wed, nov 17, 2010

part 1:
3 muscle ups on the minute for 10 minutes
rest 1 min
tabata box jumps - 20/14"- low score
rest 1 min
as many rounds in 12 minutes:
2 elevated HSPU
4 R TGU - 16/12 kg
4 L TGU - 16/12 kg

rest as needed

part 2:
Hill Running:
30 sec up @ 95% speed/effort
Walk down recovery 2:30
repeat 8 times

post notes, low score, rounds and times to comments
single on Thursday


NW said...


Diggin the early posts here in Michigan. Couple of questions, kind of injured lately

- I jacked my wrist up doing who knows what, didn't fall though, and can't rack a bar or bend wrist back. I can press though. Suggestions for the HSPU?
- Also, what's a good sub for the running, still having some foot pain? Same times but row?


The Pastey Russian said...

Curious as what a good sub for a hill climb, not many hills in Naples, Florida. Tire drag sprints (100m?), what do you guys think, OPT?

Also what is a elevated HSPU, do you mean like hands on 45lb plates or parallettes?

Standard Tabatas (4 minutes total?)


The Pastey Russian

Angelo Fosco said...

Had a question about IF, i've been reading (wfs). How detrimental would it be to not get a PWO meal/shake? I'm thinking about fasting 10 PM - 2 PM the next day. However I usually workout at 5:30 AM and then the 2nd workout (if there is one) after work at 3 PM. If I start doing IF like that would it be beneficial to move up the first workout to 3 PM and then the 2nd workout if i had one to say 9PM? Any opinions?

unit said...

pastey russian,
i can't speak for coach... but if i were in naples and if there was access to a nice sandy beach, i'd find some soft sand and do some sprints... perhaps there may just be a dune or two to end the run towards...
just a thought [or a dream]...

The Pastey Russian said...

Just curious as to what the main cause is behind you IF interest. Losing weight/body fat or a cleansing thing/give your body a break thing? As far as eating goes I think you should listen to what your body tells you, I don't know about you but, I need some food in the tank before I hit the gas. How do you perform on a empty stomach/and how does it compare to when you have eaten a meal prior to your workout? I think answering these questions are the first step in finding your answer.

Just my thoughts, I could be wrong lol... :)

Angelo Fosco said...

Thanks for the input pastey russian :). I usually just wake up and workout on an empty stomach, and I tend to do fine. I've never gone throughout the day without a meal then worked out though so it might be a bit different. I'd like to lose a small % of bodyfat (I'm at 14% now and I'd like to be at 10) but my strength/metcon gains are the most important thing to me.

I'm just wondering what to start with, keeping my schedule as is except no PWO meal in the A.M. or moving my training so that my PWO is the first meal I break my fast with. The only problem is on days where there is more than 1 prescribed wod I'll end up doing it rather late at night.

The Pastey Russian said...


I really think your going to have to play with it yourself to figure out what works for you, everybody is different. Whatever you end up doing though, keep me posted i'd like to hear how things work out. Maybe OPT or some others may have a better suggestion for you.

Pastey Russian

NW said...

In regards to no post WOD fuel, I previously never really had anything until recently. Before, no post fuel, I was almost always a little run down and kind of spacey after a tough workout. Tough strength days always took a bit to recover from. Now, I'm sure to take in something, whether shake or food (Pro and Carb). I haven't noticed anything detrimental to body mass, actually I almost seemed to get leaner (odd, maybe OPT can chime in here). My suggestion is play with it, see how you feel after a week with no fuel, then a week with. Best of luck and hope this helps some.

Eric said...

I've been waiting to try the fasted training protocol on leangains. See this protocol (wfs).
I'm waiting until I receive my purple wraath bcaa's.

Nathan H. said...


I did IF for quite awhile but had my fasting window 5pm to 10am. Getting my food in during the eating window was the hardest for me.
There's evidence that fasting PW can be pretty good hormonally (GH). I would not obsess about getting a PW meal EVERY time especially if it's close to bed time.
It will take some personal experimentation to tweak it to find what's best for you. My window time was trial and error as I found it easiest to maintain an IF protocol.

Soren said...

Finally back posting, have been way too busy lately, sore knee and a ton of excuses.

Part 1: Done, felt good and easy

Box Jump: 12 (should have pushed it for 13-14, lost rythm)

AMRAP: 5 + 1 HSPU. HSPU done from 10kg plates

5 min rest
Did the interval in a treadmill
Speed 15.5
Incline: 12.5
rest 2:00
It was fun

Good to be back


Bear said...


Tried the russian step ups on a bench, filmed a wu-set, is this correct technique?

A. 3 x 12-15/leg @ 1110 tempo, 40 kg
rest 45 sec b/t legs
B. 6 x 50-60 sec high knee skipping
rest 1:30-1:45 min

Cold as hell, winter has arrived in Sweden, so no hill today.

OPT said...

NW, take the time and do some work on the scapula with some light db work overhead and ext rot and rhomboid work while resting it...if you can press, do ring push ups or ring HSPU if wrist neutral is fine...

airdyne or row can be a sub, ensure the effort gets harder as the 30 sec wears on through the intervals...

pasety, climb stairs in a football field, there's more here than there are hills in Canada...elevated yes, and tabata yes...

angelo, i have my own opinions on IF but i tell everyone, try it and then tell us how to is complicated when it comes to athletes who are burners...more than just GH "theories"...there's more to it

bear, that's right...even with the march, nice addition

Gord said...

A. Complete as rx'd
B. 12
C. 3 rounds + 2 hspu+ 2tgu
Hspu done on 10 kg plates

Chris Dunkin said...

MU's: completed in 11min. extra min b/t round 5 and 6. all sets unbroken

tabata: 14

6 rounds+3 TGU's * hspu's not elevated

took quite a while to get first 2 hspu's. shoulders did not want to work.

Chris Castillo said...

Taking a little time off from training. I just got back from the firefighter combat world challenge. Thought I'd show you guys how I did. I ended up 52nd place.

Anonymous said...

Re: IF

I've been doing IF since around May and I did a lot of research and set a schedule and stuck to it 100%.

Some of my thoughts on it:
I felt it was most useful while training at a specific ie, lower volume. Prior to August when our training was not consisting of double and triples IF was a very good tool. However once the volume and intensity increased it became harder and harder to meal plan and stay focused.

I contribute a part of my training "breakdown" due to IF. I've changed my routine and eat more consistently throughout the day and I feel so much better.

The way that Berkhan sets up the 18/6 routine, he recommends that 85-90% of your macronutrients to be eaten when you break the fast which is a shitload of food.

I could go on all day, but I'm on my iPhone, email me at for questions or whatever.

Lars said...

Did yesterday's wrkt...

Total rest time 302 sec (5min2sec)

1. 50
2. 51
3. 50
4. 50
5. 51
6. 50

Weight was light and easy, rows were paced at about 1:45/500. Last round did 1 extra power clean by accident.

Might do some of today's, later on this afternoon...see how I feel.

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. done
B. 11
C. 5 rounds + HSPU

Goal was no misses on MU...missed once rd 2. HSPU on 2.5" Chris Dunkin noted, the first couple rounds of HSPUs were the hardest to get the shoulders working.

Michael McCabe said...

-muscleups mostly 2+1; tried them w/o false grip... need more practice
-tabata box jumps tomorrow
-only had a 24kg kb so TGUs were slow and steady - 3 rounds

hill sprints in the rain tonight

Jay said...
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Jay said...

Used muscleup portion as practice. Still having problems with them...the transition is still a problem for me. 2 muscleups each round except 0 on rounds 8 and 9.

tabata...lowest 11...started feeling great...struggled to get 11 on round 7.

AMRAP-6 rounds+2 HSPU+4 R TGU
*elevated on 25# plates

failed 3 reps of HSPU in round 4

PART 2 done

Emilie P-B said...

Good to be back!

Part 1:
5 first min: 3MU/min
6th min: 1MU
7th-10th min: 2MU/min

Box jump: low score:17 (on a 16" box, no 14" at the gym)

AMRAP 12min:
A poor 2 rounds... shoulders were dead. HSPU on a 10lbs plate for first round only. First time doing TGU in a workout. TGU with a 8kg kettlebell for the second round

Spider said...

A. Muscle ups felt good, did them all within 10 seconds and had the rings set up higher than my reach forcing me to jump into them.

B. All sets at 19
C. 6 rounds + 2+ 3... Took me 4 attempts to get my second HSPU on the last set- would have easily had 7 if it wasn't for that. I used parallettes down to an abmat = 9 inches below hands.

I loved every part of this workout...

Andy said...

1) complete, felt great
2) 12 lowest
3) 4 rounds + 1 hspu. 1st time on tgu
took a while to get used to these,
no elevation on hspu - these need

brian cilento said...

no sht spider, you could not of picked a work out that better suited you...
a: got 5 min done, rest all single of double
c: 6 rounds

Joel B. said...

Part 1
MU's felt good. First wod on my new wood rings. They felt awesome. I worked alternating minutes on consecutive then turning out wrists. Last round did both consecutive and wrist turned out. Now I just need these mounted high so I don't have to bend my knees to avoid dragging the floor.

20" BJ Tabata score: 16

12 min amrap: 4 rounds, + 2 + 4. Missed my last hspu on last round or may have completed 5 rounds. HSPU 3.5" extra rom forehead to floor. These actually felt easier after the parallette hspu last couple times assigned.

30 min rest

Part 2

nasty hill. glute burn never subsided from about round 3 on. quivering by round 6. This was painful up and down.

36 yom/72.5"/167#'s

Rafa- Crossfit Redline said...

A. Worked on muscle-up progression.
B. 16
C. 5 rounds- HSPU weren't elevated because I am still working on them. As fatigue set in the last 2 rounds I did negatives.

I have been crossfitting for about 6 months and have a hard time with skills like muscle-ups and HSPU. I can hold a handstand perfectly for a long time and can even come off the wall. And I have several dead hang pullups and ring dips. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

A: unbroken@3*10
B: 15
C: 8rnds + 6 reps
Hands on 12" boxes ears below hands.

Had an epiphany with muscles up today. Pull-transition-push were all fluid. All sets done within first 10 seconds of the minute.

NW said...

Combined everything today, short on time.

A: 3 MU on min for 5 min - complete, felt good and smooth
B: Did 10 sets x 10 unbroken DU for time - 4:12
C: AMRAP in 6 minutes - got 3 rounds + 2 ring pushups

Row sprints x 4 rounds
- Avg 160 meters

Everything felt good today, wrist is healing faster than anticipated.

Angelo Fosco said...

Wow, thanks everyone for all the responses. Taking peoples advice and going to try and see what feels right for me. Pushed back training till after work today, did my first workout on 16hr fast. Felt good except after I was a bit more sore than usual. Gonna do the hills before bed.

A. Complete, 3 MU's each minute.

B. 11 (started at 15, that stopped on round 3 though)

C. On 2 20inch boxes, chin below hands for all HSPU. 4 rounds + 2 + 2 right TGU

ryandrew11 said...

A. completed with muscle up progressions
B. 14, should have pushed for 15 or 16
C. 4 rouunds.

Treated A and C as skill work since I can't yet do muscle ups or HSPU, and had never done TGUs

PTS said...

A. complete
B. 13
C. 4 rds plus 2 HSPU. hspus not elevated.

Pete @ CFN said...

Part one only today:

1. 3 unbroken each minute
2. 14 low score
3. 6 rounds + 1 HSPU (2″ Elevation)

Pastey Russian said...

MU unbroken (no problem)

Tabata = 12 (24" hips locked out on top of box)

AMRAP = 4rds + 2 + 2 TGU R
(HSPU done with two 45# plates stacked about 8-10 inches? head touches ground for depth)

Running (sugar sand, no hills) Endurance/Breathing needs work.

Just curious to all you guys who got 7-8 rounds of the AMRAP with TGU, how do you perform a TGU so fast? How does your movements look?

Pastey Russian

├╝ber Bania said...

Part 1:
A. Complete. Last 5 sets were strict, no kip. Felt good. Rawr.

B. 12 every round. Felt ok, huffing a little bit. It's obvious I'm not feeling good today by the end of this.

C. 6 rounds in 11:30. Can't breathe. Headache. I'm going home to chug OJ and snort crushed up multivitamins :(

Part 2 might wait til tomorrow

Nathan H. said...

Did a VO2 test today on a bike. Went from 100 to 320 watts in 20 watt increments on the 90second mark. At the end sprinted and ended at 342 watts.

My legs were burning worse than they ever had.

I'll get the results tomorrow.

About 2 hours rest then:

MU: 3 unbroken each minute, except for minute 6 where the ring slipped down.

rest 1 min

Tabata Box Jumps to 20": 18 for all sets

rest 1 min

12 min: 5+3 to 25lb hi temp plate

Last 2 round had to kip. Shoulders were dying but liked the pace I was going at.

Sean LeFloch said...

A) All muscle ups complete
B) Performed on 24" box. (high score 17, low score 13)
C) Performed on 2 45# bumpers(head to floor).
8 rounds + 2 HSPU
3 hour rest

Run performed up causeway.

Sean LeFloch said...

*****2 bumpers high (2 under each hand)

derb said...


A: rx(games standard)
B: 17
C: 3rds+2+1

runs rx

Chris Dunkin said...

Runs complete

unit said...

part 1
A- all unbroken with 20lb vest, 1st 4 rnds strict
B- 20 (subbed 18" bj, 20 all sets)
C- 6 rnds + 2 hspu (10cm)

part 2
8 x 8 flights of stairs (36-43 sec, back stairwell of hospital)


jules/crossfit performance said...

Tonights WO...
Dont have MU's so I subbed 6 pull ups (mostly CTB) and attempted 6 dips..Dips are an incredible struggle for me and cause me great shoulder pain...infraspinatus, Teres major/minor..I am a pretty strong girl and this plagues me and I have not made much progress....

anyone wants to weigh in Im all ears...

Tabata Box jumps 12....learned a valuable lesson tonight about going harder and not conserving energy to get a consistent score..was sub max each set and shouldnt have been.

12 min AMRAP...1 TGU shy of 5 full rounds...HSPU done to 2 AB mats

Christa said...

Part 1

MU- did 3MU for most sets, except set 4, 5, 6 only got 2(these are normally easier for me, felt very sluggish for most of this workout)

Used 20" box got 8 reps as my lowest started the 1st 3 with 10, maintained 9 otherwise

4 rounds (HSPU on 45lb plates for depth)- shoulders were on fire..I thought I was being a wimp but am happy to hear others felt the burn too

sprints - no hills, used prowler with 2 25lb plates on it

Stephen B. said...

Part 1:

3 MUs on the minute complete...all UB and true grip

tabata bj low score: 18

12 min amrap: 4 rds + 1 hspu (1 3" 45# bumper under each hand)

20 min rest

part 2:

subbed airdyne sprints: complete

notes: MUs felt strong

at 20", box jumps are more like hops...the return is fast and my calves can take the load...all sets were 19 except 5-6 (18)

easy day at construction site, nice to have some energy at the end of the day

Thad said...

:36,:28,:23,:21,:19,:19 Total=2:26

Only did Part1 for todays
A. Done as Rx'd
B. 16
C. 5 Rounds +2 HSPU's + 1TGU

Did yesterdays and todays part 1 as a double today

Kyle F said...

Muscle up As Rx'd
Tabata Score:11
4 rounds

No running today

Jon Sinclair said...

A. Completed
B. 15
C. 4 rounds + HSPU and 1 TGU

Anonymous said...


Shoulder Press 5-5-5(+)

part 1:
1 muscle ups on the minute for 10 minutes
I love MUs

rest 1 min

1.75″ plates
3 rounds + 2 HSPU

part 2:
AirDyne Sprints