Saturday, March, 27th, 2010

A. OHS - 3,3,3; rest 5 min b/t attempts - this is for a 3RM
B. AMRAP Thrusters in 7 min - 95#/65#
rest 120 min
C. 5 rounds for time:
5 power clean - 155#/105#
10 burpees
200 m run

post scores to comments
(i.e. A - 225, B - 108, C - 6:08)


Connor said...

A. 135 lbs
B. 65
C. 9:27

ken c said...

big day to close out the sectional season. good luck everyone.

Pete M said...

A. 185, 195, 205 (felt good, couldn't find chalk, which would have been helpful)
B. 110
~Rest 20 min
C. 7:38, had to guess the run

LuLu said...

It will be a week of active rest for me as of Monday. Should I start back to regular training on Tuesday? Will you be posting wods for people going to Regionals on this day or do we do our own thing for one more week while the Canada Central dawgs are resting and all start back on the same day together? Thank you for your help.

Corbin said...

A. 185
B. 65
C. Only did 3 rds was not feeling it today, at all

Chad Hall said...

A. 200
B. 73

Easing back into it. Did some muscle up skill work yesterday and felt like I would be ok today.

Really happy with my OHS, still kinda new to going heavy with it.

Thrusters were crap, felt gassed after 2 minutes. So I decided to just get through it and not even start C. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and probably go 50% for it as well. Then start 100% on Tuesday.

unit said...

gd luck this wknd to all the BDs!... kick some @$$!...


Tlaw said...

195PR, did not do third attempt but I think I had a bit more
rest 1 hour
95 thrusters, had a pace for over 100 but fell off after a couple minutes, mentally beat me a bit
rest 1 hour
10:38 as rxd

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 105/115/125 x 3 (PR)
B: 49
C: 13:42

Paul Klein said...

A. 190 / 195 / 200
B. 80 reps
C. 15:29

I really need to figure out what the deal is with my work capacity. I was completly gassed after 7 minutes of thrusters and it took all my will power just to start part C.

I'm hoping it has something to do with nutrition. I started a food log as suggested in OPT nutrition 101 and 201. I also started on digestive enzymes per 201 and an article I found on Polquin's website. Five pills with each meal is my lucky number. Hopefully that means I really wasn't absorbing as much of my food as I should.

Anybody have any other suggestions?

Brent Maier said...


A OHSx3: 90/100kg (220#)/105x - Shaky on the lockout of round 2 but solid triplet. Couldn't lock out on 105kg.

B Thusters: 88 - Wanted 90 but couldn't pull it out in the last minute

Resting for part C...

Notes: Tried jogging back to truck after thrusters and it was impossible. Nasty, nasty critters! Once I got to the truck, right calf severely cramped leaving me screaming in the parking lot for a minute or two. I never cramp! Good luck to all the dawgs this weekend, we're in it with you! Tear it up!

Brent Maier said...

Anyone have any suggestions on how to treat a knotted up calf when you have another WOD in a few hours. This is a first... Thanks...

Steve G said...



A. 215x3
rest ~60 minutes
B. 108 reps -->gross
Rest ~60 minutes
C. 10:08

Notes: Did 50 thrusters in first 2min...too fast of pace...considering I only did 58 over the next 5min! very tough WOD

The 3rd WOD I was just plain tired...I believe whis WOD will be won on the run...I never rested b/w exercises and never broke up legs felt super heavy on the run...due to the gross thrusters...

Paul Klein said...
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Paul Klein said...

Damn it. I just notice that Brent was resting for part C.

When I read the workout I would have bet my life that it said rest 120 sec. So like an idiot I rested 2 minutes then got right into part c. No wonder I felt like a train wreck! I guess I could use an OPT training program for reading comprehension as well as fitness.

Steve G said...

Brent...maybe foam rolling could help...after the OHS my shoulders were feeling terrible...foam rolling got them good and ready for the thrusters...not sure about the calf though...

mors vens said...


A. 115, 125, 135 (new pr)
B. 51

C. scaled to 135#, 14:48. Subbed rowing.

Enjoyed the double day today OPT. Thanks again for the great programming/coaching.

Sal6 said...


A. 135 - weak
B. 48

20 min rest

C. 15:49

I have been off the wagon due to work, but getting back on today.

Brandon said...

A little SMR/Trigger point followed by a bit of ice maybe. Warm up extra long especially for the runs

Robb Wolf has suggested that sleep and cortisol are two underestimated factors in training. Are you sleeping enough and well? Do you have lots of stress currently? Nutrition is huge, but so are several other things. Also, do you feel like you want to work out? Is overtraining a possibility? Just a couple of thoughts.

Brandon said...

A. 185/205/225
B. 78
C. 11:17

Notes: The third set of OHS was the best. Slowed down and focused really well. Thrusters were hard, but I feel good because I don't think I left too many in the tank. Maybe could have gone 82-83 is it. Runs killed me today. really tight in low back...focus on recovery for tomorrow.

Jonathan said...

A. 175, 185(f2), 190
-Ok with these, really have no idea what my 1RM is. Hardest part was getting the weight up, the reps at 190 were easy.

Rest 5'
B. 75 reps
-Pretty disappointed with these. Felt like I should be in the 100-105 range, but was gassed.

C coming in a bit.

Strong work today Tahylor! We'll see if I can keep up on part C

BK said...

Dennis and Wes!
4th and 5th place on day 1 !
Very bloody solid fellas,knew you both would crush it, I am dropping everything to drive down to see you guys go at it tomorrow in the last/best heat of the day.
SO excited for ya!
What time do ya roll?

Geoff Aucoin just put up a 210 in 3 rep OHS....

Mike Molloy said...

Big Dawgs killing it this weekend!!! We'll see you guys in Albany!

ken c said...

rob, geoff, brett and grant well done today. on to the canadian grinder or whatever you call it.

rwcorson said...

Thanks Ken & all other Dawgs.
The first 2 WOD definitely were not to my strengths, but for the amount of training I've had in the past 4 months I feel pleased that I'm in striking distance of the top 15.
Tomorrow I'll have to lay it all out there and see where the chips fall.
I'll say this, the quality of the athletes at the qualifiers have improved over the past year and moving up will take a 100% effort.
Good luck to all the other Dawgs. Kick some ass!

BK said...

Canadian Big Dawgs...settling in for the kill, awesome show of strength accross the board from all. Brett ..mate ya from another planet 245 OHS!!
From my experience last weekend all my athletes did extremely well in the last event Chipper and the same will fall on you guys, because of your supreme conditioning.

Brian Maier said...

Awesome Job Big Dawgs...way to tear it up!!!

Quads are really sore today since I did 5 minutes of thrusters yesterday. I did alot of OHS skill work yesterday as well so subbed A and B with:

Warmup: 25 strict HSPU's and 50 k2e's....then,

With 20lb weighted vest:
5 rounds
10 unbroken ring dips
10 unbroken pushups
10 unbroken strict pullups

C: 8:58...cleans felt light today but no legs for the runs. Thank You Thrusters!!!

Brent Maier said...


A OHSx3: 90/100kg (220#)/105x
B Thusters: 88
C Grinder: 8:38 as rx'd

Notes: I thought the cramped calf was going to slow me down but forgot all about it after I started. Feeling good... Fueling went very well between B and C. Legs are numb but feeling pretty good!

Brent Maier said...

C Typo (Ugh..): 8:58 - All PC and burpee's unbroken.

Jonathan said...

Part C: 9:17
Our 200m has a little hill. Fun WOD.

After, took my single out and rowed 7k technique on the water.

5k fun run this morning with the kiddos too, time to get some rest.

On to the crippler? I hope we get a crack at that one.

Dave X said...

REPORT from New Jersey:

Currently, there are 4 Big Dawgs well within reach of qualifying tomorrow. Josh in third overall, followed up by Dennis and Wes in 5 and 6th place. PTS is wicked close in 21st.

It's been a great weekend thus far and each of us have felt prepared for each event.

Tomorrow's chipper doesn't stand a chance against the Dawgs.

Sam Harmer said...

a. 245
b. 92
c. 9:14 had no legs whatsoever

Julian Cruz said...

First OPT workout

A. 155,165,175(1)
B. 70
C. 11:15

exp. said...

My buddy and fellow big dawg Melisa C is in 10th place after day one at the Central Canada sectionals! F**k yeah, MLC!

Good luck to all Big Dawgs throwin down tomorrow. Keep crushin it!

Aaron said...

A. 155,165,175 felt solid
B. 71 reps
C. 10:06 run was slightly over 200m. No breaks, good pace

Jason Anderson said...

Just did OHS PR @ 225 baby so didnt OH my shoulder is iffy. So did
A. Box Squats@32X2;55% 8x2;60s
B. was C. Since I didnt go overhead today so no thrusters. 10:35 run was 100ft over 200m.
Then did
C1.3 big Jumps for distance each leg;3x3;15s; 20.20;18.21;21.20
C2.Deadhang Pullups to kip if needed unbroken; 10x3;20s

Lisa M said...

The Big Dawg women are kicking some serious ass at central Canada sectionals. 6 IN THE TOP TEN AND 9 in the top 20. Serious proof of how amazing OPTs programming is. Well done ladies and let's kick some more tomorrow!!!

Yelvi said...

A. 205/215/225(2+f)
B. 61 reps

Really upset with this. It was a 30 lb pr on the OHS, but I just didn't show up mentally for the thrusters. I tried to game it doing 10 at a time. I should have got over 75. Skipping part C because PC will take a toll on my hand.