thurs, nov 18, 2010


12 sets:
3 Overhead Squat - 75% 1RM; rest 10 sec
1 weighted chin up; rest 0 sec
10 CTB chin ups; rest 3 min
(progress chin up weight per set if you can)
build 240 sec of front leaning rest
(feet elevated 6 inches off ground, hands on rings 4 inches off ground, body in plank position)

post loads and notes to comments
welcome back EmPB


Stahl said...

Officially leaving CA and moving to TN tomorrow, so I'll try to get back into the programming after I settle the family in the new town - probably after Thanksgiving.

Looking forward to the rest and to getting back into this training - love it!

If there are any big dawgs in Nashville, TN, please e-mail me at I'd love to train with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Coach quick question.

If I can't do a workout as RX due to lack of skills (Muscle ups,TGU). Would it be ok to do a main site workout for example instead or would that throw off the programming.

Thanks again!

p.s. I realize I should really commit to learning these skills.

Bear said...


Scale weight, do progressions, learn technique. Do not avoid what you need to least that´s what try to tell myself :)


Big thanks on the advice of how to prepare for a hillrun. Maybe I´ll be able to use my legs post-comp after all :)

Soren said...

OHS: 60 kg
1 weighted chin: 3x10kg,3x15kg,6x20kg
10 UB CTB.
2 min rest after each round

5 min rest

240 sec plank on rings, broke it 5 times. the chest was on fire in the end...

Time for bed (10pm)


10 chins were really fast and flying after round 3 and only struggling on last round

OPT said...

samy, you answered your ? in your PS statement, ask us how to scale as you've seen, there are many, many good athletes on here who are more than capable of giving you some insight...

OPT said...

stahl, safe travels...

unit said...

I agree to work on progressions (and try 2 stick through weaknesses... for myself I feel it's pistols as I struggle with these big time but still stick with wods involving them), the muscleup has some technical nuances that may need observation for q's, but there are good progressions to get u there... can I assume tge transition is the sticking point?
also, I'd like 2 better understand what about a TGU u r struggling with... the weight?... can u do it unweighted (standing up from laying with ur arm overhead)?...

NW said...

1,2-OHS @115#, WPU @25#, CTB-Unbrkn all sets
3,4 - WPU @ 30
5,6 - WPU @35#, dropped OHS to 65# wrist hurt, found best placement on bar, wrist was no problem then
7,8 - OHS @ 85#, WPU @35#
9 - OHS @95#, WPU @40#,
10 - OHS @105#, WPU @ 45#
11 - OHS @ 105#, WPU @ 45#
12 - OHS @ 135#, WPU @ 45#
+ 4 min accumulated

Gord said...

Used 165(75% of current front squat)-did only 10 sets.
highest weight on chins 47.5
CTB chins...lots of broken sets

Chris Dunkin said...

OHS: 185x12
CTB: unbrokenx12

plank as rx'd: 1x:45, 6x:30, 1x:15

Anonymous said...

only got through 8 sets today
105# ohs
used 20# on all weighted cu
only 1st set of cu's unbroken, others broken

i was told today that on wods like this one, you never want to go down in weight ( the ohs) even if you're not getting it.

does that hold true for things like hspu too?
any good articles on that?

Michael FitzGerald said...


For this WOD if you begin to miss sets of OHS or Chin-up then you would not want to reduce the load as that is not progression. Your CNS is taxed for this movement/workout. Best bet is to call it a day! Unless you fail due to technique error on the OHS, which can happen. When you fail to make reps in slow movements like OHS and Chin-ups it is usually a CNS limiting thing...not tech.

As always, there is rarely an ALWAYS in training. For your example of HSPU. When these begin to go into the crapper it is usually acceptable in the WOD. However, this depends on the structure of the WOD. If the HSPU was used today in place of the OHS than the same rules should apply if you begin to fail at your given intensity...shut-er down! If it is "Diane", suck it up! Depends on the goal of WOD.

Angelo Fosco said...
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Lisa M said...

Playing catch up as usual.

Dynamic box squats at 50% with chains 3x8

Did "gaucoin" = 184 so 3:04 rest


The rows just got worse and worse and the last set of squat cleans hurt. Maybe my back squats affected me a bit.

Followed up with some muscle up practice and HSPU practice.


Stephen Flamm @ CSC/CFN said...

Performed yesterday's MU + BJ + HSPU/TGU:

Muscle-ups completed unbroken
Low score box jumps = 10
4 rounds + 1 TGU

15 weeks post-op microfracture surgery on left knee. Good to be back to a full OPT workout, even if I had to take it easy on the box jumps. I'm limiting my squatting to simple linear progression until I regain a moderate level of strength, but will follow here when possible...

Also, anyone else attending the CCP Assessment Module this weekend?

Lars said...

Last night, did 3 Muscle ups on the minute for 10 minutes, plus worked on depth HSPU's.


Sets 1-6 @ 180, 72lbs pull ups, 10 UB

Little tweak in shoulder...

Sets 7-12 @ 135, 72lbs, 10 UB

OHS felt okay at first, but had a little something happen during the workout so that I needed to ease off. Started to loosen up near the end again and could have gone heavier again.

All CTB pull ups were UB and felt good. Should have gone heavier on weighted chin ups.

Any good ways to hook weight to oneself other then tying a rope around your waist?? I use a rope and a carabiner, but find it slow and pulls on the hips.

matt said...

Day behind...
1. MU completed
2. 16 low score
3. 7 rds + 3 RTGU
No sprints tonight...high school dodgeball tourny. Somebody is in big big trouble!

Arjuna @CFN said...

OHS 195# x12

WCU 30, 40, 53, 60x9

CTB chin ups all unbroken but tough towards end

Planks. 2:30, 1min, and :30sec

Angelo Fosco said...

OHS @ 155#
Chin ups: 25#, 45, 70, 80, 90, 90, 95, 100x5

CTB chin ups unbroken all sets

4 mins accumulated.

Jay said...

OHS 170#...missed 3rd rep on rounds 9,11 and 12.


1-3 rounds unbroken..all broken after that

Sean LeFloch said...

12x3 @ 150#
CHINUPS: 40,42,45,50,53,55,63,65,68,70,70,70
CTB: all unbroken except last two sets

Steve: Good to see you are back in action! See you this weekend.

James: See you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Coach, Sorry I tend to do that haha

Bear, you're 100% right about working on what I'm not good at.

Today after the workout I practiced TGU, I got a few, a bit more practice I'll be ok.

Muscle ups, my main problem is the transition. Recently, I realized I was pull the rings too high into my chest ( near my throat) making the transition almost impossible.

Thanks for the advice


10 rounds
55 kg OHS
20 kg weighted pull up

Shut it down after 10 rounds, failed on OHS in 11th.

Steve Smith said...

OHS: 260#

Weighted Pull-up: 135#

C2B Pull-ups: Unbroken until last two rounds

- This was a really fun workout
- Pumped with the weights used
- Pull-ups were by far the most challenging part

- Will be running 8 miles while carrying about 50 pounds tomorrow at 0500. Ready for the Army to finally get smart about its training.

Steve Smith said...

Forgot to mention:

240 seconds completed in 4:52

Core is weak.

ryandrew11 said...

OHS @ 105# - missed 3rd rep on roiund 11

Chin ups: 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 27.5, 30, 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5 (PR), 40 (f)

CTB chin ups 12x8, broken

Plank - 57s, 22s, 39s, 40s, 29s, 42s

resting until Sunday, which is the Tri-State Tough Mudder which PTS and I are running

PTS said...

OHS @ 155

cut to 8 sets for the race on Sunday. Will rest tomorrow and Sat.

Anthony Skvarka said...

OHS Started with 155lb and progressed to 210LB

Weighted chin ups started with 15lbs and progressed to 100lb

CTB all unbroken

First hold to 2.30 minutes total time to hit 240 sec. = 285 sec.

Brandon said...

OHS: 185
Weighted chin: 45 to 100 (fail at 100)
CTB: ub x 12

Holds: 80/65/60/35

Last couple rounds were a grind. Ripped on 10th set. Didn't want to stop so taped and went on.

Emilie P-B said...
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Emilie P-B said...

OHS WeightedCU CTB

Set 1: 75lbs / 15lbs / UB
Set 2-6: 75lbs / 30lbs / UB
Set 7-8: 75lbs / 30lbs / 8-2
Set 9-10: 75lbs / 30lbs / 7-3
Set 11: 75lbs / 30lbs / 6-3-1
Set 12: 75lbs / 30lbs / 5-3-1-1

Shoulders were still tired from yesterday. Happy about the first 6 rounds of unbroken CTB. At the end, had trouble to hold on to the bar.. new gym... new pullup bar, not use to it yet.

Took me 6 or 7 attempts to hold the 240sec. Hold 75sec on first attempt.. don't have times...

Danny Davis said...

I have been changing the Wods up a bit the last couple days therefore not posting. Still following energy system protocol for the most part just adding a bit more rest to maintain the volume. Decided to try IF with a training day today. Felt okay. Not great.

Changed the format a bit to test OHS 3RM.

OHS loads (#)
155,165,175,180,185,190,195,200,205(3RMPR),210(F)on first rep. Called it at 9 sets.
WCU (#)
All unbroken.

Anonymous said...

OH Squat 140# all UB
Weighted CU started with 10# worked up to 50#
All CTB UB first 10 sets butterfly,last 2 sets regular kip

Plank RX'd :90, :60, :90 rests where longer then they should have been

Brian Maier said...

OHS @ 155#
55# - all sets

+ 240s completed in 5:30 (90,60,60,30)

Kevin said...


Still working two days behind after doing the comp on Monday.

11/16 programming:
Rest times:
1. :59
2. :59
3. :59
4. :56
5. :58
6. :61

Total rest: 352 seconds

Kevin said...

Safe travels, Stahl and family. Looking forward to working out together like old times sooner rather than later.

On that note, would love to connect with other dawgs in Manhattan/Brooklyn area, if only to get a wod or two in together on the weekends. Hit me up at if you're around. Really miss having someone else to chase in workouts.

Brian Gregory said...

Nov 11 wod (comp Sat.)

A. 95# as Rx'd @ 10ea set
B. 215,225,225#
C. As Rx'd C2B
D. Sub Airdyne

JHuet said...

OHS-95, 100, 105, 110, 115 for the remainig sets.
Weighted pull ups-35, 55 for the remaining sets.
CTB-All unbroken except for last set.

Stephen B. said...

OHS @180x3x12 (rounded up from 176)
weighted chin:75/85/90/93/98/101/103.5(f)/103.5/106(f)/
CTB chins: 12 sets complete...all sets UB


240 secs in 5:15...2:00/:30/:30/:30/:30

OHS felt good
weighted chins felt tough tonight

Michael McCabe said...

-OHS - 150#
-weighted chins added 5# each round starting w/ 25#; failed rnd 12 (80#)
-CTB ubx10, 8+2, 5+2+2+1
ran out of gas past 10 rnds, felt good though

tabata boxjumps from yesterday - 13

front leaning rest - many sets (a couple ~40sec then 15-20sec)

fun day but ready for rest tomorrow!

Michael McCabe said...

Lars - re: weighted chins

I have access to lots of DBs so for a wod like this i just use a db btw the legs... but sometimes i use a leather dip belt... that might be a bit comfier than what you described

unit said...

A1- 185x 1, 205 x11
A2- 55/65/75/80/85/90/95/100/100/110/110/110(f)
A3- all unbroke... 1st 5 sets strict
4 min rest
B- 5:56


Anonymous said...

A1: 175#@3*12
A2: 25#->80# increased 5# each set
A3: unbroken

B: completed in 3 sets

5 mintute rest

Yesterday p.m.

Airdyne 30secs @ 95% * 8
1 minute slow pedal between sets

├╝ber Bania said...

in lbs...
155x3x6sets, 165x3x3sets, 175x3x3sets.
Weighted Pullups:
70, 80, 90, 95, 100, 105, 100x3, 90x3
CTB Pullups done, mostly kipping.

immediately dropped to front leaning rest, but forgot to elevate feet. Alternated 30seconds front leaning rest on just the ground with 30sec front plank on elbows and forearms. Buuuurrnnns....

Jesse J WellRock said...

OH squat @ 155
WCU's 36,41,46,51,56,61,63.5x6
CTB all UnBroken

Rest 3 min

Front lean

Felt really good, had a great rhythm and flow to the workout.

Andy said...

OHS at 135
All weighted chins at 22
CTB unbroken until round 8

plank holds in 5 sets

good workout

Lars said...

Michael McCabe -

I sometimes use in excess of 100lbs, and holding DB between the legs doesn't work so well...I should just invest in a weight belt with chains, I hadn't thought of that.


derb said...


OHS: 135
WPU: 30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70/72.5/75F/70
CTB: UBx12

Hold: 51s,60s and then I called it a day so only 110s total

Pete @ CFN said...

OHS @ 150
PU (60, 70×3, 79×5, 88×2, 88F)
CTB Unbroken

Plank hold took 5:30 to get 4:00.

Kevin said...


did Wed.'s prog this morning

A. Did 3 MUs UB for first four minutes, then the wheels fell off, so it looked like this: 3, 3, 3, 3, 2+0, 1+1+1, 1+1, 1+1, 1+1, 1+0
B. 14--fell on set five, brutal score
C. 4 rounds with HSPUs oon 20kg plates; shoulders were smoked by this point; had a bunch of time to get the HSPUs on the last round, but failed three times

Kent said...

First day back after comp
Thanks to Trevor for sticking around @ OPT to allow me to compete and to Mike and Thad for advice and motivation.

Had to do "gaucoin" for my mentor.

46,43,38,38,37,51=253sec total rest

Good mental game with this format.
Crushed the last row.

Anonymous said...


Quads are shot..still, so no squatting for me.

Did the pull-ups with 20# for 8 rounds.

Plank hold was difficult max hold was :40 and shortest was :20

Kyle F said...

185# used for OHS
Weighted Chins - 40# to 65

unit said...

hope the run went well... way to kill that workout brother!... hellaceous loads!... $#!+

Aaron Betts said...

11/17 workout
M.U. as rx'd
box jumps - 9
I did not complete the rest, I am doing some programming for myself to address my weaknesses

OHS @ 135#
Chin-up @ 55#
CTB all unbroken

front leaning rest-
completed in 4 sets

Pastey Russian said...

OHS - 135#
chins - 50,60,70,80-end
C2B - 5 unbroken sets - others broken in half.

leaning rest - 1 min longest hold, 35 sec others till finish.

Christa said...

OH: 95lb ( this felt good, I think my 1 rep has gone up)

Chin up: 25lb (could have used 30 0r 35 but then might not have made all 12 sets of 10 unbroken CTB)

jules/crossfit performance said...

Overhead squats @ 105lbs 3 reps very set
Weighted pull up's, 10,15,20,25,30,35,30,25,25,25,25,25. strength diminished quickly..failed on 2nd attempt of 35 so dialed back down.
CTB...all sets hit 10 reps broken but strung 5,4 and 3's most sets and down to 2's and lots of aggressive singles. got it done.

that ring plank hold was brutal after midline stability taxed in OH squats....3 attempts to get 4 minutes total..lower back smoked!