what is 88 deg F in Celcius?

for loads;
Power Snatch - 3,3,3,3,3,3,3; 240 sec rest b/t sets
5 min rest after last attempt
for loads:
3 position power snatch (high hang, knee cap, floor);
1.1.1 x 5; 180 sec rest b/t sets
5 min rest after last attempt
for reps;
10 min double unders

highest load lifted for 3 in power snatch in kg + highest load lifted for 3 pos snatch in kg + reps in double unders is your score (100kg + 80kg + 600 reps = 780 as score)

post score to comments

you can only rest briefly (i.e. BRIEFLY) b/t reps for snatch sets
a squat snatch is regarded as a failed power snatch attempt and does not count
you can begin each hang of power snatch with hips at full extension but you must make a concentrated effort to pause briefly at heights indicated before pulling barbell (i.e. at thigh and knee cap)
and just to ensure everyone is clear, the rope must go underneath you twice to count as a double under :)...if you land on rope on attempt, that rep does not count...have fun

Friday is a double wod day - am heavy met con, pm cardio respiratory endurance, plan accordingly

post fuel:
above 12% - 40g prot/10-20g carb - PFC meal 60 min later
8-12% - 40g prot/40 g carb - PFC meal 90 min later
below 8% - 40g prot/60 g carb - PFC meal 90 min later


Geoff Aucoin said...

Sweet sweet Oly day. Love it.

Oh, I think 88F is Eat S%$t deg C...

Gord said...

James my work schedule friday will only me to do one of the work outs...which one?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Is it Friday already? Wait and see, grasshopper.

Hixy said...

I love the post wod meal recommendations! I've used the zone calculator to calculate my bodyfat %, http://www.drsears.com/ZoneResources/BodyFatCalculator/tabid/414/Default.aspx. Is this accurate enough?

I'm wondering if I'm ready to start on this WOD, or if I should be doing strength work for a couple of more months.
Numbers for 1 RM:
Back Squat - 115 kg
Front Squat - 100 kg
Deadlift - 125 kg
Press: 47,5 kg
Bench: 65 kg
C&J: 72,5 kg
Squat snatch: 55 kg
HSPU: Almost capable of 5 consecutive...

What do y'all think?

Anonymous said...

can't wait...this one looks awesome!!!

Mack said...

64.5 / 60 / 449

Todd Dyer said...

Hi Guys, haven't posted in a while.
I broke my big toe and can only do upper body stuff for at least 3 weeks. Will try o modify some of the work outs for now.


Katrina Burton said...

power snatch 38.64kg
3 position power snatch 31.82kg
double unders 652
Score = 722.46

Thumbs always hurt after working snatch. Should have went heavier on the 3 position power snatch, but haven't had enough experience with these yet to gauge what weighs I should be using.

Tom said...

I'm in the camp that doesn't think it's necessary to go to a specific program like starting strength just to get better at crossfit. When I did it, my met con and other skills suffered too much. I think your numbers are fine to start this WOD. Just scale the metcons if needed to keep intensity high and go all out on the strength days to increase your numbers. I just started and am a cycle behind, but I really like this programming so far.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hixy, anything that's online that tells you what your bodyfat might be is inaccurate at best. It might as well be telling you what colour your underwear is. Have someone measure you with skinfold calipers; outside of hydrostatic weighing that's your best bet for accuracy.

And start doing the WODs, your numbers are fine. If the WOD is too hard, scale it. You'll not find better programming anywhere. And it's free.

PTS said...

65.8/61.2/ 398
525 total

Double unders were really rusty and shoulders were on fire.

On the power snatch I am getting my feet really wide at the end. Is this poor technique and should I be keeping my feet at a certain width on the landing?

Jefff said...

1. 54.4kg
2. 47.6kg
3. 325 DU (not happy with DU)

Total - 427

Gord said...

trying to "plan accordingly" master. Grasshopper will work on patience.

get better Todd

Lauren said...

40kg + 28.8 kg (time constraints so only 1 attempt at this)+ 500 DU


Ryan G. said...

Looks like I'm not going to have an chance to get into the gym today.

I'm going to do the skipping, I allways have my Buddy Lee handy.

Geoff Aucoin said...

P. Snatch - 63.64
3 pos snatch - 51.14
Doubles - 453
Total - 568

Didn't push the weights today as I wanted form to be dead on, did lots of video analysis btw sets and it was a huge help. Same mistakes but I can pinpoint better, but back angle improved at start.

Doubles well under my 500 goal but me arms are just fried. I thought my nasty-ass cold might slow me down a bunch but after the 1st 200 reps (@ about 6:14 remaining) I couldn't string together a ton of multiples. I didn't miss much at all, maybe 5 times max, but the frickin' arms and shoulders were toasty.

Awesome doubles from the female reps today, well done!! And Lauren, beating me by .8 is just evil.

Anonymous said...

64kg power snatch
57kg 3 position
211 double unders

Trevor Salmon said...

PS- 54.5
3 pos PS - 52.3
dbl unders - 452

still found as weight increased I was raising my hips too early and was almost parallel to the floor with my back angle.

Rory Hanlin said...

93.1+75+405= 573.1

3 position snatches were light, just worked on form. I'm still sore as hell from playing two games of soccer yesterday.

rwcorson said...

power snatch-59.09

Chad Action Brandt said...

Power Snatch 61.4kg
Snatch Complex 49kg
DU's 550
SCORE = 660.4

Knee has been giving me some serious problems. Lots of physio going on right now.

Michael FitzGerald said...

PS 3's - 50kg. My brain is afraid of my hips.
PS complex - 45.5kg
DU's - 600 on the nose. 700 is douable.

Total = 695.5

rwcorson said...

Holy DU's Katrina, Mike, Chad & Lauren! Great work.

rwcorson said...

Holy DU's Katrina, Mike, Chad & Lauren! Great work.

Ryan G. said...

Nothing will help you focus on jumping in the same spot for DU'S like doing them in an 6x8 area in between the bed and desk at work.

- 329 DU's in 10 min. This was my best DU session to date so I'm happy.

Brent Maier said...

It's a blizzard here and everything is closed. Garage is all sloppy and in the teens, it's not going to happen. Good night to spend with the fam by the fire.

We're supposed to get upwards of 2feet of snow. Tomorrow may be a 3 or 4 workout day with all the shoveling.

Sorry to hear about your toe Todd. Thats a bummer.

Gord said...

snatch complex-53.4
DU-251-looked good for the first 50

Total 361

Grant said...

at OPT
score 405

fast healing on the toe Todd!
Ryan, what are you doing with a bed at work?

not sure how I can do an AM & PM WOD on a Friday? If it is a run I could do it at noon?
Gord, don't fotget to log-off

bso said...

Only 30 seconds rest between last snatch and double unders. Think I could have hit well over 500, but started to slow it down cuz something wasn't right in the shoulder.

59 + 57 + 429 = 545

Ryan G. said...


I work in a group home where at this time I'm on hour 61 of a 72 hour shift.

deejay said...

Power snatch triplet - 83kg
3 pos. Power snatch - 71kg
DU's - 341
Total - 495

Garage Crossfitter said...

3 pos-56.8
du- 500

Snatches felt good, but i am still jumping forward which causes me to lose heavier weights forward, I have to stay on my heels longer.
double unders burned bad, i think 520 or so is my pr...