sat, nov 27, 2010


"OPT 3"
completed in 60 minutes after first set of front squat begins; OPT 3 is front squat 3RM, snatch 2RM, 1 attempt max rep chin ups (they have to be completed in this order); front squat hip crease below knee cap, snatch - only 2 sec max b/t each rep and chin must break vertical plane on chin ups; athletes must show control of weight overhead for snatch on both reps

Post score as front squat high in kg + snatch high in kg + chin up reps
(i.e. 130+90+54 = 274)

rest exactly 15 min after last set of chin ups

For time:
25 burpees
Row 300 m
25 burpees
Row 300 m

post "OPT 3" score and time to comments
compare to OPT 3

Currently reading a book on elite rowing and their pain, there was a comment in there I thought I'd share that might resonate with a lot of you;
"...the college rowers had yet to develop the enormous egos, so common to elite athletes. the coaches oarsmen still approached rowing as a medium of physical expression. they sought the sensation of powering a boat over the water using only their strength and endurance. for them, rowing was more than a means of acquiring a pair of national team shorts"


David said...

Is that a quote from "The Amateurs"? I just got that book in the mail, it's next on my reading list.

Jakob said...

120 kg FS + 60 kg snatch + 39PU (really tried the 40th but no :/ )
Sum: 219, more than I thought.

5:40min, 5 min rest after PU, no time to rest 15 min unfort...

Soren Kristensen said...

100+66+31 = 197

Not happy, missed 104 on the FS, last rep, ok happy with the Snatch, don't know, just didn't get it tonight

4.25 for the couplet


Benny Ahlstedt said...


Burpee+row 5,23

My memory failed, did 3rm on the snatch

Spider said...

84 + 57 + 58 = 199

Couplet- 4:39

David said...

120 + 72 + 43 = 235

No part 2. 120 is near pr, 2 for 72 and the 43 are both pr's. That being said, my energy level has been very low lately, sleep patterns are off which affects my mood and motivation.

Kent said...

FS 3RM 106.6 (PR 10lb)
Sn 2RM 65.8 (PR 3lb)
COVP 35 (PR 1rep)
Total 207.4

Couplet 4:21

All out on burpees recovered on row.

Anonymous said...

Had to complete all in one hour. And my abs hurt so bad that full extension is difficult to achieve.

59kg + 36 kg + 8 ctb no butterfly = 103


PTS said...

FS= 122.73 270lbs +15lbs from last
Sna= 70.45 155lbs +10lbs from last
COVP= 52 +3 from last

OPT 3= 245.18 +16 from last

metcon= 5:03. I just can't find the push in the middle of WODS like I need to.

Anonymous said...

Opt 3


Note : snatch wasn't true 2 rm

Called it a day after the opt 3 was complete

Paul Smith said...

147(325lbs)FS + 93(205lbs)Snatch + 50 COVP = 290

Very happy with this. I haven't been doing much strength or power movements in the last couple of months so I expected this workout to be a lot lower than the last but the only thing that dropped was my FS by 10 lbs.

Row/Burpee 4:51
Wrote it down wrong and started with the Row. Not sure if that matters.

Feels great to be posting again.

ryandrew11 said...

FS= 88.45 (195lbs +30lbs from last)
Sna= 52.27 (115lbs)
COVP= 17 (+8 from last)

OPT 3= 157.72 (+19.72 from last)

metcon= 5:21

RichJ said...

Part 1:
139 kg FS + 70 kg Snatch + 40 pullups.

OPT 3 Total = 249

(12min rest)

Part 2:

OPT said...

paul smith, send me an email - optcoach at gmail dot com

NW said...

wrist sore and still working on some me before I head back home.
Built to a heavyish 1 @ 365#

OPT - Day 16/45 in October, 2009
1.25 BW DL x 15 @205
20 DU
90 sec rest
75# DB swing
25 DU
90 sec rest
15/15 GHD situp/Back extension
90 sec rest

Felt good today, back to following next week.

I posted the clean a few days ago but reposting here in case it got lost in the shuffle

Justin said...



Snatches felt great.

Anthony Skvarka said...

125 FS
80 S.
51 PU
Total = 256

4.46 on the couplet.

Michael McCabe said...


chins on stupid globo gym pullup station... shoulda just subbed cable crossover to hit those pecs!

did not do opt3 in july

burpee row - 4:30

Angelo Fosco said...

Fs: 122.75kg (270#)

Snatch: 77.25kg (170#)

Chin ups: 39

Total: 239

Metcon: 4:46

Front squat had to ditch 3rd rep of 275#, almost though. From last opt 3 fs + 5#, snatch +5#, chin ups +9.

Sean LeFloch said...

OPT 3:
3RM Front Squat: 111kg (Missed third rep on 116kg attempt)

2RM Snatch: 75kg (getting better with true extension but now the bar is flying out away from me)

Max rep pullup: 36 (Hands slipped. But pleased with score since I rarely practice COVP.)

Score: 222

Couplet: 4:23. Walked away afterward.

OPT said...

NW, what was the problem again?
i'd set up a little more forward over bar and tighten those hammies a little more...

with your T spine slight kyphosis this has to be take into consideration on the 2nd pull with heavier loads, so set those lats down and back and squeeze the rhomboids together before you start pulling off the floor...

try doing it at almost max loads as well to see the problems arising...

sidenote, with metal weights, sometimes maxes are not reached due to the brain being aware of failure and loss of loads on some peoplep[ossibly standing by doing reverse band pulls while standing on a piece of board...

NW said...

Problem was DL is over 2x my clean, just wanted to see what the issue was with it. Thanks for the help! Will use and improve. Any thoughts on improving kyphosis? I also notice mentally that I'm worried about dropping the weight so that's probably another issue. Thanks again!

Nathan H. said...

Long weight session AM:
Snatch: 95kg/4 x 4
CJ: 117/2 x 4
HB Back Squat: 110/8, 125/8, 140/8, 150/8

Rested about 70 minutes

legs burned, kept consistent pace the whole time.

Nathan H. said...

Oh, and a side note, I'll be doing a 6 week XF cycle, no specific olift sessions except maintenance. Prepping for a comp in january.

├╝ber Bania said...

134+88+51 = 273
5min rest (short on time)


Back Squat afterwards
135x5, 225x5, 315x5

Emilie P-B said...

Front Squat 3RM: 135lbs (61.4kg)
Snatch 2RM: 85lbs (38.6kg)
Max pullups (COVP): 36

61.4 + 38.6 + 36 = 136

Huge press out on the second rep of the snatch. On pullups, I'm loosing my grip when I hit 30 pullups... still a PR by 1!

Burpees/Row: 6:06

Anonymous said...

106.5+ 63.5+42=212


OPT said...

NW, not much can be done about what the parents passed on...and their happy that your mom gave you good mitochondria
the DL the clean ratio is a long winded analysis - training age, exposure, etc...have a part to play..."generally" when someone can DL a lot more than relative levels of others when comparing the clean, it is because they are stronger than they are fast....sometimes this is due to exposure of co-ordinated movements, i.e. the clean, so over time it might get there with reps..

as for the spine, it leads you to have a really good DL which is nice, bad thing is in overhead work it can lead to injuries of shoulders with the biomechanical lack in flexibility with what you got right?

OPT said...

Nathan, what does a 6 week XF cycle look like?
I'm interested.

Brian Maier said...

136kg + 89kg + 45 = 270

10min rest

metcon: 4:49

2 PR's today.
300# 3RM Front Squat
200# Snatch

Disappointed w/ pullups today.

Garage Crossfitter said...

subbed 50 DU for rowing as batteries in rower were dead after being in storage.

Im almost back for good :) We will be finished moving equipment into the new gym tommorrow!

Nathan H. said...


Lol, by XF cycle I meant no specific olift to take away from my metcon (and recovery) - more like 6 weeks of XF focus. I've done heavy olift for awhile now and it's been beating me down - especially as I've added more conditioning recently; I'm excited to get on here more diligently.

Donivan Ciolfi said...

Front Squat 3RM: 134Kg 295#
Snatch 2RM: 84KG 185#
Pull ups: 34
Total: 252


Katrina Burton said...

Did this one for fun to see how my oly focus has changed my numbers...

My last OPT 3 scores from Sept 2009
Front Squat 63kg
Snatch 47kg
Pullups 43
Total = 153

This go...
Front Squat 71kg
Snatch 54kg
Pullups 38
Total = 163

JJL said...

113kg (250#) 66 kg (145#) 42 = 221


Becky said...

first time doing opt 3.
75+43+ 11 ( strict Pull ups)= 129

6:25 on part 2

Brandon said...

Found a gym on vacation to do this
FS: 130 (1kg PR)
Sn: 70 (down 5kg from last time, no pop in hips today)
PU: 33 (done on a rubber coated bar with no chalk allowed = lots of slipping)
Total: 233

Couplet: 5:56

Felt good to get a workout in even if sleep, diet and equipment isn't normal.

NW said...

Sounds good. Dance with the one that brung ya! Thanks again!