28 deg celcius at 6pm

3 rounds for time;
50 box jumps - 24"
185# Dead Lift x 21
30 chin ups

post time to comments

pre - empty stomach
above 12% - 40g prot/40g carb
8-12% - 35g prot/50g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/60g carb


Geoff Aucoin said...

28 degrees? Like you're outside in that soup, FitzGerald.

And I was almost starting to miss you.

Mack said...

Getting over a cold. Was gasping hard on first set of BJ. 0 energy

rwcorson said...

16:23 pull ups were slow.
Very mental workout, the # of reps is daunting, but they are manageable if you dig in.

Gord said...


tough wod

Brent Maier said...

Amazing times Rob and Gord, great job!

PTS said...


did this WOD on 12-13-08 from the main site. 16:01 then.

exhausting workout.

deejay said...


Sweeney said...


I wanted to do the box jumps faster but my brain just wouldn't let me.

Recommendation: push those box jumps harder than you think you can.

Mental battle...

deejay said...

James your totally missing out on the severe storm rolling in, bet you wish you would have stayed now

Rory Hanlin said...

17:12 with 25 inch box

Disappointing... Wanted sub 15, but the box jumps were just too slow.

Grant said...

18:33. Good first round for a 15minute target but the wheels fell off. Lumbar started to bark with 2nd DL
1st rd 4:25
2nd rd 6:35
3rd rd 7:33
hope you are back to 100% quick Mack

Ryan G. said...

Time- 26:35

- Still not 100% but feeling heaps better.

Trevor Salmon said...

21:06 was hoping for sub 20 but totally imploded on the 3rd round of box jumps and chins. Stayed steady on the first round with 50 consecutive jumps followed by 16/5 on the DL and 20/5/5 for the chins and was a just over 5 minutes.

Michael FitzGerald said...

14:52 as rx'd.
DL was real hard. Chins were awful.

Geoff Aucoin said...

18:50 (box around 22 inches)

Initially not happy with that time but, being at the hall, it's hard to expect too much. My box was an adjustable bench propped up on a few step-chocks and it was out on the apparatus floor. Deads weren't the worst but pull-ups (crappy bent bar) started to feel like CTB or a strength workout at the end so they were slowww. What do ya do?

Unreal effort, Mike Fitz, sub-15 is sweeeet. I'd ask for a do-over on this one at OPT but I never want to see it again.

Found some V-8 juice for post-WOD nutrition!!

Brent Maier said...

Time: 15:12 (4:20/5:14/5:38)

Thanks for the advice for those that got an early start. I was shooting to beat 20 minutes today. Concentrating with a fast start was my first objective. After the first round, the goal was to maintain my momentum.

Brent Maier said...

Thanks PTS, I checked my previous time on this in Dec 2008. Today I beat it by almost 5 minutes.

Time: 19:45 as rx'd
Comment #455 - Posted by: Brent Maier at December 12, 2008 8:34 PM

Gord said...

nice work Fitz. Aucoin your working out at hall stories are hilarious. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you are trying to figure out how to set it up.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Those box jumps were killer. Pull-ups were on today!!!
Knees are still bugging me from my 6k...more ice tonight.

If any of you are dropping in to the CF certification in town, make sure my girlfriend Katrina and buddy Mike are working hard for me.

brakesout said...


Had to use 25.5" box jumps
That f*&ked me up at that height. (who would think that 1.5" was sush a difficult distance to overcome?)
DL was 186.5#

4:50 first round. Then painfully slow after that.
Wish I had someone to push me on this one as the head was getting in the way.
Sub 20 was very achievable, just not today :(
Have felt like a having a dance with Pukie for the last 1/2 hour.

Michelle said...

20:42 (135# DL)
Since getting a nasty cold 2 wks ago I seem to be having trouble digging in even though I'm feeling better. Your comments made this sound like a good one for mental tenacity.

rnd 1 - stumbled and hit my shin 2x, 24in box seemed like 30in, ready to pack it in...
Rnd 2 was faster than 1, and 3 was the fastest in spite of cu's being quite broken. It was good to work thru the wanting to 'pack it in' part...

Lauren said...

18:26 subbed 155# DL

Thanks KSC for the push today!!!

Eric O said...

First time posting. I've been lurking around for a while and doing some of the WOD's here and there. Thanks for all of the great info, it's great to get your thoughts on Nutrition and Programming!!

Time on WOD, done after Heavy Deads: 12:04, over 2 mins better than the last time I did this

Tom said...

26:56 as Rx'ed
Chins on low bar so kip was a bit sketchy.

Turkey sandwich pre
2 chicken breasts and 2 sweet potatoes post.

Garage Crossfitter said...


It went 4:16, 5:45, 6:37

I am happy with this time, this wod scared me, box jumps are a weakness of mine but i am very happy with my improvement (plus i have gained 14lbs since the games last yr).
For the record i did 10 step ups to start the last round to catch my breath, OPT correct me if I am wrong please but they are legal and its the same ammount of work being done?