eat your wheaties

part 1:
3 rounds for time;
10 power clean - 155#
15 chin ups
20 squats

rest 6 or more hours

part 2:
Run 1 mile - all out!

hips must be straight at top of catch on clean
squats to 10" object/bench/pad/mat...hips extend fully at top

post fuel - part 1:
above 12% - 30g prot/10 g carbs - PFC meal 60 min later
8-12% - 30g prot/20 g carbs - PFC meal 60 min later
below 8% - 30g prot/30 g carbs - PFC meal 60 min later

post fuel - part 2:
above 12% - 30 g prot/10 g carbs - PFC meal 60 min later - no overeating allowed
8-12% - 30 g prot/20 g carbs - PFC meal 60 min later - have a dessert
below 8% - 30 g prot/30 g carbs - PFC meal 60 min later - overeat if you wish

rest well on Saturday!


Geoff Aucoin said...

"below 8% - 30 g prot/30 g carbs - PFC meal 60 min later - overeat if you wish"

Roger that!

Gord said...

"eat your wheaties" - bring back the titles that remind me that some day we might get weather that I don't need my winter coat for! bring back some heat!!!

Mack said...

Part 1: 7:48

rwcorson said...

Power cleans were sinlges with little or no rest betwee.
Pull ups- 15-10/5-8/4/3
Squats strait, but didn't push hard enough in rds 1 & 2.

Jefff said...


Pull-ups - straight through

Squats (8" target) - straight through

Cleans - Round #3 took a while

rwcorson said...

Oh, and I forgot to use 155lbs and instead used 95lb. Oops.

I also forgot to log out...

Geoff Aucoin said...


Parts of this WOD pleased me, others not so much. 1st round straight through in around 1:30 (yay) but middle and last round of pull-ups not great. Last round of pull-ups felt like the last 9 of Fran, quite pukie. Lay down for a while after this with severe burning in throat and chest. Lungs not there from my cold but it didn't slow me down.

rwcorson said...

You're a funny guy.
I did use 155# and you've never forgotten to log out and I've never posted bullshit under your name.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I forgot to do the third round so my time was actually 9:59

Trevor Salmon said...

power cleans a struggle
chins 15 straight on round 1
10/5 on 2nd round and very fractioned on the third
forgot to squat to a target but squat depth was ass to ankles

Michael FitzGerald said...

4:46. Not happy with this. I was about 10 sec faster when I did this in October 08. This time my 3rd of chins sucked bad. PC's and Squat were same as last time.

PTS said...

6:56. power cleans were slow.
chins were 15 , 7/8, 5/4/6.
squats were straight through.

mile run is going to be a maybe due to time/work restraints.
played a bball game last night so got some cardio in.

Lauren said...

6:39 w/ #115

grip was done by the end. I forgot to use the hook grip until I failed on my 5th clean, last set. Once I switched that up I was good to go and realized I definitly should have been using that earlier. Next time.

bso said...

Need to flip the order of the workouts.

1 mile run on snowy + black ice unplowed (20cm of snow) residential roads. -16deg Celsius. 7:22

But, as it usually is in Winnipeg, the sun was shining like crazy. Couldn't miss that!

Ryan G. said...

Time- 8:34

Matthew said...


Trevor Salmon said...

Geoff was really 5:59
great job man.

Brent Maier said...

Time: 5:37

First two rounds of power cleans were painfully straight through. Last round broken up into 3 quick sets. Pullups got difficult and squats were just enough to make the pc's difficult and kick the heart rate up. I was shooting for a pre six minute time and got it.

I had an olympic lifter watch my form on this and she pointed something out that everyone may relate to on the PC's. As the rounds progressed, they increasingly lost momentum on the transition into the second pull. Why? The squats had enough impact on the legs that the body started bending over more on the first pull rather than use the legs and standing standing straight up (dragging the bar across the shins). The more you bend over on the first pull and use less legs, the more strain you put on your back and the longer it takes for you to transition to the 2nd pull. Increased fatigue and lower efficiency.

Hope it helps...

Chad Action Brandt said...

Happy with the Power Cleans, all singles, but one after the other.
To big of transition from lifting platform and pull-up bar. I can't drop the weights at my gym by thes pull-up bars or they will drop through the floor onto the pitchers mound in the basement!!

Grant said...

Talisman centre @ noon.
5:55 everything straight but had to walk to a station for a chin-up bar.

Will try to return there tonight for the run @ ~ 6 or 7PM (anybody?). Drop-in fee ($12.50) gets you access for the whole day with a hand stamp.Had to improvise for chalk. Used green chalk board chalk; adds colour. Facility @ OPT can't be beat!

Rory Hanlin said...

I'm going to do this one tomorrow. I'm driving home all day today...

Geoff Aucoin said...


Can't help but be bummed about this time as I really wanted sub-6. I pushed hard, I sounded like Thomas the Tank Engine for the last 400m, but the legs would not oblige. My love affair with running continues.

Tom said...

Thanks for the insight Brent. I've never filmed myself on a met con but I think I get a serious forward lean during cleans in WODs like this and Nasty Girls. I sometimes wonder if I'm striking the right mix between intensity and technique. How perfect should a clean in a met con be? I don't want to instill bad habits, but I also don't want my power to go down so much that the effects of the met con are signficantly reduced.

PTS said...

5:39 mile-- 1/2 mile was 2:51. prolly should have been faster in first 1/2 mile as I had some left at the end.

best timed mile since the college soccer days. this stuff works, but I was already a believer.

Trevor Salmon said...

running the familiar "murph" route from OPT.
needed to push the first 800m a little harder. Finished hard, tried to focus on relaxed body but I was sucking wind hard. Recovered pretty quick so no doubt had some more to give.
I miss 100 and 200m!!!!

rwcorson said...

Part II - 5:27 outside in my neighbourhood, a perfect +2 Celsius. A bit of headwind, some downhill and a bit of gentle uphill. Not a stellar run, but I was feeling the hurt in the last 2.5 minutes and my lungs were burning.

Michael FitzGerald said...

5:35 on mile run. It was certainly not all out. Felt slow and sloppy. Calfs were/are killing - near cramp. Still should have been under 5:30. PB is 5:17.

Brent Maier said...

Time: 5:56

Running is a definite weakness for me!

Ran this on a treadmill at 10.1. The .1 took me 4 seconds under 6 minutes. After the other days 800m runs on a track, I honestly think running on a treadmill is easier than outside.

My girl is turning 12 today and we're all going out for Sushi and watch a movie. What a great day to end another great cycle.

Gord said...

part a (5:30pm )

- whole new world of hurt
-will do mile run later if feeling well enough....not counting on it.

Thanks Trev for coaching and counting

Mack said...

Part 2: 6:57

Anonymous said...

part 1: 8:47
dissapointed in my grip strength..needs work bad

part 2: 5:57 on a treadmill

Geoff Aucoin said...

It feels like there is broken glass in my calves. Boo-urns.

I'm overeating, hopefully that helps.

Jefff said...

Run - 5:37

bso said...

Therapist said no power cleans for today to give my angry QL a bit of a break.

7 minute AMRAP
3 pullup
6 pushup
9 squat

17 rounds

I think that's a 4 round personal best.

Did some PNF on the hamstrings and took another run at GHD situps. Helped a ton, so I'll keep working at it.

Snacking on some frozen pumpkin spice cookies as I type.

My word is "mifuct"....
I've been worse

Grant said...

1 mile on track @ Talisman

Lauren said...

part 2- 6:04 on the talisman track

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1: 5:35

unit said...

Part 1: 4:35

Subbed 165 lb 4 the power clean (gym didn't have 10's or lower, so used 35's and 25's)

Didn't run the mile in prep 4 track meet 2day... PR is 4:35, haven't done it in awhile and not sure if I can still break 5... We'll c soon!....


deejay said...
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Rory Hanlin said...

Part 2: 6:16

Goal was sub 6:00.
Both times are a bit of a dissapointment. Part one my pull ups were too slow. The 1 mile course I ran was hilly as hell and I'm terrible with hills. I really need to learn to pose...

deejay said...

part 1 - 7:00 as rx'd

deejay said...

part b - 6:07 on treadmill at OPT. Stupid thing wouldn't let me go faster than 10.7 - I quess it doesn't carry fat asses that well.

Garage Crossfitter said...


first round everything unbroken(1:21)
2nd round power cleans were 3,3,4, chins unbroken, squats unbroken
3rd rd pc 3,3,4, chins 8,7 and squats unbroken

felt strong entire workout, 155lbs is starting to feel much lighter, extra squat depth made them slower than normal.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Not happy but not disappointed. Pr is 5:56 at a bodyweight of 160 with fresh legs. I ran it today at a bodyweight of 174 and my 2nd wod. First 800 was slight downhill with wind at my back (2:50), should have been faster considering the advantages. 800-1200m was the slowest. 5:50 is my goal next time on this one. Great, great 3 day cycle...time to eat