mon, nov 29, 2010

"you walk wrong"

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Lisa M said...

Great article and i try and go barefoot as much as possible and am exclusively running and doing most of my workouts in my new Bikila vibrams - they are amazing!!

Did OPT 3 today as i am running behind as usual.

66kg + 41kg :( + 28 = 135

Snatch still sucks as always.

Lars said...

Did the OPT 3 yesterday, been stupid busy and haven't been able to post.

136kg + 91kg + 44 = 271

This is up from 264 from July.

Just missed 3rd rep with 141kg, but will get it next time!

Snatches are ugly, and power snatches still, but they are getting better.

Pull ups was 1 less then last time, but forearms felt better this time.

Kyle F said...

I am in the process of changing how I run to a more Toe-Heal style from a Heal-Toe so I understand what the author means when they says "walking is hard". It takes constant concentration to change what you've always done. Even if it's wrong.

I agree that it's good for your feet to go barefoot sometimes but like the author says there are times when shoes are necessary.

Steve Howell said...

From Nov 21st

*Subbed 500m rows for 400m runs and only did 7 sets instead of 9.

@70% - 1:44
@80% - 1:42
@90% - 1:39
@100% - 1:37
@50% - 1:55
@100% - 1:38
@50% - 1:56
10 minutes rest
Burpee/Double Under: 6:47 rx'd

NW said...

I wish i could live barefoot. Wanna move to hawaii so when I go to the grocery store barefoot I don't get "that" look haha.

Just did yesterday's WOD due to traveling

Part 1:
Bench @185 (1-3), 190, 195#
DB swing @ 45# (1-3), 50, 55
Part 2:
Subbed back squat (can't rack bar still) @225#x 5 Focused on fast hard drive up
ring dips x 20 (unbroken except set 4, 16/4)
Part 3:

Runs @1.30ish, 1.18, 1.05 + 1.18 sets 1-6
- Got comfy with uncomfy. Such a great feeling when you want to die yet keep going.

Really happy with bench and everything today really.

Joel B. said...

Yesterday's training part 1 done today.

BP: 175, 180, 185, 190, 195
KBS: 1.5 pd

HPC: 145X5X5
PU: 30X5

couplet complete

No runs. Back on schedule for a couple days starting tomorrow.

Last year when I started following this blog I tried to run not heel striking as I always had. With no coaching I dropped about a minute off my mile time (factor in this programming as well). I also started wearing skate shoes for a lot of wods and running shoes that are not all built up for running repeats and such. Less lower back stiffness, shin pain and more good type muscle soreness in feet and calves. generally barefoot or in socks while inside. 5 fingers in summer. Some new cool looking minimalist shoes were detailed on Mark's Daily Apple too.

Chris Dunkin said...

Back from a restful 4 day recovery. i'll be following the BD wods infrequently for a while. i've got to prioritize some family issues and some professional as well which won't allow for the same level of participation i've managed thus far.

one of these priorities is to make our hosting of the OPT nutrition seminar with Mat Lalonde a reality. The event is scheduled for Jan 8th, here is Grants Pass, Oregon. The closest airport is MFR. I'm desperate to share this level of knowledge with our community.
needless to say, you're all invited.

AJ Moore said...

OPT, ( and other followers)

I will be joining your programming for the time being.

A little stats and profile info about myself, I have been training with Rory Hanlin and had the humbling opportunity to train with garry martin aka 'the unit'. I took first in the NC/SC sectional and dislocated my ankle at southeast regional on the first event, being a knuckledragger i continued to finish the events in 16th place.

I'm 5'6'' 165 and 25y/o

some current and old PR's

DL 560lb
Front squat 365lb
LB back squat 450
HB bs 405
shoulder press 200(previous 215)
Snatch balance 270

clean jerk 305lb
snatch 232lb

5k 19:30
400m 56s
800m 2:20
fran 2:02
jackie 5:19
fgb 406

not trying to "show off", just let you guys know who i am and stuff, looking forward to taking the pain with you all.
I usually do my own programming, I'm an exercise science student majoring in kinesiology and love that you (OPT) apply science to this sport as it obviously does not really exist with most programs.



Steve Howell said...


welcome to the blog. those are some impressive numbers!

OPT said...

AJ, I hope you can find a home here, you're more than welcome

Lars said...

Yesterday's WOD

Part 1

Bench 275x3, 275x3, 285x3, 295x3, 300x3
KBS with 24kg x 30 all UB

Part 2

HPC 200x5, 215x5, 225x5, 225x5, 230x5
Push ups 25+5

No time for the last part, I was teaching a class tonight.

Bench press felt really strong, even though I rarely do it anymore - good to see.

HPC's felt wicked strong too, I was surprised how heavy I was able to go on both the bench press and the HPC's