Thurs Mar 19th WOD

"my little piece of heaven"

"powerful work Todd!" - Mike's sweet 2009 project

use 55% of your 1RM dead lift and perform 8 sets of 2 reps; rest 45 sec b/t sets
for time;
Sprint Row 300m
20 ring dips
Sprint Row 300 m
20 ring dips
Sprint Row 300 m

post DL weights used and row/ring dip time to comments

generalized PWO feeding for this intensity today:
above 12% BF - 30-40g prot/10g carb
8-12% BF - 30-40g prot/20g carb
below 8% BF - 30-40g prot/30g carb

then PFC meal 60-90 min later


Hixy said...

Nice WOD today!

How should one determine the quantity of the PWO meal as it depends on the intensity of the workout? De-/increase the amount of protein/carbs? Does it vary between the various WODs posted on this site?

I've read and heard people say: "I'm going to increase my bodyweight to 185 to see if my performance increases". How do they increase their bodyweight with a minimal amount of bodyfat? Strength routine for 4 weeks with huge food intake, get fat, and then lose the fat? Or just eat sliiiightly more than previously, so they gain weight gradually?

PTS said...

dl weight= 232lbs
4:48 subbed 30, 45lb SDLHP for row per rd

PWC meal?

OPT said...

Hixy, i knew posting that would open a can of worms for questions, i'll do my best; quantity is determined based on a crap load of factors (i've used one so most people can think):
1. BF% - the leaner you are, the more carbs your body can handle
2. your food tolerances/intolerances; your bodys internal responses to how it "sees" the food determines what and how much you have
3. your bowel transit time; how well you break down and use fuel
4. your food quality; where you get your food from can play in part in increased/decreased absorption
5. the intensity of the WOD; depends on if it is cellular based or neural based
,,,these are just a few, some others are lifestyle based, and timing based that i'l cover another time
this is by far a stretch for me as i NEVER generalize for PWO feding but i thought i'd help some conversation start on it so people can think a little more about it...
i think i have prescribed 30+ different PWO concoctions all for different purposes

Rory Hanlin said...

Well, since Coach opened the can, I might as well add a few questions.

What do people think of Rob Wolf's suggestion that an athlete should consume the majority of his/her Carbs PWO? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he advocates something like 50 percent of daily carb intake right after the WOD. I haven't been doing that but am thinking about trying it to see if it makes a difference on my recovery, especially with an intense WOD.

I think this technique could really help with recovery especially with the upcoming high intensity WODs.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Any ideas on what a 30-40g P/30g C meal looks like?

PTS: PWO = post-workout, PCF = protein/carb/fat

Mack said...


Gord said...

DL- 206#

Row/Ring dip - 4:28
and then 15- 20min to get my head to stop spinning and fighting off our friend pukie

Have fun with this one

deejay said...

Deadlifts 263lbs
Metcon - 6:57
rows - 50.7/53.4/53.5
dips felt better today

OPT said...

30 g whey protein and 30 g maltodextrin
4 oz chicken and 2 apples
4 oz cheese and 2 pieces bread
4 eggs and 1.5 bananas
there are of course some good and poor examples but the kind of food can vary for each person...liquid vs food vs quality is something each person needs a different amount of...

Rory, i think Robb changes things for people as well based on the kind of wod, what he says about 50% post wod is a generalized great way of ensuring correct recovery...but of course the workout demands can determine what you have and when and what kind of fuel...when they are smashers...i have prescibed and sometimes use 10-14 blocks of carbs post workout...obviously more than this is what I need and some others you are lean and can use these carbs easily....
par example, yesterdays wod for me (3rd of 4th day of training, 4th one to come) was long in duration and moderate wod was 20g prot/60g carb immediately...then 45 min later was a wonderful sushi treat from a client - appprox 6 P blocks and 10 C blocks...with some nuts after...then 120 min later i had organic ground beef with tomatoe sauce and veggies in it with guacamole...approx 6 P blocks, 4 C blocks and 8-10 fat blocks...everyone is different

base the PWO nutrition on 4 main things over a period of 21 days (NOT THREE!!!):
1. belly fat accumulation or loss
2. performance scores
3. CNS recovery from workout to workout
4. inflammation

word of day - "foogno" = what i say when asked if there is one answer to the PWO nutrition question

Tom said...

Thanks for the comments on nutrition. Very interesting. I've been following Robb W's lead, consuming about 50% of daily carbs post workout. I usually hit about a 4:1 ratio of sweet potatoes to chicken PWO, and it's been working well. Honestly, I've never thought about switching it up based on the workout.

Coach, how would your PWO meal differ between something like Cindy and a more cns based workout like 7x1 C&J? Fewer carbs for the latter since it's less metabolically taxing? What's worked for you best in the past? Thanks.

Rory Hanlin said...

Yesterday's WOD:

50 Reps: 5:40

L Sit from floor:
2 sec (rectis femoris cramp...)
4 sec
9 sec I need to work on this...

Double Unders: 111

KB Swings: 126

Sit Ups: 79

I'm going to skip today and rest tomorrow so I am caught up for the upcoming WODs.

OPT said...

my 32 rds Cindy PR
post workout was (cause i track all this shit) 5 oz chicken sausage, 1 cup apple sauce, 1 cup yam within 30 minutes...then i was bascially falling asleep so i shot down 40 cashews....then i had 2 slices Kamut bread and nut butter with 2 eggs 60 min later...then had supper 2 hours later and it was chicken and veggies and LEighanne's gravy...then i noted that i needed some sugars again after that meal (craving) so had a fudge hemp bar...
i say this b/c everyone is different, if i put all i got in me into that wod as i did that cannot give me enough food for the rest of the day...gymnastics ones like that with high speed SMOKE me....
as for C and J for 1's...i'd snack before hand and take aminos during and have just a regular PFC meal there is usually no glycogen tax, but the brain needs protein replenishment after those
as mentioned...i will come up with an equation soon so people can use that based on the wods, hence the reason why i am posting them so people can see the differences per wod in fuel mon chacho?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Used recent '1RM' for deads to really work the new 'Coach Rip' deadlift form @ 206 lbs.

WOD - 4:37. Wanted all rows under 1:00 but hit 1:00.5 on round 2 which tells me (even more) than I need to be tougher in the middle rounds. Dip felt awesome on the 1st 20 but the second was badly broken.

I'm frackin' smoked.

Tom said...

Awesomeness. I'll start to tweak PWO based on the workout to see what gives me the best recovery. Thanks for sharing your experiences coach. Look forward to reading that nutrition guide.

Trevor Salmon said...

195 for the dl
6:57 for the wod
ring dips slowed it down

Michael FitzGerald said...

4:16 as rx'd. Best ring dips I have ever had.
DL related?

Sweeney said...


Pretty happy with the output today. Thanks to the FitzGerald clan for the push. Really enjoyed Hannah singing in the background.

Re: the video:

I have watched Todd workout on several occasions and I commend him for his work ethic. He gives it his ALL every time!!!

Much respect Todd...keep it up!!

bso said...

Hey guys,
I had some work done on my eyes today. I'm out of commission til early next week. Enjoy the next 3/1! Sounds like good times ahead.

Laura said...

Hey Michael,
I think the your ring dips were so easy today because you had to show me "the kip dip" so many times on Monday!

Brent Maier said...

DL: 221lbs
Row/dips: 4:46

Row times: 53/55/55

Rob Sifton said...

lowered it a bit on the DL to

Row/Dip = 6:07

1:00 row
1:13 row
1:23 row

1st dips were good, 2nd not so much

Todd Dyer said...

hey guys.
going to save this one for a couple of days.
Had dental surgery today and I don't want the stiches to tear.(puss)
looks like a fun one though. Good luck.

Grant said...

at OPT with Mike & Kathleen
220# DL
4:52 row/dips
row#1 58.8 138 pace 34 s/m damper 7
row#2 102.7 144 pace 31 s/m
row#3 58.6 137.6 pace 35 s/m
1st rings straight through
2nd rings 8-10-13-15-17-18-19-20-20 (re-do @ 20)

rwcorson said...

231.5# for DL
5:25 for row/ring dips
all rows under 1 min., dips were slow & broken.
Dips, arrrrggggghhhh!

bso said...

Coach, how do you measure inflammation?

Anonymous said...

Great post James, glad you got the discussion going.

I had some monster success with following Robb Wolf's lower carb version of the Zone. I was mainly doing carbs post-WOD, but usually only 2-3 blocks of sweet potato with 4 blocks protein and some fat.

I leaned out from about 19% BF to 14% in one month, then just got stuck.

I tried to lower the carbs a little more and stay away from starchy carbs all together. Additionally, I tried to watch my fat intake very closely - which meant counting cooking oils as blocks and not eating extra nuts even when I was hungry.

The result of me tightening up was that I crashed hard. Got extremely sick with a Viral Infection/URI, didn't lose any additional BF, mood swings, and was craving carbs and fat like crazy.

Decided to shift back to some starchier carbs post-WOD and add in fat where I feel like I need it to avoid hunger.

Looking at my BF loss at this point as a marathon not a sprint and see how it goes. Would love to hit that 8% BF mark then start upping the fat, but seems like when I tighten up too much, I bonk hard.

Garage Crossfitter said...

deads all at 205, fast and strong..

rows, 1:00,1:05,1:00
dips were slow..
My traps and neck from those inverted hangs yesterday are extremely sore, i think that played an issue today...