wed, dec 1, 2010

The best way for VitD exposure - an article lately exposing that Vit D is already enough for most; then another on the same day saying that we need more than now recommended. As mentioned at certs and lately conversations with folks, everyone requires different amounts. Based on numerous factors. 
At OPT we test our clients throughout the year from an MD test on 25-hydroxy D as well as an NMD perspective and diagnostics on the amounts in the system; these are the facts - where we are, we DO NOT get enough of it b/t Sept - May...consistently scores are BELOW PAR when clients report in over last few years. 
Most times clients get high doses of 5-6,000 iu per day for short periods then lower off after 3 weeks for the winter and average 3-5000/day (without other exposure) - there is another huge argument brewing within this of course about the "fortified" foods and the Vit D contents which  I believe the 1st article may go after indicating they "think" that everyone is getting the required amount - how much is absorbed?
Others get a minimum of 3-5000 iu/day for the entire winter. This is based on more than reading some good books on the topic and reviewing over 50 articles I currently have alone in my inbox; but rather testing and re-testing clients health status throughout the year for the past years.


Standing Press - 1 heavy rep; rest 20 sec
25 unbroken chin ups; rest 4 min
(6 sets)
50 HSPU on parallette for time

rest 6+ hours

3 sets:
15 burpees AFAP
25 KBS unbroken - 2/1.5 pd
Run 800 m @ 90%
rest 5 min actively walking

post loads and times to comments


Steve McAlister said...


I respect your opinion more than you know. I wanted to know what you thought about this article recently posted on Rip's Starting Strength site? Adaptation: Period, Persistence, and Prioritization. I feel confused now.

Kevin said...

Did some self-analysis over Thanksgiving and realized I really don't have the base I need to excel right now at the BD level. I haven't gotten a lot of coaching on technique in a while (really since college) and I feel I'm really leaving a lot of results on the table. Planning to take a step back and get some coaching at CF South Brooklyn and then rejoin the BDs after the next comp and heading into Sectionals.

Thanks for all you do, Coach, and good luck to all the dawgs. Keep kicking ass!

unit said...

FYI... last 50 hspu for time on parallettes- Friday Nov 5

Soren said...

Press: 57,60,62,64,66,64 kg
Chins: UB,UB,22+3, UB, UB, UB

50 HSPU of ground - not getting any easier.
Working on hands positioning and distance of the wall, feels wrong on one shoulder, so might need a look at it.

Not doing part two, knee is not happy from yesterdays squat cleans


Anthony said...

Part 1 with Jeff@ Redline. Getting back into the swing of things after a 2+month layoff. Hands are coming back, capacity too.

135# X 3 sets & 130# for 3
First round unbkn, other rounds brkn. Butterfly and kip mixed

50 parallette HSPU reduced range 13:58. First HSPU since first week of September.

Part 2 at lunch

AJ Moore said...

Steve M.,

I understand how that article can confuse you, the first thing I want to point out is that the author states that no gains can be made from a concurrent strength and endurance program, however he does not give any citations to his findings. Right now I have to study but I have articles on that subject and have personally made gains while concurrently training endurance and strength. I'll try to read the whole article later and give some feedback.


OPT said...

steve, why do you feel confused?

Bear said...

New plans after the uphill-race, but first some pictures with music:

I really need to become a better runner (3 km) and swimmer (ca 200 m+diving), the tests for applying for a job as a firefighter in Sweden require these physical skills.

The focus will be directed towards running and swimming the following months, while trying to maintain strength and other skills.

Hopefully I can combine this with some of the OPT and be a part of the OPT-community. The last months have been great and I will bugging you with questions and vids! ;)

-Big Dawg Bear

NW said...

Part 1:
1 @ 115# (felt heavy today)
2 @ 120#
3 @ 125
4 @ 125
5 @ 130
6 @ 135#
- All pull ups Unbroken! surprised myself there, look what happens when I sack up hah.

I know I've been bugging you lately but just trying to get the most out of my ability. Two questions
1. is doing double unders a sub for running at all or would you rather see a row or airdyne?
2. I'm fiddling with post wod nutrition and noticed a comment you made a while back about it. For young punks, you suggested jackin 'em full of post wod sugar/carb. Im 21 and last two days have been doing 40 grams P/60 carbs roughly (trying to gain a little mass too). Granted, I'll see how I feel but for the start what do you think?

Thank you! The information that you give all of us, especially me (no box/coach/etc) is invaluable and I thank you grately


Emilie P-B said...

Early morning workout with LuLu... that was fun, thanks LuLu.

Press at 85 lbs and all sets unbroken for pullups!

Gord said...

Press- 145/147.5/150/152.5/155
Chins - 3 sets as rx'd- then switched to weighted chins as should gets sore doing kip

HSPU- done on 4inch push up parallettes- 22:50

OPT said...

1. depends on the workout requirement, for ex. if we do an aerobic power workout and ask for 90% effort in it, and you sub DU's instead of running, the work output for DU's is far less for most people in relation to what is required in the training...what is preventing you from running?
2. higher usually to start, like 100g -'ll know if it works or not immediately...remember to test BF% alongside it, as well as same time/day per week in weight measurements and of course recording emotions/lifts//// order to remain legit...if you get too much most times you'll see a little uptick on love handle site...then can modify based on how it goes...all depends how lean you are as well,,,if on leaner end, you are more tolerant in the post exercise insulin independant window - i.e. 10-15 min post and more carb tolerant than MOST in post exercise insulin dependant window of 60-90 min post workout

NW said...

thanks for the quick response!

1. I can't run for a few reasons, one it's now a blizzard outside and damn near slipped in the parking lot, so trying to run on it would be a bit of a challenge. Second, the track I usually run on is indoors in the gym yet its only 130 m or so. Those 400 repeats on the little track have caused some foot issues from constantly putting most pressure on one foot. Then again, just realized I could do it on a treadmill

2. I've looked at some websites that "calculate" BF, said I'm between 6-8%. I need to get an actual caliper though.

Thanks again!

NW said...

Will keep you posted on the progression - been recording data last few days I've upped the intake.


Sean LeFloch said...

Part 1:
Singles: 155,165,170,175,180,185(f)
Chins: UB,UB,UB,UB,ripped on 7th rep, UB

HSPU on paralettes (ear below hand at bottom): 11:58

Shoulders and elbows are roasted. Gonna need some adrenaline for the afternoon go around.

AJ Moore said...

185 x 1

all pullups unbroken

5:49 ( 13 inch parallettes to abmat)

OPT said...

NW, reason i ask is that i've seen a lot of hip "issues" surface over the years in canadian athletes without some is primal and uses the posterior chain regularily that NO stiff legged DL or DB work can remedy in winter time...even on the 130 m track i'd suggest running hard on straightaways and lighter on corners..and YES, use the treadmill, we use ours, or i believe that it DOES have a purpose and can be used well if knowledgable...

Donivan Ciolfi said...

Part 1
15:10 Scaled to floor head touching ab-mat

notes: OH strict pressing is my worst lift very weak out of the bottom, HSPU also very weak at obviously.

Justin said...

185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 230 (failed: felt significantly heavier than 225)
First 2 sets unbroken. Last four broken.

Used two 45 bumper plates with an abmat 21:05
(664444333222133) The last two sets of three I widen my hands which I think made a huge difference.

Brian Maier said...

Only did 4 rounds due to time constraints:

155,165,175,180(PR by 15#)
P/U's X 4 UB

HSPU's - 24:50 - major weakness of mine so tried to work on balance today. Did 50 singles with hands on floor and no wall support.

Paul Smith said...

Part 1:
195# x 1
200# x 5
all pullups unbroken

HSPU on 4" blocks
Started out fast but as soon as I hit 25 I had to start doing singles.

No tome for part 2 today. I will try to catch up tomorrow.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1:
Press: 185#, 190, 195x2, 200, 210 (pr by 5#)
Chin ups: All UB

HSPU on 20' boxes, chin below hands.


Notes: Press felt really good, 210# went up easy, could have gotten 215 maybe 220# if I had time. HSPU hard but much much faster than last time.

Row watt avg: 192, 194, 188
Metcon (Strich pull up sub): 17:43 - HSC broken 5-3-2 then 6-4 (had the strength to get all 10 but grip failed at 6).

Yesterday was a rough day but today was much better.

Steve McAlister said...


I guess I am confused mainly about two things:

1. Constantly varied movements leads to a weaker workout program by giving the body too many stressors to adapt to. It was my understanding (I'm a rookie) "the magic is in the movements" so just keep the movements constantly varied and the intensity high and you are doing the right thing for fitness.

2. Believing the constantly varied mantra as true then the argument of doing things for a period, being persistent during that period and then prioritizing your movements during that period is the best way to get the most out of every realm, should be false right? It isn't varied enough right?

I recall Castro saying once (in a CF video) and I am not quoting here, that there is no such thing as bad programming. So as long as I just keep mixing it up, preparing for the unknown then I should be good to go right? If I am wrong here it looks like I need to do what the author noticed that other gyms are doing: adding very specific strength and endurance components. Thanks for the quick response.

PTS said...

part 1:

30 in 18 mins w/o parallettes. Shoulders were smoked.

part 2:
4:50, 4:59, 5:17.

Lars said...

1 day behind

Did the row yesterday, but didn't do the metcon.

Subbed 8 rope climbs for 5 because our rope is about 15'. Also subbed a 500m row for the DU's.

Time 10:00

Last rope climb, slipped and rolled my ankle on the rope sitting on the ground, will assess after today and see how it's doing. Tore several ligaments and had some hairline fractures years ago and was concerned I had done it again.

Pete @ CFN said...

Part 1 only:
Standing Press 135,140x3,145x2
Chinups Unbroken
Subbed 50 regular HSPU in 10:59

Nathan H. said...

Only 4 sets. Hands are messed up.

155, 165, 170, 172

Pullups: UB and pretty easy minus my hands

30 HSPU from ground in 5 min. 15 strict, 15 kipping.
More than anything my elbow clicks and hurts on the descent which really distracts me. I have to figure that out.

My hands are definitely not in the shape they need to be. Damn olifting. And my shoulder strength/endurance needs work. Feeling good though.

Garage Crossfitter said...

part II

subbed rowing for running as we got a quick 3 inches of snow before the wod and subbed 55LB DB swings. work capacity building slowly.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


I know you're busy but if you have time to answer. I recently bought the book "Healing With Whole Foods" on your recommended reads list. I've discovered that the book recommends a largely grain-based diet.

Being under the tutelage of Paleo diets, I am confused with the two conflicting diets. What is your stance on Healing With Whole Foods, does it serve a purpose for some folks, vegans, probably? Thanks for your help.

Anthony said...

SWAT PT turned into another workout topped of with a plodding team 5K at a 32min pace and 50 8 count burpees.

Part 2 : sub'd air dyne for 2:45 for runs because of the 5K. 1 1/2 p

Anthony said...

Love that picture Coach!

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Part 1 (6 sets):

Strict Press - 150#/155#(x5)
25 chin-ups - (All sets unbroken)
50 Parallette HSPU - 12:10

Part 2 (Done at noon after an hour of PT at work, including 5k team run):

1st set: 4:25
2nd set: 4:47
3rd set: 4:51

*All KBS Unbroken using 2pd, subbed 800m run with AirDyne Bike set at 2:45 intervals/set**

Good job Anthony, that was a BRUTAL day

LuLu said...
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LuLu said...

I will be here as much as I can, going to ease back into it. Not two a day wods quite yet. Thanks to Em for the workout, yeay.

Press @ 90lbs
First 4 sets of chin ups UB then I got a BOO BOO, grrr, rest were broken and stinging but I finished it :) minimal whining.

Did 25 HSPU with 25lb plates under each hand and then 2 sets of 10 HSC

Missed you big Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!

Christa said...

press: 105/110/115/115/115/115
chins: UB
HSPU: 17:04 (wasn't getting depth with parallettes so used 1 45 and 1 25lb plate per hand for 1st 25. Then moved to Parallettes and did negatives for last 25 at the full depth)

No time for P2 today.

NW said...

So that college degree I'm working at isn't paying off becuase I can't read..

Part 2 Metcon
19:00 (no 5 minute rest, can't read apparently)
Subbed row 150m for burpees (avg 26 sec). Didn't wanna piss off my wrist anymore than I have with Press + HSPU.
55# DBS
Ran on the treadmill at 8ish - almost fell off

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

-5 Rounds-
5 Muscle ups
10 Dips
15 Push-ups
400m Run

Time: Around 12 minutes

Rest 6 hours

Part 2 (Today's Workout)

185, 185, 185, 185, 190, 190
All Pull-ups unbroken

20 HSPU in 6:29 on 6" blocks. No time to finish.

- Excited about the press numbers
- HSPU is a weakness
- Schedule still incredibly unpredictable

Steve Smith said...

AJ - Awesome time and numbers today!

matt said...

butterfly PU all UB

10:00 HSPU. Ears below hands. Hard.

über Bania said...

Back Squat for fun:
135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 365x1, 385x1, 405 fail. Onto the workout...

135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 175

50 HSPU using 35# DBs as paralletes.

Triplet round times:
6:30, 8:02, 7:49
Triplet Total Time: 22:21

5 rounds of:
1) 10x[Pushup on 40# dumbbells, dumbbells to overhead, then one lunge, then dumbbells back to ground]
2) 40 Double Unders.
3:00, 4:00, 3:40, 3:36, 3:27
Total time 17:43

über Bania said...

I need to go back to school and learn to read...missed the 5min rest period between sets on part II. Oops.

Joel B. said...

Part 1

Press: 135, 140, 145, 150, 150, 150
CU: 25X6 ub

HSPU on parrelettes forehead to pad 4" below top of bars: 25:44

150 press ties a all time pr. I feel great about the hspu even though the time is an eternity. I had a dnf last time.

Part 2

1. 5:06
2. 4:56
3. 5:06

didn't warm up enough for set 1, set 2 felt pretty good (considering what I was doing) and set 3 I gassed. most ever ub for 2 pood kbs. Hands are shredded.

Rory Hanlin said...

Couldn't fit in the double so did it all in one session.

Part 2 all complete

10 min rest

Part 1
Subbed Bench Press 185 with bands x3 speed sets
All chins unb

HSPU: 15:03
2009 Games standard, strict

last time was 15:34

unit said...

Thurs Nov 25 WOD
A- 3 rnds- 12 hps 115, 2x[30 sec burpee broad jumps/ subbd 30sec sprint for DUs]
ub/ub/ub // 7,7/7,7/7,7 // all 180-200m
B- 3 rnds- 15 kbs, 2min airdyne 90% (cal)
70/80/95 // 58/58/57
C- 5rnds- 30 alt RSU 24", 30m bear crawl 25lb ea
all ub/all ub


AJ u sure have some pressing power packed in2 that 165lb frame!... keep it up brother!...

Nathan... y such soft hands?...


AJ Moore said...

thanks steve and unit,

part 2 complete, quads were cramping on last round, need more stretch time.


NCovino "CFRedline" said...

145# x 6
Only 5 sets of pullups, hands ripped up.
50 HSPU on parallettes with a raised level. 22 mins. Didn't push the pace here.. very week movement for me so worked on my hand pos.

Subbed airdyne 2:45 for run w/ 2 pood.
4:29 unbroken, 4:43 20/5, 5:17 15/10

Nathan H. said...

AJ, wtf dude? You're a monster! You and Rory must be eating the same food.

Part II:


My runs just suck. Burpees and KBs easy. Running slow. It's like I never catch my breath... gasping like damn fish.

Unit, that's what happens when you don't do anything high rep for months. lol. They'll toughen as time goes on.

Nathan H. said...

AJ you weigh 165?? DUDE. Crazy presses man. That makes me want to press everyday.

I think it should be mandatory that everyone posts age weight and height! lol.

Nathan H:

jerf said...

Compressed both into one session. Skipped hspu (Did Diane the other day):

Part 1:
press - 155,165,175,185,190,185
pulls - ub,ub,ub,20/5,15/10,20/5

rest 5 minutes

Part 2 (60#db):
Calf cramped up something fierce on lap 2 of round 1. Had the treadmill set to 9.5 mph which may have been a little ambitious. Did the rest of the workout without runs. Ah 6+ hours rest, you have bested me this time....

sprinkled in some unstructured movements afterwords; high box jumps, played with box squats for the first time (light), and lots and lots of stretching.

Adam Rogers said...

low energy today, kept it dialed back

4 sets of part 1

Press - 115,135,145,155
Pullups - sets of 20, unbroken x4


50 HSPU, strict no parallettes - 12:09

derb said...


Part 1

SP: 135/140/145/150/155F/150F
PU: UBx4/2x broke at 17

Part 2


derb said...

HSPU: 15:32(3" depth)

Sean LeFloch said...

Part 2:
All burpees/KBS unbroken
4:46, 4:47, 4:44

Lower back tightened again, couldn't push it enough on runs.

Brandon said...

Part 1
ub x 6

HSPU: 17:53 (slower than last time, but better ROM on paralletes)

Part 2

Crashed hard after the first run...not feeling great. May take tomorrow off if I can't get to feeling better.

Stephen B. said...

Yesterday's WOD (reversed order):

Part 2 26:39...DUs 100/50/50...rope climbs no problem...grip on HSC got me

rest 5 min

Part 1: only had time for half the sets and 2 of the 3 periods

avg. watts (incl. 50% rows):

notes: grip would not hold tonight...spent all my time trying to get the HSC UB, failing miserably each time...

blew through first set of rope climbs...grabbed the bar right away and failed after first 4 reps...backed off for a few minutes then tried again...failed on 6 reps...backed off, tried again...failed on 4 reps...called it my 10 and moved on to problem...100/50/50...second set of HSC same as first but more grip fails...did next set of HSC in sets of 2...a friend recommended learning to reset my hook grip as I lower the bar rather then resetting it on my thighs...practied that a bit after WOD and think it will help next time...really wanted this rx'd...HSC weight no problem otherwise

Angelo Fosco said...

part 2: all with 70# db for swings, all ub.

5:29, 6:19, 5:44

Notes: used a free belt treadmill for 0.2 miles on first run then 0.3 miles on indoor track. On 2nd run did all 800m on the free belt, 3rd run all on indoor track. That free moving treadmill is hard as hell, gonna start using that more since running is my biggest goat.

Heavy Evy said...

AJ's only 165#? F-me dude looks 225 in his pic!

Nate I hear you! I've been dunking my hands in snow banks every chance I get these past 2 days. Feels like I'm getting arthritis!

Press 153,158,158,163,168,173(5#pr)
pull ups UBx6 hands are numb.

Got called to work, so PHSPU's will have to be made up, along with part 2 and last sundays runs, don't want the canadian hip issues that coach mentioned.

Brent Maier said...


Static Press: 70/80/82.5/82.5/82.5kg (182#)
PU: All UB

HSPU on Parallettes full range: 17:06

15 min rest

Part II: w/1 mile airdyne sprint instead of 800m run.
1) 4:22
2) 4:07
3) 4:13

Hands buggered up from the pullups and didn't help on the KB swings.

über Bania said...

did anyone feel queasy or nauseous about a half hour after this workout? More specifically, after part II? Or maybe I just ate something bad...I was driving home from the gym and contemplated stopping because I felt an alarming urge to throw up all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...


Standing Press: 65-65-70-65
25/max unbroken chin ups: 25-18-17-16
(4 sets)

40# swings and 1600m AirDyne
5:50-6:31-5:53? (Timer got stopped)

RichJ said...

Part 1:
Chin ups (all sets UB)
HSPU 12:57

Part 2: (used treadmill, speed 10.0 - 10.5)
Total time including active rest = 29:34

Kyle F said...

Part 1
Chin ups as rx'd
15:30 for HSPU

Part 2

Shoulders are absolutely donezo.

Christa said...

P2: 5:43/5:37/5:26

Spider said...

Part 2:

4:50, 4:59, 5:01 all UB

Anonymous said...

Press. 60, 62.5, 65x2, 67.5, 70(miss).
Subbed for Dead Hang Ring Pull ups.
9, 8, 7, 7, 8, 7.

Sub. Box Pike Ring HSPU.
Been playing round with a few different variations of HSPU. I'm 6'4' and 98kg. Long arms. Very difficult skill for me.
Got this with an 11, an 8 and the rest 5 and 6s.

Anonymous said...

Part 2.
5:40, 6:17, 6:24.