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congrats to Rob Sifton and Rob Corson (both Big Dawgs...can i hear a group howl!!!) who finished 2nd in both of their age groups in the 5K run for the whales in Hawaii on a recent visit there...just another proof in the pudding that we can out run runners without running...i love's actually so funny i'm giggling...cause those darn runners work so long and damn hard on that running thing....oh well...

build quickly to a tough 1 for a thruster
barbell must be taken from floor and paused overhead for 5 sec
you must power clean it first, then perform thruster
rest 5 min
3 rounds for time;
10 R arm db power snatch - 40#
20 R arm periscope lunges - 40#
10 L arm db power snatch - 40#
20 L arm periscope lunges - 40#

knee grazes ground on lunges, arm MUST be locked out at start and finish of all lunge reps
periscope lunges are lunges performed while having one arm completely locked out holding DB overhead as you walk
hips must come to full extension on snatch before DB is lowered for next rep, you must dip to catch, you cannot muscle snatch it

post thruster load and time to comments


Garage Crossfitter said...

and the workouts keep pumped up...thank you coach

Matthew said...

205#,8:21, the part I thought would give me issues (snatches) didn't, and the part I thought I would fly through (lunges) I didn't, great workout.

Rory Hanlin said...


Much slower than I had hoped. My whole body is tired.

deejay said...

thruster - 232lbs
WOD - 7:52 as rx'd
my shoulders are still blasted from J.T.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh yeah, I totally called this one..

Rory Hanlin said...

Oh, I forgot:

275 Thruster

295 Failed

Mack said...

192 thruster
failed 212 at thruster bottom frikin squats


Lauren said...

did a 100lb thruster, still rehabbing hip up.

used 30lb for snatch/lunges

haha my word is "mench"
would that be mens bench press?

Geoff Aucoin said...

201.5 thruster, just got it.

7:50 metcon. Burn in quads was unreal so lunges were brutally slow. Don't know if I missed warming them up well or what but wow, intense burn there.

Now I know what Mike was groaning about so loudly; nice work on the sub-7 performance.

Chad Action Brandt said...

178# Thruster Hold-up
Could not get 185 over my head time.

7:51 My Legs are toast! Active shoulder practice in HSPU and static HSHold has helped out a ton!

You guys are beasts! 275# Power Clean Thruster!!!! Well done!

Hey Fitzy, you do post anymore?

Rob Sifton said...

150# Thruster (happy as I have not Power Cleaned that before and the Thruster was a new PB for me as well)
Fried me
Tabata Squats 2 days ago is hurting me on this

rwcorson said...

182 for thruster
10:30 for WOD
Left shoulder was limiting factor on periscope lunges.
Rory, you are a beast!

PTS said...

185lb thruster

9:54 metcon- power on the lunges was limiting factor

posting my goals for March to hold myself accountable

10 consectutive HSPU's and 135lb OHS. To achieve this I will add both excercises to my daily warm-up

Anonymous said...

210# thruster

10:56 for the WOD

my glutes are brutually sore for some strange reason:)

Steve said...

Thruster - 210
New pb, for clean and thrusters, and better than my previous jerk.

12:48 - way too slow

bso said...

Nice work Rob & Rob!!!

Thruster 175. Think I had more, but experienced the shoulder "click" to which I've learned to listen.

5:30 but totally misread the workout and did only 10 lunges.... dammit.

Sweeney said...


Lots of fractioning today. I need to be tougher and push harder...

Rob and Rob - nice work!!

Age categories???

I'm visualizing Corson kicking the walker out from under his competitor(s).

Brent Maier said...

Thruster: 209
Time: 8:56

Legs were burning real good from the 2nd round on.

Gord said...

Thruster- 172lbs

Staight through on all snatches...I am sure I was guilty of doing muscle snatches as I got tired

Straight through on 1st round of lunges. second and third round few fractions..lowest reps in third round was 6.

Good day to have short legs and strong shoulders

Gord said...

oh yeah ...great job in Hawaii Sifton and Corson

Derek said...

185 lbs Thruster
WOD 13:42 as rx'd

Jackie said...

Rob and Rob way to go in Hawaii!!

Michael FitzGerald said...
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Michael FitzGerald said...

Thruster - 185, 195(f). Short on time so stopped there. Should have been 200+.

Garage Crossfitter said...

195 thruster, just missed 205

9:46, left shoulder limiting factor for this wod, alittle weaker.