BB complex:
build to highest weight you can handle with perfect form with short rests b/t each exercise in the complex; this will ensure lower weight and perfect execution
Hang Power Snatch x 1
drop bar to upper back, regrip for push jerk grip
Behind Neck Split Jerk x 1
rack barbell on front rack on shoulders
Front Squat x 2
Split Jerk x 1
lower bar to upper back, regrip to OHS grip
push press bar to OH
OHS x 1
rest 180 sec; repeat 5 times
rest 10 min
As many reps in 3 minutes;
1.5 pd KBS

KB must go completely overhead so arms are perpendicular with the floor

highest weight achieved in kg in BB complex X KBS reps in 3 minutes is your score
(i.e. 90 kg x 50 reps = 4500 points)
post score to comments


Mack said...

61.4 kg X 91 swings = 5587

Jackson -350
Jardine + 250

Going out on a limb and calling for the Dean of Mean to take this one

PTS said...

52.3 kg x 89 swings = 4654
weak OHS killed this one.

rwcorson said...

Jumped up in wt too quickly. Warm up may have been short sa well.
BB complex - 59.1 kg
80 KBS

Gord said...

BB complex- 56.8
Kb swings- 75

score 4260

looking forward to rest day

nice work Mack

I'll take Rampage

Derek said...

56.7 KG x 55 swings = 3118

Brent Maier said...

Ouuuu to both Rob's for their great finish in the 5k. I just posted my Randy from a week or two ago for those that care.

My workouts are done at home, 24 hour, or the Colorado Springs Crossfit facility. Our 24 hour fitness has an olympic platform so it actually works for crossfit. For those workouts like yesterday that have MU's, I usually go there to get my rings up at full height. I'm thinking of starting up a quarterly "fly Brent up to OPT" fund raising event.

I'm looking forward to the complex today.

Geoff Aucoin said...

66.4 X 90 = 5976

Swings felt great, but my grip was slipping so I took one break too many near the end. 100 is doable with maybe one break.

Jardine is a punching bag but he gets lucky. Rampage to win it.

Chad Action Brandt said...

50kg x 90KBS = 4500
3min sraight through on KBS
I am working on not pulling early in 2nd pull so I kept the kg's to where I felt form was "Perfect Execution" like coach said...I felt I did so.
Nice numbers Mack, Geoff & Rob !!!

Steve said...

65.9kg x 79 swings = 5206.1

Ryan G. said...

Overhead lifts are off limits for me at the moment. I'm looking after my shoulder and now have full range of motion again, just need a bit more time.

My Physio Therapist said rowing would actually be good for me so...

Row 5km for time- 18:37 (pr)

- My first sub 19m 5k. I think i scared the lady that was working at the gym when I flopped of the machine moaning. She asked me at least three times if I was OK. =)

Brent Maier said...

65kg x 85kb = 5525

Sets: 40/45/50/60/65kg

Snatch) Form remained surprisingly solid on the 65kg. At 60kg on, the mind started to focus on how heavy the weight started to feel. Once I started the movements, that had no impact on form and snap.

KB) Set KB down for a quick regrip at 60 and then kept going. I was pulling the KB down from the top on the first 30 before I realized grip was going to be an issue and backed off.

Rory Hanlin said...

80kg x 86 swings= 6880

deejay said...

88.6kg x 86 swings = 7620

Todd Dyer said...

finally did this one
weight 64 kg x 75 rep kbs

Matthew said...

52.2kg x 82 swings = 4,286

Garage Crossfitter said...

54.5 kg x 80 swings = 4360

could have gone 10lbs heavier on complex but wanted to keep form tight, swings were ok, grip was an issue at the end...much needed rest day..