that's not a lie but also to welcome Alec - pasety russian - love it!)

anon, scoring was done precisely before but would take me 3 days full to look at vids and rank folks...i just could not do it after we had 100 entries last year and it took me 2 weeks to score...so this is a comment but also a note to ask if there is anyone interested in doing the data, i'm cool with that
the scoring would have been placing based for this one...
the main idea of the comps is to fine tune the engine, see where things are based on getting something you might not have prepared for...and see where you stand, one can do that by looking through the scores

hope that helps fix that

Angelo Fosco said...

49, 40, 37, 33, 32, 13 (had to fix bar, no clips and on the 2nd power clean i pulled too much with my right side)

Total rest: 205 seconds

Spider said...

1: 38
2: 25
3: 14
4: 3
5: -60
6: -90
Grand total: 30 seconds of rest
That crept up on me on those last couple rounds

brian cilento said...

250 sec rest

Bear said...


Thanks a bunch, I know I´m a bit late on preparing myself, but I will make the most of the following 10 days!

Gord said...

total 2:37

Chris Dunkin said...

stopped at 5 sets. fighting off a bug of some sort.


Curt M said...

222 sec total rest.

Awsome WOD

Legs were gassed

Anonymous said...

Hey coach I have following your workouts for two weeks now. I have a competition on December 11th should I keep follow the most recent workouts or is there something else I should follow?

Steve Howell said...

I've been having some hamstring issues the last couple days so taking a little bit of time off to deal with it.

Also getting some ink down tomorrow so will have to let that heal up before getting back into it.

Jay said...

TOTAL 227...3:47

OPT said...

anon, give me your details on the comp and i'll tell you what might help..thx

steve howell, ensure there is a hidden letters "BD" in there some where in the ink

Bear said...

Did some russian step ups today, then some more step ups. Also a few C&J with a strongman "log". Felt funny.


What weight and rep-schema should one use when doing russian step ups?

Joel B. said...

234 secs

Arjuna @CFN said...

1. :48
2. :51
3. :45
4. :45
5. :45
6. :49

Total rest time = 283 sec.

Andy said...

Back on it after a couple of weeks sick

Really enjoyed this one

215 secs total

Ali Loach said...

2:54 (:45/:27/:28/:20/:22/:27)
*had an epiphany with my rowing technique which was nice.

Brian Gregory said...

Tues Nov 9 WOD

A. 150x3x3 Pwr sn (3rd rep was getting wide with feet)
B. 100# x5x3 all UB and easy
C. 30s sprint on Airdyne sub'd for runs

Anonymous said...

Dallas Central will be hosting the competition. Its called the All Cities Open. The date is December 11th. It said the workouts will be hitting all three energy pathways and all 10 general physical skills. The site is at Dallas Community School, the facilities will include a gymnasium, 4 soccer fields and a 10 acre field in the back with a running trail.

Kyle F said...

Got my brand new pair of Risto's in the mail today. STOKED! Can't wait to hit this WOD tonight.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, comment on how you like them. I was thinking of upgrading my oly shoes soon.

Steve Howell said...


I will add it for sure!

Rafa - Crossfit Redline said...

R1. 50 sec
R2. 48 sec
R3. 52 sec
R4. 45 sec
R5. 35 sec
R6. 35 sec

Total : 265 sec

Aaron Betts said...

2 minutes 11 seconds of rest

The Pastey Russian said...

Total Rest: 127 seconds

Subed squat cleans with power snatch (#135), due to possible left knee lateral meniscus tear, will know for sure thursday when the MRI is read. Awsome wod though! :)

Steve Smith said...

1. 69sec
2. 61sec
3. 58sec
4. 55sec
5. 48sec
6. 53sec

Total: 344 seconds

- Bar work was no problem
- Row sucked, legs smoked
- Threw up a little in the mouth on round 4

Ali Loach said...

Steve Smith
I would classify that as a little TMI but thanks for sharing ;o)

ryandrew11 said...

45,39,33,30,26,34 = 207

Like PTS, I will be modifying training for the next 10 days as I am running a 12 mile tough mudder event on the 21st and will need a bit of tapering leading to and a bit of recovery following.

Brandon said...

320s (56/53/53/51/54/53)

Barbell complex felt great...rows were tough the last 150m.

OPT said...

bear, 12-15/leg @ 1110 tempo; 3 sets per leg, rest ONLY 45 sec b/t legs

anon, how many energy pathways are there?

Anonymous said...

Three. Phospagen, glycolytic and oxidative.

Lisa M said...

Winter has arrived with a vengance Going to add some strength conjugate training to my routine for a bit so will be modifying for awhile.

Today did ME strict press with chains - that was fun 85# plus 20# chain. Plus some accessory exercises.

Will hit todays wod tomorrow.

Nice work LOACH!!

Anonymous said...


Total rest = 255 secs

Sean LeFloch said...

255sec. Tough anaerobic workout first day back after comp.

jules/crossfit performance said...

Wasnt prepared for the smackdown today after Big Dawg comp saturday..expected some nice easy skillwork..WRONG!

good experience overall though....
did Bar work with 100lbs
6.54..pulled that one outta my ass!
score 256

Michael McCabe said...

283 sec

bit of snatch work beforehand, up to 75kg

├╝ber Bania said...

Set times (rest times)
1:32 (:58)
1:30 (:60)
1:34 (:56)
1:38 (:52)
1:37 (:53)
1:48 (:42)

321 sec rest.

Great workout, felt solid at 155, but hit a mental wall on the last set. Couldn't force myself to get the squat cleans after the push jerks without letting go and taking a few breaths. Rowing was very labored, but I tried to smash through to maximize rest time (aka stumbling around gasping for breath).

Great workout!

Brian Maier said...

1: 65
2: 61
3: 58
4: 57
5: 57
6: 61

Total rest: 359s

Bar work OK but last 100m on row each round was all mental. Rest period each round spent resetting rower to 350m. That was a task!

Becky said...

:33, :30:27,:27, :15,:3

about 2 min. rest.
120 sec.

r Gaines said...

first day back as rx'd after a few weeks away.


the row was strong but the sqt clean killed my time.

Christa said...

R1: 27s
R2: 20s

-3sec rest.

This smoked me..the rowing really slowed me down. I did the cleans and jerks within less than 30s then the row would take me to just over 2min. my transitions were slow and I took too long rest in between which made made me go over the 2:30 time frame.

Stephen B. said...

Great WOD!


total: 250 sec

notes: pc/pj/sq.c felt good. rounds 4-6 on the rower were rough.

Also, nice work to all dawgs who competed this past weekend. I tried hard to make it happen, but my schedule really wouldn't allow it. Very disappointed I couldn't participate, but look forward to the next one.

Fraser O said...


Total: 255s

Anonymous said...

Total rest :-70 seconds.

Still dont feel even 80% after the comp.

Hattie said...

Total Rest: 203

Kyle F said...

@ David X

I'll give you a full report after I've used them... which should be quite a while now. I followed the "Follow This and It's Guaranteed to Fit" shoe sizing chart to a "T" and they are too small. The size I need is out of stock so I'll have to wait.

Totally Bummed.

Total Rest: 256

Kyle F said...

As for the style though they are OK. Not at all flashy, but I like that about them. I got the black/brown shoe (thought it was going to be black/silver). There are two shades of brown which is weird but they look well made.

peter said...