no dip...dip...dip and dip again

for loads;
A1. press/push press/push jerk - 1.3.5 x 5; 120 sec
A2. chin ups x 21 straight reps; 120 sec

B1. 30 sec of 25#/h db push press amrap; 0 sec rest
B2. 30 sec of 25#/h db lockout overhead; 30 sec rest
B3. 30 sec handstand hold arms locked; 60 sec rest
x 3 sets

C. 100 jumping chin ups for time

post loads for overhead complex, notes on chin ups, reps for db push press, fractions for db and handstand holds and time for jumping chin ups to comments

with both arms outstretched, bar should be 8" from top of max reach for jumping chin ups

the next 2 of 3 in the cycle (1st and 3rd workout) will be lower volume and intensity; the middle workout will be for fun only to allow the brain to relax a little; the next 3 following that cycle will require some good sleep and eating


Sweeney said...


Are the chin ups weighted?

deejay said...

if your me they are

OPT said...

darren, no

Geoff Aucoin said...

Call me crazy but this one has Grant's name written all over it.

I think if Sweeney can do 21 weighted chin-ups straight than he should do weighted chins.

Mack said...

Complex / Pull ups

For whatever reason I had it in my head to split jerk, even warmed up with it.
Maxed out at 182lbs but not as Rx'd

Pulls ups: Had to break up 5th set

DB Push Press / Holds

34 / 34 / 36 = 104
No broken holds but I was vibrating

Jumping Chin Ups


deejay said...

For jumping chins, is the top of max reach 8" below or above the bar??

Chad Action Brandt said...

Ran my 6k last night in the Moonlight run with my clients. Only have one 5k since last Moonlight run!!!
Made the decision to go all out and ran a PB of 24:16.5/ 2nd in age category / 21st overall. Pretty funny when I finished, those ahead of me where all high school CCrunners, University CCrunners. They all where saying come'on CrossFit and giving me a slap on the butt to get me going up the last fricken huge hill; great kids!
My clients did extreamly well, and I am very proud of their results....when they do not train running!
Knees are very tender today, need some ice!
Clients Results:

Rob Sifton said...

Awesome work Chad.
Great to see more amazing non running results.

Rob Sifton said...

Wish I could do these last 2

3 rounds for time of
.25M sprints
10 35#/hand Hang Clean
25 Double unders
Time = 9:41

Lungs are so fried it is amazing.

Todd Dyer said...

111lb.- 21 chins
133 lb. - 21 chins
138 lb. - 21 chins
143 lb. - 21 chins
145 lb. - 21 chins
all unbroken
1. 30 reps 2. 30 reps 3. 25 reps
all holds unbroken handstands easier then db's
100 jumping pull ups
Time = 1:38

bso said...

Nice work Mack!

Overhead complex: 95-115-125-135-140
All chin ups unbroken (last set was tough)

DB PP: 24-14-14
DB hold: complete 1st set, 2 sets on second, 3 sets on 3rd
Handstand: kept losing balance on first, 27s on 2nd, 2 sets on 3rd

Jumping chins: 2:27

Trevor Salmon said...

back at it...sorta
A1: press/push press 115
A2: chins 18/21/21/21/21

tried the push jerks but couldn't get more than 3

B2:0/0/0 seriously could not get the left arm to lock out and stay that way
B3: 30/30/30

C1: 1:50 unfortunately got called away before starting this so it was about 10 minutes after B3
60 straight thru then 10/5/5/5/5/5/5

Elbow pretty good. Still sore but it's recovering quicker

Sweeney said...

Complex: 125lbs
Pull-ups - all unbroken

B1: 28/25/22
B2: 30/25/15 sec
B3: 30/28/28 sec

C: 1:05

Gord said...

press complex high was 152#
all chins unbroken

reps on the db pp 31/30/28
holds after this were tough..did the first 30 sec and only last 10 sec on the next 2

hs holds all 30 sec

jumping chins 1:09

nice work Sweeney and Mack on the jumping chins

Grant said...

Did this @ CFC. Great to see James leading classes again.
A1; 135/140/145/147.5/150
A2; all chins straight.

B1; 25/23/25
B2; cut third short. Not for lack of grunting.
B3; cruel. Fell short here

C; I have to admit I didn't think Mack's 68 seconds was possible. But then I did it in 69 seconds. Thanks for leading the way Mack! This was an ah-ha momemnt on JCUs for me. I fear them no more!

I really enjoyed this set of 3. Ready to go for Tuesday!

Brent Maier said...

I am so done after this one!

1: 40kg/UB
2: 50kg/UB
3: 55kg/UB
4: 60kg/UB
5: 70kg/UB

B1/B2/B3) The breaks were seperated by 3 quick breaths before continuing the 30 second hold.
1: 33/UB/UB
2: 22/2/UB
3: 15/3/3

C) Time: 1:20

A1) The 70kg complex stressed me a bit. My grip on the 70kg complex wasn't right because the tendons were bouncing around a lot. Strange.
A2) Pullups were unbroken, this was my #1 goal for today.

B1/2/3) These grew amazingly difficult for me as my albows don't *click* lock into place. Ouch

C) 2 minute rest and I got started on these. Bar was a little higher than it should have been but I got it done.

Pre/Post: DU practice. First round was 50 unbroken. Post DU's were still in the 10-20 range.

I'm spent!

unit said...


30sec /25sec /21sec
30sec /26sec /26sec



deejay said...

Worked up to 175lbs on the complex, attempted 182.5, could not press it but finished the rest of the complex.

chin ups straight through on first 3 rounds then 14+4+3 and 12+3+2+2+2

at this point I was toast
presses - 26/25/22
Holds - broken 2 or 3 times every time
hand stand holds - 25ish second each time

jumping chins - 2:08 realized after it was only a 4 inch reach since I measure with only one arm outstretched the first time.

Felt slugish the whole way through, completed the workout after a 3 hour drive from med hat

rwcorson said...

done on Mar. 16/09
I did A1 & A2 and then I ran out of time. A 1 hour break then B123 & C.
This WOD showed a huge weakness, even with the hour rest.
Press complex 105/115/125/130/135 fsiled on press, but did the PP & PJ anyway.
Pull ups - 21/21/18-3/12-2-2-2-2-1/12-5-4. I tore my hanls on the CTB PU the other day and taped up my hands. This seem to make my grip more difficult and it failed in the 3rd set. I removed it for the last rd and it helped.
DB push press 31/26/24
DB OH holds were horrid. 1st rd 24sec then 6, 2nd rd 10 sec, then 3 break. 3rd rd I could only hold it for 3-4 sec and then 10 sec rer and 2-3 secs again.
All HS hold unbroken.

rwcorson said...

I forgot the jumping pull ups- 3:29
My shoulders were smoked and I had nothing left.

Steve said...

- 95, 115. 125. 135. 145

Had to Partition once on set 2 and 3 of db overhead hold. HSPU holds straight through

- 1:30 for pull ups

Garage Crossfitter said...

all pullups unbroken, easy

B1 17 10 11 reps
B2 30,20,17sec
B3 20,17,20 sec

I did jumping pullups wrong
I put both arms directly overhead and bar was 10inches from hands. I am assuming i was suppose to raise arms over head as if i was going to do a pullup and put it 8in from that. so i ended up doing 50 reps in 4:23 and stopped there, i knew i was doing something wrong. ha ohh well good wod.

Shoulder section crushed me.

Garage Crossfitter said...

used 75# barbell for push press and holds...