Rest Day

Thx to everyone who participated, scores till coming in...great stuff.
Next comp Sunday, January 16th - host location - OPT!
We invite all those who might be able to come to this one who are in the area to pack their bags and mark the date, would love to have you come by to the little place that could - a full day event.

When the difficulties come,
and pile so high on top of one another that you can't see the way forward,
you have a choice.
You can choose to give up, or you can choose to get stronger.

Back at it Tuesday up.


Heavy Evy said...

How bad is it of me, that I'm dissapointed that I have to go on a holiday to Mexico, and miss the next Big Dawg Comp! Would have came down the QE2 for sure if I was able.

Its bad enough that I told the wife that I couldn't go to LA for NCAA final four this year, because sectionals could be that weekend.

Anonymous said...

Any way of getting a schedule? Thanks.