feb 1, 2011

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.
And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.

part 1:
Build to a tough single in the Snatch quickly - NOT a 1RM
5 rds for time:
10 hang squat snatch below knee - 75#/45#
10 box jumps - 24"
10 wall balls - 20#/14# to 10 ft
15 double unders

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
Airdyne 10 min @ Z1
[5 sets: 20 double unders, rest 20 sec, 5 wall walks, rest 20 sec]
Airdyne 10 min @ Z1

post loads for Snatch in # along with BWT in #; as well as time for circuit and notes on PM recovery session to comments


Sam said...

Great quote from a great book. Thanks for that Coach.

NW said...


did hang snatch - metal plates.
@ 115#, pretty close to my 1RM
5 rds rx'd 8:16.
In hindsight, should've dropped the weight to 55# or something. Turned into a battle of willpower/strength.

supposed to get a "historical" storm of epic proportions. Awesome, and school will still be open I bet

StacyJ said...

@NW - Hey fellow Bronco! Say "hello" to the Zoo for us (hubby & graduated from there) and enjoy your storm. :)

Mick said...


150# (power snatch)
rx'd 16:23

Done as pm session. recovery session to be done in the AM

Casey S. said...

Well I should have known the coordination today might be a little lacking when I slipped and fell on ice right outside my door(good thing I have some cushioning back there)!

Snatch up to 93# didn't fail one rep until I tried 98 my PR got it too far back, but last time I even did 93 I tried a few times. So maybe I am getting more accurate!!

A: 12:58....this was a rough one, really had planned to be around 10-10:30 but I couldn't string Du's together to save my life! Like sets of 5 I can always get 20 Unbroken and I was breathing like a 500lb person. Back was tight felt that esp. on wallballs, just had a rough time today idk if my endurance has gone down or what, kinda nervous to see what I weight later feel a bit chunky today!Might take the next one easy, guess I didn't recover from sunday well.

NW said...

I KNEW! I'd find someone here who was from the Zoo. Hah! Ya, you know all about WMU being open when theres 12" of snow and ice haha.

ROBO said...

Tapering off this week worked up to 1rm got a PR
218lbs on snatch.

Will do some light airdyne tonight w little double under work.

John said...

27 / 5'9" / 184lbs

205lbs ... felt eeeeeeasy. Used to always get stuck here.
9:24. pre-9AM metcons are way hard.

Gaspasser said...

185 snatch ( equal to 1RM) felt like could have dine more but said not to max today.
Did metcon with group with limited equipment so did not time because of wait. Tried to stay fast paced, felt pretty miserable, so must have been going pretty hard.

RichJ said...

Got roped into a 20min AMRAP "warm up" of :
2min Burpees over Bar
2min Sit-ups
12min Curtis P's (95#)
2min Toe 2 Bar
2min Burpees over bar


Squat Snatch 180lb


5rds @ 12:18
(After reviewing the video **I will post after work** my time could have been a little faster. I did more reps than rx'd...Im the worst at counting)

Hang Sq Snatch - 11,10,10,10,10
Box Jumps - 10,10,11,11,11
Wall Ball - 10,11,12,13,12
DU's - 17,15,18,21,17

Becky said...

95# snatch single
5rds:16:16- never thought i'd say that double unders were the easy part... but, they are getting better. next enemy to tackle--box jumps

Kent said...

155# PS

Metcon 11:10
Read it wrong and did full touch and go squat snatch rather than hang.

Off to Regina/Saskatoon for a couple days. -36 Celsius. I thought Calgary was cold.
As my Dad would say, "Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey."

NW said...

Forgot to note that it ws done with thrusters not WB. Sorry about that.

PTS said...

snatch - 160

metcon- 14:24.

DU's were a disaster from the start. never wearing oly shoes for a wod with du's again.

Kendra said...

Part One:
95# for snatch...felt heavy but know I could have done more..I always have problems doing a "heavy, quickly I feel I have to sprint through it

Anyways, 17:37 for the 5 rds..snatches got tough real quick!

Kendra said...

@ NW
my sentiments exactly about school still being open...it always stays open...always!

david83 said...

Hello everyone;

Part one;
btw -190- lost a bit of weight lately, but feel good
snatch 180, failed at 185 two times so I shut it down, pretty happy with this. total time 12:00

part two; was shooting for a sub 10 but failed because of mental fatigue; 11:48

part two tonight,



John said...

Just making sure...THIS is a "wall walk" ... right?

jennifer hunter-marshall said...

Just got back from teaching in Europe. Defintely feeling it. Did not feel 100%.


Part 1

Power Snatch 120# felt easy

5 rounds
Hang Squat Snatch 55# unbroken every time
Rxd box jump. My nemesis!
20# ball Rxd target. Did not have 14# ball. Slowed me down.
Double unders unbroken until last set.

Time: 14:14

Part 2 later today.

Brian Dean said...

Hey John
I think this is a wall walk


kent said...

195 on snatch went for 205 missed it behind me slightly bent right arm shoulder felt a crunch on the back side of my side so just shut it down for the day

Brian Dean said...

Hey Guys...

What are the HR for the Zones?

unit said...

Sunday's WOD late last night:

Run - covered 6.33miles, no HR record
3min on ~5:45-5:50/mi pace
2min off ~7:40/mi pace

A- 135 x3 sets
B- 135 x5 sets
C- hopefully will get to today
D- completed

starting to feel better and stronger ea day...


Paul Smith said...

Just part 1 today

Power Snatch: 220#

metcon: 9:17

box jumps done on 30" box

lk5280 said...

rolled the ankle last night during hoops so wrapped it up and did what I could today for part 1

145 Snatch
12:10 metcon

Colder than @#$@ in the garage here in Colorado today but the old torture device (airdyne) warmed me up nicely


Paul Smith said...


bwt 194#

Pete K said...

Squat snatch: 165

Metcon: 9:44

- hard time getting into 5th gear... getting used to AM workouts and a different sleep pattern (ie not getting enough) to blame.

Matt Mo said...

p1. worked to 175

p2. 12:31 felt good but just cant keep moving

DeeJay said...

Part 1- 242# snatch, 215# bwt
14:23... my back seized up really bad!

John said...

Thanks Brian... I thought that was probably what the movement was, but after Googlin' around for a while I saw that other cirque du soleil lookin' thing and thought maybe that was it. And the 10/18/2010 post has the zones/intensities.

Brian Dean said...

Thanks John

heres a different version of the wall walks. These aren’t as difficult.


Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

Squat snatch: 175
3 hours rest
Part 2: completed

Cut out the metcon to save the knee from so much bounding, so spent a little extra time on the snatch. 175 was nice and easy, barely missed 185 twice, which would have been bodyweight. First heavy snatches since surgery.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


Really working on my non-existent 2nd pull on the snatch. Worked up to 135#


15:24 rx'd

Poly said...

Off sick today. Just wanted to drop a line wishing the entire OPT organization best of luck with the new website launched today. Looks like some great stuff.

Steve Howell said...

BW 182#

Part 1;
Snatch: 90kg (198#)
Time: 8:41
20 minutes rest
Part 2;
Subbed for rowing: Completed
DU/Wall Walk: Completed

Adam Rogers said...

BW - 183

Snatch - 185lbs, equaled PR, could go higher soon...

Met-con - 9:38

Returning to below knee hang was a new twist for me, made the snatches tough

Bin said...


Snatched 198, close miss at 209

13:53 on the circuit: only had a 12lb ball that I chucked as high as I could, and had a platform about mid-thigh to jump on.

aj moore said...

Thanks to robo for 2L of lactated ringer I feel rehydrated at least, lungs still hacking up some butter.

215# SN (232#PR)

10:50 on circuit, took it about 90%

BW 163#

Hungry to get back in the game but just not feeling where I was about a month ago.

aj moore said...

Oh and shout out to Phalanx Fitness for allowing me to utilize their facility...thanks ladies

Garage Crossfitter said...

Laying off the wrist till saturday, trying to get this ulnar nerve to chill out...
Figured id try 300FY
Score= 220 fail
First time 200,214,220. I am not re-testing that wod for a good 2 months, need more practice on the airdyne.

Danny Davis said...


1030am Snatch 165. Felling a little sluggish.
1130am Metcon 12:05. About 80-90% effort.

Pete @ CSC said...

Part 1:
145, failed 4x @157. Still, pleased with better form on this move today.
Then 3 rounds only, felt off, so shut it down. No part 2 today.

BWT: 167

Carrie McG said...

Part 1:
95# snatch
14:59 as rx'd
Box jumps killed me. I don't do them often enough.. Especially at 24".

Part 2:
Complete. Wall walks were surprisingly difficult! Maybe they'll help my hspu :)

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Part 1.

Snatch - 121# (bw 167#)


Bit flat today. Had some berries and dark choc after dinner last night.. Woke up distractingly hungry?!

Angelo Fosco said...


Snatch 170# (185 1rm)


13:38 Subbed 14 reps of 15# wallball for the 20#.

Hit myself in the face round 1 on wallball, nice shiner because of it.

NW said...

Part 2 complete, sorta. only had time for
5 min warmup
Press @ 115x5,120x3,130x6
5 sets complete, only 3 wall walks. Easier than expected, yet got hard quickly. Double unders were on/off
cool down was run to car in T shirt, the storm has arrived!

NOTE: Hang snatch wasn't below knee this AM, just normal hang, missed that at 5 am...

Gord said...

forgot to post this am

squat snatch 115#
met con- 16:13

Squat snatch- 130#
metcon -18:47

JHo said...

snatch 187
BW 204

shut down met con in round 2 due to knee pain. I have been trying to push through for a couple of days but I guess I need to dial it down some more.

Finished with some ring work and powel raises.

Fraser O said...

A. Strength
5 Rds 60%-70% of Squat Snatch 1RM, 2 min b/t rds


10min rest

5Rds for time of:
75# Hang Squat Snatch
10 BJ, 24"
10 WB
15 DU


10min rest

C. Skill Work
Max Ring Push-ups =38 reps

On the min for 10 mins alt b/t

20 ring push-ups
30 Air Squats

Fraser O said...

A. Strength

CF Football

5 Rds of 60-70% of Snatch 1RM (88kgs):
3 Squat Snatch
3 Snatch Pulls
3 Squat Snatch
Rest 2mins b/t sets
(kgs)53, 53, 57, 57, 61

Tyler L said...

Woke up at 12:30 last night with stomach flu or food poisoning still have yet to eat anything, I follow paleo but I am really lost what to eat, I have only been drinking pedialyte any suggestions?

DeeJay said...

part 2 complete
185 cals
wall walks tougher then anticipated
180 cals

Jordan said...

snatch: 165..technique is aweful, will be working with an olypmic lifting coach this weekend


5rds: 9:52 rx'd..I honestly didn't go as hard as I should've. Last round I went all out, first 4 I didn't..will work on that

Thad said...

BWT 155#
Snatch 150# (struggled with 145# but got 150 first try)

Circuit 11:15
Felt faster then the time was, need to move faster between exercises.

Subbed rower for both zone 1's( 2238m,2299m)
wall walks where harder then I thought they would be otherwise PM work felt good

Angelo Fosco said...

NW where you at my man? I just went to the gym to try and get part 2 done...they closed 5 minutes before I got there (3 hours early) because of the terrible blizzard we have. Probably a good thing, barely got home...dunno how far I would have gotten after 30 more minutes from working out.

Oh, I'm in Kankakee IL!

Oh, oh, the below the knee hang in the metcon was by far my limiting factor...back was on fire.

ryandrew11 said...

Snatch - 125# (PR)
BWT - 203#
Haven't done a lot of snatch work, so couldn't really avoid the PR. Could have done a bit more.

Metcon - 12:53
All movements other than snatch were unbroken

5:00 on AirDyne to cool down, no part 2.

Joel B. said...

Part 1
Snatch: 160; BWT: 168
equals my 1rm but 155 was so easy. Could have probably pr'd but cut it off.

metcon: 11:50

Part 2

complete. First time on wall walks and damn, the shoulders fatigued and burned quick! Much harder than expected.

PTS said...

165 cals
all DU's unbroken
wall climbs were interesting
169 cals

Jeff @CF Redline said...

BWT - 146#

Tough single snatch - 155# (full squat snatch)

5 sets for time: 14:06
**remained strict on each hang squat snatch below the knee, this brought different feel/element into play.

Part 2 completed...wall walks got difficult but def feel they are extremely beneficial

Michael McCabe said...

bwt: 185

part 1:
snatch - 165

no part 2 but will try wall walks later on

NW said...

@Angelo fosco,
I'm in Kalamazoo, MI. What (insert expletive here) weather! How far is that from here? Ya safe driving man. I haven't even ventured outside. Instead I made strawberry&blueberry ice cream, oddly enough haha

Paul Klein said...

Part 1:
175# snatch / 187# body weight

No time for part two today, sorry.

Vic @ CF Redline said...

BWT - 175#

Tough single snatch - 135#

5 sets for time: 14:37

*The squat snatch was tough its a movement I'm still working on, but the weight was good and challenging.

Part 2 completed...this was a lot tougher than I thought it was gonna be. Great training day today.

Laura CF Redline said...

Part 2 done in the AM. Subbed rowing for airdyne. Those wall walks killed my shoulders. DUs felt good. I was looking forward to those on each round because it meant getting off the wall for a bit.

8 1/2 hours rest

Part 1 done in the pm

Full Squat Snatch got to 90#s. My technique needs a lot of work.

Metcon: 13:58

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1 only--no time for 2

Skipped the heavy snatch due to tweaked L elbow, and subbed right arm KB snatches with 1.5pd in place of the hang snatches.


All KB snatches, box jumps, and wallballs unbroken. DUs good until 5th round.

r Gaines said...

135# hang sqt snatch below knee bwt235#
time: 18:31
*had no go. Going to sleep great tonight.

Part 2

JHuet said...

5'11'' 205#
power snatch 165#
17:41 back has never been tighter. I am not pulling my shoulders back and am rounding my back. Not enough time in the day to do part 2.

Chad Hall said...

Had to modify today. Did PT with my class today a watered down version of FGB, which included skipping, light wall ball, 65# push press, 12" box jumps and pull ups. Worked hard though.

2 hours later, built to 175# snatch, easy. Then practiced wall walks.


Brent Maier said...


Part I:
Snatch: Worked up to 210#
Metcon: Time 11:36 with 30# wallballs

+ 5 min rest

Part II:
10 min AD @ Z1: 196 cals
DU/WallWalks: Done
10 min AD @ Z1: 199 cals

Felt strong on snatch tonight considering we had 50 erom HSPU 2 days ago. Box jumps were sluggish tonight. They felt like I weighed 400# tonight for some reason. Hmm

Brian Maier said...

Squat Snatch: 175#
Bwt: 195#


metcon: 9:49...Rx'd
*after round 3 fatigue set in, i really felt my weight too far forward on the hang squat snatches below knee.

BJ's, WB's and D/U's fast. HSS's broken last 2 rounds

Siu said...

Snatch: 105lbs
Metcon: 14:56

BW - 143 lbs

Got the 105lbs snatch but didn't feel so smooth. More muscled up than explosive. Blah.

Like others said, the below knee hang on the metcon hit your back pretty quickly. This one looked easier on paper than execution for sure.

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Swam total of 800m. 50-200m intervals with a few 25m underwaters. first time swimming in years...gonna be a weekly occurrence.

Worked up to 221# snatch. felt tired from swimming; done shortly after.

Continuing the taper...

Coach, if you could add your thoughts on tapering for comps I'd really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


BW 208. Actually I need to go buy a scale b/c apparently the one at our gym is not accurate and that's all I've been using.

B Rott said...

135# PS didn't go any higher, was at globo with metal plates, just did not feel good
BWT 200#

metcon: 11:14 had to sub 25# dumbbell thruster for wallball

Part II: done 2 hours later, subbed 20 sec airdyne sprints for DU, shoulders still sore during wall climbs

Pete K said...

Part 2 completed 8 hrs later...

Airdyne 10min
DU's all unbroken
Wall Climbs - much harder than I expected
Row 10 min (bike was busy)

Stephen B. said...

bwt. 178

snatch: 185 (same as PR but wayyyy easier)
metcon: complete...major lower back cramping on squat snatches

part 2:

complete...didn't track cals

Brandon said...

Part 1
165 (208 BW)
14:22 - DUs took forever

Part 2
Short on time
5 min Z1 row
5 min DU practice mixed with 5x5 wall walks
5 min Z1 row

Nothing felt good today...fighting off cold going around our house. Need to be careful.

Wall walks were fun and much harder than I expected.

Brian Maier said...

Part 1:
Squat Snatch: 175#
Bwt: 195#
metcon: 9:49...Rx'd
*after round 3 fatigue set in, i really felt my weight too far forward on the hang squat snatches below knee.

BJ's, WB's and D/U's fast. HSS's broken last 2 rounds

Part 2: complete
complete - walk walks were slow

Craig said...

snatch - 140

metcon - 13:31

lung burner. felt a little tired, very hot.

Kyle F said...

Part 1

Built to 195#

Skipped Part 2

Anonymous said...


A. Split sqaut @ 3010 6-8 reps/leg with 15# each hand x 3
B. GHD Raises 3 sets of 10 reps
3 rounds for time:
15 Hip extensions
15 DU


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