sat, nov 6, 2010

 If you're not fit enough, don't do it!

Sharpening Strength:
A. Bench Press @ 30X0; 3,2,1; rest 3 min
B. Mixed Grip Chin Ups @ 21X0; 2-3 x 4; rest 3 min
C. Row Sprints: 15 sec @ maximal effort; rest 45 sec row easy x 6

post loads, avg watts and notes to comments
double on Sunday, Monday off, tues single, wed off, thurs single, fri off, compete on Saturday
we're LIVE in Naples, Florida for this one - don't forget to register!


Steve Smith said...

Coach, do you want the average watts from each 15 second effort, or from the entire row?

Soren said...

A: at home so no bench, so was a bit creative. Set up the rings, elevated my feet, ask the 55kg wife to jump on my back, and that was hard!

B: 25kg x 3 x 4
C: 5 sets: 30UB D/U, 10 UB Power clean at 60, 1 min rest


Martin Altemark said...

Still one day behind:

1. 95kg (100kg f)
2. 2x170kg (180kg f)

No HSPUs since we have team-training tonight where those will be done.

Next saturday is the Swedish championships in CrossFit and we are entering with a OPT/Big dawg-fueled team consisting of me, Bear, my wife Linda and another girl from our affiliate. Will be fun!

Spider said...

44x3- 53x3- 63x2-63x2
Did sprints on the Air Dyne... screen wasn't working

David said...

A. 3 x 95, 2 x 100, 1 x 105kg
B. 3 x 32, 2 x 40, 2 x 40kg
C. Done, still not sure the best way to record watts but I did have an ave of 173 for the entire 6 minutes.

PTS said...

A. 235, 250(1), 260
B. 50,60,65,75(2)
C. subbed runs with Ryandrew11. sets 5 and 6 legs didn't respond like I wanted. Then did an extra 2 miles with various bwt movements included to prepare for 12 mile tough mudder in 2 weeks.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 255,305,320
B. 75,88,109x2,109x2
c. complete, peaked in high 700's/sprint, end avg. was 160j. much less power than last time.

Gord said...

A. 186/208/220
B. 35/40/45/52(2)
C. 192

Anonymous said...

A. 185/205/235
B. 45 (3,3,3,2)
C. Sprints avg was 502

Brandon said...

A. 275/295/315
B. 45/45/65(2)/65(2)
C. Done - sprint avg=622

Bench felt really heavy today...everything else was good.

NW said...

A: 185,195,205
B: 55,65,70,55
C: Completed, couldn't take avg watts. total meters 1400 and change.

Notes: Bench is probably weakest link but have hit way higher numbers before, wasn't there today.
Pullups weren't there either really, wanted to focus on explosiveness at the end.
Row felt awesome!


Brian Maier said...

A: 225,245,265
B: 55,65,75,85
C: 242 ave. watts for 6 minutes
Maintained max watts per 15s interval b/t 700-800.

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 255, 275, 285#

B. 25#x4, 45#x4, 90#x4, 100#x2

C. Total: 216 watts, peaked at 657

Rested 10 min. Afterwards met a guy opening a new box in my area in 2 weeks so did a wod w. Him that he created. I really just wated to train w. Someone, its been almost a year since I've had someone next 2 me pushing me. It was:

3 rounds of:
20 pull ups
15 kte
45# db right hand overhead walking lunge, 8 reps
20 wallball 20#
50 du
45# left hand overhead lunge, 8 reps


Jonathan Thom said...

A. 175x3, 195x2, 215x1 (pr tie) - pounds
B. 35x3, 53x3, 58x2, 58x2 - pounds
C. 155 avg watts

Very happy with the bench press considering the tempo and the state of my triceps after this week. Average watts recorded after the last 15 second interval. Topped out at ~600 in round 2, but most rounds were about 550-560. Damper at 7.

Stephen B. said...

A. 245/270(1)/285(f)
B. 50(3)/70(3)/85(2)/95(1)
C. 207 avg. watts...did 7 sprints by accident.

Pete @ CFN said...

Yesterday's WOD:
1. SC 98
2. DL 175
3. Subbed 25 regular HSPU 2:59

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 330x3 (PR), 340x1 (failedx2), 315x1
B. 70x3, 80x3, 85x2, 85x3
C. subbed hill runs

gave it all i had on 340 and didn't have much left after three minutes

Steve Howell said...

Today in victoria at the taranis winter challenge..

W.O.D 1 In 10 minutes max pullups and with then remaining time 1rm squat clean.

Pullups were covp: 37
Clean: 265 (pr)

W.O.D 2 5 min time cap of 15 wall ball 10 burpees.

Time was 2:24 took 2nd

And sitting in 9th with 2 W.O.D's left for the day.

GC said...

Please cud some explain wot the 30x0 and 21x0 means in the below:

Bench Press @ 30X0; 3,2,1; rest 3 min
B. Mixed Grip Chin Ups @ 21X0; 2-3 x 4; rest 3 min

Thx in advance

OPT said...

steve, avg watts for all 6 efforts for 15 sec
gc, the faq on the front page will explain it in more detail..

Joel B. said...

A. 175X3; 190X2; 205X1
B. 55.5X3; 65.5X3; 70X2; 70X2
C. 1. 514; 2. 522; 3. 512; 4. 536; 5. 535; 6. 548

last set was pretty much a 1rm no spotter on BP; alternated the supinated hand for the cu's; got more efficient as the rounds went on the row sprints. Also, I think the monitors have some variance. I think my normal reads out lower and today I used an older one in my garage.

GC said...

thak u OPT :)

Anonymous said...

A: 215x3; 225x2; 235x1
B: 55x3 all sets
C: ave watts 550

Danny Davis said...

A. 225/245/265 (#)
B. 50X3, 65X3, 75X3, 85X3

C. Subbed 25m sprints in pool. Freestyle sprint. Breast and backstroke for recovery. Tried to only take 1-3 breathes per sprint. Avgerage time per sprint 15 sec. Recovery was 45-60 sec.

Nathan H. said...

Subbed my olifting and did a longer team metcon:

Snatch: built to 245, task was 90% of Sn for 8 singles. Managed 1, 1, 1, m, m, 1, m, m
4/8, not good. Seemed to lose focus.

CJ: hit big PRs today. task was heaviest single in 8 sets
135/3, 185/2, 225/2, 275/1, 295/1, 305/1, 315/1 PR, 325/1 PR
Have a video of my 315 on my blog but didn't get 325 on video.

Then in teams of two:
2 member team wod:

200 doubleunders
50 hspu
100 burpee
100 pullups
100 deadlifts @ 225
50 pushups
200 doubleunders

27 something

Jon Sinclair said...

A. 155, 185, 195
B. 50# x 3 x 4
C. Felt ok

Was feeling a little slow and tired today

Stahl said...

A. 235,250,280 (PR, but tempo was too fast)
B. 26,54,72,74 (allx3)
C. 180 for the entire 6 minutes

For Row: couldn't get below 20 seconds, but averaged ~1:25/500m splits for the sprints w/ damper at 5.

Physically felt pretty good - mentally pretty drained. Lots of family stuff going on - going to have to miss tomorrow and Tues.. Hoping to make Sat.'s comp. but not sure at this point.

Stephen B. said...

Nice work Steve Howell. Good luck bro!

Steve Howell said...

End of the day at taranis winter challenge.

Took 7th place overall

3rd W.O.D was 20 min amrap 20 backward skips 20 squats 20 double unders 200m run.

10 rnds + 60 reps

Last W.O.D was 5 rnds 9 deads 6 power cleans 3 squats cleans to over head @ 135.
Time was: 5;26

Anonymous said...

A: 240#, 260, 275

B: 70*3, 80*2, 85*2, 90*2

C: avg 217 watts

peaked in low 600's upper 500's

1520m total distance

Good job Steve

Michael McCabe said...

steve, solid work today bro, lucky number 7 eh?

i was at the taranis winter challenge as well... placed 22nd... crossfit is a different game on the west coast! fun day, looking forward to a stronger showing next time out

Steve Howell said...


Haha yeah I just can't seem to shake it I guess.

Nice hanging with you today solid work today bro! Keep hitting it hard.

Anonymous said...

A. 2/205,1/205, 1/205
-really felt weak should have been able to do a lot more

B. 3/75, 3/80, 2/85, 2/85

C. 173 avg watts including rest , rests where about 100 watts

Steve Smith said...

Sorry for the late post:

A. 255, 275, 300

B. 95x3, 120x3, 125x2

C. AVG = 635w (639, 631, 629, 636, 650!!, 625)

- Bench was a bit light, but work was in the negative and explosion
- Chins felt a bit heavy
- Rows didn't feel as powerful as last time

Anthony Skvarka said...

a. 225, 245, 265 f

b 75lb 85lb, 90lb, 95 lb

c. subbed 25 meters swim sprints

Anonymous said...


Rest for A & B were 2minutes
A. 65-80-95
B. 3/bw-1/10-3/bw-2/bw
C. 299.05

ryandrew11 said...

A. 165(3), 175(2), 185(1), 195(1) PR
B. 18(2),18(2),18(2),18(1)
C. subbed runs with PTS. then did an extra 2 miles with various bwt movements included to prepare for 12 mile tough mudder in 2 weeks.

Kyle F said...

A: 185/225/225
B: 50 X4