wed, nov 24, 2010

CrossFit Regina - BD comp # 2


A. Clean Grip Dead Lift - build to a heavy triple in 8 min - NOT a 3RM effort
rest 1 min
B. Squat Clean - build to a heavy single in 8 min - NOT a 1RM effort
rest 1 min
C. Squat Clean Thruster x 3 touch and go on the minute for 8 minutes - choose heavier than lighter
rest 1 min
D. Row 2K @ 90%

post loads and times to comments
post HR @ 1K if you have a monitor set up
single on thursday, friday off, saturday double, sunday double, monday off, tuesday double, wednesday double, thursday double, friday off, saturday single, sunday single


Steve Smith said...


My work training schedule is keeping me from following daily and forcing me to chose workouts which fit into our schedule. For your own records/assessments, would you rather us post our numbers on the original post, or on the day that we do them?

Brent Maier said...


Ahh man, I did tomorrows workout tonight.

A CGDLx3: Worked up to 370#
B SC x1: Worked up to 280# - Using # plates instead of kg so didn't know numbers. Almost caught 300# twice then shut it down.
C SCT x3: 190/190/160/160/160/160/160/160# - Started a little high, wasn't going to make it all 8 sets.
D Row2k: Time: 7:14 @ 1:48 pace - Little winded at the end but felt good.

Soren said...

A: 150kg
B: 95kg
C: 60kg x 8
D: 7.09

Row felt easy, deadlift felt heavy

OPT said...

steve, on the current day that is up, thx, hope you are well

derb said...

Is the CGDL supposed to mimic the first pull of a clean or is it just a regular DL with hook grip?

Sean LeFloch said...

A. 345# (had more in me, but didn't want to push it)

B. 225# (didn't have time to get some tech work in before hand. Showed with the bar being out infront both times on my 245# attempts. Need more bar exposure to ensure that the second pull is not a lean back but a jump into full extension)

C. Started with 185#. Too heavy. Dropped to 145# so I could do 8 sets of touch and go. Felt strong with 145#.

D. 7:26 (1min rest was rough after tough effort on thrusters but felt strong throughout)

Chris Dunkin said...


Robin said...

It was -30 with windchill in that picture. Good times!
L to R: Tyler, Christian, Robin, Kat
(we ran 2 heats of 4)

Aaron Betts said...

A.325#-Felt strong, still some in the tank
B.185#-started pulling too low on the thigh, backed off and cleaned it up
C.140#-good weight
D.7:19 -no HR @ half 1k

Shanna said...

First day full OPT WOD

A 3x125,175,205,225,2x245
B 3x35,1x85,105,125,145
C 85,95,95,105,105,105,105,105
D 215/430/645/856@20s/m HR 180@finish
This didn't suck nearly as much as I thought it would. I'd even venture to say I felt comfortable which probably means not 90% effort with PR& last 2k row of 826 18mo ago@ '09 regionals. I" love" the urg. Haha
Looking forward to have some direction in training. Will follow here AMAP until I hear otherwise with some supplemental Olifts for the AO Dec 10th.

Jeff - CFRL said...

Did Monday's workout today:

5 sets:
Split Jerk @80%- 155#/165#/175#/165#/155#
20 CTB Chin-ups: 1st/2nd/4th/5th sets unbroken; 3rd set broke at 12th rep

5 sets:
10 ring HSPU - did 4 Ring HSPU then regular HSPU each set
20 GHD sit-ups - all unbroken

James, thank you again for the help and advice on the ring HSPU...definitely requires more practice but I will get there

Ali Loach said...

Leaving on Saturday for an 8 day trip to Austria to visit the hubby. Busy week trying to fit in clients before I go but will attempt to get part of this done after work tonight.

Gord said...

A. 294
B. 196
C. Used 115

Brandon said...

A. 405
B. 235
C. 155
D. 7:28

Deads felt really easy. Maybe could have gone to 165 for thrusters but 155 was challenging. Hopped up 2 mins after the row and felt good. In and out the next few days with vacation.

Donivan Ciolfi said...

Hey, my is Donivan Ciolfi I have been training on the big dawg blog since the first comp in OCT. Never felt better also, just took the assessment module of CCP, eye opening. OPT was great, could'nt of had a better time. Anyways I'm going to start posting so HI!

A. 285lbs x 3
B. 255
c. 155 x 8sets
d. 7:53

Nathan H. said...

A: 425 (hook grip)
B: 315
C: 185 for all
D: 7:17 (legs burned)

Pete @ CFN said...

A. Up to 335
B. Up to 205
C. 115,125,135×3,145,150,155
D. 7:08

Angelo Fosco said...


A. 375#
B. 235#
C. 165# (missed 3rd rep in set 7)
D. 1k - 3:42

Trying to be smart about my training and how my body feels. So since I'm starting to get sick I backed off on the row. Working in the cold for 8 hours today didn't help. Hopefully I can refuel and hit it hard tomorrow.

Joel B. said...

A: 295
B: 205
C: 135
D: 7:23

jerf said...

Kept the cleans and thrusters light to avoid further wrist tweakage:

A: 345#
B: 135#
C: 135#
D: 7:38

Hook grip gets freaky at about 250# (my 1RM for deads is 475#, and thats a mixed grip.) I'm guessing 50% isn't such a great ratio... stupid stubby little sausage thumbs...

NW said...

Yesterday's training:
Squat ladder @ 185#, AMRAP 1-5 Ladders in 8 minutes. 3 Rounds @ 185#
3 Rounds
225# DL x 5
10 Pullups
15 DB swings @ 55#
20 Unbroken DU
Time: 6:47

Build to heavy 1 in Press - 135#
5 Rounds
5 Press
10 Push press
15 Push Jerk
Time: 8 something, deleted off my phone
2K Row @ 90%, 8 min. Rowing machine at globo felt like the chain was skipping so not sure how accurate.

NW said...

I uploaded the my clean you asked for. Any help would be greatly appreciated THANKS
1 @ 165#
A few singles @ 135#

Anonymous said...

A. 140 kg
B. 85 kg
C. 50 kg
D. 1 km row 4:13

Note : wasn't feeling 100%, row was super slow and I was gassed after 500 m so I shut it down

And I thought it was getting cold in Ontario, Guess not!

├╝ber Bania said...

A. 385. Hook grip felt alright.
B. 245. Hook grip felt easy.
C. 135x6 sets, 155x4 sets. Felt great.
D. 7:19

HR at end of row was 152

derb said...


A: 285
B: 190
C: 120
D: 7:52

PTS said...

A. 365
B. 245
C. 135
D. 7:10 - did not take HR but was very comfortable throughout the Row. maybe more like an 85% effort.

yesterday I did WOD from monday

split jerk triples @ 185
all CTB unbroken

strict HSPU 6 reps per rd
20 GHD's

will do tomorrow's WOD Friday.

Stephen B. said...

A. 325 (hook grip)
B. 235
D. 7:48

Michael McCabe said...

A. 140kg
B. 100kg
C. 65kg
D. 7:21

Justin said...

A. 385
B. 305
C. 135x2 155x3 165x3
D. Only did 1k row at 3:34 (have to run a 5k tomorrow and my legs were burning)

Steve Howell said...

Dead Lift;
Set 1 @ 258 x 5
Set 2 @ 298 x 5
Set 3 @ 337 x 5+ (3)
Set 1 @ 113 x 5
Set 2 @ 130 x 5
Set 3 @ 148 x 5+ (2)

6 sets:
Power Clean x 2 @ 135
Push Jerk x 2 @ 135
Squat Clean x 2 @ 135
Row 350m
rest 2:30

Set 1: 1:23
Set 2: 1:28
Set 3: 1:26
Set 4: 1:28
Set 5: 1:27
Set 6: 1:25

RichJ said...

A. 400lbs

B. 265lbs x 8

C. 165lbs

D. 7:00 (-13 previous 2k)

Lauren said...

A. 265
B. 145, messed up and thought this was a triple too.
C. 115
D. 7:46

Ali Loach said...

Only had 45 minutes between clients and felt like I needed a good sweat so I rowed. 5000m! That is huge for me.....really only did it to see if I could force myself to stay on the damn rower that long. Usually it is a struggle for me to do 500m in a warmup :)
22:41.....first time doing it and now have a better idea of how to game it if I ever decide I want to do it again ;)

Heavy Evy said...

C.154 could have been heavier,
D. 7:47 huhf

Becky said...

a. 225
b. 135
c. 85x2, 90x2, 95x2, 100x4 sets
d. 9:13

Shanna said...

Donovan, Great to see you on here! Best of luck with your training and prepping your box!

Ali- Nice work on that 5k! I totally relate to not wanting to even row 500m for warmup. I usually call it at 250m. Haha.

Tyler said...

Yeah, that's me pictured on the left. Thank God they didn't get a picture of me on the final run, when I slipped on the ice in the alley banana peel-style, sending the plate flying. That looked far less badass.