power endurance


simply inspiring...a sport that is not talked about much but my belief would rattle a lot of people with regards to work capacity...

side note...what is wrong with our canadian sport of hockey...i'm sensing something is missing or has changed...is it just me or does every guy that gives a good clean hit today is chased down be every player on the ice on the other team to fight him???...when i played, if you got hit hard like that you were told on the bench by your own players to keep your frickin' head up...now it seems that everytime some guy gets smashed...it's either a dirty hit or you're going to get crumbled by someone within seconds...where is it gone where you hit someone hard and clean and it was a part of the game...it taught others to keep their head up...hits to the head???..i'm calling BS...i'm callin' out a weaker, somewhat less passionate game...thoughts?


deejay said...

Hey Geoff I did yesterdays workout today and I'm posting it in today's comments just because I know you love that! 7620 as rx'd

Rob Sifton said...

Love the skiing. It is a good example that technique is vital to efficiency. Without it you WILL be crushed (Mike did you ever get those pine needles out of you hair?)

I know nothing about hockey, so I cannot comment. Curling, now that I can comment but no-one wants to hear about a bunch of drunk guys falling down on the ice trying to throw rocks at each other.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice job DJ, thanks for posting yesterdays WOD today. Maybe Mike should post what he thinks his score will be for tomorrows? Oh and DJ yer livin' in the past, maaaan.

I think as far back as I can remember cross-country skiing has been accepted as one of the more gruelling sports that no on talks about. It just ain't as sexy as them try-athalons.

Hockey is getting pussy-fied by scared parents and Europeans. Like the man said, keep your frickin' head up. (Woah, Don Cherry just took over my brains!)

And for the American readers; hockey is this sport we Canadians eh play year round eh because it's so cold out eh...

Gord said...

hockey has many issues...the fifth estate did a very interesting piece on fighting in hockey last week.

Hockey teams have normally 2 guys on every team that do not have the skill set to play in the NHL. Their job is to protect their team mates. What this means is they fight the guy on the other team that who also does not have the skill set to play at that level. Better yet they plan their fight and then play about 2 min the rest of the game. I question if this is real passion. These players have existed forever but they also use to have a skill set to play a regular shift. Guys like Wendel Clark, Cam Neely, Bob Probert, Gordie Howe, Bobby Clarke, Terry O'Riely, ect.

Secondly-- there are too many team in the NHL -which results lots of players who are about as exciting to watch as paint drying. Imagine if there were only six teams again..pick the best 120 players in the league and the rest would be gone. Guys who are stars now would be 4th line players. If you add enough water to a glass of rum, eventually you have a glass of water with a little rum. This is what has happened with NHL expansion..the good exciting players are overwhelmed by guys who cannot keep up. Maybe this why we now have to qualify for the crossfit games..only the best of the best should be there.

As a kid I use to watch every game from buzzer to buzzer. Now I can hardly watch a whole period.

That's my NHL rant as a fan...I use to love Don Cherry...I can't listen to him know...not in touch with current reality.