vit D power

7 sets for total time;
KBS - 2pd x 20 reps; 0 sec rest
10 HSPU; 0 sec rest
25 GHD Sit ups; 90 sec rest

add total time for all sets as score
post score to comments
ear must be seen from side view on KBS
nose to carpet on HSPU


Michael FitzGerald said...

175 GHD sit-ups is uncalled for.
Gordo may never walk again...

Gord said...

my lower back is screaming thinking about it.

Gord said...

Sweeney...I lost your contact info...It may be on my work computer...good to go on the 30th

Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy abs again. The "the best way to get faster at sit-ups is to do tons of GHD's" experiment continues.

Mack said...

Hey Gord, shoot me an email. Just want to check something with you.

unit said...

Got caught up at the hospital and missed 3 days of working out [worked 60 out of 72 hours from thurs am to sun am]...

took a nap and did 2 wod's today... will try to 'catch up' tomorrow...

300m row / 20 ring dips / 300m row / 20 ring dips / 300m row

time ~ 3:58

3 rounds
50 box jumps 24"
DL 185 x 21
30 chin ups

time ~ 12:47

probably will try today's wod tomorrow... and 'squeeze' this in if i can... i love this shit...


PTS said...

39:29 with rest time included.

did 25 reps with 55lb KB.
HSPU were to a 1 inch mat. singles,doubles and triples.

GHD's were unbroken, due to all the resting being done with the HSPU.

these 3 workouts were extremely challenging. looking forward to a rest day.

Gord said...

Gord's bad day

Time 15:35*

-had to sub abmat situps for GHD..back was fine my abs are still killing me from the last time we did GHD and the inverted hangs. At the bottom I felt like I was on a torture stretching table.
-zero energy-not enough food this weekend...lots of running around in attempts to purchase house (which was successful)
-wanted to stop after every round goal became to just finish. KB straight through. HSPU were messy with lots of fractions
-stuck in the snow at OPT (30 cm yesterday)
-I hate snow...but it is funny
-Mack - I just got your message-i'll be in touch
-looking forward to rest day

Jefff said...

Sub'd 2pd KB for 75# DB

1. 2:15
2. 2:54
3. 4:43
4. 4:34
5. 4:54
6. 5:33
7. 6:03

Total - 30:56 (Excluding rest times)

Jefff said...
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deejay said...

total - 26:56
forhead to ground HSPU - I would never get done with nose to ground
Going to be hurting tommorow

rwcorson said...

34:01 as rx'd
HSPU all singles & slow, KBS strait thru & GHDs only broken ub later rds.

bso said...

Happy to be back at it after laying around staring at the back of my eyelids for the last few days.

Listened to the National war college speech, the 3 dimensional approach to fitness and tony budding's CrossFit radio - this was a very motivational lay-up. Coming back with a commitment to higher intensity with virtuosity of movement.

So, today's workout was a good one for me because GHD situps have always been hit and miss for me. Some days they're good, other days I get a sharp pull around my posterior pelvis on the concentric motion. Today was a sharp pull day so I set out to understand. I tried every configuration of the GHD machine I could.

Then I read up about the issue on the performance menu boards - Everett says it is tight hip flexors.... so I spent a *lot* of time today stretching those mothers out. However, I personally suspect hammies because I noted a lot of resistance from hamstrings when trying to contract the quads from a position about 190 degrees or more.

I would love to hear if anyone suspects that there is more to this than flexibility. I have positioned the pad on my hamstrings so that pelvis is free. I am contracting quads vigorously on concentric portion of motion. When I go to 180 degrees and contract vigorously there is no pain.

Did 5 rounds before I ran out of time. First 3 rounds subbed 34" box jump for 2pd. Last 2 rounds subbed 25 1.5pd swings. Total time, including rests (which were extended to finish stretching of hip flexors) and fooling around with GHD configuration... 30:34*.

Ryan G. said...

Time- 28:51

- Crown of head to floor.

rwcorson said...

Guys, don't include rest time in your totals, only the work time. Add them up also.

Geoff Aucoin said...


HSPU got hard real quick, strategy was key there, GHDs too slow but I pushed it.

I'm literally afraid of how sore I'm gonna be tomorrow...

Chad Action Brandt said...

1.) 2:06
2.) 2:15
3.) 2:21
4.) 2:53
5.) 3:39 Kip HSPU @ 7th rep
6.) 4:21 Kip HSPU @ 5th rep
7.) 4:04 Kip HSPU @ 5th rep
AVG Time = 3:05:57 / round

I agree Geoff, this is going to hurt for a bit. Don't tell any jokes! No pepper on the eggs!....
I always sneeze!

Trevor Salmon said...

Hey guys, don't forget to log off the computer

39:18 as rx'd
kbs broken after round 1
hspu - nose to carpet and mostly singles after round 1 had to redo a few reps as my feet came away from the wall before reaching full extension of arms
ghd got brutual the last 2 rounds

Trevor Salmon said...

thank Geoff for calling me out on the hspu...that's why I didn't spread rumours using your name.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oooh, that could have been good.

Trev, I wouldn't say I was calling you out, just makin' sure you're form is a good as it could be!!

unit said...


hspu w crown 2 ground, however over 50% were done freestanding... Shoulders felt weak but good w stability 2day...


Michael FitzGerald said...

22:10 as rx'd.

Lauren said...


50# KB
HSPU to 2 foams

Rob Sifton said...


Not much else to say.

That was tough.

Sweeney said...

25:54 as rx'd

Stick a frickin' fork in me....

Rory Hanlin said...


HSPU were head to ground.

I'll be taking this upcoming much needed rest day...

Brent Maier said...

Time: 23:36
1) 2:05
2) 2:27
3) 3:28
4) 3:46
5) 3:57
6) 3:38
7) 4:15

I'm a little disappointed in my 400m runs yesterday. I'm thinking that was actually an 800M track I ran on yesterday. :)

I'm eating my post workout meal and hitting the sack. I'm welcoming tomorrow with open arms! James your evil...

Trevor Salmon said...

Geoff, I meant thanks for keeping my form in check.

Grant said...

straight on 4 of 7 KBS. Tried 10+10 to get faster on HSPU but couldn't go against the dreaded singles in later rounds. Crown to ground. Strict on head through on KBS. Best yet at lock out on HSPU form before coming down @ end of rep. Few HSPUs too quick on dropping before lowering on start of rep.
Tough 3 days. Good on us all. Loving it!

Katrina Burton said...


Used the 1.5pd KB. The handstands were mostly done in singles after the second round, but got my nose down there each time.

Gord said...

BSO- I to have the same problem with GHD situps. You are not alone with the sharp pain. I think is flexibility.

Nice Work Katrina--crossfit Lethbridge looking strong

Anonymous said...

did my workout today(tuesday), flew back from montreal yesterday and couldn't get it in...

swings went well no fractions, had to go forhead to ground on the hspu,my shoulder is still sore from the last time we did ring dips, and we don't have a glute ham raise station, so I subbed in decline situps with a 4 kg med ball at the highest setting....


going to use the following as my post workout nutrition

32g whey protein isolate
10 g BCAA
50g hammer heed(malto, sodium,potassium blend)

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yo Dawgs, we should be talking about how to recover on days like today. I wanted to get into a hot tub but that option isn't there as I'm on daddy daycare. I did had some chiro done but that was just for overall well being. I'm thinking I'll be eating lots of good foods and taking in tons of H2O to flush myself out. I'm eating this right now and it's incredible (sorry if it isn't a link).

I wanted to add that Unit's last post confused me, if you can do the WOD that fast then why wouldn't you go with nose-to-carpet? Just curious, I supppose...

bso said...

Geoff, I agree... that kind of talk would be super beneficial.

I wasn't in on the entire last 3/1, but coming from completely sedentary for 4 days to yesterday's was a big hit.

I'm going for an A by K-star's standards and doing 5 PNF sessions for my hammies today. Also going for a massage. Finally, I'm going to find some active rest - maybe a swim or something where my baby boy can come along.

Brent Maier said...

My eating today was better than it was on Sunday and I'm also pounding the water today Geoff. Thanks for the recipe. I think you have a liking to anything with almond flour in it.

I don't know about you guys but the 'ol abs are just starting to show signs of DOMS. Tomorrow should be fun!

unit said...

i have been trying to do free standing hspu's, and i can't keep my balance as well when going nose to ground w/o a wall...
on one hand the hspu's w/ the wall, nose to ground are difficult, but so r hspu's w/o a wall... ideally my goal would be to do nose to ground without a wall... my head to ground hspus r much slower than when i do use the wall for support... either way, i need to practice what i can do freestanding, hence that is why i chose what i did...

Garage Crossfitter said...

Total= 23:32

Swings unbroken
all rds of hspu 3-2-2-1-2 (stayed on wall)
ghd's rds 1-4 unbroken, rds 5-7 15/10