sun, nov 7, 2010

aerobic power:
Run 400 m @ 95%
Rest 2 min x 3
(10 min HSPU parallette practice)
Run 400 m @ 95%
rest 2 min x 3

rest as needed

lactate training:
OHS - build to a tough 1 quickly - NOT a 1RM
(perform a few fast ring dips b/t sets)
rest 3 min
30,20,10 rep rounds for time:
OHS - 50% BWT
Ring Dips

post loads and times to comments
(goal is same speed per round for run; hold tight on set 3 each time; all out for circuit)


Soren said...

Run times:
1.11 - 1.06 - 1.08
1.08 - 1.05 - 1.07

The faster run was when I started running down hill and finished uphil. Significant difference.

Knee not happing with running so decided to not go to a tough 1 rep, but a lot of HSPU practise and 60kg OHS - easy

Part three:

OHS with 40kg - all UB


Martin Altemark said...

Short on time, so only 3 runs: 1:08, 1:10, 1:15

Off to celebrate my mother's 60th year birthday in another city. Hopefully I can get the OHSQ/RD in later tonight.

Bear said...


Group wod, "Moving stuff", with my friends. We are competing as a team next saturday in Sweden! Martin did a little video:


Fri 5 nov

Clean: up to 110 kg (115, f)
DLx2: up to 2x180 kg, pb (+190x1)
HSPU practice

Cleans felt off, bad form, but I necer squat cleaned 110 before so that´s a plus. Strengthwise I´m almost back. Shoulders still hurt tho, so I took it easy. Might do some work today and try to be on schedule the last week before comp:

Gord said...

Run on treadmill At OPT

No OHS with weight until Jan

used 45# for OHS- cautious in movement. slow tempo.

David said...

1:18, 1:28, 1:32
1:26, 1:41, 1:32

OHS: 91kg
Couplet: 7:26 with 42kg.

Overall a pretty disappointing day. The runs were outside on a track, pacing was tough, most of my running is on a mill and it shows.

The bright spot: Worked on Handstands at the track during the 10 minutes and got my first freestanding HSPU. Kicked up, held for about 5 seconds, down to forehead touch ground, up and held for another second or so. Very happy with that.

Rory Hanlin said...

1:10, 1:12, 1:15, 1:15, 1:18, 1:20

goal was all runs around 70 seconds
not happy with these times

NW said...

Part 1 Run:
1:09 (closer to 100%, dialed down)1:16/1:15.8/1:16/1:16/1:15.5/
Rest 1 Hour

OHS 1 rep @ 145 could have gone heavier, but can't drop weights at globo

30/20/10 time: 4:45 at 85# (BW 170#). psyched with this.

@Rory Hanlin: I saw that picture where you are wearing the BSc Compression pants. How do you like them? Thanks!


Joel B. said...

Run times early A.M.:
1. 1:20; 2. 1:16; 3. 1:16

10 min hspu on parellettes, 1' from floor...head between bars but obviously not all the way down. Didn't do a ton of reps, but got better.

4. 1:18; 5. 1:18; 6. 1:19

all runs the 200m out, turn around and back in neighborhood.

3 hrs break...part 2 done at work. Light on the OHS single as to not drop steel in station workout room.

OHS single: 165

circuit: 8:55

accidently did ohs at 95#. Not trying to be a hero...just can't add. Should have been 80 or 85#'s. RD's tough.

Arjuna @CFN said...

1:05, 1:07, 1:12
1:12, 1:12, 1;14

Rest 1 hr

Tough 1rm on OHS in 6min
95x3, 155, x3, 185x1, 225x1, 245x1, 6min ended but had to go 1 more. 260x1 *15lb PR*

Metcon *bwt 187*
Used 95lbs
All OHS unbroken
Subbed diamond pushups for ring dips. Rght shoulder is a little messed up and can't do dips at moment.

Lars said...

Competed yesterday in the Firefighter appreciation day event in Milton. My team ended up finishing 1st overall, and 1st in the all male division. Felt good and strong!

Today - Did one run, but wasn't feeling it, so just built up in OHS', then did the workout.

Built up to 215lbs, pretty comfortably.

Time on metcon- 11:39 @ 110lbs

This is exactly what I need to do, lighter weight OHS with higher reps.

Becky said...

up to 115 on 1 rep ohs
used 75# for WOD ( i don't weigh 150, i'm about 140, just used a little more)

Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...

Runs: 1:11,1:11,1:11/1:14,1:18,1:17
two hours rest
1rep OHS: 220lb
WOD: w/105lb
3:49 (all unbroken)

Jules said...

So glad to be back on OPT same day...miss posting.
Took the weekend off to judge at Crossfit New England's "Beast of the East" and watched some of the top athletes lay it all out there.

Hit up the run and working so hard on fast foot turnover, calves were on fire but still feel Im sorely lacking in speed....Havent run since the games so will just keep at it.

1. 1:54
2. 1:46
3. 1:47

spent 10 min working on HSPU and still relying on AB mat but another task I will continue to tackle.

1. 1:47
2: 1:48
3. 1:51

Hit up part 2 10 minutes later...Had to sub ring push ups because shoulder issues dips remain one of the very few movements that irritate it like crazy.

Still tough.

Single OH at 135...last 1rm was 135 but felt like I had another rep in me so that was good.

BW 155....used 80lbs for OHS
1st 30 unbroken in 1:33
2nd 20 broke at 10+10
3rd 1- unbroken
pushups broken time 14:22

wrists were screaming!

Sean LeFloch said...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Single: 185
Couplet: 6:44 (90#)

Triceps and forearms were cooked!

Anonymous said...

A: Had to complete on treadmill

1:10, 1:10, 1:10

HSPU's 12 sets of 3 reps unbroken on 35# db's on 12" box


5 min rest

B: BWT 165#

Quick OHS @ 205#

Metcon @ 85#


OHS unbroken
dips broken on sets 2 & 3

Jon Sinclair said...

Started with Part 2:

Single: 70kg for 2 reps (wrist was sore so stopped there)
Couplet: 6:28 with 75# OHS

Brian Gregory said...

Mon Nov 1 WOD

A1. 185-3,190-2,200,200,200F,195
A2. 53-3,58-3,58-3,68-3,78-3,88-2
B. On Airdyne -12,13,12,12,12 cals

Notes: PP felt very weak today. Not warmed up enough??

Pete @ CFN said...

One day behind:

A. Bench Press 215, 235, 250
B. Mixed Grip Chin Ups @ 21X0
70(3), 70(3), 89(2), 89(2)

Brian Maier said...

Part 1:


lower back and hamstrings tight

Anonymous said...

Part 2 only:

OHS : 70 kg

Couplet: 40 kg , 13:45.

Very tough! First set of OHS unbroken so thats a positive.

Angelo Fosco said...

A. Subbed rowing 1:20, 1:20, 1:22

10 min HSPU on 6 25# plates stacked up so chin below hands. Did about 30 in 10 minutes.

B. Ran on treadmill with 1.5 incline 1:24, 1:24, 1:15

C. Quick tough 1 rep: 175#
Meton @ 185# BW so used 95# OHS


Didn't find rythm with OHS till 2nd set, shoulders fried from HSPU and metcon yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Part 1:
Ran first 2 of three (1:50 & 1:55), but having some feet issues, so rounds 4-6 were 2 min on AirDyne.

Part 2:
105 & 17:50 @ 66#, subbed push-ups

Not my best day, but I did the work.

Jay said...

spent saturday and sunday competeing at the mid-atlantic hopper challenge in maryland...finished 30 of 82...5 events total only top 10 competed in wod 5. wods were:
wall balls/95# hang power cleans

amrap 225# backsquats in 3 min

row 500M/44 double unders

7 min amrap
5 jerks 135#/12kbs 1.5pd/7 burpees

placed in the 20 for all wods except backsquat(32)overall felt very prepared physically for the competition. Thanks OPT for the programming. Need to work on the mental game some more...especially in the sub 5 domain and overall strength.

Kent said...

First time posting since last BD comp. I've been working on some weaknesses with my coach Geoff Aucoin, namely, 3rd pull speed, pull-ups when gassed, quick power.

Back with the blog for this week and the comp on Sat, and then we'll see after that.

3 quick (emphasis on speed) HSPU reps on the minute X 10

2 hour break


couplet as Rx'ed @ 90#

Just did "Joshua" on Thursday so my OHS is getting a serious tune-up.

Great to be running outside on track today at Glenmore athletic park. Just me and my four kids. The second run was a race against my 10 yr old daughter at 250m and my four yr old boy at 125m. Happy to say I finished dead last in that heat.

Brandon said...

Part 1

Part 2

OHS: 225
Couplet: 5:50 w/107# (BW=211)

Ring Dips were much harder than I thought. OHS all unbroken.

Rory Hanlin said...

metcon: 5:45

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1:
1:14 1:14 1:19

HSPU worked on stopping at bottom and having to push out of bottom

1:14 1:18 1:18

Have to guestimate the distance on the indoor track, honestly who makes a 235m track?

Jonathan Thom said...

1:13 - 1:14 - 1:14
1:15 - 1:17 - 1:17
Worked up to a couple of strict hspu singles on the parallettes with a 7" deficit from hands to where head touched.

ohs - 205#
metcon - 7:08 (90 pound ohs, bwt - 175)

Anonymous said...

A. 1:30/1:28/1:30/1:33/1:31/1:34
B. 205 Tied PR.
C. 10:58 @ 110#

Brian Maier said...

Part 2: 205# (10# PR)

Part 3: 8:42 w/ 95#

Thad said...

1:19, 1:13, 1:18
1:16, 1:14, 1:18
Ran 400m to running track,
then 400m on running track,
then 400m back home each round

OHS 175#

Couplet (80#) OHS

matt shannon said...

yesterday's WOD

A. 235/255/275
B. 70x3, 85x3, 98x3, 108x2
C. Sprints avg was 626 (lowest avg was 487 highest was 728)

Heavy Evy said...

Had full intent on doing this double today, but got called out by a soldier at the base to do "Fancy Nancy" from the sealfit site, so 3 of us went head to head, and it was a blast!

Be back on full board in 2 weeks, miss these wods!

Martin Altemark said...

No time to do part 2 & 3 yesterday (got home too late) so did them today.

OHSQ: 85kg
couplet: 6:18 (38,5kg, BWT 76kg)

All out hard to do since I always die on ring dips after awhile... Doubles & singles in the end.

Spider said...

Did today's running in the hail... slowed me down on the turn-1:26, 1:25, 1:23, 1:16, 1:21, 1:20

Heavy OHS: 155

WOD: 5:18... Ring Dips were tough today (75# for the 150 pounder)

derb said...


Part 1


Part 2

OHS 175
Metcon: 6:43(75lbs)

brian cilento said...

a: 1:14,1:20,1:20...1:20,1:20,1:15
b: to 225
c: 4:10, all ohs ub @ 85lbs

PTS said...

part 2 only

OHS tough single: 195

metcon: 6:24 @ 95lbs

Lisa M said...

Missed a few days because i was at a conference in Phoenix.

Did second half as i am working on three hours sleep.

125# for OHS kept it relatively light not feeling very "olympic" today

10:54 @ 65#
UB rounds of 30 and 10 for OHS second round had brain fart and wrists hurt so went 11/9
Ring Dips were pathetic as always. down to singles pretty much for last half of the 20 and all of the 10. Wow out of shape

Rory Hanlin said...


The jury is still out on the compression pants. I feel like they are most effective with respect to recovery over intense competition. I am not sure if they are worth the money though. I to hit more competitions with them.

Danny Davis said...

Run Times
I ran on a course previously believed to be measured out to be 400m. After seeing my splits from today I checked the course distance on it appears that the distance is .03 miles longer. Times are still 20 sec slower than splits from previous WOD prior to regionals.

Run times all around 1:40-45

OHS Tough Single 185= Snatch 1RM

Couplet time 5:15
All OHS unbroken. Broke at 20/10 on first set of RD,10/10 second set and 6/10 on third.

Steve Smith said...

Once again, coach, sorry for the late post.

Part one: Hit each one at 1:05

Part two:

OHS - 230#
- Felt heavier than it should have

Metcon - 3:19
- Used 100#
- BTW = 195#
- OHS unbroken
- Dips broken on round of 30 at 20reps and on round of 20 at 15 reps.

Anonymous said...

My .02 regarding the BSc compression gear:

I own the long pants, long sleeve top and the socks.

I've had them for a couple months now and these are my thoughts...

First of all, for activities like heavy squats, sprints, rows anything hard on the legs, the longs pants are really great. I wear them for a few hours afterwards to help with recovery and they fit the bill for that purpose. There have been days that I've been sore from the previous day's training and have just worn them to take the soreness and stiffness away. I have also worn them to bed a few times.

For general Crossfit style wods I'm not sure if there's much advantage to wearing them for a single wod, however for doubles, triples and competitions they'd be quite useful, again for recovery purposes.

I love the sleek feel of the pants and while it may not add an extra 10 pounds to my lifts, I appreciate the comfort.

A couple cons are when I hand washed them the first couple of times the garments bleed the black dye big time and it stained the shit out of my sink and shower as they dip dried and it was a bitch to clean.

Second, while the pants fit and look awesome, but theres a rubberized logo on the front right shin that makes cleans and deads a little awkward as the bar drags and catches across the logo and makes one side move unimpeded while the other side of the bar catches. Not a huge deal, but disrupts timing slightly and I'm still getting used to that feel. I genrally wear long sweats on those days now.

Third, and this is just my personal opinion because I train outside all year long, the garments don't really have a thermal effect (which they dont claim to, I know...) and having an extra layer doesn't really seem to help either.

I took a break from the training here for a few weeks and found that with a lower volume workload, I stopped wearing them as regularly as I did when I was banging out the daily WODs here. In just being back on for the past couple days, I can already tell I'll start wearing them a whole lot more ASAP.

I've never worn Skins, Under Armour or any other compression garment claiming to do what BSc says it does, but from my experience BSc has a really good prpoduct and I do recommend trying them out, although if I could do it again, I'd hold off buying the long shirt and wouldn't bother getting the socks as I never wear them, I'd just buy two pairs of longs.


Nathan H. said...

1:15, 1:15, 1:17

only did one set. On a route that had multiple blind turns and a turn around. sub 1:10s on a track for sure.

built to 140kg, PR. Descent was awkward, stand was easy.

Metcon: 4:45

ROBO said...

Did the army pt test this morning 2 min of push ups and sit ups 2 mile run.
97 pu
92 situps
14:10 2 mile.

As of now I am 72in 235lbs

Right after worked up to 285 ohs
Then tried bwt for 15
235 failed on 15th rep

Pete @ CFN said...

Yesterday’s at track:
Part 1: Rested b/n 3rd and 4th without HSPU:

Part 2: Worked on improving form for OHS. Sets of 2-3 at 135. No metcon.

unit said...

a varitible cornucopia of wods from the wknd... hurt my back on Friday and tried 2 feel things out today after taking the weekend off...

400s- :64/ :63/ :63
(done on 160m indoor pentagon and knees and back had enough of the turns so called it here)

10min ring hspu practice

30/20/10 metcon- 3:19

Bench press at tempo- 275(3)/ 295(2)/ 325(1)

mixed grip chinups- 75(3)/ 95(3)/ 110(2)/ 110(2)

OHS- 185(1)- at 5211, back felt it so held off on heavier

ring strength series x2- 2 MU, 3 Bulgarian dips, 1 tuck planche pushup (fail), 1 hspu, 5sec L-sit, 2 back levers

congrats Nathan and ROBO on the OHS accomplishments... sweet PRs!...

as far as the bsc compression gear goes I've enjoyed the comfort and how I feel both during and after wods, both strength and metcon varieties... i've tried the skins, under armour, etc and I think that the bsc conforms to movements better... they are a snugger fit, but interestingly enough I've found them more comfortable as I usually don't like wearing tight things when wod-ing...
I haven't worn them in the cold yet (just strting 2 get cold here) or for long runs, etc...
I have noticed thy after heavy volume wods, I've had more 'pop' tge next day or two than usual... think they have been helping with recovery... as Dave alluded to...
just got the long top and in the two wods I've done in it... I've felt pretty gd... as with all things, you need to go with what works for and fits you best... wish I had a pair or two of these back when I was running college track... woul have been nice for the transition from field to the track to the weight room...


dontpanic356 said...

Did a combination of missed workouts

Bench Press 3 reps: 225, 245, 265, 275, 285
Pull up 3 reps: 55, 65, 75, 75, 95x2

Run times: ranged between 1:17 and 1:27

Later in the day WOD:

30, 20, 10



Jesse J WellRock said...

Run times:

Rest 20 min

OHS= 180lb

couplet- OHS @ 90lb all UB
Time: 5:20

This felt good My OHS felt solid

Ali Loach said...

Did part 2
Worked up to 140# for 4......felt good.

OHS with 75# all unbroken
subbed bar dips as I forgot my rings at home.
Timing was off because some numb-nuts was getting in the way of my rings dips to do some whacked out version of pulsing pullups.
Ended with 7:10 but it wasn't really accurate at all.

ryandrew11 said...

A. 115, 135(f) - moved up in weight too quickly.

B. 8:48 - 65lbs, scaled dips to bar dips at 15,10,5

both weaknesses, glad to work on them.

Anonymous said...

Couplet. OHS 50kg. 9:48. Subbed ring dips for push ups - my rings are in the tree :D
Shoulder a bit grawnchy so slow tempo.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, heavy OHS 100kg.

Anonymous said...


Ran two before feet started feeling it, so did last three for 2:00 on AirDyne

1:50, 1:55
HSPUs were practicing strict

OHS 105

OHS @ 66# and subbed push-ups