thurs, nov 11, 2010

A. Hang Squat Snatch - 95#/65# x 5-10 @ high speed; rest 1 min x 3
B. Power Clean - 3 sets of a tough single; fast and explosive; rest 1 min
C. Chin Ups - 10 unbroken - focus on breathing and speed; 3 sets; rest 1 min
D. Run 10 min; 1st minute and last minute @ threshold pace, middle 8 slow and easy

post notes to comments
workouts for weekend posted Friday PM early as I'll be in SunnyVille USA on east coast
3 workouts - one day, have fun, thx for participating!


Bear said...

We now know the events for the games this weekend in Sweden: 4 events in 2 blocks, first running + some gymnastics then some oly + moving stuff. Feels good, we´ve been practicing the right things, but I modified todays:

A 40 kg squat cleans
B up to 90 squat clean
C pull ups 2 x 10, ttb 2 x 1
D Short sprints with weight plate

NW said...

A: @75#; getting better at getting under bar quicker
B: built to 170, 15# shy of squat clean. Felt great today
C: finally learned how to Kip! Where have you been all my life. Fast, explosive, powerful
D: foot still a little sore so didn't run

NW said...

To all the men who've served/serving our country - THANK YOU!
- Nik

Gord said...

a. 65/65/75 (felt good-didn't want to push hip)
B. 201 x 3
C. all unbroken
D. Did airdyne

derb said...

Is anyone in the NJ/NY area doing the comp on saturday. I have all my own equipment but I'd rather not do it by myself. If it is at a box I'm more then happy to pay for the day or I have enough room in my garage for a couple of people. If anyone is interested please email me at Thanks

joey warren said...

Goodluck to all the Dawgs competing this weekend. I'm taking some time off to work on some things from a program by James. Ill keep watching and cheering for this community through this blog. keep pushing hard and I look forward to seeing everyone crush the comp this weekend!

Chris Dunkin said...


Drew said...

A: 95#x10x3
B: 185-205-215(caught low, elbows weren't quick enough. rode down to full squat clean)
C: all unbroken
D: Done

No comp for me on Saturday, Sisters wedding. I'll probably make it up Sunday or Monday depending on my recovery from the open bar. Good luck to everyone doing the comp.

Rory Hanlin said...

A. all sets of ten complete
B. 275lbs complete
C. 1st set strict, second set half strict half kip, third set kip
D. Complete

Today I felt ready to train hard for the first time since the South GA throwdown three weeks ago. That is three weeks of coming in everyday frustrated and tired. I am going to take at least a week off after this next comp to prepare for next cycle. Haven't done that in 18 months. I need it...

Rory Hanlin said...

Oh, and good luck with the private training Joey. I look forward to seeing you come back and crush some WODs. Keep setting the standard.

Train hard

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 95x10x3
B. 235, 235, 240 (Felt easy)
C. Fast and UB (C2B)
D. Complete

Kent said...

A. 95# 8X3
B. 165,175,185#
C. 10X3 Butterfly, Kip, Kip
D. Completed

Ready for the weekend. Rest up and good luck all.

Thank you to all our servicemen and women present and past on this remembrance day.

PTS said...

A. complete
B. 225,235,245
C and D complete.

Jay said...

A.10 reps all sets
power clean felt heavy today and felt slow on the run...even though my body feels good i think my CNS is still hurting from comp last weekend. ready for some time off after saturday

Stahl said...

A. 10x3
B. 185,195,215
C. UB butterfly
D. done

Notes: felt alright, not explosive but not bad.
Comp. this weekend will depend on timing. Trying to move family across the country next week. Don't want to miss it, but life might happen.

Hattie said...

A. 65#x5x3
B. 115/115/125
C. Unbroken with purple band
D. Completed

Brandon said...

A. 10x3@95#
B. 205/215/215
C. ub
D. done

Feeling a little better. More rest today and tomorrow and I should be good for Saturday.

Lisa M said...

A @75 x 8 spazzed out a rep dropped bar fell on my ass and the bar hit my shin holy hell does that hurt!! I need to be more consistent with my training.

B. 130# felt heavy and my cleans still suck.

C. these were fast and easy kipped all.

Don't think I will be able to do the whole competition this weekend. I have to go to a funeral on Saturday so depending on the workouts it might be pretty hard to fit three in before the funeral. That sucks. Maybe should just wait and do all three on Sunday - guess i will have to wait and see how the workouts look and judge timing from there.

Martin Altemark said...

A. 3x7-8 felt good and fast
B. 85kg
C. yes
D. 10-15min run to catch a train

Arjuna @CFN said...

A. Sets of 10
B. 205, 215, 225
C. Butterfly
D. Done

Steve Howell said...

Being Remembrance Day wanted to hit a Hero WOD.

20 min amrap
2 muscle ups
4 hspu's
8 kb swings 32kg

17 rnds (pr)

RichJ said...

A. Sets of 8
B. 225,235,240
C. All UB

Michael McCabe said...

first day back since comp last saturday...
started with power snatch 60kgx3x3

A. 42kgx5x3 (hip flexors still cooked from squat fest on saturday!)
B. 90kg, 95, 95
C. hspu practice instead
D. run felt good

Anonymous said...

Burg warmup *3

A: 95#*10*3
B: 205,215,220pr
C: strict *2 (5 strict 5 kip)*1
D: completed airdyne

Cool down *3

10ghd situps 1010; 10 secs
10ghd back ext 1010; 10 secs
10 kte 1010; 10 secs

David said...

A. 3 x 10 @ 95lbs
B. 200, 210, 220
C. 3 x 10
D. Done

Last set of snatches slowed at the end, otherwise felt good. Cleans ok. Cycling fast on butterfly usually puts me out of sync and today was no exception. Run on mill, first and last at 12 mph, felt good. Coming off a 20 hour fast, had a physical this afternoon and rather than go back for blood work, just didn't eat. Only got some nuts and oj prior, felt alert going in but energy left quickly.

Lars said...

A. 10x3 sets - form only, no weight
B. 220x1 x3 sets
C. 4x10, fast
D. 10 min on rower

Didn't have a proper bar for the squat snatches, so just used a PVC.

Power cleans done, but went lighter. Felt good though.

Pull ups felt easy and smooth. Did an extra set.

Rowed instead of running because of achilles.

ryandrew11 said...

A. 75# - 10,10,6
B. 185,195(fail),195(fail), 190(PR)
C. first two sets unbroken, 3rd set 8-2
D. done

Pete @ CFN said...

A. 10,10,9
B. 185,195,205
C. Done
D. Done

dontpanic356 said...

A: sets of 10
B: 255
C: strict pull ups
D: complete

matt shannon said...

A. 115 x 7 x 3

B. 235, 245, 255

C. all unbroken

Notes: A-focused on fast transition under the bar, solid base at the bottom and punch up into the bar coming up.

B-just focused on grippin it and rippin the bar off the ground, big shrug and firing the elbows around and catching the bar clean in the rack.

C-each set I did 3 strict, 3 butterfly, 3 regular kip finishing with 1 strict. butterfly is feeling better for more reps in a row.

Looking forward to saturday.

Stephen B. said...
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Danny Davis said...

A. Worked up to tough single prior to doing 3X10X95#. 195#(10#PR).
3X95 times (sec).
B. 230/235/240#
C. All unbroken. Approx 12-15 sec per set.
D. 1st min. Z4 375yds.
Middle 8 min. Z1 1200yds.
Final Min.Z4 325yds

Stephen B. said...

A. 10@95x3
B. 225/225(f)/215(f)...sloppy
C. 10 UB CTB chins x 3
D. Run complete...felt strong

jules said...

A. 65lbs x 5 reps on HSS
B. 135,145,150 on HPC
C. 3x 10 PU unbroken
D. Run as rx"d.....

looking forward to saturday.

Joel B. said...

A. complete, felt pretty good
B. 200, 200, 205
C. complete
D. complete

felt pretty good. good sleep last night, but need a couple days at least of that to feel good for Sat. luckily I am off work till Sun.

matt said...

1.95 x10 felt fast
2.up to 285
3. Felt good

Brent Maier said...


A: 7/7/7 @ 95#
B: 100/110/120/120/125kg (275#)
D: x15 MU/HSPU's at jump height.

I can say it is very strange doing any exercise on rings where your feet actually touch an 16' ceiling. Fun...

Just got back from an elk hunt and ended up walking mountains from morning till night for 2 days followed by 17 hours on our feet the 3rd day packing out two 750# elk in the dark. I needed this vacation!

Jonathan Thom said...

A. took it easy with 3 sets of 5
B. 200lbs
C. done
D. Felt a bit slow, but not bad.

Not feeling super strong today, but my muscles are finally done being sore. Ready for Saturday!

Thad said...

A. 3 x 10/95
B. 205, 210, 210
D. Subbed rower

Everything felt good

Adam Rogers said...

A - 95lbs x 10 reps 3
B - 185, 205, 215 - felt good
C - Practiced butterfly, still not smooth
D - subbed indoor socca

Kyle F said...

A: 95# for 10 reps X3
B: 235/245/255
C: As Rx'd miminal kip
D: As Rx'd

Felt strong today.

Christa said...

A:65 x 8 - worked squat snatch the 1st 2 sets then did split snatch
C: all unbroken
D: did rowing instead

Anonymous said...

A. Kept the reps low due to my hip bothering me 5-3-(fell on my booty)-5
B. 95-115-125F I got ambitious
C. All UB
D. I ran

derb said...


A: 7x3
B: 185(ugly)/175x2
C: rx
D: done

├╝ber Bania said...

A. 95lbs x 10x3, slowed a bit on last set.
B. 185, 205, 225, 245, 265
C. 10x3, all strict, 10 pushups during each rest period
D. 7min/mile for first and last minute, 8min/mile in the middle. Got 1.3 miles.