Monday, Mar 30th workout of the day

for loads/reps:
build to a tough 1 in the snatch balance
(take as much time and rest b/t sets as needed)
rest 5 min
AMRAP chin ups - 1 set/attempt
rest 5 min
1 set of "the bear" - once you choose the weight, you have to make it...if you fail in set, you have to drop weight by 25# on the next attempted set...and no less...if you miss that set, you have to drop the weight by 50# from the 1st attempted weight and make that
(the bear is power clean, front squat, push press overhead then to back of neck, back squat, push press overhead then to front rack, then touch and go power clean again to start next set - barbell CANNOT rest on ground in set; perform that 7 times around for 1 set only!)
rest 5 min
AMRAP chin ups - 1 set/attempt

total score = snatch balance in kg + chin ups + bear in kg + chin ups
(i.e. 80 + 50 + 100 + 50 = 280 as score)

post score to comments as well as your nutritional strategies for the workout today for pre and post fuelling as well as comments on what you have been doing to ensure recovery b/t doubles over the past few weeks...


Geoff Aucoin said...

Wow, that's nice and early. The next four WODs I do will be at the fire training academy here in Calgary so I'm hopin' I can do most of them. Tomorrow's looks doable! Hopefully the sheer, mind-numbing drudgery of EMR training doesn't dull my mind too much.

Good luck to Brett Marshall on his officer's exam. You're too skinny to be a Lieutenant.

bso said...

Does the 1 attempt at the bear preclude any warm-up sets?

Mack said...

Balance: 175
Bear: 125


deejay said...

balance - 125kg
PU1 - 30
bear - 75kg
PU2 - 23
Score = 253

Gord said...

snatch balance- 105
chins -35
bear @ 95 (was going to use this as a warmup set-but had to fight at round 4 and just held on for the 7 rounds)

Body would just not wake up this morning.

Mack said...

KG total: 221

Gord said...

score 156

previous post were in pounds

Ryan G. said...

I'm heading down to Mexico untill the 14th of April. I have an At home and away program that I'll be following for the next two weeks. I may do some exploration and see if there is a facility that I can use for my WODs, other than thats it's the beach for me. =)

Mike Molloy said...

Whats up Guys,

I've been following the website for quite some time and had a question that I couldn't find the answer to by searching through old posts/comments. I apologize if I just missed it somewhere.

Anyway, what does the PFC meal that's been referenced to consist of? If I had to guess, I'd say it stands for a Protein, Fat, Carb meal but again that's just a guess.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Molloy

Trevor Salmon said...

That would be correct Mike and have fun with the wods

Rory Hanlin said...

Snatch Balance: 120 KG
Bear: 91 KG

Total: 278

I spent the last three days on the road seeing family and friends, so my recovery and nutrition have been crap. Poor planning on my part affected my performance today. I warmed up with a 225lb snatch single and it felt like crap. I the snatch balance lighter and I also failed at the 100kg bear, which I could have gotten.

On high volume days I sleep an extra hour and I make sure to get in the post WOD meals. I also take in triple fat blocks instead of double fat blocks.
I have been watching Kelly Starret's presentation on PNF Streching and have been trying to incorporate that into my recovery process.

Hixy said...

Power Snatch: 60 kg
Chin-ups: 21 reps
The Bear: 50 kg
Chin-ups: 22 reps

Score: 153

Pre-WOD nutrition today: Empty stomach, PFC meal 2 hours earlier. Salad with vinaigrette, eggs, sunflower seeds.

Post-WOD nutrition today: 40 protein/40 carb/½ tablespoon flaxseed oil and ½ tablespoon sunflower seeds for a few essential fatty acids. said...

Holy Canoli, you boys and girls train hard. I love checking out these WoDs from afar (outside of Boston, to be exact).

Cheers and keep up the hard work,

Geoff Aucoin said...


Just going to eat as normal today so I don't O.D. on whey and maltodextrin. Lots of eating and resting on 2-a-days. Sleep is huge these days plus tons of fats with regular meals.

Feeling banged up today, didn't push the weight too hard. Shoulder talking to me a bit...

Katrina Burton said...

Snatch Balance - 52.27kg
AMRAP Chinups - 50
"Bear" Complex - 29.55kg
AMRAP Chinups - 39
TOTAL = 170.82

I've never done the bear complex before, so had no idea what weight I should use. Figured I should use a light weight so I didn't have to be the first one to lower the weight. It got pretty tough on the shoulders really fast. Maybe could have fought with an extra 5 or 10#, but the next set of chinups would have suffered.

PTS said...

kept the weight light today as
I have a bball game at night

snatch balance and bear at 43.2kg, SB still feels awkward.
pullups 34(PR) and 31

total= 151.4

Chad Action Brandt said...

Snatch balance = 77.27kg PR by 15#
AMRAP PU's = 40 slipped off the bar
Bear Complex = 54.54kg PR by 5#
AMRAP PU's = 40 better grip after I cleaned off the bar.
TOTAL = 211.81

Knee felt better today! I had more pull-ups in me for 1st AMRAP.

Pre nutrition:
2hrs before,
1 organic Spartan apple
4 tablespoons sweet potato
wanted to have a piece of jerky, but clients came in and I forgot. This seemed to work because I had good energy for entire WOD

Post nutrition:
2 scoops Recoverite
1 banana
2 tablespoons sweet potato
3 pieces of jerky
B Complex
Vit E
Vit C
Pantothenic Acid

I will eat 60min for now PCF

Chad Action Brandt said...

Forgot the huge tablespoon of Nut Butter in my Pre nutrition meal.

Trevor Salmon said...

Elbow giving me a little grief today so after a few snatch balance at 28kg I packed it in and worked on some power cleans and clean pulls for a bit.

Anonymous said...

59.5kg snatch balance
36 chins(pb)
57kg bear (missed at 151 lbs.)
25 chins

total: 177.5

post workout 30/30 shake whey/malto

45-60 min later PFC meal

on two a days, increased grains buy one portion, followed post-workout recommendations, and ate as normal...tried to include a twenty minute nap between workouts...

recovery was not optimal...may be undereating..heres a sample of my diet...

todays nutrition:

meal 1(6:30)

2 scoops whey protein
1 slice pumpkin seed sliced grain bread.
2 tbsp. natural PB
1 grapefruit


1 red delicous apple
1/4 avacado
2 stalks celery
2 whole eggs

pre-workout( 11:30)

1 vega bar
2 scoops BCAA's
3 scoops electrolyte/glycerol blend

workout 1:00

post workout shake 2:00

2 scoops BCAA's


4 chicken thighs
2 cups mixed veggies
2 tbs. salsa
2 tbs. hummus
1/4 cup mixed nuts

snack: 5:00

1/4 avacado
2 stalks celery
2 whole eggs

dinner: 8:00

1/2-3/4 lb. beef
sauted onions, garlic, green pepers
2 tbsp. olive oil/balsamic

1 scoop casein shake
2 tbs. natural pb

I weigh approx 178-180
at around 9-10 percent BF

any recommendations welcomed, thanks

Michael FitzGerald said...

40kg+35+60kg+31 = 166

Sweeney said...

SB: 62
CU: 35
Bear: 48 (should have gone heavier)
CU: 32


Geoff Aucoin said...

Rory good point on the PNF stretching, everyone should do it and I've been finding it helps a lot.

My fat blocks are off the charts these days and I'm still lighter and leaner than I was at the Games last year. Sheesh.

SeanG you may want to up the fats these days if you are training hard.

rwcorson said...

DJ & Rory,
Huge numbers on the snatch balance & Bear complex.
Katrina, nice work!!

bso said...

61 + 28 + 57 + 24 = 170

Been feeling flat today. Probably the five slices of pizza last night and the Ritz crackers today. I had been eating great up til then. Also felt the angry shoulders Geoff seemed to be experiencing too.

I figured today would be a 30/20 for the 8-12% crowd followed 90 later by PFC.

I've been experimenting this last cycle with caffeine pre workout. Doesn't really seem to do anything for me. However, after a week of eating clean I felt really great about my performance yesterday AM.

Lauren said...

37.7 kg
37.7 kg

Jefff said...

Snatch Balance - 61.4kg
Pull-ups - 42
Bear - 54.5kg
Pull-Ups - 32

Total - 189.9

Anonymous said...

thanks Geoff,

I was wondering if maybe I needed a few more carbohydrates pre-post, but I due tend to react to fats better than slamming any extra carbs...

Brent Maier said...

Balance: 85kg
Bear: 60kg

Total: 220

My goal tonight was 200. I followed Geoff on the Bear workout and I'm glad I didn't attempt more. It was pretty tough on me. My 80kg balance was the best of all my SB's.

General eating habits are as follows:

Generic & Snacks:
- 80-100oz's of water daily
- Cup of joe in the morning and drink 1-2 hot teas throughout the day.
- Dehydrated cherries, pistachios, raisons, almonds, cashews as regular snack.

Soda is out
Honey over sugar in my coffee

Whole wheat english muffin, turkey bacon, eggs and cheese, and yogart.

- 2 Chipotle steak tacos easy on the rice, veggies.

- Low fat baked turkey slices from Costco, applesauce, lowfat cottage cheese.

Pre-Workout: Fruit blend 1.5 hours or so before just to take the edge off the stomach.

Post-workout: Muscle milk 10g C/ 20g P on the go shake. I then follow that up with a home made shake consisting of whey, UDO's 3/6/9 blend, peanut butter, strawberries or wild berry frozen fruit, ice, milk, flax seed.

Preparation for multiple workouts in a day and to help maximize recovery:
- Plenty of sleep, water, and no yard work between workouts on days.

Questions: If anyone has any suggestions on a pre-workout or post workout suggestions to help naturally better prepare me for workouts, please let me know. I don't have eating down to a science but I do try to eat healthy and stay away from sugar as a general rule of thumb.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brent, what's with the low-fat s#$t? That ain't even in the vocab, buddy! Start eatin' like Paleo Man, you'll be scary.

Brent Maier said...

Thanks Geoff! I'm going to take that to heart and give it a try. Stay tuned!

Grant said...

At OPT with Mike
SB 110# need to drop faster
KCU @ 49
Bear 120#
ran out of time for second KCU
will record some recovery food & supplements another time. Too late now.

rwcorson said...

A bit of a mental breakdown today.
I'm feeling a bit wiped out from yesterday & I feel a cold coming on to.
I should've taken the day off, but I tried the WOD with less than desired results.

Steve said...

- 65.9 kg Snatch Balance
- 40 chins
- 61.4 kg for the bear completed
- 23 chins

= 190.3

Garage Crossfitter said...


I was 40lbs off my pr for snatch balance, I was not aggressive at all, back was real tight from yesterday, and not a good warmup.
I was happy with my pullup pr, i def had juice left but my right hand was slipping off.
The bear felt ok, i still had lactic acid in my arms flowing from the pullups.

fuel today- 30gp, 35gc

On doubles I eat the prescribed fuel then pfc meal 1 hour after then 30 min after if i am not working i take a 1 hour nap. Wake up and eat a TBL nut butter 45 min prior to working out again. Lots of foam rolling, 9 hours of sleep and some PNF.