sun, nov 28, 2010


5 sets:
Bench Press - 3 heavy; rest 10 sec
KBS - 30 unbroken; rest 5 min
5 sets:
5 hang power clean heavy; rest 10 sec
30 push ups; rest 5 min
5 sets:
15 knees to elbows
rest 20 sec
30 double unders
rest 20 sec

rest 6+ hours

Run Intervals:
400 m @ 80,90,100% - rest 2 min b/t sets
then maintain the 90% set time on a 3 minute timer countdown for 400 m repeats for 6 sets
9 total sets [i.e. 1:15/1:10/1:05 + 1:10 (rest 1:50) x 6]

post loads, notes and times to comments


Anonymous said...

Coach/ Big dawgs,

Should the kbs be overhead or russians? Also, would it be ok if I posted a link to a video of some snatches I did today and get some feedback?

Adam Rogers said...

OPT3 late post

Adam - 113,79,38 = 230 (+10 from last time, improved a little in all three)

Becky - 66,34,10 = 110 (first go, hit PR's across the board)

Bear said...

3.6 km onwards and 450 m upwards!

Did the 3.6 km hill-race with my friends today. A very hard and special experience. I was totally owned by my friends and finished with 28:28 min.

Very impressed with my buddies who all three finished around 25 min! To my surprise, the worst pain came from my back cramping up and I´m still sore hours after the race. I really get the weighted russian step ups after this! Update will follow! :)

Benny Ahlstedt said...

Working out in a globo today..
BP: 90-95-100-105-100kg
KBS: 25kg (dumbell) all ub

HPC all 70kg
Pushup broken

KTE 1:st round ub rest broken
DU all ub

The grip was the limiting factor today. It went away on the db swings. It's been a couple of months since I worked out in globo enviroment and today I saw very clear why I choose CF over the biceps curls and pecdecks... Workcapacity over broad time and modal domins rocks:-)

Gord said...

BP- 210# X5 sets
KB- 1.5 X5 sets

HPC- 132/137/137/139/142
PU- lots of breaks

TTB- lots of breaks
DU -1 break per set

PTS said...

BP -205,215,225,235,245
KBS- 45lbs, 55,65,70,70

HPC- 155,175,185,185, 185(3)
PU- unbroken

6:40. 1 quick break in KTE's on last set.

Garage Crossfitter said...

3 sets each...

BP 135 155 165
KBS 40 40 55

HPC 135 145 145
pushup 30/30/14+3+2+1's

KE unbroken
DU 30/27+3/3+22+5

that felt good

ryandrew11 said...

BP -165, 175, 180, 185, 190(1)
KBS- 35lbs, 45, 45, 45, 45

HPC- 115, 120, 125, 130(4), 125
PU- all broken

KTE - 10, 10, 5, 5, 5 - all broken
Dus - 30 all unbroken after 1st round

Shanna said...

At West VA rest stop:
3 rounds of
30 consecutive kbs (1 pood)
Sprint perimeter 300ish m

Onward to Asheville!

Donivan Ciolfi said...

A. All sets of KBS Unbroken
B. 185/unbroken(Did not feel good tech.)
190/Broken lost track
C. All KTE Broken
All DU's Unbroken
Time 8:53

Anonymous said...

All 5 sets 1.5 pood unbroken

155 x3 sets

3 sets
K2E's unbroken

Covino24 said...

Thanks for the talk James, thats what I needed to get back on track!

BP- 210#
KBS- 40# all unbroken

HPC- 135# all
Pushups- broken

K2E 1st round unbroken,rest broken
Dbl Und- All unbroken

Paul Smith said...

Bench/KBS : 245/55, 255/60, 260/65, 260/70, 260/75 all in lbs

HPC/Pushups : 155/UB, 165/UB, 170/UB, 175/UB, 180/broke at 27 in lbs


Probably could have gone a little heavier on Bench but didn't have a spotter.

DU felt good but caught my toe on the third set.

Steve Smith said...

Part 1

5 sets:
Split Jerk - 3 reps @ 80% effort; rest 20 sec
20 CTB chin ups; rest 4 min

1. 205x3, Chins Unbroken
2. 225x3, Chins Unbroken
3. 230x3, Chins Unbroken
4. 240x3, Chins Unbroken
5. 245x3, Chins Unbroken
5 sets:
10 ring HSPU; rest 20 sec
20 GHD Sit Ups; rest 2 min

Total Working Time = 8:47
- Unbroken HSPU on rnds 1, 2, 3, and 5, all situps unbroken

-Rest 6 hours-

Part 2
A. Clean Grip Dead Lift - build to a heavy triple in 8 min - NOT a 3RM effort
- Hook grip with belt
-First time going that high since hurting back, felt good

rest 1 min

B. Squat Clean - build to a heavy single in 8 min - NOT a 1RM effort
- Felt easy
-Jumped to 305 and failed, should have made smaller jumps

rest 1 min
C. Squat Clean Thruster x 3 touch and go on the minute for 8 minutes - choose heavier than lighter
- More “drop, grab, and go” than “touch and go”

rest 1 min

D. Row 2K @ 90%
- Kept it at or under 1:50/500m until last 500m
- Dropped to 1:20s/500m for last 500m or so
- Felt fine

We'll see if I can squeeze in OPT 3 tonight.

Justin said...


(last set was broken into 3 reps and 2 reps. push ups were broken up. they were tough)

(k2e were broken up. tripped up in two sets of du's)

Stephen B. said...

OPT 3:

116 + 75 + 45 = 236

rest 15 min

burpees/row (subbed runs for row)


Adam Rogers said...

Part 1

Adam - BP - 205x3x5
KBS - 1.5 pood x 5, all unbroken

HPC - 165x5x5 (maybe could have gone heavier)
Pushups - All sets unbroken, some elbow pain but happy with this improvement

Only got 2 sets of K2E unbroken
All DU's unbroken and easy

Becky - BP - 95x3x1, 105x3x4
KBS - 1 pood x 5, all unbroken

HPC - 95x5x1, 105x5x4
Pushups - 20x5

K2E - did 10 per set
DU's all unbroken and easy

Anonymous said...

i) Bench 185# all sets
1.5 pood kb broken in last set only

ii) 70 kg hang power clean

pushups: 20/10 first set, then more broken after that.

Thats all for today

Note: timing on clean was way off didn't have that power as usual so settled for 70 kg.

Lisa M said...

daughter up all night with flu mommy up all night too with migraine - means rest day for me. Will be playing catch up once again

Nathan H. said...

Nathan H
BP: 245, 255, 260, 262, 265
KB Swing: 80, 80, 80, 80, 80
On last set on reps 15 - 30 went to russian. Grip was dying!! I was suffering on most of these sets.

HPC: 185, 195, 205, 215, 220
PU: unb, unb, unb, 22 broke, 19 broke

WOD: 7:56, HKTE were horribly broken after round 2. DUs were fast, but broke a few times from rhythm.

Lamarr Smith:
BP: 245, 255, 260, 262, 265
KB Swing: 80, 80, 80, 80, 80
All unbroken

HPC: 165, 185, 187, 195, 200
PU: unb, unb, 22 broke, 26 broke, 28 broke.

WOD: 7:51

Emilie P-B said...

BP: 90-90-95-95-100 (lbs)
KBS: 16kg-16kg-16kg-20kg-24kg (all UB)

HPC: 100-115-115-115-125 (lbs)
PU: all sets very broken

No time for K2E/DU.. will do it tomorrow

Jeff - Redline said...

3 Sets:
3 Bench Press - 225#/235#/235#/ 240#/240#
30 KBS - 53# (all unbroken)

3 Sets:
5 Hang Power Clean - 135#/140#/145#/145#/145#
30 push ups - all unbroken

3 sets:
15 Knees to Elbows - first 3 sets unbroken, sets 4 & 5 had 1 break at rep #12
30 Double Unders - first 3 sets unbroken, 4th set had 1 break at rep 25, 5th set had 2 breaks at rep 20 and rep 28

Only had time for 4 sets of 400m runs:

1. 1:17 - 70%
2. 1:12 - 80%
3. 1:10 - 90%
4. 1:08 - 100%

*Rested 1:25 b/t sets*

Kent said...

Part 2 first

Nowhere to run today. My world is covered in snow and ice. Subbed 350m rows.

80% 1:20
90% 1:11
100% 1:01

6 sets on 3 min repeat

Part 1 later if possible

Steve Howell said...

From NOV 20th

part 1;
A: 122kgx10x2
B: 80kg/85kg/90kg/95kgx2x3
C: 32kg for all sets unbroken.
D: All sets unbroken.
part 2;
A: Push Jerk: All sets unbroken
Row: 465m/456m/448m
B: Thruster: All sets unbroken
Row: 442m/440m/438m
C: Did not time. Squats unbroken, KTE 20,20,15/5

Joel B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joel B. said...

Saturday, 11.27 training done on Sunday 11.28 due to work. I'll try to catch up this week.

FS: 100kg 220#'s+15#'s from last
SN: 70kg 155#'S+5 from last
CU: 38+6 from last

Total: 208--compare to 193 last time.

Couplet: 5:14


Couple months back I asked about goat milk I was seeing some folks commenting about PWO and it was suggested I try it and be the experiment. Well, I did. I had been doing 40g whey and sweet potato in amounts varying depending on the training. I tried just doing 500ml of goat milk PWO. I felt under recovered and was losing weight. (I should point out I tend to border on under fueled at times. I am also working on finding balance there.) I kept the 500ml goat milk and added 15g protein in the form of salmon or tuna or chicken sausage (or whatever leftover)on heavy days and yam 20-30g depending on training. For instance today I had 500ml goat milk, 20g yam, 15g p after the OPT 3 and couplet. I just set 2 pr's on FS, 2rm sn pr, and increased from last OPT 3 on chins. This is while being a proby at a busy fire station and getting dodgy sleep while on shift. Anyway, in case anyone cares to read...there it is. Probably going to try just regular meat and yam in early January just to try it out and compare. Any questions please let me know. If not, sorry to make you scroll down past a long post!

Michael McCabe said...

bench (lbs) 195, 205, 210, 215, 220
KBS - 24kg challenging but wish i had a 2pood

HPC (kg) 70, 75, 80, 85, 85
pushups ubx2, min. 20 ub on sets 3-5

kte ubx3, 8+4+3, 6+4+5
double unders ubx5

felt really good today... hope to have time for runs tonight

über Bania said...

Bench / 20s rest,DB Swings,5m rest:
205x3, 45x30 UB
215x3, 55x30 UB
225x3, 55x30 UB
235x3, 55x30 UB
245x3, 55x30 UB

HPC / 20s rest, pushups, 5m rest
155x5, 30 UB
175x5, 30 UB
185x5, 30 UB
195x5, 30 UB
205x5, 30 UB

KTE, 20s rest, DU, 20s rest:
:22 / :18
:29 / :18
:43 / :19
:50 / :19
:54 / :19

über Bania said...


I have worked out at a globo since mid-August. I don't really have a choice; the nearest affiliate is twice as far of a drive, worse traffic, and they won't budge on their $115/month rate. The globo is $20/month and is adequate for what I do. The only thing I really can't do is drop the weights too much (I have dumped overhead and haven't gotten any static from anyone there).

I agree that it's annoying to see people using the squat rack for partial ROM squats, curls, and shrugs while using straps and wearing a belt wrong. It comes with the territory, though, and I just let them do their thing while I go and do my thing. But in my specific case, it's a matter of necessity and it works for me just fine.

NW said...

@ uber
I feel you on the long drive and high cost!

Currently hanging out in O'hare airport heading home so no wod today. Will hit tomorrow morning.

Sean LeFloch said...

A. All sets of KBS Unbroken
B. 185/unbroken pushups (collar bone has bone bruise, killing me so I had to catch weight awkwardly.
C. All KTE unbroken
All DU's Unbroken

Runs (200m out and back):
80%: 1:29
90%: 1:19

1: 1:20
2: 1:21
3: 1:22
4: 1:24
5: 1:24
6: 1:23

My lower back tightened up real bad because of extremely tight psoas bringing me into hyper extension. Anyone have any goto stretches? My back gets so tight I can barely run.

Nathan H. said...

Still easing into the volume and conditioning work

Did 5 x 400s with 2 min rests

1:08 (surprisingly easy, but was shooting for 1:15)

Maintained well. Leg fatigue was the main issue, breathing felt strong. I'm liking where I stand.

Heavy Evy said...

KBS 1.5pd all UB

All pushups unbroken.

KtE were very broken, hands are very sore with slight rip.
Du'd were good.

Track was closed due so will do runs tommorow.

Heavy Evy said...

Oh and nice work Bear, on your last 2 comps.

Anthony Skvarka said...

Only had time to complete run intervals today
1:20/1:08/1:02 + 1:08
Last two rounds of 90% fell off to 1:13

will shoot to hit first part tomorrow.

Prepping for the next level comp this coming sat. in SoCal Get some!

Brian Maier said...

BP: 205,225,235,245,255
KBS: 1.5pd x 5 unbroken

HPC: 185,190,195,200,205
P/U's: all unbroken - 30,30,30,30,50 on last set

KTE: 3 unbroken/2 broken (forearms were toast)
D/U's: all unbroken - 30,30,30,30,96 on last set

Brian Maier said...

Sean...been having same issue w/ extremely tight psoas when I run. Would love to hear any suggestions from someone that has dealt with this issue.

JJL said...

BP -205, 215, 215, 215, 215
KBS- all at 1.5pd - unbroken

HPC- 135, 145, 155, 165, 165
PU- last two sets were broken around 25

KTE - as Rx - broke last 3 sets
Dus - as Rx
In interest of time did not rest, ran 5x400M @ 80%, 90%, 100%, 90%, 90%

Dave said...

Sean and Brian.. maybe this will help

HochZone said...

sorry..looks like link didn't work. K Star's Mobility WOD...November 4th, episode 75.

Brandon said...

Brian/Sean -
Coach posted some stretches on Tuesday in response to a similar question.

Regarding why it tightens: using the psoas to pull the leg up versus hamstrings pulling the foot when running in a forefoot striking position is a common culprit (and my usual problem). Brian Mackenzie has a post up on his new site ( wfs)...check it out and see if it applies. Ran again this week focusing on hamstring pull and the psoas/IT/TFL tightness is much better.

Post-run recovery is huge with this. Have to do some mobility stuff (ala kstar - he did an MWOD on running recovery) on the hips as well as some rolling on the quads/fascia that gets beat up. Hope this helps and I'm sure others will offer their opinions.

Kent said...

Part 1
185,185,190,190,190#X3/55#X30 unb X 5

5 135# HPC/30 PU
Only 3 sets. Big rip on last clean.

Taped rip.

K2E/DU as rx'ed

Thad said...

BP. 195,205 x 4
KBS. 1.5 pood x 5
HPC. 155,165,165,175,175
PU's. UB,UB,UB,26/4, lots of breaks
KTE. UB x 5

No Part 2 today

Becky said...

bench 105, then 115 for 3 sets
1 pood

hand power clean 75 then 95 for 4 sets
push ups, varried hand placement

had to skip on part 3.

ran earlier with a group of friends, cf end. wod
30sec. maximal effort, 2 min. jogx6

Anonymous said...


BP: 75-80-85-90-95
KBS: 35 for all 5

push-ups scaled to 20, max UB and finish with knee push-ups
HPC: 75-80-85-90-95
PU: 20(not UB)-5/15-7/13-5/15-6/14

scaled to 3 rounds

RichJ said...

1. BP - 245 (going thru shoulder rehab)
KBS - 2pood (all sets unbroken)

2. HPC - 205,205,215,215,205
PU- (all sets unbroken)

3.K2E and DU's (all sets unbroken except for 5th set)

Track work:
(legs felt really heavy)

80% - 1:22
90% - 1:14
100% - 1:07 (4sec slower than PR)


Kyle F said...

225 X5
1.5 Pood KBS UB X5
30 Push up broken X5
15 GHD sit up X5
30 Double unders UB X5

No running. Subbed GHD sit ups because I just finished building my GHD and wanted to use it. Still nursing a sore back.

Covino24 said...

Knee was a little cranky so I subbed Airdyne sprints keeping the same % efforts but timed each round.. so my 70%-1:30; 80%-1:20 and my next 7 sets at 90% were 1:10.

Bear said...

Heavy Evy:
Thanks, I just tried not to embarrass myself among the expert runners. Placed myself 36th of 73, so I´m happy with that. :)

Brandon, Brian, Sean:
Great that you guys brought this up. I also have back pain while running, especially if I have been lifting...or if I run 3.6 km uphill without pause.

Christa said...

Posting day behind, Thanksgiving set me back,but I am on track starting Tues.

Bench: 135 - could have gone heavier
KBS: 1.5pd - unbroken

Clean: 105 - worked on form, didn't go heavier
Push Ups: broken into sets of 10

Couplet: 8:37 - all unbroken except 3rd set

Anthony Skvarka said...

part 1
185, 205, 225, 245, 250 + KBS unbroken 1.5 pood

part 2
5 sets 185 lb, PU unbroken

Part 3

alilac said...

what about plyometrics barefoot? any thoughts?