be a rownast...or a gymer...

5 rounds for time;
400 m row
7 muscle ups

arms must start at full extension at bottom of muscle up, and elbows locked out at top to finish
damper as you wish on row

post time to comments


Gord said...


Mack said...

M/U sub: 12 strict ring dips / 12 CTB P/U


Ryan G. said...

Sub - 12 ring dip / 12 C2B pull up.

Time: 19:31

rwcorson said...

20:20 full hand turn out at bottom and no dropping off rings until full extension @ bottom, rows @ damper 6 under 1:45 500m place thru out, I wanted sub 20 but failed on 1 MU in 3rd & 5th rd.
Nice work Gord. DJ, awesome rows.

Todd Dyer said...

time= 17:29

Sweeney said...

Hey Rob,

Is the standard to complete the MU with a full hang?

Hixy said...

Does 7 MU's closely relate to 12 strict ring dips and 12 CTB pull-ups?

PTS said...

my subs:
40 SDLHP 45lbs
12 rings dips/ 12 CTB P/U


it sucks not having a rower, and still not being able to do a dead hang MU

Chad Action Brandt said...

18:16 as RQ'd

Geoff Aucoin said...

19:53 (nice job, Chad!)

I thought I'd be faster after MU's felt so good in warm-up but they went south quickly. Generally it's the false grip that starts slipping and my contact wasn't as good with the bar as it was with Nate.

Rows were a let down, I've been struggling with severe burning in the legs on many of the workouts lately so I don't know if I'm buffering the lactic acid out of my legs poorly but wow, they were like lead on the rows. First round overall was 3:30 so that pace was too hard to maintain but average row was 1:45.

rwcorson said...

If you go off the CF main site the standard is hands turned out when you start & a full hang at the bottom before getting off the rings(similar to on the minute pull ups).
If you are working toward doing multiple reps at some point, I think it is a good idea to get full extension at the bottom, as you need to do this when you do multiples.
Anyone else care to comment?

Sweeney said...


First round was also 3:30.

Second round was when I started to fail the MU and it just got worse from there. I wasted some valuable time throwing a temper tantrum, when Geoff handed me a pacifier. Things progressed slightly from that point onward until the last round where it took me about 13 attempts to complete 7 MU.

It was a battle, but I got 'er done.


Steve said...


subbed bar muscle ups for rings

Derek said...

sub 7 MU with 21 pull-ups & 14 dips


Brent Maier said...

Time: 14:56 as RX'd

Rows @ 8 and ranged from 1:38-1:45
MU's were full singles all the way with no failures. Great workout

bso said...

I decided to be a boxrownast and did 3 rounds at a light pace for my boxing workout

Brent Maier said...

Geoff, your comment regarding the bar grip and Nate made me think I misread the workout for a sec. Wish I could have been there for sweenys temper tantrum.

This workout complements J.T. perfectly!

Splits: 2:20/2:49/3:03/3:20/3:21

deejay said...


Geoff Aucoin said...

That is a sick time, Brent, you need to put that one up on YouTube.

Brent Maier said...

Yeah, I wish I had taped this one considering the times. I still have my sub 6 minute Randy to post that we did last week. Family, work, crossfit, sleep, you all know how it is.

Tomorrows workout looks great! I'm thinking it was a bad idea to work interval overhead squats into my post workout today. *head shaking*

Rob Sifton said...

damper at 8
Time = 18:23

Did all ones as I am not efficient at getting the grip in the way down and come off the rings lots anyways.

Took yesterday off as I got tied up with other stuff.

Great time Brent, WOW!

Michael FitzGerald said...

19:59 as rx'd. Happy with this, since my previous best 30 MU's for time was somewhere around 21 mins.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Bad tendonitis in my left elbow, def did not want to flare it up even more so i decided to tackle a wod i did about 6 months ago...
Back X and GHD situps= 8:43
Last time i did this wod i think it was around 11:15 ish? Very happy with improvement. Core is shot, hams and glutes are exploding.