Rest Day

old dawgs and new - 12 mile tough mudder

flawed research that makes me throw up in my mouth a little... 


Lars said...

Any suggestions??

My back feels messed up, and I think it's from the GHD sit ups yesterday. Should I avoid them in the future and work on my flexibility (which is an issue) or do a different exercise?

Thanks guys

OPT said...

Lars, loosen up the psoas, TFL, rectus femoris and KEEP doing them, if they cause pain, its not the exercise, its you...fix you...

get a foot up on a bench, lean hips into a lunge position and pulse that movement for 15-20 times while your hands are overhead, then get into deep but not pain stretch again and twist upper body as in rotation 15-20 times...then get in their again right away and hands overhead do the "hay ho" side to side ghetto style with hands overhead 15-20 pulses as well...

now stand up and walk and tell me that side feels more opened up than the other...then do these all the time...

also figure out why you got tight there in the first place..i.e. life, movement repetitions...etc...

Lars said...

Thanks OPT, those are definitely some problem areas. I just went through that series of movements and already feel better. I'll keep them up on a regular basis.

I've always liked to blame my genetics for my lack of flexibility, and the fact that I did very little stretching/flexibility training over the first 25 years of my life...but have taken over a new leaf in the past 1.5 years.

I'll keep you posted, thanks again. Love the site and the training!

Kent said...

Posting a day late this week

Monday's WOD

Jerks all at 155# 5X3
CTB 20unb,CTB 20 unb, COVP 20unb,COVP 20unb, COVP 15+5
Ring HSPU/GHD as Rx'ed

Ripped the skin off my triceps. Next time I do RHSPU long sleeves are in order.

Danny Davis said...

Posting previous sprint WOD.

800m warm-up
DROM Hips and Shoulders
400s @ 50%-all 3min
@ 70%-1:55
@ 80%-1:35
@ 90%-1:12
@100%-1:09(pr),1:12,(DNC)Slight strain in left ACL. Didn't want to push it. Two weeeks out from next comp.

Kevin said...

Working a day behind and had to cut short for time:

a. Sj: 220, 220, 230, 235
ctb: ub x2, brokenx2

b. Reg hspu--3 sets of ten
ghd situps--20x 2, reg situps x40

having some back pain myself. Will take coach's advice for Lars

Jeff - Crossfit Redline (CFRL) said...

Did this past Sundays wod today:

Run times:
1:22 -70%
1:13 -80%
1:12 -90%
1:05 -100%
1:44 -50%
1:09 -100%
1:50 -50%
1:10 -100%
1:50 -50%

25 minutes rest

Burpee/Double Under Couplet - 8:13

Stephen B. said...

Yesterday's WOD

Split Jerk: 205/215/220/225/230(1)
CTB chins: 5x20...all sets UB


Ring HSPU/GHDSU completed as rx'd...GHDSU all UB...ring HSPUs very difficult...all strict

notes: the ring HSPU took a LONG time...these are still new to me and will take some work...definitely humbling.

SJ felt strong but I'm having difficulty stabilizing myself once I'm under the bar...I'll try a wider landing position

Steve Howell said...

Going to be adding some extra strength work on top of the BD for a couple months I'll be a week behind everyone else.

i'll be checking in daily to see everyone killing it.

Anonymous said...


DL 3-3-3(+)

5 sets:
Split Jerk - 3 reps @ 80% effort; rest 20 sec
20 RR; rest 4 min
@ 95#

5 sets:
10 DB SP; rest 20 sec
20 GHD Sit Ups; rest 2 min
Use 20# per hand