mon, nov 22, 2010


5 sets:
Split Jerk - 3 reps @ 80% effort; rest 20 sec
20 CTB chin ups; rest 4 min
5 sets:
10 ring HSPU; rest 20 sec
20 GHD Sit Ups; rest 2 min

post loads, reps and notes to comments


Heavy Evy said...

Back to Big Dawgs tommorow after my affair with oly lifting. Oly comp was different. After training by yourself, then lifting in front of judges and spectators, felt really weird! Weird like carrying on a conversation with a stranger at a yearnal.

Looking forward to geting after it again with this training.

Gord said...

A. 152/162/172/176/181
Lots of breaks in chins

B. 3 sets complete - ran out of time

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice frickin' work, DeeJay. Looks like you're working on some new things form-wise. You're a lot more solid before you start your jerks now.

Big congrats to Katrina Burton, too!

Brent Maier said...

Hey dawgs, finished up in a close 2nd at the 2010 Pilgrim Wars Crossfit Games this weekend. I set the bar very high on WOD#1 in the first heat (All unbroken, no burpees!) and continued the momentum throughout the day.

WOD#1: Time: 8:51
400M Farmers Walk with 2PD KB in each hand (5 burpee penalty each time you have to set down the KB's on the walks)
x5 75# Hang Squat Snatches
200M FW
x10 HSS
100M FW
x20 HSS

WOD#2: Total: 43
Pullups: 7
Thrusters: 5
DU's: 31

WOD#3: Total: 129
Max MU's in 2 min: 14
x5 C&J attempts in 10 min (No pressouts allowed): 115kg

Great weekend and fun event. Tim Banfield from Colorado SOCO submitted the group picture to the mainsite so we should see that soon. You can find pictures for the event under his or my profile on facebook.

Train hard dawgs!

Katrina Burton said...

Thanks Geoff! New PR for me with a 57kg Snatch and tied my C&J PR at 68kg. Also beat the Alberta Record for Snatch by 5kg and tied the Total Record at 125kg :)

HUGE congrats to Deejay! Total qualified you to the nationals if I'm not mistaken? HUGE DEAL! Very well done!

Brent Maier said...

Wow, just watched that video, amazing job DJ and Katrina!

Steve Howell said...

Congrats DJ and Katrina!

Jeff said...

Hey everyone,
I've been following OPT programming for the past year and it helped me tremendously in getting ready for the 2009 Crossfit Games Sectionals; however this is the first time I've posted on the site. I train at Crossfit Redline in Naples, FL and have been there since starting crossfit in July, 2009.

I'm just 5'07" 145lbs so I am looking to gain strength as the games approach once again. I am able to do everything as rx and owe everything to Crossfit Redline and OPT's training program, as well. I am a couple days behind due to work commitments so here is part 1 of Saturday's WOD:

A. 225#
B. 155#/165#/175#/185#/190#
C. 79# KBS - all 3 sets unbroken
D. GH Raises - all unbroken

Part 2 will be done in about 3 hrs...


Heavy Evy said...

Congrats again Kat and DJ,

And I must say that fellow in the red shirt beside DJ at the start of the video was one handsome devil!

Mizar said...
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Mizar said...

Nice work DJ and Katrina!

DJ, you snatch like a KING CRAB!!!

... take care my frien ;)

Brandon said...

SJ: 185/195/205/215/225
CTB: Broken (hands are still torn up from last week...don't want to rip again)

HSPU: very slow. First round took 10 mins to get 10 and I didn't like the pace. Switched to AMRAP Ring HSPU and finished the 10 with regular HSPU.
Rounds were:
10 ring
4 ring/ 6 regular
5 ring/ 5 regular
5 ring/ 5 regular
3 ring/ 7 regular

GHDs: done

Lars said...

Part 1.

225x3, 5 sets - 20 (12+8)

Split jerks were ugly, but good to work on at that weight. CTB's felt good, but broke them up into 12/8 to manage the workout better.

Part 2.

1. 10 UB, 20 (12+8)
2. 10 UB, 20 (13+7)
3. 10 UB, 20 (13+7)
4. 8+2, 20 (13+7)
5. 9+1, 20 (13+7)

Did HSPU's on the ground, with rings would have taken all day. GHD's were broken up with a quick break. They are a weakness and this was managable.

Tough workout! Looking forward to some active rest tomorrow.

Nice work Deejay and Katrina!

derb said...

What is the best sub for the ring HSPU. I might be able to do them but im sure it is going to take forever. Is it better if i just take my time and do them slowly or should I do extra depth HSPU so that i can do them faster. Thanks for everything you do here.

Bear said...

Good work comp-dawgs! Nice video btw, soft tune.

Wes Kimball said...

Nice work DJ!

Becky said...

used 105, then 110#( 3 sets) on split jerk
strict pull ups, not c2b.

tried rign hspu for the first time--didn't happen.
couple rounds of ghd's and then had to go.

Anonymous said...

A1: 185# * 5
A2: unb/unb/unb/brk/unb

Jerks were strong with good technique.

Tried new pull up technique on round 4 and messed up rhythym. Went back to old on set 5 and was completed without problem.

B1: (5+2+3)(7+3)(8+2)(8+2)(7+3)
B2: completed but tougher than norm

HSPU's on rings went really well. Focused in on technique and making sure to drive with arms, shoulders and chest. Got better as I went and really pushed myself.

Nathan H. said...

DJ and Kat are animals!

My training motivation has been very low lately. It's coinciding with really dialing in my diet and energy rhythms. Not sure what's going on. I slept 10.5 hours last night and still haven't felt like myself.

3 sets of Split Jerk + 20CTB pullups
260# for all sets, unbroken pullups

rested a couple of minutes

played with ring HSPUs, did 2 sets of 5 with 20 GHD situps. Ugly. Need practice.

rested about 5 minutes

3 rounds of:
15 burpees
50 doubleunders

felt absolutely horrible on this. 5 minutes something... accidentally reset my clock (iphone) right when I went to look at my splits.

Anyway, I'm just going to ride this out. Keep training but not try to break any records and see how the improved lifestyle factors work out.

rwcorson said...

Congratulations DJ, Kat, Heavy & Brent!

Jeff - Crossfit Redline (CFRL) said...

part 2 from Saturday:

Times of 3 sets: 2:04/2:06/2:01
12 Push Jerk - 135# (all unbroken)
90 sec Airdyne Bicycle
**HR of airdyne for 3 sets: 132/136/136

Times of 3 sets: 2:03/2:05/2:02
10 Thrusters - 115# (all unbroken)
90 sec Row
**HR of Row for 3 sets:

Times of 3 sets: 1:07/1:12/1:10
20 squats
20 sec rest
20 Knees to elbows

Anonymous said...

Part 1:
Jerk 70 kg
CTB pull ups: 20,15,15,15,10

Part 2:
5 HSPU each round
20,15,15,15,15 GHD situps.

GHD situps felt slow.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1:
225# all sets
all chin ups UB

+ 20 minutes fooling around on rings and finally got my first ring HSPU!!

Part 2:
10 ring hspu/20 ub ghd
10 ring hspu/20 ub ghd
6 ring hspu/20 ub ghd
8 ring hspu/20 ub ghd
10 regular hspu/20 ub ghd

Notes: Thought i'd never ever get a ring hspu, but today did a few sets of 4! First 10 ring hspu literally took approx. 20 mins. The rest took about 6 mins. All ghd sit ups UB and last set i did 10 hspu against a wall, broken into 7/3. The last set + ghd sit ups with the 20 sec rest took a little over 2 minutes. I know with the first 4 sets I missed the response I was supposed to get because they took so long...but i'm still incredibly! psyched to finally be able to do ring HSPU!! I might add that part 1 demolished me, almost did get the last 20 UB chin ups. Ring HSPU...Thanks OPT!

Angelo Fosco said...
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Angelo Fosco said...

Just watched the vid...sick performance. Congrats Kat and DJ!

Also very well done Brent, way to represent!

NW said...

Taking some time this week for a "ME," week. Today worked on some overhead strength/endurance

A: Press 5/3/1+ @105,120,130x5
B: Press/Push press/Jerk @ 85% of 1 so 110lbs, 1.1.1x5 rest 20 seconds
B1: 20 second OHS Hold rest 2 minutes
C:10x3 sets GHD Situps
later -
5 rounds 15 jump squats+50 DUs

NW said...

Coach and big Dawgs: Curious about your thoughts on working weaknesses

- For example, I DL 420 but only clean 190. I have trouble converting the strength there. Any tips?
Also, my overhead strength seems to be lacking. Should I throw in some overhead work a couple times a week before WODs? or just let it come? Any thoughts/tips would be excellent. Thank you!


├╝ber Bania said...

Split Jerks:
135, 185, 205, 225, 225
CTB Pullups:
all unbroken, approx. 30 sec each set

10 HSPU (on floor), 20s rest
40 situps (no GHD), 2min rest

5 sets (HSPU time / situp time):
:28 / 1:21
:19 / 1:24
:20 / 1:30
:22 / 1:19
:24 / 1:09

Stephen B. said...

Will get at this WOD tomorrow.

Nice work Deejay! always impressive!

Congrats Katrina!

Emilie P-B said...

Split jerk/CTB:
Worked with 95# for the first 2 sets, then with 110#. Focused on dropping under the bar.

18-2 / 15-5 / 12-8 / 8-7-5 / 10-6-4
Foreamrs were twice their size before the 4th set of pullups.

Tried the ring HSPU, band assisted... wasn't a success. Just to stabilize on the ring in handstand position was hazardous.

Did part 2 of yesterday's workout, Burpees/DU.... took me about 11 min.. the guy in charge of the clock forgot to stop it when I was done...
I think my shoulders are weak. They were burning after the first 10 burpees. It slows me down for DU (and burpees). Not happy with my time on this one.

Pastey Russian said...

SJ: 185/185/185/185/185 (broken wrist not able to position correctly)
CTB: Lots of breaks (need to work on kipping motion)

HSPU: (sloppy on rings so stacked 3 45# plates for height, head to ground no kipping, few breaks)
GHD: no problems

CTB needs work, need to keep stretching this wrist of mine, scar tissue sucks :\

Justin said...

i mixed it up a little. i did the first part of today's wod. these were my times for each set: 141, 156, 215, 220, 236. all sets were completed at 230lb. the ctb pull ups definitely felt hard today. instead of doing part 2 of today's wod i did the one from yesterday (burpees and du's). wow it felt hard. my shoulders and arms were shot. my time was 1210. pretty sad, but this is definitely a weakness of mine. body weight stuff kills me.

Emilie P-B said...

Justin, I did the Burpees/DU, after the push jerk/CTB pullups, just like you did. It was really hard for me too! Shoulders were on fire! I guess the mix of CTB pullups, burpees and DU wasn't a good one!

Heavy Evy said...

6am Today
did Sundays runs:
70% 1:40
80% 1:35
90% 1:24
100% 1:12,1:33,1:21
50% 2:30,2:26,2:21
Actually pretty happy with this.

5am: Todays training
SJ's 200,205,210,210,210,210
CTB's UB,UB,12/,8/,lots of breaks!
RHSPU felt pretty good, new foot placement made big difference.
GHD all UB 2hand touch.

Thad said...

Congrats DJ, Katrina, Heavy, and Brent.... great job!

A. 3/170 x 5
CTB all UB mixture of butterfly and regular kip

RHSPU went better then I thought and got better as I went.


All rounds 3:30 or better including :20 sec rest

Kevin said...


still working behind

Saturday's programming--done Sunday
part 1:
A. 240
B. 176, 198, 220, 242, 264x1
C. 2pd
D. Subbed GM--back not feeling good at all by this point
rest 20 mins
part 2:
scaled down; only did 3 sets of PJ with 90 secs row and 3 sets of Sq/K2E
-PJ/Row felt good
-K2E: first set UB, others broken

Monday's programming--done today
100%s: 1:14, 1:15, 1:14
50%s: 1:58, 1:59, 1:59
70%: 1:29
80%: 1:23
90%: 1:19

Met-con: 9:29

First two sets unbroken. Third and fourth were struggles.

RichJ said...

220 x 3 (all sets)
CTB (all unbroken)

2nd part - complete

DeeJay said...

Thanks guys! Katrina, hell of a job with the lifts. do you have video??

Heavy, good work in your first comp man! first time is crazy.

Nice work Brent!

I'm back on big dawgs soon. gotta get my ass back into shape. I miss the hard work!

Lisa M said...

Em-PB it is very nice to see you back here and posting!! I was away on the weekend and will be playing catch up but will be back posting soon on the same day of the workouts. By your numbers it looks like training is going really well for you that is awesome.

Kyle F said...

225# X5
CTB as Rx'd broken once per set
10 regular HSPU
20 Knees to elbows

Suzie F
10 modified HSPU
10 Knees to elbows

Danny Davis said...



Kyle F said...

Excellent work Brent. You have taken your shit to the next level.

Chris Dunkin said...

1,2 unbroken, 10/10, unbroken, 10/5/5

1 round of ring hspu's/ghd's

no fire, tried to get back too early

congrats to Katrina, DJ, Heavy, and Brent

C.J. Martin - Invictus said...

Nice work DJ! Congratulations buddy!

OPT said...

jeff, welcome aboard...knock it out

derb, both of what you mentioned will help but the instability practice takes practicing the actual movement away from a training day without time limits will help...

NW, post a video of your clean somewhere so i can take a look at it and we'll check it out

Pete @ CFN said...

Jerks @ 175
CTB Unbroken
Subbed 2 sets HSPU elevated 2", then 3 sets regular HSPU

Good wod for 2 of my weaknesses...HSPU and lowering moderate to heavy loads from overhead.