burgener warm up x 3 (45,55,65#)
for time;
50 reps - dead hang to inverted hang on rings; arms cannot bend at elbows
3 min rest
for total sec:
AMSAP L Sit - 3 sets for total sec held; 90 sec b/t sets
3 min rest
for reps;
AMRAP Double Unders in 2 min
3 min rest
for total reps;
how many reps can you single arm KB swing alternating arms per rep without resting (i.e. continuous switching of arms without laying weight down) in total? you must switch hands at eye level on the KB each time - you get one chance, one set - use 24 kg KB
3 min rest
for total reps;
tabata sit ups for 4 sets of 20/10
post times and reps for hangs, sits, DU's, swings and sit ups to comments
have fun


deejay said...

50 inverted hangs - 11:00
0 sec on all L-sits
121 double unders
63 kb swings - probably could have made 100 but I just lost it on 63
tabata 16/15/14/13

Rob Sifton said...

50 Reps = 7:34 (amazingly difficult)

L-Sits = :11, :10, :10 (goal was for feet parallel to hips, then stop time, HARD)

Double Unders = 155

Alternating KB Swings = 12 (brutal)

Tabata Sit ups = 18,18,17,17

For an innocent looking WOD that just smoked me

Mack said...

Hangs: 10:43
No L sits. Did on dip machine with elevated knees. 30 sec each
125 D/U's
72 swings
16 / 15 / 12 /11

Brent Maier said...

James, is there a video that shows proper technique on the inverted hangs? Is it similar to the first half of a skin the cat?

Sweeney said...


See the attachment:

rwcorson said...

inverted hangs-8:55
lsits-20/15/19=54 secs
Alt. KBS-53
Tabata sit ups-62(17/15/15/15)

Trevor Salmon said...

50 reps - 14:45 took awhile to get the tech down
10/12/12 on L sits (have done 25sec so this was tough after the hangs)
26 reps - complete release at eye level before catching with the other hand. Had to chase after rep 27 and missed it

Double unders - 130
tabata - total 50

Chad Action Brandt said...

50 Inverted hangs = 8:19
L-sits = 11s/ 12s/ 11s
Double Unders 2min = 165
KBS Alternating hands = 100
Tababta sit-ups = 18/ 17/ 15/ 13

Good Gymnastic WOD coach with some added KBS; hitting 100 was a good mind battle!
I need some more work on L-sits, non the less improvements have been made!

Geoff Aucoin said...

5:49 - that's a new one!
134 - did 65 straight in 40 sec, tanked hard at about 1:15, wrists fried.
72 - felt great, just lost focus and gave out.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh, and at no time should you have more than one hand on the KB for the swings. It's almost as if the KB is suspended for an instant as you switch hands. I only mention that because I saw some questionable form today.

Michael FitzGerald said...

In Hang = 8:50. Should have kipped more.
L-Sits = 14, 15, 12 sec
DU's = 175
KBS = 87, wanted 100 but dropped it.
Tabata = 19/17/16/16

Ryan G. said...

With little to no sleep or food in the last 24 hours along with a very upset stomach I opt to sit this one out today. Hopefully I'm feeling better for tomorow.

rwcorson said...

Very consistent numbers for Mike, Geoff & Chad.
Chad, congrats on the run time.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Thanks Rob'o!
Mike....we were allowed to kip?
I went from DeadHang no kip to inverted hang. Anyone?

unit said...

Warm up - 3on3 bball...

Rings - 4:25
L-sit - 12 / 15 / 13
DU - 137 (Rory... I used that marvelous rope u got 2 jump w...)
Swings (55lb db) - 106
Sit-ups - 20 / 20 / 20 / 19


unit said...

I refrained from that which is kipping...

Gord said...

hangs -9:27 ouch on abs

L sit - big fat 0,0,0

du- 85

kb -29

sit ups -13,13,12,12= 50

Sweeney said...

Invert Rings: 8:21
L-sits: 3/10/7
DU: 140
KB Swings: 65
Tabata SU: 21/20/18/15 = 74

Todd Dyer said...

are L-sits done while in support on rings or hanging below rings or from hanging from a pull up bar or from parallets ?
or does it not matter as long as your legs are straight and at 90 degrees?

PTS said...

hangs: 7:35 used kipping, not sure if these were done 100% correct

could not complete an l sit so did 3 sets of 30 sec hanging knee raise in the dip station with 30 sec rest

110 DU's, some major rust here
kb swings- 16 felt a twinge in wrist and had to stop

tabata 19/21/21/18= 79

Geoff Aucoin said...

Dyer, parallets.

Who did regular sit-ups and who did anchored sit-ups? I was regular.

Brent Maier said...

Inverted hang: 6:58
L-sit: 13/13/12
Du: 100
Kb swings: 81
Sit ups: 65 (20/17/15/14)

Started to feel a muscle pull in the lats starting to talk to me around 30. Pushed through it safely though. These were tough on me.

I had about 5 kb swings where the bell got higher than the handle on the switch. Pain city on the catch.

Todd Dyer said...

thanks geoff

Anonymous said...

4:35 on inverted hangs, that was harder than expected, I liked it.

58s total on L-sit - had to use DB's at fire hall which roll and are only 4 inches from floor which is good because you have to keep the legs up.

179 on double unders, first 168 without breaking

101 on swings - all switches above forehead

Tabata sit-ups - 18/16/16/16 = 66

Grant said...

at OPT
inverted hangs; 5:54 (kipping but straight at elbows)

L-Sit; 4/7/8 (seconds not minutes)

DUs; 120

KBS; 65 (did not let both hands touch the KB at same time)

Tabata SUs; 17/17/16/15 = 65

Todd Dyer said...

50 reps time = 5:30
L-sit 1. 22, 2. 20, 3. 16 total= 58 sec
double unders in 2 min total = 152
55lb switching single arm kbs = 50 reps didn't drop it, just sucked
tabata sit ups 1. 15, 2. 15, 3. 14, 4. 14 total= 58

rwcorson said...

I did unanchored sit ups.

unit said...

oh... did L-sits from floor...

Garage Crossfitter said...

inverted hangs-10:55, pretty cool movement, took some getting used too.

L-sits- 11,13,10, feet above hips on all sets

amrap du-146, lots of mistakes, i did 70 in 44 sec then it fell apart.

55lb 1 arm swings, i droppped DB at 35 reps, grip was shot before i even started from DU's

situps, 17,17,16,16