tues, nov 2, 2010

anaerobic lactic endurance:
6 sets @ 97-100%:
10 Power Clean - 155/105#
10 box jumps - 30/24"
10 KB squat clean - 2pd/1.5pd
10 burpees - jump to 12 inches
rest 4 min active rest

post times per round to comments
single on wednesday


Arjuna @CFN said...

Question for coach or anyone else who knows the answer. For the 2 pood KB squat cleans. Is that 2pd in each hand or 2 pd in total? Gracias!

Anonymous said...

I think it's in both hands. You start with it grasped in the hang as normal, then clean it into a goblet squat position - At least I think that's the technique?

Bear said...

mon 1 nov

A 50-60-70-80-85-85 kg
B Strict CTB, 3 reps x 5
C 5 sets of 20 ub dus + 4 stair jumps (ca 3.5 m elevation)

Not feeling well the past 2 weeks, tried a comeback last monday but apparently it was to early. Will cut loads shamelessly and at least do the movements.

PTS said...

2:08,2:08,3:12,2:49,2:50,3:08 = 16:15 working time. kb squat cleams were the killer.

Steve Smith said...

PTS - Did you do the Kettle Bell Squat Cleans with one in each hand?

Angelo Fosco said...

Subbed 33 inch box jumps and 2x 75lb DB squat cleans (one in each hand).

4:10, 4:10, 4:45, DNF

Called it after 3 sets, my body is destroyed and I ran out of time. First workout in a while i've quit on.

OPT said...

1 KB used for squat cleans, dead lift grip off floor pulled into goblet squat position, stand, then repeat

ROBO said...

Just wondering if there r any big dawgs in richmond va or near there. Looking for a place to workout ill be working in a hospital there for a month. If there r any plz contact me 9109785191 thanks

Martin Altemark said...

yesterdays WOD:

A1. 85kg, 90kg, 95kg (f), 92.5kg, 95kg, 97.5kg (f)
A2. 3x16kg, 3x24kg, 3x32kg, 3x36kg, 2x40kg, 1x40kg

no wattage for rows.

Jay said...


found a video on youtube for the KB squat clean...assuming this is what coach wants...except bring the KB to the floor every rep...if im reading it correctly

Gord said...


Chris Dunkin said...

airdyne b/t sets

PTS said...

Steve: I did it as Coach described below. My puny little legs were smoked each round by that point.

Impressive work today C. Dunkin. Angelo those squat cleans with 75/H must have been absolutely brutal.

Stahl said...


Very, very tough. Had a huge wave of lactic acid rush through after the PC on round 5 and had to take a few breaths before starting BJ. BJ were tougher than I expected and KB squat cleans crushed my quads. Pleased I got through it.

Angelo - I'm impressed you got through three rounds doing 75# in both hands. That must have sucked.

Stahl said...

Also - any big dawgs in the Nashville, TN area?

I am moving there in 2 weeks and would love to train with another dawg in the area. Let me know!

You can e-mail me at stahl07@yahoo.com

matt shannon said...

3:00, 3:12, 2:49 and 2:44

Went at about 75-80% after only getting 3 hours of sleep last night. I rest 3 minutes between rounds and did single rope jumps between rounds.

Ran out of time and rolled with 4 rounds and ended up doing burpees and leaping over a 20" box versus vs just jumping up 12".

All reps done unbroken. Power cleans were easy, 30" box jump was pretty simple, KB clean was tough and the burpee box hurdles were pretty easy too. Looking forward to the singles this week.

Arjuna @CFN said...

1) 1:42
2) 1:55
3) 2:27
4) 2:28
5) 2:23
6) 2:35

Head feels like its floating

Arjuna @CFN said...

@ Angelo

Hat goes out to you brother. Have no idea hw you got through 3-4 rounds of that with 2 2pd KB. And a 33" BJ. Great job

NW said...

1: 2:36
2: 2:39
3: 2:23
4: 2:01
5: 2:15
6: 2:21
NOTES: Not Rx, scaled to ability and availability of equip at the globo; outcome was still the same-it sucked, def felt the burn.

Benny Ahlstedt said...

Trying to get back to the training routine after opening up our CF box last week, not so easy;-)


No time to finish the last two rounds before tonights 1:st class. Spent the most time on the kb sq cl

Lisa M said...

Holy Hell that was FUN!!!


rowed for active rest. The KB squat cleans were killer!!

Fraser O said...

1. 2m08s
2. 2m18s
3. 2m21s
4 2m32s
5. 2m32s
6. 2m21s

*Didn't know I had to touch the ground every rep for the KB squat cleans. I just followed the youtube video I looked up last night. Everything else Rx'd

Joel B. said...

1. 2:53; 2. 3:05; 3. 3:29; 4. 3:31; 5. 3:52; 6. 3:47

the part in the FAQ about empty stomach is VERY applicable on today's training. easy airdyne for active rest although the later rounds were just mainly trying to stay upright and keep the petals in motion for the first minute or so.

Christa said...

2:34, 2:53, 3:05, 3:15, 3:15,2:55

I did 1pd for KB cleans, I did them wrong - used 1 KB and did 5 on ea side for every round, I saw proper form posted after I completed the workout.

Will do workout Thurs then off until Wed to give myself a recovery after the Mid Atlantic Hopper.

Spider said...


155 was tough and felt pretty gassed after the rounds. Holy legs...

Rory Hanlin said...


goal was sub 2 for all

yep that was tough...

Anthony Skvarka said...

6.45, 6.15, 6.13, 6.25, 5.45, 6.10

sub'd with 2 70lb db's - very challenging to hit the db's in proper postion to maintain balance into the squat... and this ate up my time. the other movements were mostly unbroken.

Steve Smith said...

That was painful

Total working time:


Thanks for the great programing, Coach. I'm getting after it as much as I possibly can with the schedule.

Steve Smith said...

Damn, Rory. Good work.

Nathan H. said...

Awesome work Rory!

12:00pm in KG
Snatch built to 115/1 missed 122.5/1 x 2
Clean off blocks: built to 140/2, missed 145 on second rep
Push press (again): built to 115/1 did 120/1 yesterday
Backsquat: 145/5 x 3

Only did 3 sets of metcon, broke off on third...lower back and legs had nothing from earlier.

1:36, 1:50, 2:53! Kb cleans destroyed back integrity. Found myself looking at the kb on third set.;

Nathan H. said...

Just an interesting note, I tested my vertical before my 12pm weight session @ 31"

ryandrew11 said...


dontpanic356 said...


wow. Last couple rounds were nasty.

stationary bike between rounds....very slow.

Kevin said...


Last two days:
A1. 205x3;215x2;225,235(tied PR), 240F, 235F, 225
A2. 50x3, 60x3, 70x2 for the rest
B. Row sprints--didn't keep watts or pace--total distance=1293m

Didn't touch the ground with KB every time. Did the WOD before James's clarifying post.

2:02; 2:05; 2:12; 2:20; 2:24; 2:32

This was really tough. As a lot of other people have said, it felt pretty good through first two movements, slowed down a lot for last two.

Jonathan Thom said...


Maybe not the greatest intensity today. Box jumps and burpees were what slowed me down in the later sets, pretty consistent on the power cleans and kb cleans.

Jay said...

found out i have a trigger point in my tricep from smashing it on the ghd handles about 2 1/2 months ago...sends shooting pain and weakens my arm all the way down when spending time in the front rack...so no cleans or jerks for a while...subbed 105# power snatch for power cleans.


round 6 cut my shin open on the box jumps after laying on the ground in pain/almost puking...finished the round slow

Anonymous said...


Legs were destroyed on middle two rounds. Felt like they flushed out for the last 2. Hard as hell mentally and physically.

jerf said...

1- 2:12
5- -
6- -

Called it after the 4th set. As Nathan H alluded, back integrity became an issue on the kb squats. My form deteriorated from strong and upright to "gnarled-slinky" midway through round 3. So with a shooting back cramp and a heart rate of 490, I decided that tomorrow would be a better day...

Steve Howell said...

Wont get a chance to hit this today tomorrow will be a double for me.

Nice work rory crushed that!

nathan, thats a sick vert!

unit said...

Nathan... so ur sayin the 30" bj's don't require bending ur knees 2 get to the top?... sweet...

1. 1:37
2. 1:43
3. 1:39
4. 1:37
5. 1:34
6. 1:31

-- total work time- 9:41
-- ran 400m bw sets... nice slow jog
-- used db instead of kb


A/A said...

We went heavy on the legs last night, so this burned.


Active rest was walking in circles trying not to sit down.

Nathan H. said...

Steve, thanks man! I don't know much about vert scores, but I'll take your word!

Dude Unit! Crazy times brother! I need some of whatever it is you've got. :) It's like you don't fatigue, in fact... you get faster. It's not normal man.

Angelo Fosco said...

Pts, stahl and arjuna thx guys! You all had some smokin fast times...very motivating!

Jon Sinclair said...

2.06, 2.09, 2.24, 2.32, 2.38, 2.45

had to sub 55# DB for kb, had too much trouble balancing 75# db in squat clean

Accidentally rested 6 minutes in between, didnt write wod down

Steve Smith said...

Unit - DBs don't count.....

I have to come up with some excuse for you absolutely smoking my time.

Brian Gregory said...

Following 1 wk behind now for upcoming comp

Oct. 26th wod

Pt. 1
A1. 185x4,205,210,215,215x3 - Approx 30-40# in chains with 15# DB on each side near bottom
A2. 135,145,150,150,150 x3's
B. 225#x3x3
C. All 5 sets UB
D. Done and difficult after K2E

Approx 7-7.5hrs rest

Pt. 2 (C&J,BJ,KB,Burps)
1- 8,18,13,13
2- 8,20,12,12
3- 8,18,11,12
4- 8,19,11,12
5- 8,18,11,12
6- 7,19,11,11

Adam Rogers said...


Got mentally soft in 2 and 3, trying to game too much, happy with the push in the second half

Stephen B. said...


notes: recovery in these types of WODs just the shits these days as evidenced by my time in the 3rd and 4th round...started to recover by 4th round and then dropped the purse on 5 & 6 and got at 'er...

on a side note, learned tonight that I can string together box jumps at 30" which is pretty dope

Becky said...
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Brent Maier said...


1) 1:39
2) 2:05
3) 2:23
4) 3:31
5) 3:11
6) 3:04

Airdyne between rounds. Had a mental hiccup in round 4. Didn't have it today, tough one.

Anonymous said...

2:01, 2:16, 2:31, 2:44, 2:52, 2:42

Brandon said...


Had to speak with a potential client between rounds 5 & 6...rest time was more like 8 minutes. This one hurt a lot.

Heavy Evy said...

Not rx'd only did 4 sets after some Oly work. Only had 1.5pd, and was short on time so 3min rest.

Anonymous said...


Scaled the cleans to 85#. Also rounds 1-3 were with 1.5 pd and 4-6 were with 40#


Ali Loach said...


Only did 3 rounds. Trying to be smarter about my training while I'm feeling like I'm in "survival mode"
Weights were scaled as well. 98# PC and 45# KB Squat Cleans.

Felt like I was able to push myself pretty good for the first time in a LONG time which was nice.
Still have a ways to go.

Kyle F said...


No KB or DB so I did swings with a 45# plate. Times would have been much worse if I had a KB. Nice work everybody.