green grass

5 sets for total reps:
AMRAP 135# OHS; 60 sec rest
AMRAP Muscle Ups in 60 sec; 120 sec rest

score is total reps accumulated
post total reps to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

Alright, how will we know when we've reached 'failure' in the OHS? If there is any pause at the top or say more than a 1 second pause have we reached AMRAP?

rwcorson said...

Good question G. What about the MUs? Full hand turn out, dropping off?

Rob Sifton said...
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Rob Sifton said...

The OHS does leave some questions for when you call it failure. But the Muscle Ups I would think would be as many you can do in the allotted time. If you have to come off the rings you will effect your reps adversely.

It goes without question that form is vital and Hands turned out at bottom and locked at top.


Brent Maier said...

If I had to guess:
OHS reps must be ass to grass. They start when you press the weight and end when you drop it.

MU's start at full hang and end at full lockout at the top.

This is going to be fun!

rwcorson said...

My point about the MUs isn't about full extension at the top & bottom or coming off the rings between reps.
It's about dropping off the rings at the top after full extension, instead of dropping down holding the rings, then coming off, much like the on the minute pull ups.
Do we have to do a full hand turn out at the bottom also? I just want to know the drill.

Mack said...

OHS: 24 / 24 / 12 / 19 / 17
Sub in ring dips with 20lbs
16 / 11 / 10 / 10 / 12

On OHS counted as long as it was above head. Had some 2 - 3 sec rests at the top

Gord said...

Holy beatup shoulders

OHS- 6,6,6,6,3 = 27(lots of weeble and wooble)
MU-5,2,1,4,0=12 (couldn't find my rythm- seem to have trouble finding this in the am)I didn't do hand turned out at the bottom. Shoulder feels very vunerable in this position...maybe I am doing something wrong in the set up?

Felt good and strong when started..shoulders had different ideas once I got past the warm up)

Katrina Burton said...

OHS: 12/9/9/9/8
MU: 10/8/11/8/8
Total: 92

OHS with 95#. The last set was a fight and a half trying to keep it overhead. Didn't turn hands out on the MU but arms did go straight at the bottom.

Jefff said...

OHS- 10/7/10/7/10 - 44
MU - 3/2/4/3/3 - 15

Total - 59

PTS said...

OHS w/ 115lbs
Ring dips with 25lbs

OHS 5/4/1/3/2
Dips 13/10/10/7/6

Still can't figure out the muscle-up. Don't know if it's a pulling problem or if it's in the dip or the transition.

Lauren said...

OHS 95# 10/11/13/8/7

hip was feeling good, and that made me happy.

subbed 3 ring dips and 3 chest to bar PU for muscle ups

9/9, 6/6, 6/6, 6/6, 3/3

OPT said...

failure in OHS is when bar hits the back of the neck or floor after it gets overhead..if you think resting with bar overhead is're wrong
muscle ups are based on everyones ability, if we were strict...hands out and full elbow extension at bottom, elbows to full extension at top, you can drop from top...
b/c of the skill involved in the MU..if you are learning it, and you need to keep the intensity high by not straightening at all times or want to lower at bottom and then come off..i'm cool with that...just as long as you can follow rules as above if noted on future wods...the muscle ups are one of those gymnastic exercises which i believe take away from the intensity of some workouts if programmed incorrectly...mixed with some high turnover or weight based exercises can make the workouts great for some and suck for others for endocrine effects...i think the 60 sec intervals of them allow enough intensity b/c you CANNOT rest as much as you normally would like to...this is what i am trying to teach with this well work on what as a whole we all need work with (the snatch and its components)...miced together, they lower intensity and allow skill each person pick your battle on where to start...

rwcorson said...

OHS-10/7/9/11/10*=47 brain fart, missed 1st rep on 5th set, reracked and started again right away.

Trevor Salmon said...

scaled OHS to 71#
squat reps 52
muscle ups 4*

first muscle ups in many,many months so pleased. too many failed reps though

deejay said...

Had to make some subs. I felt like Geoff when he does the WOD at the fire hall. I did this WOD @ the Y in Medicine Hat. No rings, so I subbed 30s pull ups/30 secs dips. The bar was super slippery and I could not drop the weights.
OHS - 16/13/13/10/10
Pull ups - 12/12/12/9/9
dips - 9/9/8/7/7

caboose said...

Keep getting confused on the rx...

Is it alternating the ohs & mu, or all ohs sets, then all mu sets?


Anonymous said...

good workout considering...

no where to do muscle ups... so did 30 sec pullups and 30 sec dips...

OHS 10/7/7/7/7
30 sec pullups(rubber gripped angle bar)
30 sec dips

30g whey
40g malto
10g bcaa
post workout

Michael FitzGerald said...


rwcorson said...

As many reps as possible OHS @ 135#, rest 60 sec, then as many reps as possible in 60 sec. of muscle ups, rest 120 sec. Do this cycle 5 times for total reps.

unit said...

nowhere 2 do muscleups at the gym I found on the road... But there was an obliquely oriented bar 2 do pullips on, so I subbed L-Pullups 4 MUs...

12/12/10/10/10 = 54
15/13/10/10/8 = 56

Total = 110


bso said...

OHS: 7/7/8/2/7
MU: 9/8/6/7/6
Total: 67

Tore my hand on the 3rd round of muscle-ups.

Super stoked about the OHS. 135 was a 4RM not long ago. When I got 8 reps I'm pretty sure I could have gone to 10. A little better focus and all of those sets might have hit 9 or 10.

Geoff Aucoin said...


99 total? Are you f%^kin' kidding me? I need to get the sand out of my hoo-haa.

Rockin' the OPT Refuel for the post-WOD nutrition. If I can't sleep I want my money back.

Ryan G. said...

I did my first Muscle Up today (twice), very happy about that.

My shoulder is cooked again after all the HSPU on Monday.

Started with 95 lb OHS and MU's. Second round switched to 135 lb Front Squat and C2B Pull Up's.

Round Totals.

22/0 - 18/20 - 14/14 - 12/12 - 13/10.

Brent Maier said...

OHS: 15,9,10,7,7 = 48
MUs: 10,7,6,6,6 = 35
Total: 83

OHS) After seeing Geoffs great score on OHS, I don't think I pushed hard enough tonight on the OHS. I should have pumped them off a lot faster.

MU's: These were full extension on both ends. I could not have pushed these any harder.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Sweet, nice frickin' work on your first MU, Ryan!! Man you've come a long way!!

I'm eating one of Scotty Hangas' recipes from the latest Performance Menu tonight and holy moly it's good. It's called 'Stampot' and it's so sinfully easy it should be illegal. I may have to copy a few off for the OPT crew. He also lists the blocks in the recipes so you know how much to eat, too!

Grant said...

At CFC HQ tonight (thanks Gord)
OHS: 7/9/3/6/9 (never got my 10)
felt good in the legs & hips considering the recent GHDs but shoulders were the limitation.
MUs; 7/5/6/5/4
best consecutive MU session I've had. Easier to keep going than to re-grip. Did 6 straight on 1st rd (PB). Getting the rings closer & closer to arm pits. Made progress.
Way to go Ryan!

Tom said...

OHS with 125lb
30s pullup
30s ring dip

30 mins pre: small apple
1 hour post: 6 slices turkey + 2 sweet potato

Garage Crossfitter said...

16 11 11 11 13
9 7 7 7 7


felt ok, needed a 45 min warmup, CNS is still pretty beat up from the last triplet. A good nights sleep again and I will be ready to roll.