lift move

3 sets:
12 thrusters - 115#
Row 90 sec @ +20 sec of your best 500 m sprint
rest 2 min
3 sets;
12 SDLHP - 115#
Row 60 sec @ +15 sec of your best 500 m sprint
rest 2 min
3 sets;
12 chest to bar chin ups
Row 30 sec @ + 10 sec of your best 500 m sprint
rest 2 min

rest 5 min b/t sets including the 2 min after last set
as an example, if your best 500 m row sprint is row a 1:50 avg for 1st set, 1:45 avg for second set and 1:40 avg for 3rd set

post avg row times and notes to comments


deejay said...

I have never done a 500m row by itself before so I had to guess I was around a 1:24, needless to say I got my ass handed to me this morning.
row times:
Did not break anything up until the last set of CTB chin ups, broke that up into 10+2+1.

Mack said...

PR 500m row is 1.27.8
1.46.8 / 1.47.0 / 1.47.0
1.41.9 / 1.41.9 / 1.41.8
1.35.2 / 1.35.7 / 1.36.4

Thrusters & SDLHP straight through
First rd CTB straight, 2nd round broken once, third round "shattered".

Nice rows DJ, must have rode in on your Thunderhorse today

Rory Hanlin said...

I really want to do this WOD, but I had to run 4.6 miles today for morning PT. I took the run seriously and my legs are pretty burnt.

I'm trying to decide if today will be too much...

Damn Army...

PTS said...

used 55lb KBS as subs for row

avg 31 KBS for thrusters last set of thrusters was broken 7/5

avg 19 KBS for SDLHP

avg 11 KBS for CTB pullups

Rob Sifton said...

Best 500m = 1:32

12 115# thrusters were broken up as
8/4 - 1:52
7/3/2 - 1:52
6/3/2/1 - 1:52

12 115# SDLHP
7/5 - 1:47
8/4 - 1:47
7/5 - 1:47

12 C2Bar chinups
12 - 1:42
12 - 1:42
12 - 1:42

I just noticed the 5min rest between sets, Did not do that, only 2 min. Damb

Lauren said...

Best 500m = 1:40 ( I think anyways, but I haven't done this in a while)

12 95# thrusters (slower then I wanted, but was watching the hip sit.)
2:27 (6/6)
3:27 (very broken, couldn't get lock out)

12 95# SDLHP
1:50 (6/6)

12 C2Bar chinups (all sets broken)

Derek said...

Did not have a row machine so did 90, 60, 30 sec of SDLHP (45lbs) after each exercise

Ryan G. said...

Not too sure what my 500m time is to I used 1:27.

1. 1:47/500m- 1:46.9/1:47.0/1:47.5
- I did front squat instead of thrusters, all sets straight through.

2. 1:42/500m- 1:42.6/1:42.4/1:42.1
- First set ot SDLHP straight through, second was 9/3 and third was 8/2/2.

3. 1:37/500m- 1:37.7/1:37.4/136.9
- 1st set of C2B pullups was 9/3, second was 7/3/2 ans last was 6/2/2/2.

rwcorson said...

1) 1:48.7/1:48.9/1:49.4
2) 1:44.7/1:44.5/1:44.2
3) 1:40.2/1:37.2/1:37.0

The thrusters were unbroken. The 1st rd of SDLHP were unbroken and then the wheels fell off. CTB pu were all broken sets.

Todd Dyer said...

best 500m = 1:32
thrusters 12-1:52, 12- 1:52, 12-1:52
sdlhp 9+3-1:47,9+3-1:47, 9+3- 1:47
c to b chins 12-1:42, 12-1:42, 12- 1:42
sdlhp was hardest set

rwcorson said...

I've never done a 500m row for time, only 500m rows with 3 between. The best time was 1:30.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Best 500 around 1:26

Round 1- 1:46/1:46.1/1:46.4
Round 2- 1:41/1:41.7/1:42.6
Round 3- 1:35.8/1:36.2/1:36.6

Straight through all reps although there were some miscues (nearly fell over on 1st round of thrusters, had to re-set rhythm on 11th rep of 3 round of CTBs). Pretty happy with results considering it was harder than I thought and I'm running on fumes today after 2 rough nights with crappy sleep at the firehall.

I know, boo-f#$kin'-hoo.

Gord said...

PR 500m row- 1:37

Forgot to write rows down before I left.

Thrusters- did all without putting weight down, but needed to hold it in rack position at different reps in different sets.
Rows were all between 1:56 and 1:58

SDLHP- got out of control trying to go to fast. The first set I did 6 and 6. The next two sets I went slower and straight through
all rows between 1:50 and 1:53

CTB chins straight through went too fast on the first Row and did it at 1:41, paced the next 2 better around 1:45-1:47

Geoff Aucoin said...

Boys (and girls) I've been a veritable paleo zone-ish deamon in the kitchen the past few weeks so if anyone needs some culinary inspiration I could probably head you in the right direction. For instance, tonight I had chocolate 'cake' as part of my meal. It's main ingredients were almond meal and BEETS!!

Lauren said...

also, wanted to note that my c2b were done on a parallel grip bar- soooo it was really 'how high can I get myself between these bars" ups.

unit said...

yesterday did 'jackie' after an intramural bball game...

today's WOD as rx'ed

1:38 / 1:39 / 1:41
1:28 / 1:31 / 1:30
1:19 / 1:21 / 1:22

went straight through on the sets as rx'ed


Brent Maier said...

Best 500m Row is Geoffs - 2 seconds = 124 (I don't have a recent one. That was good enough for me)

1) 144.1/144.8/144.9
2) 139.6/139/139.9
3) 135.2/136.3/133.5

Great masterpiece of a workout tonight coach. Perfectly proportioned. Everything was unbroken tonight. Freaking sweet. I thought the pullups were going to give me a fit.

Gaucoin, you have my email address brother. Hook me up with some good eats. Those pumpin cookies are officially my #1 dessert!

Sweeney said...

PR 500m row is 1:34 I think:

Round 1: 154.1/153.9/154
Round 2: 148.7/149/149.4
Round 3: 141.6/142.3/142.1

I did this WOD about 45 min after dinner tonight. Head is throbbing and guts are churning. Serves me right. Rookie mistake

Geoff, I would like that pumpkin cookie recipe and whatever else you have. I've been looking for some variety in my diet; unfortunately I've been finding it at Marble Slab.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Sweeny you ain't a rookie if you're barking with the Big Dawgs. Next time you're staring at the barbell on the floor you can picture your last visit to the Slab and thank them...

Grant said...

500m pace = 1:30
did 1st 2 thrstrs & SDLHP straight although slow (did row before thrstrs but got it figured out on SDLHP & CTB). Did CTB straight - good rhythum. Groin injury was not a factor (ex groin injury). thanks to Ian.
Did not write down row times but should be close to target. Mike gave Don & I 45 seconds to vacate the place before the alarm went off & Red attacks.
Geoff I'm interested in your pumpkin recipe. Geoff has helped start me out on kefir as a great probiotic. Ask the kefir king for help if interested (or me as a rookie).

Michael FitzGerald said...

Rd 1 - Rows were between 1:47-1:48
All thrusters clean.
Rd 2 - Rows were between 1:43-1:44
All SDLHP clean.
Rd 3 - Rows were between 1:36-1:37
Chins were (11+1)(8+2+2)(5+3+2)

Garage Crossfitter said...

-1:47 average on first 3 sets of rows then..

all reps unbroken. very happy with this wod, only thing i was disappointed with was grip issues during rows after SDHP.