wed, jan 19, 2011


A. Front Squat - 3,3,3; rest 3 min
only last set is tough 3
B. Hang Snatch - 3 x 3 @ 80%; rest 90 sec
work on speed under bar and solid catch - do not rise till perfect at bottom
C1. CTB Chin Ups - 20 x 3; rest 2 min
work on speed, not fatigue
C2. HSPU - amrap x 3; rest 2 min
use game time speed/effort

thursday single - training
saturday testing single
sunday double training

post loads and notes to comments


Kyle F said...

The schedule says Wednesday Double but there is only 1 workout shown??

Jon Sinclair said...

Coach or anyone else who can lend some advise,

I'm looking to set up a home gym in my new house once we move in at the end of the month. I am looking to find a good set of bumper plates and barbell. I am also trying to figure out what the best pull up system would be to put up.
If anyone has recommendations about where to buy (I live in Edmonton) or what kinds to buy, and any suggestions about the pull up bar, that'd help me out a lot.
Thanks in advance

Kent said...

I should probably know this but is there a difference between 3,3,3 and 3X3?

vadim said...

Hi,coach! I'm still with you and your great community!
And I'm not alone? now/ We are a small group of trainers, who very much impressed of the results? wich your programming let us to get.
I started to put your training into my blog? and traslate it for those? who can't understand english.
Thak you for your job!
P.S. Kazan,Russia.

Eric Montgomery said...

3x3 means 3 sets of 3 reps all at same weight; 3, 3, 3 means increase weight if able. As written for this workout, Coach wants you to build to a heavy triple for the last set.

Kent said...

That was my guess but it was just that...a guess.

Thanks Eric

Adam Rogers said...

Jon - check out the stud pullup bar. It is actually linked through the OPT online store as well, or you could search for it. Really easy to install and rock solid, I've had mine in for about 2 years now and it's going strong. They even paid to get it re-powder coated when it started to strip unexpectedly.

RichJ said...

Finally got clips I put together from this past weekends big dawg challenge hosted by cincinnati strength and conditioning uploaded to youtube....check it out

PTS said...

A. 225.245.255
B. 95,115,125
C1. unbroken x3
C2. 10,9,7. all strict. I can't kip for reps without coming off the wall.

only took one day after the BD challenge but felt fine. Hang snatch felt super light.

Soren said...

A: 80,90, 100 kg(2)
B: 50kg
C1: UB/UB/UB, easy
C2: 9,8,6

first two HSPU was done backwards, walking up wall


ryandrew11 said...

A. 175, 185, 195
B. 65, 85, 95
C1. broken 10x3
C2. 12 @ 5.5" shy of full ROM, 7 @ 5" shy of full ROM, 2 @ 3.75" shy of full ROM

Casey S. said...

A: 105,115,120
I know last set was supposed to be only tough set, but I wasn't really sure what I could do for 3. Might have been able to get 125, my speed from the bottom felt awesome today, didn't take 10years to stand anything up!

B. 3x3@ 80lbs.
Got worried when this felt heavy at first, but I am SO happy with my speed under the bar and having a solid reciveing postion at the bottom, sometimes my left arm tends to be a little slow but not today!

C1. 10x3-C2B unbroken-cut it in half since it was supposed to be fast and not fatigue inducing, 20 would have smoked my grip and shoulders.

C2. 8-6-8 down to 2 blue pads, 3bluepads=1ab mat, so I am inching down there!I think it has helped working kipping, paralettes and on the ab mat with these all three kind of work different portions. More than 1HSPU to the ground soon, I can feel it!!

ROBO said...

A. 285, 305, 335

B. 135,155x2

C1. 15, 13, 9
- went to fatigue still not good at them.
C2. 18,15,13

BK said...


I hope everyone is happy and well . I see all the usual suspects are crushing it and some killer new crew going at it.
I personally have been getting coached by James for the last 3 months and cannot speak highly enough of the experience.

FINALLY!! We are ready to roll with our BSc (Body Science Compression) affiliate program and I would like to open it up to the Dawgs first.
This is open to USA based boxes at this stage. Info is below.

Please feel free to connect with me personally or George to assist you with joining us with any questions.

# OPT assessment module at CFP this weekend with all our coaches attending....everyone is very excited to have James and Michael here.

Kind Regards

Becky said...

a. 85, 115, 135
b. 75#
c 1 went badly
c2 ok. worked on a more narrow hand width on floor.

double under practice

kent said...

front squatted yesterday
hang snatch 165
20ctb chinsx3 complete
hspu amrap x3 14,16,10

Tyler L said...

185, 205, 215

95, dnf


1st set done on bumpers 6, 2nd and 3rd normal 17, 13

John said...

a. 245, 255, 275
b. 165
c1. 20(UB), 20(UB), 20(12+5+3)
c2. 21, 15, 12

jennifer hunter-marshall said...

Feeling a little tired today.


C1. ub, ub, ub. quick and strong
C2. 15,15,9 strict

Flight simulator 9:58

JHo said...

FS 112, 117,second
Second set was rough. Third set was miserable. Elbows dropped and several discs may be herniated but it went up. 4kg PR.

HS 63, 68, 68.
Steady in the bottom but heels would rise slightly when I came out of the bottom. Persistent problem. Working on it.

Pull ups unbroken
HSPU 10, 9, 9
HSPU is a major weakness. Worked them yesterday on parallettes.

Finished with some ab work and lots of foam rolling.

Paul Smith said...

A: 275#, 315#, 340# 15# PR from 11/27/10

B: 175# -2, 155# x 2. For some reason I took 80% of my one rep max snatch for the first set. This was way too heavy for me to hang snatch three times. Had to drop down on the next two sets

C1: all UB. Reps started to slow down a little at about 15 on the second and third set.

C2: 29, 19, 13. Just couldn't lock out that 30th rep in the first set.

Paul Smith said...

@NC Crew

Any of you guys made hotel arrangements for the Garage Games yet?

RichJ said...

A. 275,295,315
B. 135
C1. All Unbroken
C2. 13,12,11 (wider hand width today - slight turn out - shoulder really sore from tweek during MU's sunday)

Matt Mo said...

A. 135, 155, 185
B. @ 95# , wasnt fast till last set
C1. 21 ub (missed chest on one rep),20ub,20ub
C2. 15, 12,9

back after a failed attempt at self programing

ROBO said...

Paul havnt made any yet u have any ideas of a good place to stay? Let me know I live w Aj so text me or call 910-978-5191

Gaspasser said...

265,270,275 as Rx
140 as Rx
CTB as Rx, tried to sets of 5-7, Does anybody butterfly these? I can't seem to coordinate the butterfly and CTB I just get wild and lose form.
HSPU 10,10,10 UB. Happy with this, usually can't string 10 together for multiple sets.

NW said...

Clean&jerk @135x3,155x3,170x3 no jerk

A: 195,205,215#. Last one moderately tough
B: 105#, 95x2. Dropped due to it just not being there today
C1: broken, but complete. Focused on speed and hitting rib cage to bar
C2: subbed ring dips; 15 all sets

Have a strange high hamstring issue going on. Odd pain in Deadlift setup, no issue otherwise

unit said...

fig'd i'd drop a quick line/update...
been sick the past 2wks, most likely some pneumonia in retrospect... still recovering and lungs have taken a hit...
worked out last night for the 1st time in 12 days, was rough and hope to be getting back to these WODs soon, but baby steps for now

yesterday: 'get moving' % 80-85%
1 mile run- 6:15
100 Cal Airdyne- 3:50
2K row- 7:40
time ~ 17:45

everyone did an amazing job this past weekend... looks like the WODs were a ton of fun! y'all are kickin some serios ass!...


Joel B. said...

A: 175, 190, 210
B: 105X3
C1: 15 for all sets ub
this was the right number for me to work on speed and not too much fatigue.
C2: 13 (pr), 10, 9

only 1 day since I did the competition tests. back sore from dl's although I scaled to 305 that is a lot for me to do in a metcon.

Stephen Flamm @ CSC said...

A. 135, 165, 185
B. 3 x 95
C1. Complete
C2. 16, 10, 10
D. Trap 3 raises, 3 x 10 @ 13.5, 3010

First day back (not counting Sunday's comp) after 8 weeks of single-leg rehab work following surgery. Still going to be cautious with loading, but the leg feels stronger than pre-surgery. Bulgarian split squats are magic.

Michael McCabe said...

A. 205, 225, 245
B. 110
C1. broke last set at 13 for more speed
C2. 7(PR?), 6, 4

-barely got the fs at 245, think that made the snatch a bit shaky... -worked on my footing on snatch as i tend to jump backwards
-tried a wider setup for hspu today, much easier

Pete @ CSC said...

A. 200, 220, 260
B. 95 x 3
C1. Unbroken, not too fast though
C2. 13, 12, 12

Ross Blake (AUS) said...

A. 60kg, 70kg, 80kg
felt good. Looking at mikes pic my chest is not that upright so I can see what I need to improve on with this..

B. 52.5
felt like butter!

C1. All unbroken.
Little clumsy trying for speed

C2. 3,4,3
low number but this is good for me. Goal for this year is 10..

Pwo: 50g pro and 20g cho

Julian Cruz said...


Wish I could have done the comp this weekend but I was on a vacation with the family. Great scores out there. Should have listened to my body more on the FS and started a little lower.

bin said...

A 225, 245, 275 (lb)
B 77.5kg across
C1 stopped whenever rhythm or speed was lost, broken in all sets
C2 18, 8, 8
Supplemental bent rows and weighted planks after

Craig said...

A. 165/185/195
C.20, 10,10/10,10
C2. 20/13/12

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 225, 245, 265(2)
B. 115x2, 135
C. UB..not fast (35-40 secs each)
D. 15, 14, 10 (Way lower than expected)

Rest 10 mins:
GHD sit ups
25' box jumps

Notes: Body still aching from comp on saturday. Front squat about 15#'s below pr, pull ups slow and shoulders fried from pull ups so about 9 reps from pr there. Overall happy with where i'm at only a few days after a 5 event day.

Dunkin - thanks for the congrats a few days ago bro, keep working hard!!

Stephen B. said...

Unit and Lisa M.

Glad to hear you two are on the mend. I'm sure you guys will be back to 100% and kickin ass in no time.

Anthony Skvarka said...

A. 255, 265, 275 lbs
B. 135
C1 unbroken
C2. 26, 20, 15

David said...

I did a very long endurance metcon on Monday. Combined with the comp on Sunday I'm still pretty ragged out. Followed today's but at very light weight and cut the reps down on the gymnastics. I did get a gas mask so had to wear it on the pulls and hspu. Interesting, especially trying not to hit the cannister on the bar.

Lars said...

A. 240x3, 250x3, 260x3
B. No proper barbell - practiced with broomstick
C1. 20UB x 3
C2. 13, 10, 10 - No kip, Full ROM

Had to PC the weight for the FS because I'm at work and we don't have racks or proper weights. Using 1"bar and steel plates, not able to drop weight.

Not able to snatch with 1" bar because collars are too narrow.

CTB were tough, but doable.

HSPU - felt great.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A. 185,195,210 80-90%
Wanted to help Wes out for this weekends Oregon challenge so i did his first wod

5 min amrap
5 thrusters 95lb
5 burpee with hand release
Rest 1 min
Row max cals in 3 min

8 Rounds plus 842m row (forgot to look at cals)

Metcon was at 97%, 9 rounds would have been tough for me. row was 90-95%, i had some juice left the last 40 sec.

david83 said...

Hello Everyone
Part 1: 255, 275, 295 only two
Part two: 115, 135, 145
Part three:
1.CTB-broken-broken-14,6, 13,7,only 11 shut it down, not feeling it.)
(not sure whats up with these arms are really sore!

Paul Klein said...

I have to skip today, family obligations.

Unit, thanks for checking in. I was just wondering what happened to you. Rest up and take care of yourself.

Steve Howell said...

A: 115kg/120kg/127.5kg
B: 70kgx3x3
C1: All sets unbroken
C2: 24/18/15

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 205,225,245. Struggled a bit on last rep but not too bad.
B. 115x3x3. Felt good.
C1. Cut to 10,10,10 unb. Bar only 18" from wall so couldn't kip much.
C2. 7,5,7. Bad showing. Rough wall so back dug into it. Did 12 unb without too much trouble on comp day so know I can do better.

Gord said...

A. 191/198/205
B. 93/95/98
C1. Felt good
c2. 22/16/10

A. 191/198/205
B. 93/95/98
C1. Sore shoulder- didn't do
c2. 0/0/0

Chad Hall said...

A: 225, 235, 245
B: 115x3
C1: UB, 18, 12
C2: 10, 10, 7 all strict

FS felt fine, could have gone heavier but wasn't sure. Snatch felt fine, didn't have bumpers so didn't want to risk it.

Did pull ups on split bar so I tried to pull to a "bar" stopped at 18 and 12 when i felt I couldn't get to the imaginary bar anymore.

HSPU felt heavy today.

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 275, 305, 335
B. 175, 185, 195
C1. 25 (PR), 15, 10
C2. All complete, unb

Very happy with the amrap HSPU, all were done strict.

Thad said...

A. 205, 215, 2/230
B. 115, 115, 120
C1. done, butterfly kip still needs work
C2. 15, 12, 7 all strict

derb said...


A: 195/205/215(tied pr)
B: 100(felt good and fast)
C1: UBx2
C2: 9/11 (only did 2 sets of each beacuse of knot in my back)

Jeff @CF Redline said...


C1. All sets unbroken

April said...

@Paul Smith

Rory and fam are staying at the comfort suites in woodstock for the garage games.

Ali Loach said...

A. 145/155/170
B. hips felt slow today so stayed at 65#
Struggled to fit this in on a small break between clients - not a good enough warm up
No time for C.

JHuet said...

185, 225, 275
20, 14-3-2-1, 10-2-2-2-2-2
4, 6, 3

Steve Smith said...

@ Paul - I've been delinquent and haven't set up a place to stay yet. There has been talk of us (Robo, AJ, the Hanlin Clan, Nate, and myself) staying in the same place though.

Gymnastics WOD


A. 225#+80# chains, 255+80# chains, 275+80#chains
- Chains made this interesting. Wanting to play around with varied loads and weights.

B. 155, 170, 170
- REALLY tried to focus on speed under bar
- First time snatching anything in some time

C1. 19 seconds, 22 seconds, 22 seconds
- Frog definitely faster than butterfly

C2. 21, 14, 13

Mobility WOD

Anthony said...

A- 135-155-175
B- 1 set OHS @135#, then 2 sets as Rxd @95 & 100
Did the OHS to see how the shoulder felt.

C1 - unbroken X 3
C1 - 2 Sets of 9 & 8

To the doc tomorrow for a closer look at this shoulder issue.

Laura CF Redline said...

B.3X3 at 75#

I worked on CTB for C1 rather than making them regular PUs as I tend to do when I see CTB because I know I can't get very many. Pretty happy with those numbers for CTB. C2 were done as kipping. Those were hard from the get...why are they so freakin hard?!!

@ Unit
I was also wondering about you. Good to see you posting.

B Rott said...

A: 205 235 255 legs felt good
B: 95x3sets concentrated on catching the bar in a full squat
C1: all sets broken
C2: 17, 14, 15

DeeJay said...

A. 286, 306, 326(2) - core gave out, racked it after second rep due to ugliness of the first 2
B. 176x3x3
C1. 10/10, 10/7/3,5/5/5/5 - these are terrible right now
C2. 4,6,4

Alan said...

A. 305-325-345 (PR)
B. 185
C1. All unbroken
C2. 30, 23, 17

Lisa M said...

A. 120/130/140
B. 75 all 3
C. 10/10/10 UB reg covp
D. 4/4/3

Kept snatch light because I haven't done snatch in a long long time so treated it more as technique work. Today was first attempt at kipping pullups in about a month and a half unfortunately still hurts. So kept it easy. Happy with hspus did last set facing the wall just for something different.

Adam Rogers said...

A - 205,225,245
B - 135x3x3
C1 - unb,unb,16+4
C2 - reg pushups x 25/set

Lisa M said...

Yay Ali glad to see you!!!!

Thanks Stephen B. I am hoping for a miracle soon. My physio gave me hope but got shoulder "reduced" and it still hurts. So I will keep working at it.

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

A. 275/315/345 (10lb PR)

B. 175 for all

C1. did 10 and 10 for all 3 sets in order to keep them fast, since that was the goal and it didn't say unbroken. 5-10 sec. rest between each set of ten. 3 sets of 20 total.

C2. 27/21/17 (PR by 4 on first set)

slow jerf said...

Misread as A,B,C,D

Wrist is testy after Phase 2 on Sunday.

A: 225, 185, 185 (all X5)
B: 115
C: 20, 17/3, 14/3/3
D: 8,8,8

crossfitkel said...

A. 265, 280, 295(2)

B. 145

C1. 20, 20, 10/10
C2. 16, 13, 12

Forgot lifting shoes so did all in a pair of chucks. The front squats went better than thought but I think depth could have been better. Everything else felt real well.

Brandon said...

A. 225/255/275
B. 95/115/135
C1. ub x 3
C2. 11(strict)/9/12

Back pretty tight still...FS was interesting. Snatch felt great especially forcing myself to settle in.

Got 14-16 fast CTB reps and then hung on to finish the set. Need both speed and endurance on these, so I forced myself to do 20 ub. HSPU getting better. 11 is a PR for strict and 12 is PR for kipping...good day overall

JJL @ CSC said...

A. 205, 225, 240
B. 105
C1. Completed, worked on butterfly ctb…broke a few times to reset
C2. 15, 12, 9

JHuet said...

Forgot ang snatch only 95lbs. Trying to really focus on depth, form and quickness. I tend to muscle things up too much.

Anonymous said...

Nate again.

HSPU all strict

Jordan said...

A- 205, 235, 265
B- forgot to do, will do tomorrow
C-10/10, 10/10,10/10--worked on speed

note: hip flexor on my left side has been bothering me for some time now. I stretch it after warming up and post wod and stil bothers me when i get any depth in air squats and weighted squats. any suggestions?

Danny Davis said...



A. 185,205,225

B. 155X3X3

C.1. All CTB Unbkn and fast all sets.

C.2 17,12,10

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...


A) 185, 205, 225
B) 85, 85, 95
C1) 14, 14, 10
C2) 21, 14, 10

lk5280 said...

a. 185, 205, 225
b. 105, 115, 125
c. 10/5/5, 10/5/5, 7/5/4/4
d. 5, 5, 3

Stephen B. said...

A.225/245/265(1)...last set slow out the hole
B.135x3x3...more like 65-70%...need the lighter tech work
C2.16/13/11...strict...felt really good on first set and was on my way to 20+ but came off the wall...fck

some sick hspu numbers today dawgs...nice work!

Brent Maier said...


A FSx3: 120/130/140kg (308#) - PR
B Snx3: 60/65/70kg (154#) - Technique
Modified C to C&J: 60/70/80/90/100/105kg (231#) - Technique
Modified D: 3 rounds of (3min continuous w/2 min rest)
1m of 2 rope climbs alternating legs: 2/2/2 - non-dominate side difficult.
1m HSPU's: 20/17/7
1m Airdyne: 37/29/21 cals

Anonymous said...


A. 95-115-120(f)
B. 45-65-65
C1. skipped due to nagging elbow pain
C2. 14-15-6 (heard a crack...I will be emailing the chiropractor today for a visit)

Carrie McG said...

A. 135, 140, 150
B. 65x3
C1. Subbed 10 UB COVP
C2. 4, 8, 2(was doing to 1'' mat and switched to 1/2'' for last set)

Siu said...

A. 125, 145, 165lbs
B. 75lbs x 3
C1. 10+2+4+4, 7+3+3+3+4, 10+2+3+5
C2. 0, 0, (scaled to 1AM) 10

Front squats and Snatch felt good. Last set of FS was tough but not bad for how tight my lower back feels from Sunday. CTB PUs continue to be a battle for me and I have to re-kip between reps to get up there. When I string them together, I get too behind the bar by rep three. Then the HSPUs were just not happening, kip or no kip. A dent in my armor I will continue to work on.

KEW said...

A. 133/143/148
B. 63/83/88
C. Broken, not pretty
C2. 1 abmat 6
2 abmat 10/10