wed, jan 5, 2011

Training with MAP intervals
Parameter MAP #1
Warm-up/Preparation 10 min. Z1
Rest 30 sec. Z1
Work 30 sec. Z4
Repetitions/Set 10 times
Rest between Sets 5 min. Z1
Number of sets 2 to 3
Return to resting 10 min Z1/Z2
Intensity/Load 91-96%
 - taken from OPT CCP program design Level 1 course - teaching how to train maximum aerobic power


3 muscle ups
breathe 10 times slowly x 8
1 advanced HSPU (advanced for you) every 30 sec for 12 min
In 6 minutes move from performing 5 GH raises and 3 L pull ups back and forth at a controlled pace
200 walking lunges slow and steady - with perfect form; do not kiss knee to ground "like it's a lover you haven't seen in 6months!"

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Lisa M said...

Happy New Year - I just scored an Airdyne off Kijiji for $100 and the computer even works!!!! 300 here i come ouch i tried 25 cals and it nearly killed me this is going to be fun.

Soren said...

MU: Done, sort of easy
HSPU: Massive weakness. did the walk up against the wall version and just tried to get good form.
L-Pull and Good morning: around 6-7 rounds didn´t count
Walking Lunges: done, fun!


Anonymous said...

Off workout topic :)

But are there any plans for some DVDs of the level one cert, or possibly plans to come to Toronto for one?



ryandrew11 said...

MU: Subbed 3CTB and 2 bar dips for each muscle up, PUs broken

HSPU: completed touching head to 45# and 25# stacked bumper plates. Missed 6 during this time due to balance or getting stuck at the bottom.

GH Raises+L Pull Ups: completed 9 rounds, PUs broken

200 walking lunges: completed in 6:21, slow and controlled

Anonymous said...

Sick for a few days and have to work all day today. Looking forward to getting back to work. Great job everyone! Rawr!

Casey S. said...

1: Did one banded MU and 2 progressions from the floor everytime. Really focused on working on the dip and trying to keep good positioning since thats the part that kills me. One of these days!!

2:Did strict head to ground HSPU for the first 4mins. then kipped the rest. Super happy with how many strict I was able to do, usually it takes longer to recover between reps.

3:L-pull ups are pretty hard this was my first time doing them I think we did about 6-7 rounds. GH raises are always amazingly fun though!

4:200 Walking lunges wasn't as horrible as I thought, I think since I did that 400m lunges my view of them has become tainted. Worked on kissing the ground with my knees not kissing the ground like it's a lover I haven't seen in 6months!

Kyle F said...

Sun Jan 2

10 min/mile pace

Anthony said...

Left shoulder causing some pain while warming up. Ring dips especially. I have been trying to get away from internal rotation with these but always end up there as I transition in the muscle up. Added in some DB ext rotation to warm up.
Muscle Ups ; easy and good technique work. Fourth set, stayed upright, shoulders back on the dip and pain subsided.

HSPU to 3/4" below hands. This was challenging enough for me to just complete all reps.

GH raises & L Pull ups nice and controlled. Walked between spots. 6 or 7 rotations.

200 lunges, tedious and very controlled.

Gaspasser said...

MU done as prescribed. All but 2 sets unbroken.

HSPU done on paralletes with bumper plates. Fell off pace last 2 minutes.

GH raises and L pull up completed at comfy pace

200 lunges completed around parking lot. Really focused on knee straight up on extended leg, and open hip.

Is there any specific OPT warmup?

Lars said...

MU: - all sets UB. Felt smooth and strong
HSPU's - used parallets, head to ground, hands to shoulders. Felt strong today.
GH/L Pull ups - 9 rds, walking b/t stations, easy pace
Lunges - done, took my time, did 20-40 at a time.

Felt good today, but I'll feel those lunges tomorrow - I hate lunges!

Joel B. said...

MU's Complete, worked on multiples.

HPSU: on parrelettes head to bumpers/ab-mat 4" below top of bars for first 18, then 3.5" for 2, then 3" extra rom for last 4.

GHR/L-PU: 8 rounds. L-PU's have really improved over time.

Lunge steps complete. Burn.

Chris Dunkin said...

MU: 3,2,1,1,3,2,1,1
HSPU: all negatives; hands on bumpers
GH/LP: last 2 sets of L-up's broken into singles
Lunges: complete

Still feeling weak and pissed off. keeping intensity very low.
Taking it out on family, friends and co-workers.

PTS said...

muscle-ups unbroken

hspu first 7 minutes with hands on 25 lb bumpers then last 5 mins hands on ground.

GH rasies /l-ups 11 rds. started to break l-ups in rd 9. controlled

lunges in 5:50. slow + steady.

Nathan H. said...

MU: first 4 rounds unb strict, then kips unb

HSPU: ranged from parallete head to 45#+abmat to strict nose to ground.

Lpullup+GHR complete.

lunges complete.

Garage Crossfitter said...

MU 2 rounds broken due to straps being tangled

12 min of ring hspu negatives and form work

GH raises and L pullups complete, didnt count rounds, controlled and unbroken

Lunges complete

david83 said...

Hello Everyone

1.) Completed, felt pretty good, was focusing on getting a good rythm and pulling myself through the rings.
2.)Done on parelettes and to a ab mat plus 25lbs
3.) 5 rounds, my hamstring didnt like these at all! Was focusing on keep my ass down on the way up
4.) completed about 5:30 of lunges, ouch



David said...

MU: all sets unbroken, happy to do that with only 10 breaths in between.

HSPU: done with a 20 lb vest, forehead to ground.

6 sets, one a minute. This is the first time I've done GH Raises in awhile and I felt it.


Ross Blake (AUS) said...

Muscle ups:
6 sets unbroken, 2 sets 2/1
head to floor
GHR/L-pull up:
6 rounds

ROBO said...

Did workout that the rest of the NC guys did this morning. Felt good gonna catch up on some sleep.

sj said...

Worked on MUs - wrists not digging the false grip, I need to be more consistent w/ working these

HSPU: Ab mat between 25# bumpers - last 2.5 mins w/ 10# - yey my shoulders!

GH raises + ring L-pull-ups-with-my-knees-bent ---6 rds

200 walking lunges - I'll probably remember I did these tomorrow afternoon. :)

Yey for goat work today!!

Angelo Fosco said...

1. Did 6 rounds as rx'd then bicep really starting screaming so stopped.

2. Did 1 ring hspu as rx'd

3. Skipped due to bicep being aggrivated.

4. Complete

Julian Cruz said...

HSPU:All strict off 45 lb plate
L-pull and GHR: Complete

Muscle ups were horrible today. Normally can string three together no problem but for some reason wasn't happening.

NW said...

Done out of order due to logistics in the tiny hotel gym.

Alternating lunge with 65# DB/Hand 6 each leg

Part 3 completed with a 10lb plate for "GH raises" on a back extension machine + 3 L pullups
Part 1: Only did half, 3 pullups/3 dips. All strict - burnt out
Part 4 complete - better than expected.
Part 2: First 6 min complete head to floor, 3 min head to small fiji bottle on its side. Shoulders fried from yesterday's WOD.
Looking forward to my massage tomorrow!

Pete @ CSC said...

Muscle Ups Complete
HSPU- First 2 were ring HSPU, last 22 were hands on 4″ plates
GHR's and L-PU's = 8 rounds + 5 GHRs
200 Lunges Complete

Paul Klein said...

Muscle ups were a total mess, first two sets unbroken. All the rest broken. I was lacking speed in the transition and I kept missing reps because of it.

HSPU: 7 minutes completed with hands on 45lb plates and head to floor. Then 3 minutes with hands on 35lb plates and final 2 minutes just hands on the floor.

GH / L-Pull Ups: Didn't count rounds but I kept a steady and deliberate pace without stopping.

Walking Lunges: Complete

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

Team OPT Throw Down

- Rest 7 Hours -

Part 2:

Muscle Ups - Complete
- Strict till round 7
- Very difficult for me at the end
- Very hard to go to full extension

HSPU - Performed on kettlebells
- At minute 5 on, couldn't lock out at top

6 Min -
- No major issues
- Both very difficult movements for me

Lunges -
- 1/2 completed with PVC pipe over head
- Tendentious in left knee got mad

Thad said...

Muscle Ups as RX'd felt good all UB

Ring HSPU's 3" off ground last 5 where a struggle

8 rounds of 5 good mornings@ 95# and 3 L pull ups. No GHD

200 walking lunges done

Steve Smith said...

It was great to meet you today, Brian.

slow jerf said...

MU's: UB (on split bar)
HSPU: Hands on floor. (weakness)
GHR/Lpull: 8rds (Subbed 95# Good Mornings)
Lunges: 6:05

My legs are smoked from that!

JHuet said...

MU- Not quite able to yet so I did them starting with me sitting on the ground with as little cheating as possible.
HSPU-felt pretty solid about half way, then had to switch to negatives.
L-Pull-unbroken for first half. Broken the second half.
Big thanks to Chris Dunkin for the guidance and support!

Anthony Skvarka said...

MU unbroken and kept to pace

HSPU on parralettes, all below parralell with most either head to floor or close

gh and l sits 7 or 8 rounds

200 lunges unbroken love the pain

Evan said...

MUs - check
HSPUs - first 4 on 25lb bumpers, remainder on 25+15 bumper plates
GH Raises + L pullups - 6 rounds + 5 raises
Lunges - Approx 6 min

derb said...


B: ring HSPU (I missed maybe 6 reps the whole time. I'm very happy with this since last time I couldn't do any)
C: 8.5 rounds
D: 7:09

Michael McCabe said...

muscleups - all kipping, first 5 sets w/ good turnout at bottom, last 3 sets ub but no turnout
hspu - 8cm E-ROM for 8 mins, off floor for 4 mins
GHD hands at temples, slow eccentric
L-pullups felt good in 3's
lunges - glad my new gym you can take more than 8 steps in a row

thanks for the welcome back yesterday everyone... feels good to be back w/ this group.

Jared-CF Redline said...

Muscle Ups:
Sets 1-4 rx
Sets 5-6 broken
Sets 7-8 failed both sets.
Need to work on consecutive mu's. 3
consecutive is a PR for me.

HSPU: First 3 using parralettes head through touching a 45lb bumper. Then progressed into adding a 25lb bumper and finally switching to regular hspu, head to deck.

GH raises and L-pull: 7 rounds

200 lunges as requested-quads smoked.

Fun day

Eric Montgomery said...

Scaled a little in the interest of time. And being able to walk tomorrow.

MU: Struggled pulling high enough so did 6 sets of 1. Dunno what happened here, I messed around with a few on Monday and went up smooth.

HSPU: 9 on paralletes to eye level, 5 on a 6" block, 10 on floor.

GHR/L pullups: 7 rounds, went easy

Walking lunges: cut to 100, around 4:00 but not exact

Brian Maier said...

MU: Did 10 rounds - all UB w/ turnout at bottom
HSPU: strict w/ nose to ground
GH/L PU's: complete
Lunges: complete and painful

Brian Dean said...

Steve it was great to meet you to. I'm looking forward to doing some of these workouts with you guys.

My first post today but I've been following for a little bit now.

-Got all the MUs with a kip...

-Used parralettes for the HSPU. Got head to close to ground for each one.

-11 complete rounds for the GHD and L-sit PUs.

-And 200 walking lunges

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Did Team OPT wod this morning...whoopin ass and taking names haha!

This afternoon:
A. first 5 sets no false grip kipping, last 3 sets strict with false grip. all sets unbroken.
B. All ring HSPU with hands to shoulders. easy till the last couple minutes.
C. First time with GH raises...hard haha. felt like pinpointed foam rolling on my quads with all my weight; made it hard to concentrate on the pain in my hamstrings and upper calves.
D. Did the lunges in sets as I coached at our gym.

Tomorrow, representing Team OPT with some of the AF crew in charlotte...should be fantastic again!

DeeJay said...

MU: failed 5th set, switched to 20 breaths. Had trouble slowing down my breathing

HSPU: regular HSPU's. Thought it would be hard enough for me at this point but it was fairly easy

GHDR/L-pullups: 6 rounds

Lunges: 8:24

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Muscle Ups:
Sets 1-5: 1
Set 6: 3
Set 7: 2
Set 8: 3

Worked on my grib with Coach Ant which paid off in the later sets. I PR'd with 3 consecutive mu's woohoo.

HSPU: First 4 using 25lb bumper head through touching the ground. Then progressed removing the bumper to straight HSPU's. Finally switching to using the ab mat to finish.

GH raises and L-pull: 7 rounds

200 lunges my quads were burning

Good day of training. Nice work Jared on the MU's!!!

Brent Maier said...


MUs: 3/3/3/2-1/2-1/2-1/2-1 w/turnout.
HSPUs: 12" parallettes head to floor w/10# vest
GHD/LPU: First 3 min w/ 20# vest, stripped it for the rest.
Lunges: 8-9 min of slow and steady lovin.

MUs were difficult tonight. A little weak in the shoulders tonight and it showed. I also felt uncoordinated with them so I'm going to tape some for review in the coming weeks.

JHo said...

FGB 415 (20 rep PR)

MU unbroken

HSPU on paralettes. Ears below knuckles. Faiiled rep 14 and 16. Did 13th minute to complete 24 reps.

GHR/L pull up 5 rounds

200 slow beautiful lunges with my knee brushing the floor with such delicacy that it made everyone present feel akward. 10:02

Brandon said...

MU done - all kipping, turnout on first two reps, not on third for all sets
HSPU on parallettes, hands to ears
GHR/L pull - 8 mins because of the long walk between each, no issues
Lunges done - legs hurt

Stephen B. said...

Dec. 30 wod:

BS: 245/255/265
FS: 225x3x3
OHS: 185/195/205

Rest 30 min

Part 2:

WB/Chin wod: all sets UB

Notes: interesting night. Had a horrible sleep and zilcho energy going into the gym. Front squats felt heavy. BS and OHS could've been heavier (shitty warmup, I'm guessin). Anyhow, went into part 2 feelin like a bag o' shite. Thought I'd get a good beat down. Instead, every set felt strong and the movements themselves felt as strong and as fluid as ever. Frickin beautiful!

Gonna do some serious stretching tomorrow as I'm feelin a tweak in left hip flexor as well as the lower lumbar region.

Anonymous said...

nate again.

forgot to mention I kissed the ground so lightly on lunges that only my kneestache touched

Brian said...

MU...haven't a muscle up in about 6 months and they went a lot better than expected, all sets unbroken.

HSPU...done on paralletes with the depth to an abmat on top of a 6" box, all reps completed.

GH Raise/L-Pull...7 rounds kept messing with the GH setup because I couldn't seem to get it comfortable thought I had it in a good spot in warmup but was wrong.

Lunges...200 lunges in a row is terrible by the way completed in 7:01

Siu said...

MUs: Went for 1 MU then 10 breaths, missed my first three, got my next three and missed the remaining. Need to get much more consistent on these.

HSPU: went for 1 kipping from the ground every 60 secs, failed two reps on min 6 and min 7 so moved back to strict HSPU to 1 abmat every 30 seconds for remaining 5 mins.

GH Raises + L PUs: went well, 6 rounds nice and steady

Walking lunges: complete

lk5280 said...

- completed mu's but most broken, few sets unbroken
- hspu's were tough, especially last few minutes
- gh raises and l pull ups 7 rounds
- walking lunges complete

great workout, enjoyed the mu's and hspu's cause they need work :)

Anonymous said...

A few changes due to individual programming:

Muscle-ups, 8 x 3; 10 breaths as rest
Dynamic effort deadlift, 1 @ 55% every :30 for 12:00
6:00 of 5 glute-ham raises + 3 EROM handstand push-ups; 7 total rounds
Powell raises, 3 x 10 @ 18 lbs.

unit said...

Nate... gd luck 2 y'all 2morrow in Charlotte!...

A- unbroken, strict x8
B- 12", 21 of 25 sets complete
C- 10 rnds in 7:00, slow, relaxed, controlled... subb'd Harop curls for GHD raises
D- 7:30... felt gd... no kneestache here Nate... just kneefuzz...


crossfitkel said...

A. 3/3/3/2/3/3/2/3
tried out the muscle ups tonight with a drop into the kip from the top. felt great and it made me work on my MU using different grips.

B. done on paralletes with depth to abmat on top of 6in. box

C. stayed at a round a minute. could not get comfortable on the GH machine.

D. 200 lunges suck period. stuck to the 10 breathe rule every 50.

B Rott said...

Started with Fran 3:30, first sub 4

muscleup progressions

HSPU off of 45 pound bumpers

7 rounds GHR Lpullup

lunges 8:02