thurs, nov 25, 2010

the big dog(s) at the big dawg comp # 2 @ 585


3 sets:
12 hang power snatch - 115#/80#
2 x [30 sec burpee broad jumps/30 sec double unders]
rest 2 min
(rest 5 min including last 2 min of last set)
3 sets:
15 KBS heavy!
2 min Airdyne @ 90%
rest 2 min
(rest 5 min including last 2 min of last set)
5 sets:
30 total alternating Russian step ups unweighted - 24" box
rest 20 sec
30 m bear crawl - 25#/15# DB's per hand on carry
rest 20 sec

post notes to comments
Justification of Turkey Talk
rest on Friday


Pastey Russian said...

My knee has been bothering for me about 4 monthes now pain not getting any better; afraid I might injure it more. MRI/X-rays the whole nine yards, ended up with a cortisone shot in the lateral left knee, no leg work for a week.

I'm going to use this time to practice some handstand work, upper body stuff only for a week I suppose. Hopefully things get better I hate not squatting lol

Lisa M said...

Breaking news by researchers in Denmark - a diet high in lean protein, and lots of veggies is "scientifically" now proven to be the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off!!! Wow who knew. Maybe the whole country will jump on the Paleo train and most chronic illness and obesity will magically disappear. Awesome.

Soren said...

Scaled the air dyne to a run, and bear crawl was without DB, and everything was done at moderate tempo, have got nothing today.
Oldest daughters 4 year birthday, included a meal out and I suspect there was some stuff in the chicken my stomach didn't like - have been feeling flat all evening, or gluten in the gravy!


Paul Smith said...

OPT & Big Dawgs,
I've been traveling with work for the past couple of months and have not been consistent with my WODs. I have been trying to workout with what is available in the hotel, but in most cases it's been a 35 lb db and a treadmill.

I'm looking forward to jumping back in although I feel like I am starting from scratch. I've got a long weekend with family, but will start posting again Monday.

OPT said...

paul, welcome back - 2nd generation BD

Jake said...

airdyne -> crosstrainer
bear walk -> no DB's
KBS 32kg DB, should have gone heavier

completely gassed, took me over 1 hour. shit pommes frites...good one though, thanks OPT

David said...

32kg KB, run on mill for airdyne.

Steve Howell said...


Good to see you back!

NW said...

Globo closed for Turkey Day so did Flight Simulator, 5-50-5 unbroken double unders.
Time: 17 minutes, roughly
Pretty happy with this, seeing as DU are a huge weakness.

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating!

├╝ber Bania said...

A. 115# HPSnatch x12, 2x(30s burpees, 30s double unders), 2min rest, 3rnds.
1- 1:03, (7, 45, 7, 45), 2min rest
2- 1:00, (8, 45, 6, 30), 2min rest
3- 1:10, (7, 40, 7, 40), 2min rest

B. 3 sets DB Swingsx15, 2min SDHP @95# (no airdyne and rowers in use), 2min rest.
1- 70x15 in :40, SDHPx25, 2min rest
2- 80x15 in 1:13, SDHPx25, 2minrest
3- 80x15 in 1:15, SDHPx25, 2minrest

C. 5 sets alternating step ups 2' box, 30m bear crawl with 25lb dumbbells.
1- 3:49, 20s rest
2- 4:00, 20s rest
3- 3:40, 20s rest
4- 3:33, 20s rest
5- 2:50, 20s rest

Back Squat
135x5, 225x5, 315x5

Lars said...

Yesterday's WOD - took yesterday off for more back rehab.

A. CGDL - 365 x 3
B. SQ - 285 x 1
C. SCT - 195 x 3 x 8min OUCH!
D. 7:37.2

Deadlifts felt decent today, but kept it lighter. Lose my hook grip easy at this weight.

Squat Cleans felt good today, could have done more, but 300 is PR, so 285 aint bad.

Squat clean thrusters on the minute were brutal. I wanted to go heavy and 195 was tough, but did it!

No gas left for rower, was keeping around 1:55, which felt like 90-95% today.

Arjuna @CFN said...

Taking a week off. Got some tendonitis in the rotator cuff muscles....hopefully. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

Lars said...


My gym is selling some CF Calendars for 2011, to raise money for a local womens shelter...would it be okay to post a link for that? If it's a conflict of interest or you're not comfortable with it I understand.



Sean LeFloch said...

Happy thanksgiving to all the big dawgs. Felt great today. Good nights sleep + morning coffee.

A. All hang power snatches UB (115#)
Rd. 1 (17 BBJ/68 DU)
Rd. 2 (15 BBJ/51 DU)
Rd. 3 (15 BBJ/63 DU)
5min rest

Rd. 1: CALS/AVG. WATTS: 43/321
Rd. 2: CALS/AVG. WATTS: 41/300
Rd. 3: CALS/AVG. WATTS: 44/300
5min rest

C. All Unbroken with 20 sec rest between movements (Bear crawls were awesome.)

Heavy Evy said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here, that I'll be laughed at, but would an elliptical machine be a good sub for airdyne? There may or may not be one in my basement acting as a clothes line......

Rory Hanlin said...

Good to see you are coming back Paul

Becky said...

used 75# for snatch
2 pood for kbs
row instead of bike

over 45 minutes by the time it was over, with the rests in there.

i have finally decided that burpees and du in the same wod is not my friend

i like the db bear crawl.

Happy Thanksgiving every one!!

Steve Howell said...

From November 17th

part 1;
Muscle ups: Completed as rx'd
Tabata: 17 for all sets
AMRAP: 7 rounds + 2 HSPU
25 minutes rest
part 2:
Hill Sprints: Completed; only had enough incline for 20 seconds so I did 10 sets.

Ali Loach said...

14 hour day today.
Will hit this one tomorrow and then it's off to the land of lederhosen and the Sound of Music!!!

Nathan H. said...

Subbed 400m run for Airdyne.

Good training day.

Anthony said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Big Dawgs. Thanks for a very enjoyable morning James, Leighanne, Hannah ad Chloe. Thumbs up Leighanne.

Thad said...

Nov 24/10 WOD

Done yesterday forgot to post.
A. 325#
B. 215#
C. 135#
D. Row 7:36.8
Felt good once warmed up, on everything except
overhead portion of thrusters felt heavy.

Lauren said...

80# snatch, but broken into 6/6
1.5 pood for KBS
didn't have airdyne but did 30 sec DU/30 sec switch lunges jumps..(?)

first time doing polar bear crawl, hopefully I did it right :)

Kent said...

Yesterday's WOD

A CGDL 3 rep 225,295,315,335#
B SC single 135,155,175,185f,180#f,f
C 135#8X3 on the minute
D 7:12

Does anyone know the ratio of what a squat clean or C&J to back squat or deadlift should be? I think my cleans are very off compared to where they should be.
I feel strong when cleaning but am so embarrasingly timid when turning the elbows under. Other than tall cleans and snatches and growing a pair, any other suggestions on how to learn the feeling of this movement?

Anthony said...

Kent, your front squat should be 85% of your back squat but a front squat is much different than a squat clean.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 :

95# snatch
6 broad jumps
Average of 20 du's

Note:Du's really sucked today, taking it easy on the snatch because of the shoulders.

Part 2 :
40 kg(88#) kb, swung to eye level.
400 m run (1:30), 500 m row, 500 m row

Note :Biggest kb the gym had, felt pretty good to eye level, dont think overhead would've happened for 15 reps.

Part 3:
24 inch box as rx
25# dumbells

Note: Bear crawls were alot tougher than they looked, especially after the step ups.

Just want to say coach, the length of the rest I found to be perfect.

Trevor Salmon said...

Kent, what is your Ass to grass Back squat?
Your power clean should be 66% of that. I believe you said the other day it was 180#

Thad said...

A.HPS @115# broken but felt good
BBJ where good, and DU's went well

B.KBS 2 pood + 5#'s taped to it all UB
Subbed exercise bike with challenging resistance no airdyne

C. workout felt good bear crawls where fun

Kent said...

BS 300#
FS 245#
PC 185#
squat clean no better than power clean

Lisa M said...

Lauren very nice to see you post - hope you are doing well.

Ali have a great time and i would definitely pay money to see you in a pair of lederhosen!

running behind did the 5 sets of split jerk/C2B and HSPU/GHD it was pure hell my C2B and HSPU are sorely lacking so concentrated on the movement versus trying to get it done fast. Kept SJ weight a little lower than 80% and focused on speed and technique.

Will hit up todays WOD tomorrow.

Lisa M said...

Oh yeah would the Versa climber be a good substitute for airdyne??

Stephen B. said...


1.UB (6/48 ub/6/50 ub)
2.UB (6/50 ub/6/40 ub)
3.UB (6/50 ub/5/32 ub)

all BBJ were the length of a 6' mat


1.UB/38 cals
2.UB/40 cals
3.UB/32 cals

all KBS were done with an 88# KB

RSU/DB bear crawl

all sets complete as rx'd

all RSU and bc UB...used 30# dbs as that's all there was...bear crawls were fun, but a bit awkward with the dbs

Aaron Betts said...

A.HPS all unbroken
B.72#KB,used rower
C.24"box,2x36#KB for bear crawl

Donivan Ciolfi said...

B.70# unbroken x 3sets
Subed Row 425m,363m,400m
C. all unbroken, no DB's 11#WV

ETC said...

My groin has been hurt for some time now so I've taken some time off.
Priority: Need Strength - so I subbed 1st Set for:
A1) Back Squat @20x1 x 3reps x 4 sets
A2) Bench Press @20x1 x 3reps x 4 sets
A1) 185(3)205(3)x3 - groin is starting to feel better
A2) 155(3)165(3)x3

B) 55# UNB --too light now ;-)
2:00 split time x 3
C) called it a day.

Kent said...

A. 115# HPS,2X30/30 BBJ/DU
6+6, 20/66
6+6, 20/63
6+6, 20/71
B. 75# KBSX15, 400m run
UNB, 1:23
UNB, 1:27
UNB, 1:24
C. 24" RSUX30alt, 30m 25#db/hand bear crawl
5 sets all UNB.

115# HPS is heavy for me. Had to break up. The rest felt good. Bear crawls drew a lot of attention in my geriatric AM globo gym. Fun!

PTS said...

completed on 11/26/10

HPS - 12, 7/2/3, 4,4,2,2
du's were broken kept missing

70 lbs KB is biggest I have.
cals 42,40,40

did 3 sets of RSU and bear crawl as I will be hitting the doubles Sat and Sun.

jerf said...


I have the same shameful timidity when it comes to commitment on squat cleans. I'm always terrified of snapping my wrists (this stems from woeful flexibility issues --hard for me to keep my elbows high in rack position)


For the longest time my power clean was HIGHER then my squat clean. 3 weeks ago I FINALLY convinced myself to drop down under 225#, and for me it really was just a matter of mental conviction.

ryandrew11 said...

A. HPS - 95# - 9,8,6 reps
du's were broken kept missing
B. 70 lbs KB is biggest I have.
cals 37, 37, 39
C. did 3 sets of RSU and bear crawl as I will be hitting the doubles Sat and Sun.

Steve Howell said...

Set 1 @ 90kg x 5
Set 2 @ 104kg x5
Set 3 @ 117kg x 5+ (+3)
Set 1 @ 69kg x 5
Set 2 @ 83kg x 5
Set 3 @ 94kg x 5+ (+2)

From Nov 18th
OHS: 185x10x3
Weighted Chins: 45#/55#/60#/70#/80#x3/85#x3
CTB Pull ups: All sets unbroken.
Leaning Test: 60 sec x 4

Lars said...

part 1 -

HPS all UB, did burpees, and rowing instead of DU's.

*snatches felt good and fast, rowing and burpees were gasing me.

Part 2 -

KBS x 15 @ 40kg all UB, rowing about 530m.

KBS felt great, especially after the snatches! Rowing tough.

Part 3 -

Russian step ups x 30 UB, bear crawl with 25lbs UB.

Bear crawl wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but still challenging.

Joel B. said...

Done on 11.26.10

All complete

hps all broken in 2
kbs all at 2pd--heaviest kb
airdyne cruel cals were 40, 38, 38
bear crawls were a shoulder burner.

OPT said...

lars, of course, send it to me and i'll post on main page, thx

paul smith, send me an e-mail

Shanna said...

Finally back in the gym after the holiday travel adventure of visiting family. First OPT 3:

No PRs here, but it's a start.